1850 Census (Pages 61-70)
Transcribed by Bob Carterette
May 1999

Columbus County, NC
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Dwelling Houses numbered in order of visitation/ Families numbered in order of Visitation / Name / Age / Sex / Race / Occupation / Value of Real Estate Owned / Place of Birth

455/458, Wm. Godwin, 51, M, W, Laborer, NC
Wealthy Godwin, 45, F, W, NC
Charles, Godwin, 13, M, W, NC
John Standley, 12, M,W, NC
Marantha Standley, 11, F, W, NC
Pink Standley, 2, F, W, NC

456/459, Johnathan Standley, 55, M, W, Farmer, 250, NC
Priscilla Standley, 45, F, W, NC
Jane Blackburn, 40, F, W, NC
Wade Blackburn, 19, M, W, Laborer, NC
John Blackburn, 6, M, W, NC

457/460, Micajah Long Jr., 30, M. W, Farmer, NC
Priscilla Long, 29, F, W, NC
Rebecca Long, 6, F, W, NC
Lorenzo Long, 3, M, W, NC
Mary E. Long, 1, F, W, NC
Orilla Long, 8, F, W, NC

458/461, John Ward Senr., 49, M, W, Farmer, 160, NC
Dorcas Ward , 44, F, W, NC
Katharine Godwin, 76, F, W, NC (Pauper)
Mantha Godwin, 47, F, W, NC
Joshua A.Boswell, 8, M, W, NC

459/462, Samuel Turner, 20, M, W, None, NC
Mary Turner, 32, F, W, NC

460/463, Hardy Duncan, 25, M, W, Farmer, NC
Nancy Duncan, 25, F, W, NC

461/464, Johnathan O. Gore, 46, M, W, Farmer, 600, NC
Elizabeth Gore, 44, F, W, NC
Sarah A. Gore, 23, F, W, NC (? to Spasms?)
Eleanor Gore, 20, F, W, NC
Rebecca S. Gore, 18, F, W, NC
Frances E. Gore, 15, F, W, NC
Susan E. Gore, 13, F, W, , NC
Moley E. Gore, 10, F, W, NC
Lewis J. Gore, 6, M, W, NC
Isaac L. Gore, 4, M, W, NC
William W. Gore, 1, M, W, NC

462/465, Aaron GORE, 33, M, W, Farmer, 460 NC
Mary GORE, 25, F, W, NC
Wm. T. GORE, 5 M, W, NC
Mary A. E. GORE, 3, F, W, NC
David J. GORE, 1, M, W, NC

463/466, Thomas SIMMONS, 86, M, W, Farmer, 175, NC
Mary SIMMONS, 70, F, W, NC
Amajiah SIMMONS, 27, M, W, Farmer, NC

464/467, Solomon SIMMONS, 41, M, W, Farmer, 150, NC
Sylvia SIMMONS, 33, F, W, NC
Simeon SIMMONS, 12, M, W, NC
Felix K. SIMMONS, 10, M, W, NC
Samuel J. SIMMONS, 8, M, W, NC
Mary J. SIMMONS, 4, F, W, NC
Martha A SIMMONS, 3, F, W, NC
Asa M SIMMONS, 1, M, W, NC

465/468, John Wm. GORE, 38, M, W, Farmer, 410, NC
Elizabeth GORE, 38, F, W, NC
David N. GORE, 14, NC
Almyra R. GORE, 12, F, W, NC
Clarrissa T. GORE, 1, F, W, NC

466/469, Joseph G. SOULS, 40, M, W, Farmer, 300 NC
Elizabeth SOULS, 36, F, W, NC
Nathaniel SOULS, 16, M, W, Laborer, NC
Elizabeth A. SOULS, 14, F, W, NC
William M. SOULS, 12, M, W, NC
Neill SOULS, 10, M, W, NC
Drakeford S. SOULS, 8, M, W, NC
Frances SOULS, 6, F, W, NC
Amanda A. SOULS, 4, F, W, NC
Jesse J. SOULS, 2, M, W, NC
Ann SOULS, 84, M, W, NC

467/470, Nathaniel SOULS, 56, M, W, Farmer, 300, NC
Tabitha SOULS, 40,F, W, NC
Rebecca SOULS, 16, F, W, NC
Asa SOULS, 12, M, W, NC
Alex. SOULS, 8, M, W, NC
Rachel A. SOULS, 6, F, W, NC
John B. SOULS, 4, M, W, NC
Lewis SOULS, 1, M, W, NC

468/471, Moses HARRELSON, 45, M, W, Farmer, 100, NC
Lucinda HARRELSON, 38, F, W, NC
Joseph J. Harrelson, 15, M, W, Laborer NC
Aaron B. Harrelson, 13, M, W, NC
Martha A. R. Harrelson, F, W, 7, NC
John K. Harrelson, 4, M, W, NC
Wingate C. Harrelson, 1, M, W, NC

469/472, Isaac Wright, 30, M, W, Farmer, 300, NC
Elizabeth Wright, 36, F, W, SC
Manuel Wright, 7, M, W, NC
Frances C. Wright, 4, F, W, NC
Mary J. Wright, 1, F, W, NC

470/473, Zachariah Wright, 26, M,W, Farmer, 100, NC
Lydia Wright, 25, F,W, SC
Simeon M.Wright, 4, M,W, NC
D Franklin Wright, 3, M,W, NC
Sarah S. Wright, 1, F, W, NC

X X M. Lennon Wright, 26, M, W, Farmer, 200, NC

Sarah J. Wright, 22, F, W, NC
John W. Wright, 3, M, W, NC
Terecy Wright, 2, F, W, NC
Hosea Wright, 8/12, M,W, NC

471/474, Elizabeth Simmons, 30, F, W, NC
Goldsburg J. Simmons, 9, M, W, NC
Jno. W. Simmons, 7, M, W, NC
Harriet Simmons, 4, F, W, NC

472/475, Samuel Fitz Garrel, 32, M, W, Farmer, 300, SC
Susannah Garrel, 28, F, W, NC
Eliza Garrel, 10, F, W, NC
John Garrel, 7, M, W, NC
Nancy Garrel, 5, F, W, NC
Olif Garrel, 3, F, W, NC
Frances Garrel, 1, F, W, NC
James Garrel Jr., 18, M, W, Laborer, NC

473/476, Rich C. Powell, 39, M, W, Farmer, 150, NC
Katharine Powell, 34, F, W, NC
Sarah J. C. Powell, 18, F, W, NC
Elizabeth, J. K. Powel, 16, F, W, NC
Jackson M Powell, 14, M, W, NC
Frances H. A. Powell, 12, F, W, NC
Jacob B. Powell, 10, M, W, NC
Delilah A. E. Powell, 8, F, W, NC
Jesse J. Powell, 5, M, W, NC
Isaac L. Powell, 1, M, W, NC

474/477, James Fitz Garrel, 58, M, W, Farmer, SC
Mary J. Garrel, 25, F, W, NC
Nathan P. Garrel,4, M, W, NC
Katharine J. Garrel, 1, F, W, NC

475/478, Wright Norris, 41, M, W, Farmer, 500, NC
Anna Norris, 21, F, W, NC
Nancy J. Norris, 16, F, W, NC
Elizabeth Norris, 14, F, W, NC
Susannah Norris, 13, F, W, NC
William I. Norris, 12, M, W, NC
Lewis C. Norris, M, W, NC

476/479, Wm. Norris Sen., 84, M, W, Farmer, SC
Amelia Norris, 65, F, W, SC

477/480, Wm. Hughes Sen., 60, M, W, Farmer, 250, NC
Jane Hughes, 45, F W, NC
Wm. Hughes Jr., 24, M, W, Laborer, NC
John Hughes, 22, M, W, Laborer, NC
Jordan Hughes, 18, M, W, Laborer, NC
Sally Hughes, 16, F, W, NC
Edward Hughes, 13, M, W, NC
Joseph Hughes, 12, M, W, NC
Dorcas Hughes, 8, F, W, NC
Amanda Hughes, 5, F, W, NC

478/481, Thomas Hodges, 59, M, W, Farmer, 70, SC
Katharine Hodges, 40, F, W, NC
Sarah A. Lay,15, F, W, NC
Edward Lay, 12, M, W, NC
Susannah Lay, 8, F, W, NC

479/482, Benjamin Cox, 60, M, W, Farmer, 300, SC
Marinda Cox, 55, F, W, NC
Lydia Cox, 21, F, W, NC
Mary Cox, 19, F, W, NC
Leonard Cox, 18, M, W, Laborer, NC
Marinda Watts, 14, F, W, NC
Wesley Todd, 12, M, W, NC

480/483, Stephen Wright, 50, M, W, Farmer, 800, NC
Amelia A. Wright, 48, F, W, NC
Richard Wright, 22, M, W, Laborer, NC
Malcolm Wright, 21, M, W, Laborer, NC
John Wright, 19, M, W, Laborer, NC
Zady J Wright, 18, F, W, Farmer 800, NC
Kenyon Wright, 16, M, W, NC
Mary E. Wright, 16, M, W, NC

Stephen Wright, 13, M, W, NC
Fleetwood Wright, 12, M, W, NC
Simpson Wright, 8, M, W, NC
Hansel Wright, 7, F, W, NC

481/484, John Todd, 46, M, W, Farmer, 700, SC
Kezia Todd, 35, F, W, NC
Joseph Todd, 15, M, W, Laborer, NC
Willis S. Todd, 5, M, W, NC
Elisha Todd, 3, M, W, NC
Sally Connors, 22, F, M, SC
Susanah Worrel, 60, F, W, NC

482/485, Albert F. Powell, 32, M, W, Farmer, 2000, NC
Norcissa D. Powell, 27, F, W, NC
Mary L. Powell, 6, F, W, NC
James W.. Powell, 5, M, W, NC
Wm. C. Powell, 4, M, W, NC
Iredel M.. Powell, 2, M, W, NC
Amanda M.. Powell, 4/12, M, W, Farmer, 2000, NC
John Q. Kelly, 19, M, W, Student, 100, NC

483/486, James W Mills, 25, M, W, Farmer, NC
Mary A, 24, F, W, SC
Jno. F, 5, M, W, NC
Ann E. W. C, 3, F, W, NC
Dorcas M J, 2, F, W, NC
Quincy A, 3/12, M, W, NC

484/487, Kenyon Phipps, 20, M, W, Farmer, 15, SC
Mary A. Phipps, 20, F, W, NC
Nancy A. G. Phipps, 1, F, W, NC
Elizabeth Evans, 52, F, W, NC

485/488, Stephen White, 50, M, W, Farmer, NC
Winnifred White, 38, F, W, NC
Sally J. White, 16, F, W,NC
Bythel White, 15, M, W, Laborer, NC
Wingate White, 13, M, W, NC
Stephen White, 11, M, W, NC
Joel M. White, 9, M, W, NC
John J. White, 7, M, W, NC
D. Harris White, 4, M, W, NC
Viny A. White, 1, F, W, NC

486/489, John Mills, 59, M, W, 800, NC
Dorcas Mills, 38, F, W, NC
Anna Mills, 38, F, W, NC
John Mills, 20, M, W, Laborer, NC
Lot Mills, 16, M, W, Laborer, NC
Rebecca Mills, 6, F, W, NC

487/490, Joshua Long, 47, M, W, Farmer, SC
Mary Long, 34, F, W, NC
Mary E. Long, 10, F, W, SC

488/491, Nancy White, 51, F, W, NC

489/492, Sally Boswell, 47, F, W, NC
E.A. Boswell, 12, M, W, NC
David J. Boswell, 1, M, W, NC (Idiot)

490/493, Simon Souls, 51, M, W, Farmer, 70, NC
Mary Souls, 43, F, W, SC
Rebecca Souls, 14, F, W, SC
Isaac W. Souls, 12, M, W, SC
Celia Souls, 74, F, W, NC
Sylvania Fowler, 5, F, W, NC

491/494, John Watts, 58, M, W, Farmer, NC
Mary Watts, 36, F, W, NC
Eliza Watts, 14, F, W, NC
John W. Watts, 12, M, W, NC
John M. Watts, 12, M, W, NC

492/495, Eli Watts, 27, M, W, Farmer, NC
Viny A Watts, 27, F, W, NC
Wm. B. Watts, 9, M, W, NC
James Watts, 7, M, W, NC
Mary A. Watts, 5, F, W, NC
Helen C. Watts, 4, F, W, NC
Averitt Watts, 2, M, W, NC

493/496 Reuben Fowler, 66, M, W, Farmer, 450, NC
Priscilla Fowler, 45, F, W, NC
Gilbert Fowler, 23, M, W, Laborer, NC
Mary Fowler, 20, F, W, NC
Matthew Fowler, 18, M, W, Laborer, NC
Daniel Fowler, 16, M, W, Laborer, NC
Reuben Fowler, 12, M, W, NC

494/497, Luke Fowler, 62, M, W, Farmer, 450, NC
Mary Fowler, 62, F, W, NC
Prudence Fowler, 30, F, W, NC
Sylvia Nealey, 29, F, W, NC
Leonard Fowler, 26, M, W, NC (Idiotic)
Laban Fowler, 18, M, W, Laborer, NC
Rachel Fowler, 15, F, W, NC
Ann E. Nealey F, W, NC

495/498, Harmon Fowler, 21, M, W, Farmer, 50, NC
Lydia Fowler, 19, F, W, NC
Aidy M. Fowler, 5/12, F, W, NC
Moley Fowler, 16, F, W, , NC

496/499, Thos. Hattaway, 55, M, W, Farmer, 200, NC
Martha Hattaway, 40, F, W, NC
Elizabeth Hattaway, 18, F, W, NC
Daniel Hattaway, 16, M, W, Laborer, NC
Irvin Hattaway, 14, M, W, NC
Rebecca Hattaway, 12, F, W, NC
William H. Hattaway, 7, M, W, NC
Lucinda Hattaway, 3, F, W, NC
Helen C. Hattaway, 1, F, W, NC

497/500, Isaiah Souls, 45, M, W, Farmer, 300, NC
Tabitha Souls, 42, F, W, NC
Joshua Souls, 18, M, W, NC
Alva Souls, 13, M, W, NC
Ireny Souls, 11, F, W, NC
Alice Souls, 9, F, W, NC
Moley Souls, 5, F, W, NC
Lennon Souls, 3, M, W, NC

498/501, Solomon W. Prince, 24, M, W, Farmer, 175, SC
Martha Prince, 24, F, W, NC
Franklin Norris, 5, M, W, NC

499/502, James Carteret, 64, M, W, Farmer, NC
Elizabeth Carteret, 59, F, W, NC
Ethelred Carteret, 24, M, W, Laborerr, NC
Eliza Carteret, 22, F, W, NC
Samuel Carteret, 19, M,W, Laborer, NC

500/503, Robert Carteret, 50, M, W, Farmer, 400, NC
Mantha Carteret, 37, F, W, NC
John Long, 22, M, W, Laborer, SC
Elizabeth Asbury, F, W, SC

501/504, John H. Buffkin, 27, M,W, Farmer, 100, SC
Penelope J. Buffkin, 19, F, W, NC
Rebecca, A. Buffhin, 7/12, F, W, NC
Sally J. Stroud, 7, F,W, NC

502/505, Philip Strickland, 55, M, W, Farmer, 1000, NC
Penelope, Strickland, 56, F, W, NC
Annie J. Strickland, 17, F, W, NC

Mary A. Strickland, 16, F, W, NC

503/506, Levin Strickland, 40, M, W, Miller, NC
Penelope Strickland, 40, F, W, NC
Matthew Strickland, 18, M, W, Laborer, NC
Eliza Strickland, 16, F, W, NC
Mary Strickland, 14, F, W, NC
John Strickland, 12, M, W, NC
Lennon Strickland,4, M, W, NC
Margaret Strickland, 7, F, W, NC

504/507, Wm. Strickland, 56, Farmer, M, W, NC
Aily(?) Strickland 57, F, W, NC
Asa Strickland, 28, M, W, Farmer NC
Braswell Strickland, 24, M, W, T. Limber, NC
Averill Strickland, 22, M, W, Cripple, NC
Mary Strickland,20, M, F, NC
Amelia Strickland, 15, F, W, NC

505/508, B. Hugh Buffkin, 33, M, W, Farmer, 500, SC
Nancy Buffkin, 33, F, W,SC
Redden R. Buffkin, 10, M, W, NC
Mantha B.. Buffkin, 7, F, W, NC
Benjamin H. Buffkin, 6, M, W, NC
James M. Buffkin, 5 M, W, NC
Martha J.. Buffkin, 4, F, W, NC
Bethel D. Buffkin, 1, M, W, NC

506/509, Bythel Buffkin, 45, M, W, Farmer, 3000, SC
Patience Buffkin, 30, F, W, SC
Mary Buffkin, 11, F, W, NC
Ireny Buffkin, 6, F, W, NC
Albert J. Buffkin, 4, F, W, NC
Abilene Buffkin, 2, F, W, NC

507/510, D. F. Williamson, 37, M, W, Farmer, 3000, NC
Orpah Williamson, 33, F, W, NC
Kendrea Williamson, 10, M, W, NC
Wm.. Williamson, 9, M, W, NC
Penelope Williamson, 7, F, W, NC
John J. Williamson, 5, M, W, NC
Benj. F.. Williamson, 3, M, W, NC
Margaret Williamson, 44, F, W, NC

508/511, Robert M. Powell, 30, M, W, Merchant, 4000, NC
Katharine Powell, 22, F, W, NC
Francis A. Powell, 4, F, W, NC
Wesley P. Powell. 1, M, W, NC
Dr. Jno. Q. FULMORE, 26, M, W, Physician, 400, SC

509/512, Charles Jernigan, 60, M. W, Farmer, 200, SC
ally Jernigan, 40, F, W, NC
Anderson Jernigan, 25, M, W, Laborer, NC
David Jernigan, 22, M, W, Laborer, NC
Wilson Jernigan, 20, M, W, Laborer, NC
Amy J. Jernigan, 15, F, W, NC
Martha Jernigan, 14, F, W, NC
Willis Jernigan, 12, M, W, NC

510/513, Isaac Jones, 45, M, W, Farmer, 225, NC
Martha Jones, 45, F, W, NC
Marvin P. Jones, 12, M, W, NC
Stephen R. Jones, 11, M, W, NC
Martha F. Jones, 8, F, W, NC
Dillon Jones, M, W, NC
Pendleton Jones, 4, M, W, NC
Adaline Jones, 5, F, W, NC
Ferdinand Jones, 4, M, W, NC
Nancy Jones, 1, F, W, NC

511/514, Isaac Lamb M, W, 42, Laborer, NC
James Lamb, 18, M, W, Laborer, NC
Elizabeth Lamb, 15, F, W, NC
Kezia Lamb, 13, F, W, NC
John Lamb, 14, M, W, NC
Martha Lamb, 9, F, W, NC
Sally Lamb, 7, F, W, NC

512/515, Amos Coleman, 79, M, W, Farmer, 575, NC
Winnifred Coleman, 67, F, W, NC

513/516, Keziac Coleman, F, W, NC
Elizabeth Coleman, 60, F, W, NC
Rhoda Coleman, 50, F, W, NC
Anna Coleman, 45, F, W, NC
James Coleman, 17, M, W, NC

514/517, Lewis Williamson, 41, M, W, Sheriff, 600, NC
Galsy, Williamson, 39, F, W, NC
Joshua Williamson Jr., 22, M, W, Laborer, NC
Nancy Williamson, 19, F, W, NC
Bethany Williamson, 17, F, W, NC
Aramatha Williamson, 16, F, W, NC
Nathan L. Williamson, M, 14, W, NC
Sarah J. Williamson, 12, F, W, NC
Alvin D. Williamson, 10, M, W, NC
Alonzo Pitman 12 M W NC

515/518, Ann J. Coleman, 45, F, W, Farmer, 1000, NC
Dempsey Coleman, 26, M, W, Farmer NC
Henry Coleman, 21, M, W, NC
C. Matilda Coleman, 17, F, W, NC

516/519, Ephraim Carteret, 31, M, W, MILLER, 25, NC
Nancy Carteret, 32, F, W, NC
Geo. W. Carteret, 8, M, W NC
David G. Carteret, M, W, 6, NC
William P. Carteret, M, W, 5, NC
Amos T. Carteret, 1, NC
Cornelius Carteret, 1/12, M, W, NC

517/520, Daniel McMillan, 61, M, W, FARMER, 5000, SCOTLAND
Benjamin Davis, 45, M, W, NC
Charles Baldwin, 25, M, W, NC

518/521, Wm. F. Norris, 65, M, W, FARMER, 100, NC
Martha Norris, 47, F, W, NC
Andrew Norris, 21, W, M, NC
Wm. J. Norris 11, W, M, NC
Abel G. Norris, 9, W, M, NC
Solomon Norris, 5, W, M, NC

519/522, James Register, 72, W, M, Farmer, 2000, NC
Elizabeth Register, 85. F, W, NC

520/523, Dugald F. Reaves, 28, M, W, Farmer, 600, NC
Frances Reaves, 25, F, W, NC
Wm. Reaves, 9, M, W, NC
Samuel Reaves, 7, M, W, NC
Eliza A. Reaves, 5, F, W, NC
Orra E. Reaves, 3, F, W, NC
Pinckney Reaves 1/12, M, W, NC

521/524, H.H. Joiner, 47, M, W, Joiner, VIRGINIA
Mary Joiner, 40, F, W, NC
Leslie H. Joiner, 20, M, W, Joiner, NC
Emiline Joiner, 17, F, W, NC
Mary Joiner, 15, F, W, NC
Katharine Joiner, 8, F, W, NC
Margaret Joiner, 4, F, W, NC
James Joiner, 2, M, W, NC
Daniel Joiner, 7, M, W, NC
Wm. LAWSON, 16, M, W, Joiner, NC

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