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Map - NC/Cleveland CountyUntil the 1730's the only people living west of the Catawba River were native Americans. A few hunters and traders who made contact with these Indians noted the good lands and fast flowing streams. By the 1740's men came down the Great Wagon road from Pennsylvania and up the Broad River from Charleston, SC, to settle the Broad River basin.

Cleveland was formed in 1841 from Rutherford and Lincoln Counties. It was named for Colonel Benjamin Cleveland, a leader of the western Carolina frontier and a hero at Kings Mountain. It lies in the southwestern part of North Carolina, bounded by the state of South Carolina and Burke, Gaston, Lincoln and Rutherford counties. Commissioners were named to acquire land and lay out a town by the name of Shelby where the courthouse and jail were to be located. In 1887 an act was passed changing the spelling of Cleveland from "Cleaveland county" to "Cleveland county." Shelby was incorporated in 1843 and is the county seat.


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