CLEVELAND COUNTY Civil War Pensioners

State Pensioners

 Gen. W.P. Roberts, state auditor, has notified Mr. T.D. Lattimore, clerk of Superior Court, that the following named persons living in Cleveland county are entitled to pensions under Chapter 214, Laws of 1885:



Jonas Baker, Co. C, 38th Reg’t, N.C. S.T.

David Buff, Jr., F, 55

David Canipe, F, 55

George P. Davis, C, 55

Thomas Davis, B, 23

J.R. DePriest, G, 16

John S. Downs, D, 2

R.C. Eskridge, C, 55

James C. Falls, D, 14

Eli C. Gregg, K, 49

J.H. Hartman, F, 2

A.J. Hughes, E, 12

Edmond Johnson, C, 38

R.W. McNeily, F, 34

G. M. Moore, H, 28

James Moss, C, 55

J.A. Neal, M, 16

Ely Newton, F, 55

John W. Roberts, H, 34

Anderson Self, F, 55

John Smith, K, 42



Mrs. A.P. Allen, widow of Clark Allen

Mrs. N.W. Allran, of Jacob Allran

Mrs. E. Beattie, of C. Beattie

Mrs. M.J. Beattie, of P.S. Beattie

Mrs. E.M. Champion, of J.M. Champion

Mrs. Catherine Clay, of W.S. Clay

Mrs. Ellen Crowder, of Jos. Crowder

Mrs. Sarah A. Crow, of Elijah M. Crow

Mrs. S.J. Dixon, of Robt. W. Dixon

Mrs. M.J. Gardner, of T.S. Gardner

Mrs. Sarah Gibson, of Wm. Gibson

Mrs. Susan Grigg, of William Grigg

Mrs. S.E. Groves, of Jackson Groves

Mrs. E. Hamrick, of Elijah Hamrick

Mrs. K.C. Hamrick, of Asa Hamrick

Mrs. S.A. Hanes, of Mijamond Hanes

Mrs. S.L. Jolly, of W.A. Jolly

Mrs. E.N. Ledbetter, of W. Ledbetter

Mrs. Nancy Lucas, of Jas. A. Lucas

Mrs. M.E. Martin, of C.G. Martin

Mrs. Jane Moore, of William Moore

Mrs. H. McSwain, of George McSwain

Mrs. S.E. Murray, of John W. Murray

Mrs. C.J. Patterson, of M.M. Patterson

Mrs. M.R. Putman, of Leroy Putman

Mrs. Melissa Ramsey, of T.J. Ramsey

Mrs. H. Randall, of Robt. B. Randall

Mrs. C. Williams, of L.P. Williams

Mrs. Cynthia Wright, of Job Wright

 Under Chapter 116, Acts of 1887, the following widows, if still unmarried and without means, are entitled to pensions:

 Mrs. Rhoda Adams, Mary W. Barnett, Mary D. Blanton, S.W. Blanton, Catherine Bracket, Sarah Brady, Mary Bridges, M.A. Costner, Nancy M. Crotts, E.R. Ferguson, Annie E. Gardner, Nancy Gardner, Artalissa Gladden, J.C.S. Green, Martha Hamilton, M.S. Hamrick, Mary Jolley, Lurana Kitchen, Rebecca Ledbetter, M.L. Lee, Nancy Logan, Mrs. Barbara McDaniel, S.R. McSwain, Didema Parker, Polly Philbeck, M.D. Potter, Nancy Proctor, Margaret Pruett, Sarah Putnam, Agnes Randall, E.L. Ross, J.C. Spurlin, Mary A. Towry, Emeline Turner, Nancy Turner, Jennetta White, Nancy White, Ruanna Wilkins, Catherine Williams, M.D. Williams.

 Application should be made to T.D. Lattimore, Clerk of the Superior Court.


Article from the CLEVELAND NEW ERA, July 13, 1887:

Transcribed by Lynn Wesson, 9/21/03

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