Mode-McEntire Community Cemetery

The photos below depict the cemetery before restoration work began and the completion of the six-month project. What is not shown is the work, dedication, and spirit necessary to make a cemetery restoration as successful as this one. The work performed by families of some of the descendants buried here exemplifies the results of cemetery restoration carried to ultimate perfection. It should serve as guide and model for those hoping to achieve similar results.


Cemetery before cleanup started on April 13, 2013.  Red flags mark stones located before cleanup could start.

First heavy cleanup day April 13, 2013.

First day April 13, 2013, many trees cut.

Progress, after 8 hours of work by 6 men
 on first heavy cleanup day, 4-13-13

Final family cleanup day when we set the
 stones and removed the marker flags June 15, 2013


Cenotaph with view of restored cemetery, October 5, 2013


Cemetery entrance viewed from Elliott Farm Road October 5, 2013


On Family Day, June 21, 2014, at the Mode-McEntire Cemetery
 a War of 1812 marker for Samuel Mode was installed.


Confederate re-enactor, Ned Cash, kneels at the installation of the stone dedicated to William McEntire. The ceremony was marked by a gun salute and the playing of taps.

[photos courtesy of Lynn Wesson]

The NCGenWeb team wishes to thank Lynn and Scott Wesson for their dedication to
 this project and for allowing this project to be posted on the Cleveland NCGen Web page

NORTH CAROLINA has enacted legislation to protect cemeteries.

It can be a Class I felony to disturb an existing cemetery.

Please visit the site for North Carolina
Laws and Statutes Regarding Cemeteries


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