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The North Carolina Chapter, Trail of Tears Association has been formed to support the Trail of Tears National Historic Trail in North Carolina. At present, the Trail includes highway marker programs in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee, Kentucky and Alabama, but not in North Carolina.

The National Park Service has almost no funding to document the routes in North Carolina, but will review any such documentation it is provided. If the documentation is acceptable, the National Park Service will allow inclusion of certified North Carolina sites into the National Historic Trail.

The National Park Service does not have money to mark any such locations as part of the highway marking system. The North Carolina Chapter intends to raise the funding necessary to accomplish these goals:

  • Document the locations of all historic Trail of Tears sites in North Carolina, including individual homesteads of all Cherokees removed to Oklahoma, the Removal camps, all trails associated with the Removal, and any other sites associated with the Trail of Tears. The documentation will be submitted to the National Park Service in a format that is suitable for their review.

  • Develop and implement a highway-marker program which will be incorporated into the National Historic Trail upon acceptance of routes and certification of sites by the National Park Service.

  • Develop and publish a paperback book to accompany the highway-marker program to illustrate and interpret the Trail of Tears in North Carolina. This book will interpret the Cherokee cultural landscape of 1819-1838, and will place these tragic events into a cultural and historical context.
For more information, contact: North Carolina Chapter, The Trail of Tears Association, 1 Village Lane, Suite 3, Asheville, NC 28803, or visit their website. Annual membership dues are $25 payable to The Trail of Tears Association, and are tax deductible.

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