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Extracted, Submitted and Copyrighted by Sue Ashby
(Updated 01/19/2016)

These first names are from the bible of Alexander and Phoebe (Jefferson) Clark, passed to his son William and Susannah (Bell) Clark and then passed to their son (and descendants of) Nathan Stedman Clark, Sr.
A copy of it was furnished me, several years ago, by a cousin, who has the original.  This is a white family's bible but, they entered their slaves births and deaths in the pages.
The pages with the slaves names are interpersed among the pages with the white ancestors and then, at some time, after emancipation, probably, the pages with the slaves names had one big "X" marked across each of those pages.
The pages in the bible sometimes says "Slaves" at the top and some times there is the word "Negro" before the name. I know nothing more than, what I am posting here, about these folks. Nor do I apologize for my ancestors for the owning of slaves. Their apology was made and accepted (or not) by their creator at their death.
It is not for us, to judge any of our ancestors for what they did or did not do.
I hope it will be of help to some who are searching for their heritage

The birth of the first Clark slave is:

 Hannah - born Mar. 13, 1792
 Sylve - born 20 Sept. 1795
 Anthony - born 7 July, 1809
 Sam - born 28 June, 1810
 Lewis - born 19 Jan. 1813
 Enoch - born 3 May, 1817
 Ben - born 7 Feb., 1818
 Cherry - born 28 Mar., 1819
 Alexander - born 6 Sept. 1819
 Abegail - dau. of Sylve, born 16 Apr. 1821
 Sarah - born 22 Feb. 1823 - died Oct. 20th, 1887
 Miley - born 19 Aug., 1823
 Winship - b. 4 Sept. 1825
 Tempey - b. 23 July, 1827
 Bettey - b. 19 June 1829
 Emmy - b. 2 Aug., 1831
 Nicey - b. 9 Feb., 1822
 Charles - b. 9 April, 1823
 Anny - b. 2 Sep., 1827
 Lucy - b. 15 Jan, 1826
 Mingo, son of Slyve - b. 5 Jan, 1834
 London, son of Cherry - b. 26 Dec., 1835
 Clara, dau. of Cherry - b. 13 May, 1836
 Jackson, son of Cherry - b. 2 Mar. 1839
 Fanny, dau. of Sylve - b. 17 Dec., 1838
 Abner, son of Cherry - b. 21 Apr. 1840
 Edward - b. 15 Mar. 1810
 Dennis, son of Cherry - b. 27 Apr., 1842
 Mary, dau. of Cherry - b. 30 Oct., 1843
 Nelson - b. 27 Sept., 1842
 Phebe, dau. of Abigail - b. 28 Dec., 1845
 Cyrus, son of Cherry - b. 13 Feb. 1846
 George, son of Lucy - b. 16 Dec., 1847
 Hannah, dau. of Abigail - b. 25 Mar. 1848
 Cornelia, dau. of Cherry - b. 3 Sept., 1848
 Edmond, son of Lucy - b. 24 day of May, 1849
 Anney, dau. of Tempy - b. 7 July, 1849
 Enoch, son of Cherry - b. 27 Aug. 1850
 Peter, son of Lucy - b. 18 July, 1851
 William Cit, son of Sarah - b. 21 Jan., 1854
 Rosannah Elizabeth, dau. of Sarah - b. 4 Nov., 1855
 Ginny Jane, dau. of Louiza - b. 15 Sept. 1856
 Charles, son of Sarah - b. 11 Oct., 1857
 Anny, dau. of Louisa  - b. 27 Mar., 1858
 Clargy Biddy, dau. of Louisa - b. 13 July, 1859
 Ned, son of Sarah - b. 30 Oct., 1859
 Louisa- b. 23 July, 1837
 Harry, son of Louisa - b. 27 Aug., 1860
 Ellender, dau. of Louisa - b. 3 Nov. 1861
 Jacky, dau. of Louisa - b. 14 July, 1863

The next  names are from  an indenture made by, my 5th great grandfather, William Clark, Sr. who made provisions for his deceased son's children. The son was Capt. (militia) Alexander Clark who died in 1783, in Chatham Co., at the age of 36, of fall from,  his horse. (bible data) This son was from the first marriage and possibly, only child, of William Clark Sr. & his wife Winnefred (Webb) Clark.

Alexanders' children were named Winney Webb Clark; Fanney Roberson Clark;  William;  Alexander Jr.  and John Jefferson Clark . They received slaves by the names of : a female by the name of "FRANK" , female "LUCY", male named "JOHNSON", boy named "EDOM", and a boy named "PETER"
This document was dated 9 Nov., 1784. (exactly 216 years ago, today!)
The birth date of the female "Frank" was before 1765/66 because she belonged to Phoebe Jefferson when Phoebe was the ward of Henry Deloney, her brother in law and  before Phoebe married Alexander Clark, (abt. 1769). The birth dates of the others would be from about 1770-1782.

Next, is a listing of names of slaves found in the county documents of Chatham. In Wills, Probate Records of Inventories and divisions of estates. Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, Deed of Gifts and Guardian Records.
From Chatham Co., Record of Estates- 1782-1799:
    (Where the ages are given, I have noted them. Otherwise, no age given)

Adam, Robert - pg. 9b, of Cumber. Co., NC [sale of slave- to Murdo McQueen] 27 April, 1793
The slave's name was JACOB, age about 32 years.

Alston, Joseph John - pg. 149a [div of slaves of Wm. & Jos. John Alston estate.] 7 Jan. 1794
Negroes Slaves to wit: Mustipher, Bason, Will, Ben, Nathan, Sam, Anthony, Adkin, Allen, Henderson, Davy, Ben, Priss, Locky, Nelly, Nanny, Silvy, Hanner, Silvey, Amy, Hager, Nancy and Penny.
...  by ballot have delivered to the said John Joseph Alston the following Negro slaves- MUSTIPHER, HANNER & AMY .

Baker, James - pg. 136a [ sale of slave to William Douglass] 10 Mar. 1791
On Negro boy called POMPY and one negro fellow called TONEY  (no ages given however, Pompy being called a boy may have been under 16)

Baker, James- pg. 7b, of Orange Co., NC [sale, slave- to John Williams] 7 Dec. 1792
A Negro man named CATO, a shoe maker.

Barnes, Jonathan, Sr. - pg. 142b [sale of slave- to Abigail Barnes, daughter.] 11 July 1793
A Negro girl named BARBARA, about Eighteen years of age...

Bell, Thomas - pg. 4b [sale, slave- from Edmund Branch] 14 Jan. 1791
A Negro girl LETTIS.

Branch, Edmund - pg. 5b,7a (no pg. 6) [ sale, slave- to Joseph Minter or Minor?] 22 Dec. 1792
A Negro boy called and named BOB.

Brantley, John, Jr. pg. 9a [ sale, slave- from Joseph Brantley & Thomas Duty] 4 May 1793
A Negro wench named ALEE and her Child named DEMEY.

Brenan, James - pg. 9a, of Fayetteville,NC [ sale, slaves- to John Montgomery] 12 Nov. 1792
Two Negro girls - one named HANNAH, the other named MILLY.

Burton, Peter - pg 4a, [sale, slaves- to James Lindsey] 10 Aug. 1792 [w/ Rich.Whitehead]
One Negro woman, named RACHEL, aged 22 years and one Negro boy Slave, named JIM , 8 years old.

Cain, Elisha - pg. 148b [sale of slave-to James Cain, of SC] 29 Dec. 1794
One Negro boy known by the name of JACK, about 17 years old.

Carraway, John, of Moore Co., NC - pg. 14a [sale, slaves- to John Montgomery] 3 Jun 1786
A certain Negro woman called RACHEL together with three children VIZ: HANNAH, MAY & MILLEY

Clark, Will. - pg. 4ab [deed of gift, of slave- to dau. Ann Stedman] 2 Feb. 1792
A Negro slave by the name of LUCY, about 7 years of age.

Clark, Phebe - pg. 149b [gift of slave- to grand daughter, Phebe Mott, dau. of Jos. Mott] Feb. 1794
(Joseph Mott, deceased, late of the Co. of Cumberland) A certain Negroe Girl called SALLY, aged about 8 years old.

Cook, Ephraim - pg. 11b [sale, slave- from Peter Sinclair] 7 Jan. 1776
A Negro woman named SUE.

Cotton, Seth - pg. 8ab [sale, slave- from John Rollings] 23 Nov. 1792
One Negro woman slave about 14 years of age known by the name of JINN.

Gayle, John(of Mecklinburg Co., VA) - pg. 142a [sale of slaves-to George Williams] 20 Feb. 1793
Three Negroes, two boys and a girl, their names as follows: GEORGE & JAMES, the gir's name MINTER.

Groce, Joshua - pg. 5ab [sale, slaves- to Joseph Johnson (son in law to Joshua) & Francis Groce (son of Joshua) ] 3 Jan. 1793
Two Negroes called BOB & LEAH. The Negro man BOB  to go to Joseph Johnson and the Negro woman, LEAH, to Francis.

Harrington, Thomas - pg. 13b,14a [sale, slaves- to James Jones Sr. with Daniel Higdon & Charles Higdon ] 17 Aug. 1785
One Negro wench named Lyd, (Lydia?) aged about 23 years and her child (not named)

Hobson, William - pg. 135a [sale of slave to Lewis Parker] 16 Feb. 1693
One Negro boy named BOBB.

Kennon, Richard - pg. 135b [sale of slave to Samuel Stewart] 13 Nov. 1792
A certain Negro woman known by the name of Phebey.

Knott, Mary - pg. 7a [deed, slaves- to son, John Queen] 9 Aug. 1790
Three Negros devised to her, by her son John Queen, deceased, of Nansemond Co., VA now makes over title to the said Negroes named, JOSEPH, PATIENCE & RACHELL and their increase to John Queen the son of John Queen, deceased.

Lawrence, Patrick - pg. 150a [sale of slave-from John McDaniels] 3 Nov. 1792
One Negroe wench named Lidia, 14 years of age.

Parham, Francis - pg. 9b, 10a [sale, slave- from John Rollings] 23 Nov. 1792
One Negro woman slave about 14 years of age, known by the name of JINN.
(Something screwy here. He sold the same woman to Seth Cotton, on the same day - see above)

Partrig, Eamey - pg. 8b [deed of gift, slave- to son, John Partridge] 1 June 1785
One Negro boy named SIMON.

Pewet, Joel - pg. 12a [ sale, slave- to Thomas Bell] 7 Feb. 1791
One Negro girl named BECK

Pyle, John - pg. 134b,135a [sale of slave to William Spurlin] 12 Jan. 1793
One Negro man called TARB, age 38 years.

Rogers, Josiah - pg. 3b, [sale, slave- to William Spurlin] 18 Sept. 1792
One Negro man called SAM, aged 45 years.

Scarbrough, Miles - pg. 141b [sale of slave-from Thomas Stokes] 5 Nov. 1793
One Negro girl known by the name of PHEBE, now in the possession of Henry Allen)

Taylor, Phillip - pg. 140a [sale of slave- to John Williams] 5 Oct. 1793
One Negro male slave named SAM,of the age of 23 years.

Thomason, William - pg. 14b [gift, slaves- from father Simon Tommison's estate] 3 Mar. 1785
Two Negroes, one wench named JUDEY and one boy called JAMES.

This ends the first volume of estates for Chatham Co.


Begin Vol. 2 1795-1799

Alston, James - pg. 44b,45a [sale of slaves-to John Williams] 21 Feb. 1795
Negro woman slave named, CHARITY and one mulatto boy slave named LEWIS, commonly called GABE  a child of the said Charity. (it is not clear whether the boy named Lewis & called Gabe is the child of Charity or not. There are no commas or punctuation marks.)

Alston, John Joseph - pg. 109a [sale of slave-pub auct.- from est of W. Alston] 14 Feb. 1798
Negro man named, GLOSTEN/GLASTEN.

Alston, Joseph John - pg. 109b,110a [sale of slave -to Nicholas Null, of Moore Co] 5 Sept. 1794
Two Negroes- A woman by the named of ROSE & her son, by the name of FRANK.

Alston, Joseph John - pg. 108a [sale of slave-to Elisha Stedman] 20 Jan, 1797
Negro woman named EASTERS & two children, named CHARITY& SAMUEL.

Anderson, James- pg. 26b [sale of slaves-to Charles Chalmers] 12 Nov. 1794
A Negro wench named LUCINDA, aged about 24 years, and her child.

Arrington, Philimon - pg. 12ab [sale of slave -to Joseph Minter] May 1794
Negro fellow know by the name of NEAL/NEAB?,  age about 25 years.

Bagley, Henry, Jr. - pg. 85a [ sale of slave-from Elisha Stedman] 24 June, 1796
Negro boy named, JESSEE, about 8 years old.

Beal, Thomas - pg. 40ab [sale of slave-from Hudson Taylor] 21 April, 1783
Negro boy named, CHARLES, about 6 years old.

Beal, Thomas - pg. 40a [sale of slave from Ludwell Evans, of Mecklinburg Co. VA.  & James Anderson] 12 Aug. 1794
Negro girl named ROSE, about 10 years old.

Berryman, Balam - pg. 103b [sale of slave-to Robt. Cobb] 26 Feb. 1795
Negro woman named FATHEY, also one Negro boy named JAMES, & one Negro girl named CREASEY.

Bledsoe, Moses, of Cumb. Co.,NC -pg. 93b,94a [sale of slave-to David Mims] 19 Jan. 1797
Two Negro slaves named SULL & DICK

Bohannon, James-pg. 103b [sale of slave w/ E. Gordon- to Charles Dowd] 26 Jan 1797
Negro boy named TOM, about 17 months old.

Bohannon, Richard - pg. 51b,52a [sale of slave-from Henry White, of Orange Co., NC ] 26 July 1795
Two Negro women- One a Black called SARAH, just entering into her 17th year, the other called FANNEY, just entering into her 15th year.

Bohannon, John - pg. 58b [sale of slave- to Rich. Bohannon] Nov. 1795
Negro man called PETER, about 25 years old.

Bohannon, Richard - pg. 95a [sale of slave-from Augustine Willis] 9 Mar. 1798
Negro boy called by the name of ISAAC, about 13 years of age.

Branch, Edmund - pg. 114b [sale of slave-to William Riddle] 5 Jan 1798
Negro man named DAVE.

Branch, Edmund - pg. 43ab [sale of slaves- to Francis Parham] 12 Dec. 1794
Negro boy slave named, PETER, aged about 3 years of age.

Branch, Edmond - pg. 105ab [sale of slave- to William Parham] 13 Nov. 1797
Negro man named DAVID, about 25 years old.

Branch, Edmond -pg. 105ab [sale of slave-to Obediah Bryant] 18 Oct. 1797
Negro woman called and known by CATE.

Brantley, Joseph - pg.3a,b [disposition of slave w/ Stokes, Wallace, et al] 18 Jan. 1793
One Negro slave man named, TOM, belonging to Joseph Greenhill. (A lawsuit involving several men)

Brantly, Joseph Jr. - pg. 113b [sale of slave-from Joseph Brantly, Sr] 3 Jan 1798
Two Negro girls by the names of AMY & DILAS (Dilla?)

Brinkley, Mary - pg. 28a [ gift of slave- to dau. Sarah Brinkley} 11 Nov. 1794
Negro boy named HARRY, about 7 months old.

Brooks, Isaac - pg. 21a [sale of slave-from Phillip Hartsoe] 23 May 1777
Negro man, named JACK.

Buchannon, Benjamin - pg. 27a [sale of slave-to John Ramsey] Nov. 1794
Negro fellow named, HARRY, about 40 years of age.

Cain, Elisha - pg. 27a [sale of slave-to John Ramsey] Nov. 1794
Negro boy named LUKE, about 20 years old.

Campbell, James, of Cumberland Co, NC- pg. 107ab [sale of slave-to Wm. Edwards] 30 Mar. 1797
Negro wench named JULIET, about 24 years of age.

Chalmer, Charles - pg. 28b [sale of slave-from Elijah Chamberlain] 12 Oct., 1794
Negro boy named DAVID, aged about 14 years.

Chalmers, Charles -pg. 112a [sale of slave-from James Patterson] 7 April 1797
Negro boy named DAVID BROWN, age about 11 years.

Chalmers, Charles - pg. 65b{printed 64a} [sale of slave-from John Patterson] 2 Jan. 1796
Negro girl named, FANNY, about 10 or 12 years of age.

Chamberlain, Elijah - pg. 26a [sale of slaves- from James Taylor] 30 Sept. 1794
Seven Negroes- GEORGE, JAMES, DAVY, MARY, and child, NELL, and child.

Chamberlain, Elijah - pg. 54a [sale of slave-to Henry May] 12 Feb. 1795
One Negro wench named, MARY, and one child.

Chapman, Debora - pg. 43a [sale of slave- from James Parham] 20 Feb. 1785
One Negro named LUD or LEED, aged about 14 years old.

Clark, William- pg. 11a [sale of slave-to John Williams] 16 May, 1794
Negro girl slave named LYDIA, aged 5 years.

Clark, Francis - pg. 113a [sale of slave- to William Burns] 25 Aug., 1798.
Negro girl named SARAH, about 12 years.

Clift, William (of Person Co., NC) pg. 11b [sale of slave-to N. Stedman] 14 May 1794
Negro boy named JESSEE, about 7 years of age.

Cob(b), Henry/Guerry (of Guilford Co.,NC) - pg. 58a [sale of slave-to D. Fox] 9 Nov. 1795
Negro girl called RUTH, 4 years, 5 months old.

Cook, Abraham - pg. 83b,84a [sale of slave-from Peter Mallett] 18 Feb. 1796
Negro boy by the named of SMART, aged about 15 years old.

Copeland, John - pg. 3ab [sale of slave-to David Sellers, Copeland to deliver slave] 20 May 1793
Negro girl by the name of LID

Dabney, John - pg. 104a [sale of slave, with John P. Perkins(of the territory West of the River Ohio) -to John Montgomery] 10 July 1794
Negro girl named LEA, about 13 years old.

Dark, Joseph -pg. 94b [sale of slave-from Levi Johnston] 5 Aug. 1796
Negro wench by name of SUCAH (Sukey?) or LUCAH

Dark, William - pg. 84a [sale of slave-from Sarah & James Taylor] 23 Apr. 1796
Negro wench called & known by the name of AGGY & her child named DELIA.

Dawson, Daniel (of Randolph Co., NC) - pg. 93b [sale of slave - to Samuel McDaniel] 25 Mar. 1795
Negro girl named SALL, 14 years old.

Debruge, Deborah (of the Town of Fayettemville) - pg. 108ab [gift of slave-from her father John Montgomery] 10 Mar. 1797
Two Negroes- One named SIMON of blackest complexion and one Mulatto girl named LEAH.

Dilliard, Joseph (of Wake Co.) - pg. 38b [sale of slave-to Ambrose & John Ramsey] 25 Jan. 1794
Negro man named RALPH.

Dowd, Charles -pg. {printed 65b,66a}[sale of slave-from Elizabeth Gordon] 2 Feb. 1796
Negro boy named BOSTON, about 9 years old.

Dowd, Burn - pg. 111b [sale of slave-from Thomas Tyson] 15 Sept. 1797
Negro man named, DAVE about 25 years.

Drake, Francis - pg. 109b, 110a [sale of slave-to John Ramsey] 26 Dec. 1796
Negro wench named DILCY, about 20 years.

Flowers, Jacob, Jr. -pg. 112b [sale of slave -to Francis Stone Sr.] 24 May 1798
Negro girl named RACHEL.

Fox, David - pg. 92b,93a [sale of slave-from Chris. Morris, of Randolph Co., NC] 19 Jan. 1797
Negro boy - ANTHONY, about 5 years old.

Freeman, Jeptha - pg. 2b [sale of slaves-from Thomas Stokes] 27 Dec. 1793
Four Negroes- NANCY, EDY, JINCY & BOSON.

George, Gideon, of Warren Co. GA - pg. 103a [sale of slave- from John Gunter Sr., of Moore Co., NC] 4 Aug. 1797
Negro girl called RODA.

Godwin, James Verlin -pg. 106b [sale of slave-to Patrick St. Lawrence] 21 Oct. 1797
Negro man named SIRUS.

Groce, Joshua (of Wake Co.,NC) - pg. 27b [sale of slaves-to son, Francis Groce and son in law -
Joseph Johnson] 26 June, 1794
Two Negroes- BOB & SEAR,

Hackney, Joseph -pg. 108b [sale of slave -to Daniel Hackney] 13 Feb. 1798
Negro boy named SAM or LAM.

Hackney, Joseph -113b[gift of slave-to dau. Lydia Howard] 11 May 1796
Negro girl named SARAH.

Harman, Joseph- pg. {printed 65a} [sale of slave-from John Parham, of Union Co., S.C.] 20 Jan. 1796
Negro man named JERRY, about 30 years.

Harris, Richard- pg. 39ab,40a [sale of slave-from Smith Kellum] Feb. 1795
Negro boy named TOBY, about 12 years of age.

Hartsfield, Andrew - pg. 3a [sale of slave-from Thomas Stokes] 27 Dec. 1793
Negro boy called BEN

Hartsfield, Andrew, of Wake Co.- pg. 2a [sale of slaves-from Thomas Stokes] 27 Dec 1793
Two Negores - AMIE & child called SILVY

Headen, John - pg. 91ab[sale of slave-from Richard Wyatt] 12 Mar. 1796
Negro boy named HARRY, about 14 years of age.

Hill, W.W. - pg. 93a [sale of slave-from Nathan Stedman] 6 Mar. 1795
Negro fellow named POMP.

Jackson, Barnard- pg. 2a [recpt of slave from estate of his father, Samuel Jackson- to- Presley Neal] 12 May 1792
Negro boy by the named of ISAAC.

Johnston, Robert - pg.81b (pr 80,81 pgs misnumbered)[sale of slave-to Wm. Riddle] 10 Oct.1795
Negro woman called VIOLETE and a child called FRED.

Johnston, Levy - pg. 104b [sale of slave -to Lewis Tysor] 7 Mar. 1797
Negro woman named MOLLY.

Justice, John - pg. 91b [div of estate (slaves)-to legatees] 10 Dec. 1795
Negro girl named LYDIA, and her two children named JANE & MARTHA

Kellum, Smith - pg. 39b [sale of slaves to Richard Harris] 29 Oct. 1794
Three Negroes - TAB, GEORGE & LEARE

Kilby, John -pg. {pr. 66ab} [sale of slave-to James Willis]6 June, 1795
Negro boy, known by the named of ARTHUR, aged 17 years.

King, William- pg. 22a [sale of slave-to John King, of King William Co., VA] 24 Mar. 1794
One Negro mand named ISAAC, about 45 years of age.

Lacy, Phillimon, Jr. - pg. 96a [sale of slave-from Phillimon Lacy, Sr.] 9 May 1798
Negro girl named SELLAR, nearly 2 years old.

Lawrence, Patrick, St.?  -pg. 91a [sale of slave-to s/son-Thos. McCarroll] 18 Nov. 1796
Negro boy named SHARPER.

Macqueen, Murdo, of Cumberland Co., NC, -pg. 1 [sale of slave to John Weaver, of Anson Co., NC & James Moutrey, of Chesterfield Co., SC] 21 Dec. 1793
One Negro boy THOMAS, about 13 years old.

Marley, Adam -pg.101b,102a [sale of slave w/ Henry White-to Ambrose & John Ramsey] 6 Jan.1794
Three Negroes - JENNY, age about 22 years and her child CHARITY, aged about 2 years and a girl named CHARITY, about 11 years of age.

Mason?, Adam - pg. 65b [sale of slave-from Philip Taylor] 20 Oct. 1794
Negro boy, ELIJAH.

May, James - pg. 102b [sale of slave-from John Seat/Sent ?of Anson Co.NC] 28 July 1797
Two Negro girls, (now in the possession of John Seat/Seal Sr.) named CHERRY & ESTER.

McDaniel, Samuel- pg. 93b [sale of slave-from Daniel Dawson, of Randolph Co., N.C.] 25 Mar. 1795
Negro girl named SALL, 14 years old.

McDaniel, Jacob -pg. 107a [sale of slave -from Patrick St Lawrence] 30 Sept. 1797
Negro girl named HESTER.

McQueen, Murdo - pg. 112a [sale of slave-to William Spurlin] 28 Nov. 1797
Negro woman named MOLL.

McQueen, Murdo - pg. 11b [sale of slave - from James Ritchee, attorney for the surviving partners of
Aulay, MacNaughton Hay, of Fayetteville)] 23 Dec., 1793
Negro man, SIMON, about 35 years of age, Negro woman, named HAGA, about 26 years of age.

Montgomery, John -pg. 104a [sale of slave-from John P. Perkins, of the Territory S.W. of the River Ohio & John Dabney] 10 July 1794
Negro girl named LEA, about 13 years old.

Morris, Christopher- of Randolph Co., NC, pg. -94a [sale of slave-from Robert Ragland] 5 Aug. 1795
Negro boy known by the name of ANTHONY about 4 years old.

Morton, John - pg. 107a [sale of slave -to William Spurling] 1 June 1797
Negro girl called JENNY, aged 9 years.

Moser, Adam -pg. 112b [sale of slave-from David Record] 28 Nov. 1796
Negro boy, named PETER.

Murley, Samuel -pg. 83b(pr) [sale of slave-to Elisha Stedman] 25 Mar. 1796
Negro wench, PEGGY.

Myrick, William- pg. 11b [sale of slaves-to James Powell] 22 Nov. 1792
Three Negroes - One Negro wench named HANNER, one Negro boy named ARTER, one Negro boy named ARBERDEEN.

Olive, James (of Wake Co., N.C.) - pg. 28a, b [sale of slave-to Abel Olive] 18 Oct. 1794
One Negroe woman named PHILLIS.

O'Briant, John (of Granville Co.,NC) - pg. 52ab {sale of slave-to Wm. Riddle] 23 May 1799
Negro boy BEN

Parham, William - pg. 27b [ sale of slave- to Ambrose & John Ramsey] 20 Mar. 1787
One Negro wench AGGY & one Negroe boy named ISHAM.

Powell, Charles - pg. 28a [sale of slave- from Richard Putney] 29 April, 1793
One Negro girl named DOLLEY.

Ramsey, John - pg. 3ab [sale of slave-to Sellars, David] 20 May 1793
Negro girl by the name of LID.

Roberts, Thomas, of Nansemond Co., VA -pg. 114a [gift of slave-to son Wm. Roberts ]Feb 1799
Negro boy named BILL.

Sellars, Robert - pg. 105a [sale of slave-to Robert Ward] 1 Feb. 1796
Negro man maned POMPY.

Stedman, Nathan -pg.{printed 65b}(written, 67a) [sale of slave-to Elisha Stedman, of Fayetteville] 12 Apr. 1795.
The following Negores - CAMP, about 20 years of age, CEZAR, about 11 years of age, FRIDAY, a Mulatto, about 8 years of age, JESSE, abour 7 years of age & LUCY about 9 years of age.

Tysor, Lewis -pg. 113b [sale of slave-from John Wood] 3 Oct. 1798
Negro fellow, of a yellow complexion by named, PETER.

Wade, Tinsley, of Person Co., NC -pg. 111a [ sale of slave-from Edmund Wade] 2 Mar. 1798
Negro named HANNAH.


                                                                                    Complied and Submitted by Nadine Holder

Randolph County Will Book 1-4

Will of Thomas Lytle, 25 January 1794, Randolph County, North Carolina

(This, frees one, Frank)

Appended to the will: "We the Subscribers Heirs & Executors of the Real and Personal
Estate of Thomas Lytle after his Deceas deo Hereby bind ourselves & Each of our
Heirs faithfully to Distribute & divid the Estate in Manner & form here in after Directed
that is to my Negrow Frank his Freedom as soon as possible & all his smith
tools a Mair & two hundred acres of Land Joining Dicks the uper end of the Robbins
track & the tract in the pines joining John Beard the Remainder of sd tract with all my
other Lands & property be Equally divided among my other Negrows at my Wifes
Death at the Discretion of my Executors & they Freed as soon as may be According to
Law. Witness our hands & Seals this twentyfifth day of January 1794 Catrain Lytle her
mark. Wm Bell. John Beard. Sam Millikan. Witnesses Joseph Smith and Thomas

Will of John Beard, 3rd day 5th month 1809, Randolph County, North Carolina

(This will frees five slaves - Joe, Sam, Parker, Pink and Easter)

"...12th I will and bequeath unto the following negros their freedom, to wit Joe, Sam,
Parker, Pink and Easter and their offspring so far as relates to my part on the said
slaves, they being willed by Thomas Lyttle to William Bell myself, and Samuel
Millikand and by us jointly owned at present and I further will and bequeath unto the
said Joe, Sam, Parker, Pink and Easter my part of the lands willed to me by Thomas
Lytle they paying what William Bell and Samuel Millikan may think I am entitled to for
my trouble and also for my___?___ I think I sustained in setting a line between myself
and Frank Lyttle but if their freedom cannot be obtained in this state, I give and
bequeath the said negroes with their offspring so far as relates to my part and also
my part of the said land after making the above distribution to the Humane Society of
Pennsylvania for them to dispose of as they in their wisdom may think best so that
object of my will may be complied with. ..."

Will of Benjamin Rush, 23 day of July 1819, Randolph County, North Carolina

"...Item second. I give and bequeath unto my well beloved wife Dorcas Rush during
her natural life... Four Negroes to wit: Dirk Cela Miller and Olfa (names are not very
clear)...Item Eighth. I give and bequeath unto my daughter Bathsheba Andrew one
Negro Girl by the name of Cela after the death of my wife Dorcas Rush..."



Estate of Thomas Thompson, deceased, admin. by Charles Manly 1834.
widow was Louisa L. Thompson.



Estate of Edmond Jones 1835
List of Negroes hired out from his estate:

Estate of John Petty, Sr. 1837

1 Negro man Slave, RANSOM
1 Negro man Slave, ROBERT
1 Old 'decreped' woman PAT

Estate of Joseph J. Brooks 1837

Names of Negroes
The following Negroes were put up at the lowest bid.
LIZZA & children, ADALINE, ABRAM, &* WILLIAM, - bought by Hannah Brooks
JENNY & children, PHILL, REUBEN & LUCY - bought by Jesse Rogers
SARAH & 2 children, DIANA& JERRY, bought by Hannah Brooks.

Estate of John Hartsoe (1837)

Names of Negroes sold and to whom sold.
JOE - to John Hartsoe (Jr.?)
RACHEL - to Rebecca Hartsoe
JULIE - to John Bright
JUDAH - to William Perry
CREACY - to John Holloman
MARY - to Catherine Hurley
SAM - to Martha Hartsoe
CHARLES - to Alexander Sloan
ELIZA. to Thos. Smith

Estate of  Joseph Foshee (1838)

Negroes hired out of estate and to whom hired.

SILVY -  to Jesse Rogers
HESTER -  to Jesse Rogers
WILKES - to  Allen Goodwin
DILLY & CHILD - to  Wm. Elmore
NANCY ANN - to  Wm. P. Hadley
AGGY -  to James Webster
BETSEY -  to Benj. Curle
PATRICK - to  John Neal

Estate of William Hatley (1838)
Negroes hired out of estate and to whom hired

GEORGE - to Geo. W. Trice
CRAWFORD - to Ashby McGee
SMITH - to Jno A. Williams
LAURANCE - to William Page
TABITHA - to James Dennis
PHILLIS & HER THREE CHILDREN, NED & HASTEN (only two named) - to John Fooshee
CLOE - to Thomas Whitehead
ELLENDER - to Warren Suggs
ADALINE - to Zachariah Wimby

Estate of Elijah Fooshee ( 1837)

Thomas S. Dow to hire of NANCY - 1 month
Aaron Emerson to hire of KELLY - 1 month
John W. Ward to hire of HANNAH - 1 month

Estate of George M. Bynum ( 1838)

Hire of Negro boy (6 or 7 years old), named GEORGE
1/3 of a Negro man named TONEY, the other 2/3rds of said TONEY is property of J. W. Bynm and F. C. Bynum.  ( no names of persons doing the hiring, given)

Estate of Abner Gunter - 1859?
Slave boy "JIMMY"
                                               SLAVES OF JOHN JONES ALSTON

 © Extracted and submitted by:
     Steven Brooks

State of North Carolina
Chatham County

We the undersigned having been selected by Mrs. Adaline Alston  & William A. Rives Guard of Adaline Eugenia Alston to value and make a proper division of the slaves belonging to the estate of the late John Jones Alston at the end o two years after his death do make the following reporting –

That we met according to appointment of the 28th day of Dec.1854 at the house of Mrs. Alston all the parties being present, and ascertained that there were on the 18th of Sept. 1844 (the time refered to) one hundred fourteen slaves, among whom some were quite old others diseased &c.  We  on enquiry as to their qualities, ages,, &c have valued them at twenty eight thousand five hundred & twenty four dollars & thirty four cents.  That the one tenth of said sum is twenty eight hundred & fifty two dollars & fourty three cents.

That we have allotted to Adaline E. Alston the youngest child of the said John Jones Alston the following slaves at the valuations annexed –

To Adaline E. Alston

Mary  $300   Alfred   125
Caswell  400   Henry    450
Puddy   175   Lessy  500
Minerva  433   Jordan  150
Peggy   250
  ===     ===
  $1608     $1225  making $2833.00

One tenth of value of whole number    $2852.43
Value of slaves alloted to A. E. Alston     2833.00
 Bals due A. E. Alston     $   19.43

--------------- ------------------  ---------------  -----------------------
We have alloted to Mrs. Adaline Alston the widow of the said John Jones Alston the remaining one hundred and five slaves at the end of said two years –
Lervey   150 Betsy   350 Edy   300 Dianah    300
Sarah   100 Jane   250 Tempy   225 Elvis   150
Jacob   400 Mariah   175 Dicy     15 Jim    400              $2815.00
           carried over ----------

Brot over $2815.00              $8623.34  $14464.67              $19724.67

Judy    $150  Nanny $25      Gid     $500       Winny        $191.67
George  125    Milly      350    Randall  100    Henderson  275
Winny –  fits-      Bet       150    Sophia      10       Adurn (?)     500
Patsy    391.67  Grey 250      Madison 450         Sol               275
Dave     275   Lervey  125    Matilda  400       Dave            300
Dilliard 500     Sol         225      Bill          200        Haywood     400
Julia    175    Nicy      150  Matilda  175     Dave            300
Jenny  300    Jerry     233.33 Sally   150         Sam              300
Judy    250       Harmon 300      Phil    200         Marina         125
Esther 250       Lucy      433     Edmond 200    Silvy              invalid
Henry  150    Leecy    300      John        50      Edmund      125
Fereby 250      Anderson 225   Fenner  175         Jim               450
Enoch  400    Phil         150     Silvia     150         Jinny            invalid
Anice  391.67  Richmond  250 Don          75         Rose            200
Sam    125    Austin     350 Sophia   375      Betsy           425
Bill       275       Tom         500    Joe    125         Aaron           300
Johann 150     Harry       250    Henry    150        William          450
Nancy 100       Bridget    300   Clara      225        Randall         300
Julia 225         General    275   Harriette 250      Elinor            350
Sam 125      Nancy       150   Betsy      325      Winey            200
Chessey 450  Silla            225  Martha    300  Alvis          125
Green 350     Wesly         225  Louisa     400     Dilliard            75
Beck 125     Jake          400  Peggy      275      Eulice (?)      300
Green 275
          -------------                -------------               -------------                      -------------
         8,623.34             14,464.67          19,724.67                 25,691.34

Entire valuation of 114 slaves Sept 18, 1844    $28524.34
Alloted to Adaline E. Alston  9 slaves valued at    2833.00
    “        “   Mrs. Ad. Alston  105 slaves valued at   25691.34
All of which is respectfully submitted

Dec. 28, 1854   Henry A. London
James (?)  Committee
G. (?) May

My note: As you can see these totals don't add up as they give them. ??

submitted by Trish Elliott-Kashima -

Chatham Co., NC: Benjamin Harris , whose will was written 14
May 1816.
To son Dred:  slave, Sterling.
To son West:  slave, Jordan.
To son Jake:  slave, Abraham.
To daughter Elizabeth Headen, wife of Aaron Headen:  slaves, Tabitha and Delilah.
To son Harry:  slave,  Aldridge.
To son Benjamin:  slave, Lillberton.
To daughter Sally Marsh, wife of John Marsh:  slaves, Toby, Allen, Ben.
To daughter Dolly McDaniel, wife of William McDaniel:  slaves, Patricia, Jerry, Sam, Reaves, Alma, Simon.  To son Britain:  slave, Simon (same as to Dolly and Absalom?).
To son Absalom:  slave, Simon.
To daughter Marry Harris:  slaves, Timpy, Jenny, Liza and Henry.

Deeds of Chatham Co. with names of slaves contained within:

Deed Book D
p. 82
Date: 8 May 1786
Grantor: Thomas Brooks Senor
Grantee: Thomas Brooks Junior son of Grantor
Amount: Love & good will I have for my son & for Divars good causes me hereunto Moving have given...
Description: one Negro boy named Nat son of my Nego woman Martha, said boy was boarn 22 day of November 1785,
also the next issuing isshew of said Martha or Negro Woman Martha be it Male or Female to be the property of him the said Thomas Brooks Juner
also 333 acres of land where I now dwell on beginning at a Water Dake on the River Bank some distance from the House where I now dwell the cross the plantation to a red oak at the corner of said Thos Brooks Juner [...] then along a line of marked trees to the north & south line of said land then North to corner of said land then west to corner of said land then south to Rockey River including my Mill Seat then down Rockey River to the first station
Recorded: 8 May 1786

Deed Book P
p. 211
Date:  12 May 1807
Grantor:  William Brantley
Grantee:  Thos Evans
Amount:  275 pounds
Description:  one Negro boy named Rick [Kick?]
Witness:  Miles Scarborough

Deed Book T
p. 297
Date:  11 Jun 1812
Grantor:  Thomas White of Chatham
Grantee:  Thomas Evans of Chatham
Amount:  $320
Description:  a Negro boy named Jack (about the age of thirteen)
Witness:  William Teurlock [Seurlock- possibly Scurlock]
Recorded:  Feb 1815

Deed Book T
p. 293
Date:  1 Apr 1814
Grantor:  Elijah Brazier of Cumberland Co NC
Grantee:  John Partridge of Chatham
Amount:  $150
Description:  one Negro girl by the name of B(?)
Witness:  Burwell Bollings
Recorded Feb 1815

Deed Book U
p. 221
Date:  26 Dec 1815
Grantor:  Isaac Brooks
Grantee:  Travis Harper, Hannah Harper, Robert G. Harper, children of Abraham Harper decd. and grandchildren of my present wife Hannah who was the Mother of the aforenamed Abraham
Amount:  Love and affection and the sum of $100 which was due and owing by my said wife Hannah and myself to the Estate of the said Abraham
Description:  two Negroes to wit a Negro woman slave named Milly and two children Pat and [...]
Witness:  Wm Brantly
Recorded:  May 1816

Deed Book V
p. 6
Date:  30 Nov 1816
Grantor:  Henry Lutterloh of Chatham
Grantee:  Thomas Evans of Chatham
Amount:  $ 750
Description:  two Negro women one by the name of Rachel about the age of 42 years and one by the name of Charlotte about the age of fifteen years
Witnesses:  Beal Brooks, Samuel Brooks
Recorded:  Feb 1818

Deed Book W
p. 319
Date:  July 1821
Grantor:  John Avent of Chatham
Grantee:  my granddaughter Polly Avent
Amount:  natural love
Description:  one Negro girl after my death named Bho[..]y
Witness:  Thos Cottrell, Benj Springfield
Recorded:  Feb 1822

Slaves named in the estate records of Newman Reynolds, Sept. 13, 1864, in Macon Co. AL.
Because so many people from Chatham went to AL and because some of the names (Clark, Alexander) of the slaves and the names of Reynolds, Williams and Newman are in Chatham Co. I thought there might be a connection, somewhere. The members of these families were John A. Reynold, A.J. Williams and his wife, Emiline,William A. Reynolds, James H. Reynolds, Lucy Ann White, wife of Rufus White.

John A. Reynolds, administrator in the  intestate estate of Newman Reynolds, deceased, late of Macon Co., AL. Filed 13 Sept. 1864- Bk. 10, pg. 562.
The following slaves are given:

Jerry, a boy, age 14
Molly, a girl, age 11
Will, a boy about 33
Alexander, a boy about 12
Elijah, a boy about 37
Eddingham/Eddington?, a boy about 22
Tom, a boy, about 23
Abraham, a boy, about 23
Clark, a boy, about 29
Stephen, a boy about 24
Henry, a boy about 30
Andrew, a boy about 16
Emeline, a girl, about 32
Georgia Ann, a girl, about 26
Charlott, a girl about 12
Ann, a girl, about 24 and her child, a girl
Lize, a girl, about 38 and her five children
Sarah, a girl, about 32 and her child
Caroline, a girl, about 24

ORAN D. ALSTON  (Oroondates Davis) son of William Alston and Anne Yeargin.

Slaves named in the estate of Oran D. Alston's inventory. His will was probated 1851 and this inventory should be in 1852 according to some data in the other part of the inventory. His wife's name was Miriam.
He and his family are in the 1850 census of Chatham, pg. 438a, in the Upper Regiment.

All Names with a red star and an age in red, are the slaves that were helped to escape by Miriam Alston, wife of Oran/Oroon, in 1855-59.
The first age is the age given at the time of Oron's estate probate and the second age is the age given when Miriam made her will to free them.
At the bottom is a list of children not yet born, when Oran died, so they aren't on the original list.


To read the full story of these slaves and how they became free:

Click Here

NAMES                            AGES
Abner    57
Wesley   31 * 40
John   28
Fields   23 * 29
Dempsey   26
Peter   37  *45
Ben/Benjamin   29 * 37
Adeline   25 *33
Daniel   8 * 15
Andrew   6 * 14
Sophia   3 * 12
Rhoda   1 * 10
Peter (old)   69
Charlotte   57
Eliza   28
Austin/Alston   3 (Months)
Elizabeth    6 (Months)
Emily   6 (Months)
Julia   42
Sheba   26
Viney   55 *60
Prissa    12 * 20
Sarah   29 * 37
Anthony   30 * 38
Susey   20
Andrew (old   35 * 35
Allen      (old)   69
William  (old)   56
Donaldson   45
Reuben   31
Gloucester   52
Lovey   36
Clarey   18
Reden   12
Susan/Susannah   11 * 19
Joseph   8
William   8
China   5
Norman   2
Pheby   2 (Months)
Dilcey   32
Jenny/Jerry ?   14
Martha   10
Jesse   7
Meriam   4
Eliza   2
Holloway   34
Agness/Agatha?   34 * 43
Harvey   34
Pheby   32
Ephraim   17
Nelson   13
Charlotte   11
Henderson   9
Riley   7
Silvay   5
Alexander   3
Linda   26
William   9
George   7
Simon    5
Susan    3
Viney    1 
David    20 *26
Peggy    23 *29
Joseph John    4 *13
Oran    2 * 10
Judy    1 * 8
Abner    18
Polly/Mary    18 * 26
Charlotty    60
Enoch    17
Jerry    46
Polly    22
Lettuce (Lettice)    16
Doctor    1
Allen    22
Rhoda    20
Princes/ Primus ?    2
Samuel    64
Not on original list


* 8
Margaret * 1
Mary Francis * 2
Mary * 1
Sally * 6
William * 4


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