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Earliest Record of Richardsons in Chatham Co., NC.
Submitted by Sue Ashby
         Richardson Addendum:
This Richardson/Richarson Family may be of the Scots Richardsons that came from Scotland to the Cape Fear area in the mid 1700's.
But, there are also, Richardsons in Halifax, Warren, Johnston, Pasquotank, Perquimans and other counties in the eastern part of the state in the early 1700's.
This is what I have pulled out of Chatham, to date:

1772 Militia List of Jeduthan Harper:
Charles Richardson

There was a William Richardson who witnessed a deed between Thomas &
Sarah Tucker (wife to Thomas) to James Bell, on Sept. 11, 1776.
[This William had land that bordered Sherwood and Lucy Hatley, Jesse
Brown and James Bullard, on the Haw River, - July 25, 1783.
He had received land from the state of NC as a land grant and sold it to
John Johnson on Nov. 11, 1783.]

Pleas and Quarter Session Minutes of Chatham 1772-1774
Richardson  Charles p. 27
Richardson  Joseph p. 65

1790 Census Chatham Co., NC

Age Categories- 1. Free White Males 16 + and heads of families
  2. Free White Males under 16
  3. Free White Females and heads of families
  4. All other Free persons (this would be free blacks and Indians
designated as fpc)
  5. Slaves

As you can see, all these Richardsons are enumerated as 'Free Whites' with no slaves or 'Other Free Persons'. Thomas MAY be the elder of all these men as he has 2 males over the age of 16.

Richardson, Isaac....................1-3-4-0-0
Richardson, John........................1-1-3-0-0
Richardson, Thomas....................2-4-1-0-0
Richardson, George.....................1-0-2-0-0

Capt. Evans 1795 Tax List
Richardson, James -0-1-0-0-0-0

1800 Census Chatham Co.
Age Categories are, by columns:
 1. (Males) 0-10; 2. 10-16; 3. 16-26; 4. 26-45; 5. 45 +
 6. (Females) 1-10; 7. 10-16; 8. 16-26; 9. 26-45; 10. 45+
 11. All other Free Persons; 12. Slaves; 13. Remarks.

RICHERSON Isaiah (Isaac?) 1-0-2-0-1-0-0-1-0-4
[So, this Isaac has 1 male under 10 years of age, 2 males 10 but not yet
16; and he is over 45 years.
He has 1 female 16 and not yet 26 and 1 over 45 years. He has no other
fpc or slaves.
Don't know why Thomas, John and George are not in the 1800 census.
George doesn't have a will until 1801 and Thomas' will  is not until 1803.
See extractions, later.]

The Fifth Co., detached from Chatham Regiment

Capt. Bynum's tax list of 1815 in Chatham:
Richardson, Lawrence-1-2-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-272 1/2-0-Moses Bledsoe-
Richardson, John-1-6-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-447-0-Bloomer Wilson

Capt. Rogers Tax List of 1815:
Richardson, Isaac-0-1-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-200-Lick Branch-George Curl-

Capt. R. C. Cotten's Tax List of 1815:
Richardson, Samuel-1-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-140-Brooks Creek-John
[A Samuel Richardson marries Rachel Morgan, daughter of Joseph & Phereby
Morgan in 1790's.]

Capt. Edward Farrar's Tax List of 1815:
Richardson, John R.-1-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-212 1/2-0-Thomas Riddle- $212.00
[John Row(e), son of IGeorge?]

Capt. B. Jones Tax List of 1815
Richardson, Wm. F.-1-2-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-
[William Fisher, son of Isaac?]

Capt. Alston's Tax List of 1815
Richardson, Stephen  -1-1-0-0-0-0-0-$2-0-0-0-0-0-0-

Index to Estates of Chatham - 1800-1812
Richardson, George (1801) p. 58
Richardson, Thomas (1803) p. 78

Extract of Wills of Chatham Co.
George Richerson -  Will made 10 April, 1801.  probated Nov. Term, 1801
Wife- Elizabeth Richerson; Children - John Row  Richerson, Nancy Speirs
Richerson, Sally Richerson and Thomas Richerson.
Executors; Thomas Bell, John Richerson & Elizabeth Richerson
Signs with an "X"
Witnesses: Moses Bledsoe, Faithe Luder/Luter

Thomas Richeson - Will made 14 Nov. 1802, probate May Term, 1803
Wife: not named; Children: Sons - Isaiah Richeson; Fisher Richerson, May
Richerson, William Fisher Richeson, William,(not the same as Wm Fisher)Richardson, Thomas Richardson. Daughter: Betsy Brown Richeson.
He also mentioned the heirs of Laurance Richeson who are to get 20
shillings and that John Richeson is to have 20 shillings.
I get the feeling that these above,  are children by a previous marriage.
William and Betsy are minors and of school age, because they are to be schooled.
Executors are: his wife, unnamed and his friend Thomas Clegg.
He signs with an "X"
Witnesses : John Brantly, Thomas Harrington & Lewis Tisor (Tysor)

1820 census Chatham

Column #'s and Categories:
1. Males-under 10; 2. Males-10 to 15; 3. Males-16 to 18;
4. Males-18 to 25; 5. Males-25 to 44; 6. Males-45 & over;
7. Females-under 10; 8. Females-10 to 15; 9. Females-16 to 18;
10.Females-18 to 25; 11.Females-25 to 44; 12. Females-45 & over
13. # of Foreigners not naturalized Occupations - 14.Agriculture
15. Commerce Occupations - 16. Manufacturers; 17. Male Slaves -under 14
18. Male Slaves - 14 to 25  19. Male Slaves - 26 to 44  20.Male Slaves -
45 and over;
21.Female Slaves - under 14; 22. Female Slaves - 14 to 25;
23. Female Slaves - 26 to 44 ; 24. Female Slaves - 45 and over
25. FreeMale Negroes -under 14;  26. Free Male Negroes -14 to 25
27. Free Male Negroes -26 to 44; 28. Free Male Negroes -45 +
29. Free Female Negroes - under 14; 30. Free Female Negroes- 14-25;
31.Free Female Negroes - 26-44 32. Free Female Negroes - 45 +

[Isaac has 1 male 10-15 and 1 18-25; He is 45+ so either he is over 65 by
now (as he was over 45 in 1800.) or else this is a different Isaac. But,
I don't think so. I think this is the same Isaac as in 1790 & 1800 and
he is the one that leaves a will in 1833.
He has 1 female 10-15; and one 25-44. There are 2 foreigners not
naturalized. So, this Isaac SHOULD BE one of the Richardsons that came
from Scotland in the mid 1700's. He has one female slave 26-44.]

1-0-0-1-0-0-1-0-1-0-0-0-1 (no other entries)
3-0-0-0-1-0-1-0-1-0-0-0-1- (no other entries)
RICHARDSON, Gann ?? [I'm not sure of this first name}
1-2-0-1-1-0-2-0-1-1-0-0-1 (no other entries)

Will Bk. B 1813 - 1833

Isaac Richardson  - Will made 26 Aug. 1811, probated May 1833
Wife: Elizabeth Richardson; Son in Law- Edmund Mecham, Sons - Samuel,
William, Robert, Isaac, Amos & Henry Richardson.
Daughters - Elizabeth Buckner and Mary Headley. Executors Edward Buckner
and son in law James Hadley.
Witnesses: George Curl & Aron Lindly, (neighbors)
He makes a codicil in 1832 naming new excutors because,  Edward Buckner
and James Hadley no longer lived in the state. So he names his son Amos,,
the new Executor.
There isn't an X for his signature and it does look different than the
handwriting of the clerk but is also looks the same as the signature of
the witness, George Curl. So, can't say. An interesting thing that his
last name is written like it was going to be RICHARD and then, the 'son'
is attached almost as, an abbreviation,  in smaller letters and above
the line as the rest.

Thomas Richardson-  Estate Records: (This  must be, the son of the
Thomas who left will in 1803)
Aug. Session, 1836
Petition of William Hopson, against:
John M. Richardson, Andrew Caswell Richardson and Sarah Ann Richardson,
minor heirs of Thomas Richardson deceased.
William Hopson is also an heir. Sueing for division of  the estate, land
and slaves, of the deceased.
Siddy Richardson is the widow.

Isaac Richardson - (dec. in 1833)  Estate Papers
Papers begin in 1847
Petition of Amos Richardson, Samuel Richardson, & Isaac Richardson,
against Edmond Buckner and wife Elizabeth, James Hadley & wife Mary;
_____ , _____ ,Keziah ? Richardson children of William Richardson,
deceased. William & Jesse? children of Robert Richardson deceased, Isaac
Meachum & ______blank, children of Edward Mechum & wife Martha deceased.
The sale of the estate dated 27 Feb. 1844 has these Richardson names as
Isaac, Richardson, John Richardson, Gemima Richardson, Richie
Richardson, Edmund Richardson, Quainton Richardson, & William

Henry Richardson - Estate Papers - Aug. 1846 (son of Isaac)
Amos Richardson administrator.
Petition of Samuel & Isaac Richardson vs. Amos, as administrator of
Henry & Edward Buckner and his wife Elizabeth, James Hadly & wife Mary,
the children of William Richardson, dec.
Isaac Meachum is sueing also.  He says that Amos, Elizabeth & Mary
Richardson,  are the children of William & Robert Richardson and Isaac
Meacham son of Edmond Meachum are the next of kin to Henry, dec. and as
such are entitiled to a distribution of the estate.


Dwelling/Family: 13/14
Richardson, Quaintain - 34- M -Farmer- North Carolina
Richardson, Susan -     32- F-         North Carolina
Richardson, Amos -      10- M-         North Carolina
Richardson, Julia M. -   8- F-         North Carolina
Richardson, Jesse M. -   5- M-         North Carolina
Richardson, Mary B.-     3- F-         North Carolina
Richardson, Harman B.-   1- M-         North Carolina
Meacham, Harriett -      16-F-         North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 16/17
Richardson, Henry J.     24-M- Farmer- North Carolina
Richardson, Barbary      24-F-         North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 17/18
Richardson, Samuel    73-M-  Cooper- North Carolina
Richardson, Rachel    69-F-          North Carolina
Richardson, Jemima    27-F-          North Carolina
Richardson, Miley     17-F-          North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 52/53
Richardson, John   40-M- Blacksmith  North Carolina
Richardson, Jincy  32-F-             North Carolina
Richardson, Elizabeth 9-F-           North Carolina
Richardson, Manly     7-M-           North Carolina
Richardson, Minerva   5-F            North Carolina
Richardson, Carney    4-M            North Carolina
Richardson, Rozanna   2-F            North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 58/59
Richardson, Jesse    30-M-Farmer-500- North Carolina
Richardson, Mary L.  25-F             North Carolina
Richardson, Louisa F. 3-F             North Carolina
Richardson, William  26-M-Farmer-     North Carolina

Richardson, Isaac    58-M-Farmer-200- North Carolina
Richardson, Rachel   58-F             North Carolina
Richardson, Elizabeth 25-F            North Carolina
Richardson, Nancy     20-F            North Carolina
Richardson, Wady A.   15-F            North Carolina
Mann, Siney           6-F             North Carolina  twin
Mann, Martha A.       6-F             North Carolina  twin

Dwelling/Family: 128/129
Richardson, Amos     54-M-Farmer-600  North Carolina
Richardson, Frances  54-F             North Carolina
Copeland, Milly      17-F             North Carolina
Copeland, Basil M.   14-M             North Carolina
Pickett, Amos        19-M-Farmer      North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 175/176
Richardson, Edward     29-M-Farmer      North Carolina
Richardson, Sarah C.   21-F             North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 329/330
Richardson, James      36-M-Cooper-     North Carolina
Richardson, Tempy      37-F             North Carolina
Richardson, Adeline    16-F             North Carolina
Richardson, Samuel     13-M             North Carolina
Richardson, Rachel     12-F             North Carolina
Richardson, Nancy      10-F            North Carolina
Richardson, Thomas      9-M            North Carolina
Richardson, Edward      7-M            North Carolina
Richardson, Alfred      3-M            North Carolina
Richardson, William     4-M            North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 331/332
Richardson, Isaac      43-M-Blacksmith- North Carolina
Richardson, Nancy      43-F             North Carolina
Richardson, Pheraby    17-F             North Carolina
Richardson, Samuel     16-M-Farmer     North Carolina
Richardson, John       15-M-Farmer      North Carolina
Richardson, William H. H. -10-M         North Carolina
Richardson, Polly           6-F         North Carolina
Richardson, Susan           3-F         North Carolina    
Richardson, Elbridge        1-M         North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 427/428
Richardson, Edmund     51-M-Blacksmith- North Carolina
Richardson, Hannah     46-F             North Carolina
Richardson, Elihu      24-M             North Carolina
Richardson, Jemima     22-F             North Carolina
Richardson, Frederick  19-M-Farmer-     North Carolina
Richardson, Aaron G.   17-M             North Carolina
Richardson, Lucy       16-F             North Carolina
Richardson, Samuel     14-M             North Carolina
Richardson, Noah       12-M             North Carolina
Richardson, Martha E.  10-F             North Carolina
Richardson, Julia       7-F             North Carolina
Richardson, Newton      2-M             North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 1166/1167
Stout, Jesse      52-M- Farmer-   50
Stout, Sarah      46-F
Stout, David C.   13-M
Stout, Sarah A.   11-F
Stout, Sam'l G.    6-M
Stout, Dolly       3-F
Richardson, John P.6-M


Dwelling/Family: 690/690
Miliken, Jesse     55-M- Farmer-    1,500  NC
Miliken, Mahala    32-F                    NC
Miliken, Mary E.    4-F                    NC
Miliken, Eliza      3-F                    NC
Miliken, John       1-M                    NC
Richardson, Jane   19-F                    NC

Jesse Richardson - Will, dated 5 Sept., 1898. Probated, 1899
Wife - Frances A. Richardson - Daughter, Eliza Perry has had share of
estate. other three children, Thomas Henry Richardson, Margaret Justice,
Louiza Mann. Jesse was guardian to Willie A. Stafford.
Executor, Frank C. Poe.
Signed with "X"
Witness: R. H. Hayes and Frank C. Poe.


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