Transcribed and submitted by Sue Ashby - Updated May 5, 2004

The Quakers in North Carolina left a lasting template on the minds and characters of the state.
William Wade Hinshaw's volumes on the records of these steadfast, hardy people are amazing and give us a lasting memorial to his perserverance.  I am attemping to extract some of the material from this resource for your use.
Hinshaw, William Wade. "Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy."
Volume I. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company, Inc. 1994.

Cane Creek MM -This  Monthly Meeting, established in Oct. of 1751, encompassed  ALL of what is now the counties of Caswell, Chatham,  Orange , Person,  & Alamance,  and part of what is now the counties of Wake, Rockingham, Guilford, Randolph, Lee & Durham. It was located on the creek for which it was named.
The Meeting was organized under the authority of the Perquimans and Little River Quarterly Meetings which had the authority to establish new meetings. There were 30 or more families that requested authorization at that time. Prior to that, the members had met at New Garden, about 30 mi. from Cane Creek.
Many of it's members lived in Chatham and because Chatham was cut from Orange, you will discover that they or their parents were likely, born in Orange. In 1849 when Alamance was created from Orange, Cane Creek became part of that county.
Some of the families in that first meeting were William & Hannah Brown, Anthony & Sarah Chamness, John & Abigail Pike, William & Sarah Piggott, Hugh & Mary Laughlin & John & Rachel Wright.
Certificates were requested from the old MM and presented at the first meeting by John Powell, Martha Hiatt and her children. Simon Dixon, Aaron Jones, Joseph Doan, Robt. Summers and family. Henry Ballenger and family, Wm. Reynolds and family, Eliza. Vestal and her sons, Wm. & Thos.
Others in the first group may have been the Armfield, Baldwin, Beals, Beeson,Branson, Carr, Chapman, Clark, Cox, Davies, Dillon, Edwards, Henderson, Hodgin, Hoggatt, Hodson, Howard, Hudson, Hunt, Jackson, Knight, Lakey, Marshill, Matthews, Moorman, Ozbun , Piggott, Reynolds, Ruddock/Riddick, Sidwell, Taylor, Thornton, Thronburg, Wells, Wilkisson, & Williams. All surnames found in the area, that were  Quakers.

Those removed from membership because of military service or bearing arms, etc.:

June 6, 1779 Thomas Chapman was dismissed for serving as a Justice of the Peace in the present unsettled affairs. Acknowledging, administering the oath,writing and drafting tickets related to drafting and signing a warrant to take guns for a military purpose.

May 2, 1880 - Solomon Cox is dismissed for taking an affirmation to the present unsettled state of public affairs.

Feb. 6, 1781 - Jacob Doan is dismissed for repeatedly bearing arms and accompanying armed men to suppress robberies.

Jan 11, 1777 - William Dunn, son of Joseph Dunn is dismissed for marrying out of unity and  appearing in a warlike manner.

May 10, 1776 - Nathan  Freeman, dismissed, for going to places of  diversion and dancing. He  also enlisted as a soldier.

May 2, 1781 - John Freeman, dismissed for marrying out of unity and appearing in a warlike manner with armed men.

My 6, 1779 - Joshua and Simon Hadley, sons of Thomas, dismissed , having joined the present commotion so far as to appear in a warlike manner.

Feb. 10, 1779 - Simon Hadley confessed taking an affirmation of fidelity under the present  state of publice affairs.

June 4, 1776 - John Hinshaw confessed going in the company with the Regulators.

Jan 7, 1764 - Herman Husband dismissed. (no reason given)  But, he is known to be the major figure in the Moderator -Regulator events.

Feb. 6, 1781 - William Vestal, son of James, dismissed for bearing arms in  company with armed men.

Aug. 9, 1781 - John Vestal, dismissed, for bearing arms in warlike manner.

July 7, 1771 -  Humphrey Williams, aiding a company contending with arms.

Feb. 3, 1776 - Edward Williams, dismissed for fighting.

Some families, births marriages and places of origin:

Wm. Adams, b. in 1734,  was from Chester Co. PA,  son of  George & Katherine Adams.
He married Susannah Martin, daughter of Moses & Margaret Martin.
The children that are listed (not all may be) were:
Jean, b. in Bedford Co. VA
Rachel, Mary Ann, Jonathan, Sarah, William, Moses, George James, Margaret & John, all b. in Orange Co.

Peter Allen, b. 1781, son of John & Rachel, in Orange Co. married Letitia Dixon, dau. of Thomas & Abigail
They had:
Thomas, John, Peter, Joseph, Nathan, Elizabeth, Jehu & Sampson
(Peter Jr. b. 1809, married Rebecca Hadley, dau. of  Joseph & Mary Hadley.)

John Andrew, b. 1750, was also from Chester Co. PA and the son of Robt. & Jane Andrew. He married Deborah Holladay, dau. of Henry & Mary.

Joel Brooks, the son of Matthew & Elizabeth Brooks, married Mary Wright, the dau. of John & Rachel, was b. in 1739 in Prince Geo. Co., MD.
Joel & Mary had John, Mary & Elizabeth, all b. in Orange Co. from 1757 to 1763
Joel died in 1764 and is buried at Cane Creek.

Alexander Campbell (Camble) was the son of John & Elender. He was b. 1759 in Culpeper Co. VA
 He married Margaret Williams, the dau. of Wm. & Margaret. She was b. 1750, in  Fairfax Co. VA