Minutes - Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions
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pg. 157

Ordered that Ephraim Ledbetter, a base born child of Wineford Ledbetter be bound unto James Copeland until he arrives at lawfull age, he being about nine years now. (evidently this is incorrect for he comes into court again, (see pg.. 166 below)

pg. 157 (b)
A deed from James Scurlock, Mial Scurlock John Scurlock (marked out), Wm. Scurlock, Jos. Scurlock, Thomas Ragland, Sarah Scurlock, Susannah Scurlock & Patsey Scurlock to Sarah Scurlock duly proved in open court by William Warden, all but  James Scurlock & John Scurlock (again John Scurlock marked out)

pg. 166
Order'd that Ephraim Ledbetter, a child of Wineford Ledbetter, be bound unto James Copeland Sr., untill he arrives to lawfull age, he being about severn years of age now, to learn the trade or occupation of a farmer.

pg. 168
Ordered that Whitmeal Harrington, Thomas Harrington, & Philemon Harrington have notice to appear next court and contest the noncupative will of Agniss Harrington dec'd and that a subpoena be issued for Ann Bryant to appear also the same court to prove the same.

pg. 168 (b)
Brantley Jones comes into court & makes choice of William Brantley for his guardian & enters into bond in the sum of five hundred pounds & gives Joseph Brantley Sr. for security.

Ordered that William Willit pay down to Mary Fields for the laying in month, forty shillings, as usual & three pounds more, making five pounds, the usual payment in instalments, that is to say seven pounds for the first year & five pounds, annually for three years afterwards, the first year payable 12 months  ---? for the maintenance of a bastard child begot by the sd William on the body of said Mary Fields.

Ordered that William Moody pay down unto Tabitha Webster, ten pounds for the laying in month. & five/four? pound next February and five pounds a year for two years afterward for the maintenance of a bastard child bebop by the said Wm. on the body of the said Tabitha.

pg. 169 (b)
Thomas Tayler comes into court and made choice of Eleazer Andrus, as his guardian who enters into bond in the sum of fifty pounds, who gives Joseph Morgan for security.

pg. 171 (b)
Ordered that Moses Atwatter pay to Elizabeth Willis or Welles forty shillings, down for the laying in month, & five pounds yearly for five years annually, for the maintenance of a bastard begot on the body of the said Elizabeth by the said Moses. The said Moses hath given bond to indemnify the county.

pg. 176 (b)

An amt of monies md? by John Crow guardian of George Brewer from the executors of Oliver Brewer was returned and ordered recorded.
pg 179 (b)

Elisha Dillard is allowed sixteen pounds for the boarding and clothing of John Burt, orphan of Richard Burt for the year 1797 to be paid out of the Estate of said John Burt.

An amount current of the Estate of James Crow dec. the exe. returned into court and ordered to be recorded.

pg. 180 (b)
Feb. session 1798

John Thompson Esq. is appointed guardian of Jeremiah Thompson, Dorcas Thompson, Rebecca Thompson, Ruth Thompson, George Thompson, Elizabeth Thompson and Charles Thompson, the heirs of Balaam Thompson Esq., dec. to defend a certain suit brought against them by Hannah Thompson, widow & relict of said Balaam Thompson for her dower in the lands of her said dec'd husband.

John Thompson Esquire who is appointed guardian fo the Heirs of Balaam Thompson for the purpose of defending a certain suit brought against them by the widow for her dower having acknowledged the service of a Notice as well on behalf of the Heirs of the said Balaam who are of full age as those who are not and also on behalf of the administrators. It is therefore ordered that the sheriff summon a jury to lay off her widow's dower for the lands of her said husband --- ----? and also her distributive share of the personal estate of her said husband and make return thereof at next court agreeably to the prayer of her petition filed.

pg. 189
Joseph Pitts is appointed guardian to Barna (Barnabus?) Lin/ Linn? who enters into bond in the sum of six hundred pounds with John Pitts ? and Edwd Walton, security.

Thomas Griffith came into court and took oath in order to support the constitution of the United States.
pg. 190 (b)

Order'd that William Willit be served with a rule to shew cause if any he have why an attachment should not issue against him, at the instance of Mary Fields for not paying her the money due her for the maintainance of a bastard child, during three years last past according to an order of this court, hereto fore made in the premises.

pg. 192 (b)

May. sessions 1798
The jury appointed last court to lay off the dower of Martha Thompson widow of Balaam deceased return into court that they had executed and order & the report is filed.
(MY NOTE: The earlier records call her Hannah !?

Aug. session 1798

pg. 194 (b)
Ordered that Japtha/Jeptha Shaw son of Sarah Shaw be bound unto John Hearndon til lawfull age he being eight years old the 3rd Nov. 1798.

pg. 198
John Williams
Patrick St. Lawrence

The following garnishees being summoned comes into court and declare on oath as follows:
Zebulon Ditto - nothing owed by him

Nov. session 1798
pg. 206 (b)
Ordered that Zachariah Hornaday be bound unto Hugh Wood (Woody) till he arrive to lawfull age he being now five years old, to learn the trade of waggoner maker and also to read write & cypher.

pg. 211
Ordered that Jemimah Philips be bound unto Adam Siler till she arrive to the age of Sixteen years, she being now Eight years old, and learn her to read.

John Farrar who was appointed guardian for the orphans fo Wm. Minter dec'd at last court comes into court and relinquishes his right as such therefore ordered by the court that his bond be cancelled then court adjourned till to tomorrow  10 o'clock.

pg. 211 (b)
A deed from John Burns to Robert Johnson duly proved by the oath of William Edwards

A bill of sale from Francis Clark to William Burns duly acknowledged in open court by he oath of William Scurlock.

Feb. (2nd) sessions 1799

pg. 217 (b)

Duncan Cameron, Esq. comes into court & was duly qualified to practice as an attorney in this court.

pg. 219

Ordered that William Hinson a child of Elijah Hinson be bound to Andrew White till he arrive to lawfull age. the said Andrew is to learn him to read & write and also to instruct him in the art of farming, the said William Hinson being about nine years of age, now.

pg. 220 (b)

Administration on the Estate of Whitmeal Harrington, dec. granted to Thomas Harrington & Solomon Roe who enters into bond with William Guthrie & William Gholston in the sum of twelve hundred pounds whereupon the said Solomon and Thomas was duly qualified in open court.

pg. 221
Ordered that Thomas Harrington & Solomon Roe, admin. have leave to sell the perishable property of Whitmeal Harrington, dec., agreeable to law.

pg. 222 (b)
Deed from William Burns to Edward Covenah (Cavanah?) to Presley? Snipes proved by Mary Clark.

May term (13th May, 1799
pg. 227

Catherine Kelly & Daniel Kelly, bound to John McIver until they arrive to lawfull age, the girl about seven and the boy five years of age to be learnt the trade of a planter.

Joseph Minor and William Ramsey excused from attending as jurors this court, also Presley Cox.

pg. 228
Ordered that Joseph Little a minor orphan judged nine years old be bound unto Joseph Hale, until he arrive to lawfull age.

pg. 230 (b)
Ordered that Mary Ann Lawrence minor orphan of John Laurence, judged to be seven years old be bound unto Jacob Flowers?? Jr.,  with one or two? years schooling  also housewifery.

An acct. of sale of the Estate of Philamon Harrington returned unto court by the executors.
is this really Philamon or Whitmeal?

pg. 231 (b)

Ordered that the sheriff summon the following jury to lay off a road the nearest & best way from Michael Wilson's on Bear Creek to Avents ferry on Cape Fear (to wit)
Wilson Willis, John Philips, John Sawyer, Michael Wilson, John Christian, Jessy Thrailkill, William Franks, Stephen Wilson, Eli Howard, John Tedder, Jessy  Ham?, Burrell Williams, Sam'l Upchurch, William Cook, Bloomer Wilson, Benjamin Wister/Wisler?

pg. 232

Order'd that Edward Walten be appointed guardian to Sarah Collier, Jonathan Collier, & Jane Collier, orphans of Also. Collier of Northampton, in this state with Thomas Bell, Wm. Lassiter, & Alex. Burnet, securities in the sum of one thousand pounds.

pg. 234

Ordered that David Siles or Liles an orphan boy be bound to Samuel McDaniel till he arrive to lawfull age, to learn the trade of a planter.

Aug session, 1799

 pg. 234 9b)

Ordered that HANNAH Thompson wife of Balaam Thompson dec'd be appointed guardian to four minor orphans by the name of George, Elizabeth, Charles & Bales (or Balaam?) McSwine Thompson, who enters into bond with Levy Johnston & Edm'd Welch in the sum of four hundred pounds.

Ordered that Joseph Brower be appointed guardian to a minor orphan by the name of John Pilkington who enters into bond with Thomas Brower? in the sum of ??? pounds

pg. 235
Ordered that Asa Willis an illegitimate child be bound unto William Willis till he arrive to lawfull age he being now two years old to learn the farming business.

pg. 237

Ordered that John Crutchfield a child of Sarah or Sinah Crutchfield be bound to Solomon Dixson until he arrive to lawfull age, the said John adjudged two years of age now.

Nov. (11th) term, 1799

pg. 242
Bartholomew Lightfoot is appointed guardian of Henry L. Ward and Elizabeth Ward, orphans of William Ward, deceased, he having given bond in the sum of three thousand pounds with Zachery Harmon as securities and James Taylor, Thomas Snipes and Philip Merony were the Justices on the bench at the time.

Administration is granted to Susannah Poe, widow of William Poe, dec. and Henry Bray Jr. on the estate of William Poe dec'd they having entered into bond in the sum of three hundred pounds with Henry Bray Sr., security and the said administrators were duly qualified.

pg. 242 (b)
Administration on the Estate of William Vestal, dec. granted to Sarah Vestal who enters into bond with David Vestal, Thomas Ragland,  & William Campbell in the sum of eight hundred pounds and was duly qualified in open court.

Ordered that John Burns, Sr. be appointed guardian to John Lewis Tomerlinson & William Tomerlinson, infants of John Tomerlinson, dec. who enters into bond in the sum of one hundred pounds each with William Burns, security.

pg. 244
James Beck appointed guardian to Nathan Smith who enters into bond with Benjamin Saunders security in the sum of one thousand pounds.

pg. 245
An account of Joseph Harman, guardian of Thenny Linn & william Linn dues, Amt. to thirty seven pounds ten shillings allowed by the court and ordered to be recorded

Feb. sessions (10th) 1800
pg 250

very blurred
pg. 251
An account of John Crow guardian of George Brewer minor orphan of Oliver Brewer dec. returned in court, on oath.

May term 1800
pg. 258

pg. 253
The LWT of Obediah Bryant returned into court & proved by the oath of Abel Rollin a subscribing witness thereto & on motion ordered to be recorded whereupon Elijah Hurley was duly qualified as executor.

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