Petty Pedigrees

There is some reference to the below Capt. Thomas Petty, being the son of a Thomas Pettit and Katherine Morris. of Rappahannock Co., I have not followed through on this, yet.  They seem to be tied, to the Pettys in Stoke Lyne, England.

Submitted by Sue Ashby

I. Capt. THOMAS PETTY   b. Apr. or May, 1664,  Rappahannock Co., VA.  d. (Will) 1720
Children named in Will: George; THOMAS; Benjamin; Rachel; Elizabeth; Mary.
He was a member of the James City Co., VA Council, Capt.  of the Colonial Militia (Dragoons) and Sheriff of King and Queen Co., VA., in 1717.

Their son:
II. THOMAS PETTY is listed in Colonial Dames Records, Probably b.  in Essex Co., VA. His will was in 1750 in Orange Co. VA.
He married CATHERINE GARTON, b. ??  d. bef 1748.  Dau. of John and Martha (-----) Garton. of Richmond Co.
Children: John, Thomas, Christopher, William, James, George, Rebecca Sims, (wife of a Thomas Sims) Mary Knight, Martha.

Their son:
III. JOHN PETTY b. Orange Co., VA, d. Orange Co., VA (will) 2-2- 1770
He married REBECCA  SIMMS b. ?,  d. after 1770. Daughter of Thomas Simms and Rebecca Haralson.
His will names these children and grand children: Sarah Corey, Tabitha Edwards, Thomas, Luke,( in the Carolina) Francis, Abner, George, John, Abfaer (Apphia?)  Ford, Zachariah, Ann Ransdall, Rebecca Boston, Susannah Hawkins, Jemima Boston.
Son-in Law Wm. Ransdall, Granddaughter, Ann Ford.
Some of the ones he says are children, seem to be grandchildren, since the last names are different.

Their son:
IV. THOMAS PETTY b. ? d. (will) 1769, Orange Co., N.C. married Mary (_______)
He is named as son in deed of land to John Petty in 1734.
Children: Reuben, Thomas, Martha, John.

Their son:
V.  JOHN PETTY b. 1756, d. after 1837, Chatham Co., N.C.
Married 1. Mary    2. Martha _____
Jesse, ( to Tenn.)  William, ( to Tenn.)  John, ( to Tenn.) Stephen, James R.

VI STEPHEN PETTY b. 1774, N.C. d. April 8, 1850.
He married 1. LAURA DILLARD. 2. LUTILDA BOONE. b. 1805, d. 1876
Children by wife 1.
    A.   JOHN TAPLEY PETTY b. FeB. 7, 1802 in N.C.  married MARIE JAMES NEAL  b. Aug. 23, 1805. Moved to Tishomingo Co. Miss. Marr. 2., Sarah Dockery, after 1847.
     .   1. Julia Ann Petty b. Apr. 31, 1828. d. Mar. 19, 1875. Marr. John W. Stevens b. 1823, VA
        2. Addison Wesley Petty, b. Nov. 20, 1825, N.C. d. July 27, 1906. Marr. 1. Mary Flake. 2. Fatima Hargrove.
        3. Junius Nelson Petty, b.. Jan. 11, 1831, d. Nov. 1911. Marr. Justine E. Pollock, b. 1836, AL.
        4. Emma James Petty b. Sept. 22, 1833, Chatham Co., N.C. d. Nov. 21, 1907, Booneville, MS. Marr. Lafayette Pitt Reynolds.
        5. Louisa Maria Petty, b. May 22, 1836, d. May 14, 1861, Marr. Bart Boone.
        6. Mary Elizabeth Petty, b. Jan. 8, 1839, N.C. d. Dec. 1, 1910. Marr. William Leftwich Williams.
        7. Margaret Katherine Petty, b. Jan. 14, 1847, N.C. d. July 13, 1912. Marr. Bart Boone (the husband of her deceased sister)

    B. WINSHIP PETTY B. 1804 , N.C.  d. 1881. Married MARY CARLOSS.
        1. Robert E. Petty
        2. James L. Petty
        3. William Pitt Petty b. Jan 19, 1832, N.C.  Marr. Orpha Stilwell & Lizzie Blackwood.
        4. Martha Elizabeth Petty b. May 1, 1834, Chatham Co., N.C., d. Dec. 14, 1869. Marr. James S. Barton, in Hopkins Co., TX.

VI. JAMES R. PETTY b. 1786, d. 1862, Marr. Mary Bingham b. 1796 d. 1871 Both buried in Cool Cemetery in Lee Co., N.C.
    A. Spencer Petty b. 1819
    B. Robert Petty b. abt 1823
    C. Julia Petty b. 1828
    D. Winship Petty b. 1830
    E. Elizabeth Petty b. 1832
    F. Bassel/Basil Marion Petty b. 1835 Marr. Virginia Steed. .

I have lots more on the family that is partly from Katherine Reynolds "The Petty Papers".  Some of her work is very hard to follow and it will take me some time to sort it out. If any of you have any proof to the contrary on what I have placed, so far. Please contact me with you documentation. It is possible, that some of it has been misinterpreted, by me.  Sue Ashby

(More Petty Material submitted by Anita (Tucker)) Poole)