My name is James E. Pearce.  I live in Nuevo, Calif.

My father's name is William Wade Pearce (1890-1965).
He was born in Albright township, Chatham County, N.C.

    William Wade Pearce is the son of James Wesley Pearce
(1857-1926) who was born in Albright County, NC.  James
Wesley Pearce was married to Emily Caroline Hinshaw (1855-

    James Wesley Pearce is the son of Alfred Pearce (1829-
1862) who married Sarah Adeline Fox (1836-1914).  Alfred
Pearce was born in Albright Township, Chatham County, NC.

    Alfred Pearce is the son of Paris Pearce (1801-1853)
and Rachel Kivett  (1803-1865) of Chatham County, N.C.

     All of the information regarding the above named persons,
their ancestors and descendants are in Family Tree Maker,
Volumn 37, Tree No. 1059.

    Would also appreciate receiving any information about
the Pearce family of Chatham County, N.C.
Best Regrards,
Jim Pearce