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I have been led to believe the woman in the photo is "Bettie"  ( Rebecca Elizabeth McNeill  McKethan). Widow of John Duncan McKethan.  They moved to Chatham county from Harnett County where her
 children were born - Jennie & John Duncan Jr. - they called him John D..
I don't know if either of her children are in this photo, because I believe they were much older by the time the family moved to this  area.
Duncan (the father) died early, but I don't know why.  Jennie  never married, and John D. married late in life after the death of  his Mother.  He married Durema Christine Harriss, who was from Chatham
County, daughter of John Taylor & Sina Johnson Harriss.  There are no descendants from this line.
I would like  find out if someone, can identify anyone, in the photo. Please contact me, if you can!

 Fay Sadler