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This is a photo of my great grandfather Nathan S. Clark Jr,
(on the left) and someone, that I feel, is a Petty or Clark.
I imagine it was made in Texas (see the mocassin boots) probably about 1880-1885
in Smith or Van Zandt Co., TX.
Itf he man on the right, is related, he could be, a Bynum, Farrar, Busby or Petty, from Chatham.
If you know yours were there in that time period. And think you know which it is,
please let me know. Sue Ashby

This is  Nathaniel Stedman Clark Sr.  (son of William and Susannh (Bell) Clark
and his wife Betty S. Wortham, the daughter of William Duke Wortham and Fannie Blackwell.
N.S. Clark Sr. and Betty Wortham married on Nov. 19, 1874.
He is the uncle to my N. S. Clark Jr. and the head of a large family that remained in
Chatham Co, when a lot of the rest of the family, moved west and southward.

This is my grandfather William Thomas Clark, son of Nathan S. Jr.