The Younger NEAL Family

 Compiled by Katherine Bell Reynolds

Edited & @by Sue Ashby- 2009

This is an abstraction of Katherine Bell Reynolds Compilation of Records found in her research of her NEAL line. I have NOT proved any of the data. This is presented with much respect and thankfulness for this lovely lady who is deceased but, shared much of her work with me before she died. This is my attempt to share her work with you. Please share anything you may have to add.  I will add to this as I can....ENJOY.


I.  Younger NEAL  b.  ???  d. before July 1784. There was an account of sale of his estate, Nov. 30 1784. So, he died at least 3 months prior to this date. (court of pleas and quarter sessions were only held every 3 months) So, he could have died before July, 1784.

His wife was Sarah (___ ) is she a PETTY? d. 1803

Younger and Sarah's children were: 

(1). William b. ca 1775. was still living in th 1850 census, age 75.

        He was named as guardian to his siblings, Thrashley, Stephen and Elizabeth in 1797.

William was married to Lucy STRAUGHAN b. ca 1777, d. aft. 1850, where she was 73 yrs. old Probable dau. of Richard       STRAUGHAN/STRAYHORN. Richard names his daughter Lucy NEAL in his will of 1805.

  (2.) Younger b. May 11, 1778, d. 1843 Married Luraney HARRINGTON, b. Feb. 16, 1790, d. Mar. 27, 1867. 

               They went to Hickman Co. TN, then to Crawford Co. AR.

 (3.)  PRESLEY? Thrashley/Thackley?  b. 1794-1801 (was between 18 & 26 in the 1820 census of Chatham Co. He was married and had children.  Nothing further known.

 (4). Stephen b. 1781-1790 (Was in the 1820 census of Chatham and married. He was between 26 & 45 then and between 40 & 50 in the 1830 census.) He may have been married to Charity HARRINGTON, daughter of Drury HARRINGTON b. 1752 and Rachel PETTY b. Dec. 13, 1754

 (5). Easley b. ???  d. ???  married ______ GEORGE.

 (6.) James  b..1770-1779 (between 50 & 60 in 1830 census of Chatham Co.) d. Jan. 5, 1834. Will Bk. C., pg. 5, 6.

            Married. Dec. 9, 1802, Abigail PEOPLES b. 1760-1769 (Between 70-80 in 1840 census of Chatham.) d. July 11, 1840

 (7). Elizabeth

SECOND GENERATION  - Children of Younger and Sarah:

2Younger  and Luraney (HARRINGTON) NEAL

 2 a. Elizabeth Neal b. Feb 9, 1812

2. b. Jonathan Neal b. Dec. 9, 1814

2. c. William Jay Neal b. June 9, 1817, d. Sept 9, 1875. Married 1838, Dixon Co. TN to Mouncey ROBINSON, b. June 21, 1817, dau. of James ROBINSON and wife, Keziah GROVES. Willilam and Mouncey had 7 children.

        .3. a Jonathan Neal b. June 19, 1839 d. Aug. 2, 1906 - not married

         3. b Frances M. b. Jan. 12, 1841 d. Apr. 4, 1896. Married Kate Bearden

                4. a. Lee Neal married Annie Troup.

                4. b. May Neal married George Taylor