© 1998-2010-Extracted & Transcribed by Sue Ashby
The following are names of the men who were Officers of Companies raised in Chatham County for the Revolutionary War. Some of the names are taken by me from the records of the Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions of the county (1774 - 1788)

The men that served as militia during the revolution were NOT eligible for pensions for bounty land warrants. Only the men who served at least two years in the continental line were eligible for that. But, the militia service does make them eligible for "Patriot" designation, if they time they served was during the period of the war.

Having said that, I can tell you that Chatham militia men were eligible before then, because of the wording in the court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions beginning in  August of 1774.
At that time, the Court Justices decided that they would remove all mention of the King of England and his titles, from their government documents.
The War of the Regulators had it's effect on the county!

These Men would not be eligible for Rev. War Patriot designation unless they were in the militia, during the period of the Rev. War also.
Capt. Isaiah Hogan
Capt. Joab Brooks
Capt. John Montgomery
Capt. John Birdsong
Capt. Charles Matthews
Capt. Stephen Poe
Capt. Elisha Cain
Capt. Jeduthan Harper
Lt. James Sellers
Ensign William Clements
Sgt. William Black
Sgt. John Booker
Sgt. William Griffen
Cpl. James Smith
Cpl. James Rigsby
Cpl. Julius Blalock
Lt. Balaam Thompson
Sgt. Samuel Temple
Sgt. William Caps
Sgt. William Phillips
Cpl. Davis Dugan/Dughorn
Cpl. Lindsey Bell
Cpl. Thos. Miles
Lt. Edmund Waddell
Ensign Samuel Landrum, Jr.
Sgt Benj. Clanton
Sgt. Henry Fields
Sgt. Thos. Griffin
Cpl. William Hart
Cpl. Rich. Griffin
Cpl. Obediah Briant/Bryant
Lt. Matthew Drake
Ensign William Lassetor/Lassitor
Sgt. Benj. Brantly
Sgt. Green Hill
Sgt. Isaac Matthews
Cpl. Rich. Bohannon
Cpl. John Hardin
Lt. Simon Poe
Ensign William McLone
Sgt. Robert Marsh
Sgt. Joseph Stewart
Sgt. Prettyman Brewer
Cpl. David Banks
Cpl. Rich. West
Cpl. Joshua Gunter
Lt. Burwell Williams
Ensign Duncan Buchannon
Sgt. Aquilla Covenah/Cavenaugh
Sgt. Elliot Buchannon
Sgt. David Mims
Cpl. Isom Waver (Weaver?)
Cpl. David Chapman, Jr.
Cpl. Joh Pitts, Jr.
Cpl. Oldham Hightower
Lt. Samuel Stewart
Ensign John Thaxton
Sgt. John Cook
Sgt. Thos. West
Sgt. Thos. Brazier
Cpl. Thos West Jr.
Cpl. Van Teague
Cpl. Charles Jones

Murtie June Clark - COLONIAL SOLDIERS OF THE SOUTH -  Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore MD
has a complete list of the militia companies in Chatham Co., at this time.
Be aware that the list is not pertinent to the Revolutionary War, time period.  Even though, many on the list would have been so.

William Hooper is listed as a Colonel in the county in 1775. I'm sure this is the same William Hooper that represented NC in the Continental Congress and was a signer of the Declaration of Independence. He was actually from Orange Co, according to his biography.

The following is a list of men on the Muster Rolls of Capt. Jeduthan Harper's Company. Chatham Co. Regiment, Sept., 1772. List No. 6
Taken from the original documents in the N.C. State Archives. (I will give the original spellings with my interpretation, in parenthesis, if necessary)

Jeduthan Harper, Captain
Sam'l Stewart, Lieuten't
John Thaxton, Ensign
John Cook    }
Thos. West    }
Thos. Brazier} - (all)  Sergent
Thos. West, Jun'r }
Van Teague          }
Charles Jones      } - (all) "Corperals"
We assume the rest of these are Privates:
Benjamin Pyburn
Zacky Nowlin
Sampson Sellars
Joseph Dark
Samuel Dark
James Barnes - 'hunter'
John Landrum
Wm. Roberts
John Putman
Aquilla Brazier
Wm. Wilkey
Thos. Newman
Chas. Jones
John Balding
John Lambert
Henry Pickard
Wm. Linsey
Calub Lindsey, Jun'r
Wm. Martin, Sen'r
Thos. Mason
Hance Black
Samuel Pile
Peter Quakinbush
Jesse Mudy (Moody?)
Wm. Gilham
Nath. Way
Van Teague
Jeremiah Hadley
Isaac Beverley
Solomon Terrell
Thos. Blackson
Joseph Hililand (Gilliland?)
John Gilland
Isaac Jones
Isaac Towers
Thos. Lindley
John Piles, Jun'r
Aaron Jones
Wm. Noblet
Charles Richardson
Arthor Whitehead
John Whitehead
Josiah Whitehead
Leonard Begman
Ignatious West
Wm. West
John Salling
Thos Campain
John Ammond
John Knot
Con (Connor?) Oneel
Wm. Estredy (Estridge?)
Wm. Ramsey
Jacob Pyburn
Thos. Brooks, Jun'r
James McDaniel
Robert Hendey
Levy Saller (Siler?)
James Cole
Thos. Riddle
John Rosson
Joseph Hopson
John Blackney
Milner Burke
John Copland
James Daughety
Edward Douglas
Henry Cook
Wm. Harris
John Riddle
James Ashmore
George Kirk
Wm. McMath
Cadwalas Jones
Wm. Pogue
Thos. Brazier
Wm. Richardson
Isaac Richardson
Andrew Cornelas (Cornelius?)
Heth Hart
Morgan Hart
Phillip Hartso
Soloman Evens
James Barns
Jehue Barns
John Hornady
Christopher Hornady
Thos. Barns
Levy Johnston
John Johnston
Thos. Johnston
Jacob Coshatt
John Coshatt
Joseph Coshatt (usually spelled Cashatt.)
Thos. Whitehead
John Tally
Benjamin Landrum
Thos. Robarts/Roberts?
James Durrum
Wm. Waits
James Fike
John Massey
Wm. Marlin or Martin
John Steel
Thos. Steel
Wm. Steel
Thos. Forrister
Jacob Teague
Wm. Hollyday
Samuel Hollady
John Ginnings
Joseph Norman
Jesse Richardson
Henry Bray
John Ables
Josiah Lyon- Co. Clerk
______________________ 126 (men)

A list of the company Commanded by Captain Elisha Cain in 1772 - List No. 5

Elisah Cain, Captain
Burwill Williams - Lieutenant
Duncan Buchannon, Ensign
Gray Barbee - Clarke
Jesse Hendrick - Drummer
Arquilla Covenah
Elliot Buchannon
David Mims
Isom Weaver, "Corpril"
Vollentine Braswell, Jun'r
Joseph Mims, Jun'r
Joseph Mims, Sen'r
Wm. Mims
Joseph Cromp
Wm. Copeland, Jun'r
Wm. Branton
James Dunning
James Holdin
James Davis
Mathew Davis
Clebourn Matthews
Lawrence Matthews
Sion Rogers
Wm. Norton
Martain Mims
Gilbert Crosswell
Osey Hathcock
John Dockry
David Chapman Jun'r, "Corpril
Richard Cheek, Jun'r
Benjamin Buchannon
Benjamin Chapmon
Isom Daniel
Peter Avent
Philop Jean
John Massey
George Hooper
Wm. Sims
Richard Hill
John Stotherlin
Thomas Jinks
Thomas Hinsley
John Lawrence
John Bowers
Nathaniel Hinsly
Benjamine Hinsly
John Tully?
Richard Burt
Drury Jones
John Jones
John Gilliam
John Pitts, Jun'r, 'Corpril'
Charles Medearis
John Grigory
Presley George
Isom Rogers
Byious Rogers
Lawrence Sypart
Thomas Sypart
Henry Beezley
John Owein
Francis Sypart
Jacob Rogers
Jessey Spellard
Wm. Wimberly
Thomas Barbee
Oldham Hightower, 'Corpril'
Joseph Copeland
Wm. Copeland, Sen'r
Josiah Copeland
Jacob Vann
Joel Copeland
Marmaduke Rawls
Hardamon Rawls
John Cohannon, Sen'r
John Bohannon, Jun'r
Thomas Tucker
Wm. Falkner
Thomas Falkner
Wm. Blyth
Samuel Word
John Hatley, Jun'r
John Crosswell
Wm. Kirby
James Bynumm
Nathaniel Hopkins
Drury Rolins
Thomas Bell
Thomas Ward
----------------------------84  Men

A list of men commanded by Capt. Stephen Poe- List No. 1

Stephen Poe, Capt.
Simon Poe, Lieut.
William Malone, 'Insine'
John Stewart, Clk
Robert Marsh        }
Joseph Stewart    }
Pretteman Brewer}  Serg'ts
David Banks        }
Rich'd West         }
Joshua Gunter?  }  Corp'l
George Dillard, Drummer
Wm. Sanders
Wm. Cain
Benjamin Watt
Charles Stewart
Barthellemew Odeneal (O'Donal?)
James Stewart, Sen'r
James Stewart, Jun'r
Thos. Malone
James Massey
John Berrey
Wm. Riddell
Rubin Pettey
Charles Atkinson
Thos. Robertson, Sen.
Drewry Harrington
John Dillard
Thos. Stone
Wm. Dillard
]James Banks
John Riddle
Arthur Ledbetter
Nathaniel Page
Rich'd Gunter
James Pettey
Stephen Straughan
Nimrod Burks
John Morton
Lewis Ledbetter
John Mullis
John Longaday
Wm. Roberson
Daniel Drumman
John Cox
Sion Harington
Thos. Watts, Jun.
Michel Loper/Lopes
Daniel Foshe
Isom Carlile
Joseph Foshe
Thos. Massie
Robt. Carlile
Joshua Petty
Hubird Petty
Daniel Copeland
Daniel Mackbin? Macklin?
Larking Strawn
Stephen Fountin
Robt. Thomasson
Stephen Herndon
Geo. Morgan
Joseph Morgin
Nathan Fike
James Ray
Charles Millikin
Wm. Bullington
James Pettey
James Roberson
James Bullard
Geo. Herndon
John Nash
Laban Ellis
Drewry Banks
Ambrus George
John Brooks
James Henderson
James Robards
Reuben Massie
John Watts
Joseph Foshe, Jun.
Absolem Pettey
Isack Henderson
Thos. Roberson, Jun'r
Even Tomas
John Dunkin
Wm. Foshe
John Ham
James Younger
Ephrem Cook
Robt. Dunkin
Peter Dunkin
Geo. Dunkin
John Page
Rich'd Stawn (Strawn/Straughan)
Charles Evrengton/Evengton
Mallicah Fike
David Brumblo
Mathew Dunkin
John Ward
Spencer Steward
John Foshe
Simon Foshe
John Hodgins
John Pilkinson
Robt Johnson
Benjam'n Haguewood
Ellithen (Elnathan) Davis
Nathan Fike
Senus Fountin
-----------------------------No. 107 Men

A List of men, on the Muster Role of Capt. Joab Brooks Company

Joab Brooks, Capt.
Balum Tomsion, Lieut. (Balaam Thompson)
John Tomsion, Clark (clerk) ( all these spelled Tomsion should be Thompson/Thomson
Thomas Beal
William Pearse
John smith
Nicholas Bruer
Jeremiah Melton
James Thomsion
Martin Fismire
James Mauldin
William Poplin
Peter Rennals
Thomas Bowen
Joshua Dixon
Caleb Dixon
William Bruer
James McCastlin
Patrick McSwine
John Power
John McSwine
William Watt, Jun'r
Walter Welch
John Rusting
Andrew Conner
John McCastlin
David Brown
John White or Waite
Joprathan (Jonathan?) Esray
Daniel Smith
Aron Stinson
Andrew Jones
Philip Siler
Robert Wilk(e)rson
John Wilk(e)rson
Samuel Blare
Jacob Gragg
Gidon Gilbart
George Bruer
James Bruda (Broeder/Browder?)
John Flannel
Solomon Cox
William Goalston
Charles Goalston
Martin Slope
Zach'a Smith
David Smith
Owin Brady
Benjamin Poe
Sollimon Aulgin
Benjamin Williams
Wilson Brown
Joshua Gilbert
John Brown
John Miles
Thomas Wallis
William Poe
James Emison (Emmerson)
Lewis Bruda (Broeder/Browder?)
Benjamin Murre (Murray or Moore?)
Thomas Rubottom
Peter Oneal
James Younglood
Charles White
Jacob Linebery
James Wilkeson
John Poe
William Paterson
Gilbert Paterson
Benjamin Temples
Charles Paterson
Joel Lauhon
Lewis Lauhon
Jerimiah Barns
John Ewing
Joseph (H)opper ?  (page torn)
another name missing completely
Thomas Henry
Thomas Dowdy
John Siler
Wimer Siler
William Dowda
Harda (Hardiman?) Poore
Semeon Froust
James Ditto
John Latham
Shedrick Ditto
George Salling
Joushua Edwards
John Ammons
William Cammel (Campbell)
Ab(r)aham Wood
Ph(i)lep Abel
Charles Oneon (Onion)
James Hobson
Rober(t) Murpre (Murphree?)
John Willson
Thomas Wilson
Elijah Williams
Benjaman Sanders
Joseph Higs? (Hix?)
Jacab Laidon
Samuel Bown (Brown or Bowen?)
Benjamin Bown (Brown or Bowen?)
John Davis
Joseph Ruth
James Deaton
John White
Hawell Bruer
Christopher Smith
John Fortterne (Fortune?)
Samuel Carter
Andrew Culbeson
Arter Hicks
William Tommison
Michel Ramsower
Umhra Gilcoat
Charles Poe
Benajmin Bontgomerary (surely Montgomery?)
Elixander McDonlhed
Robert Howell
Brindsley Bearns, Jun'r
John Barns
John Lawhon
Rubin McDanned
Thomas Farmer
Abrham Bradley
Joseph Smart
Jno McCay
Oston Hendrick
Joel Barker
Hugh Moffett
Pe(r)kin ? Garrott
Thomas Moon
Thos. Edwards
Henrey Ramsower
Philip Philip Russell
Howel Brewer
---------------------------Total Number is 138

A List of Men on the Muster Role of Capt. John Birdsong's Company

John Birdsong, Capt.
Edm'd Waddell, Leften't
Sam'l Landrum, Jun'r, Ensg.
Benj'n Clanton        }
Henry Fickes          }
Thos. Griffin            }  - all  Sergents
William Hart            }
Rich'd Griffin           }
Obediah Briant       }   Cpl's ?? (ink smear)
Peter Sullinger
John Webster
Amos Hurly
Henry Bagley
Nathan Bagley
Thos. Cook
Charles Foshe
John McFerson, Jun'r
John Griffin
Aron Harland
Aron Cran
Daniel Dowdey
Rigdon Bever
Joseph Hays
Elijah Fike
Humphrey Possey
William Hays
Joseph Maculley
Geo. Hinton
Rich'd Fields
Jessey Hayes
Wm. Briant
John Hodges
Geo. Flannagin
John Roe, Jun.
John Morphus
Geo. Harland
Robt. Edwards
Rich'd Ragsdall
Reuben Landrum
Thos. Roper
William Bileston
James Roe
Frances Rosey
John Roe
Nicholas Copeland, Sr.
Nicholas Copeland, Jun'r.
Moses Gin
James Copeland
Rubin Copeland
Charles Webster
Daniel Triplet
Robt. Spires
John Whelis
Charles Clanton
Joseph McPerson
Stephen McPerson
Jehu McPerson
John McPerson, Sr.
James Lee
Robt. Laws
Thos. Briant
Aquilla Briant
Scarbora Ginn
Shadrach Ginn
Wm. Ginn
Parrish Selph
Clabourn Mouldin
Geo. Harland, B.C.
Stewart Ginn
Richerson Swanner
John Clanton
Joseph Cole
John Brantley
Philiph Brantley
John Howard
Sam'l Atkinson
John Gollothin
Wm. Flannigin
Matthew Jones, Clk
---------------------------------Whole 78

List of Capt. John Montgomery - List No. 7

John Montgomery, Capt.
Sam'l Temple
Will'm. Caps
Will'm. Phillips
David Loughorn
Lindsey Bell
Thos. Mills
Benjamin Cooper (marked through)
Willm. Morris
John Davis
James Christian
Adam Keeling
Samuel Taylor
Owen Doud
Stephan Powel
John Brown
Willm. _ ? Pegram?
Willm. Dye
David Green
Charles Miles
Willm. Miles
Daniel Hearn
Willm. Barber, Senr.
John Bryan
Nathan Bryan
Richard Barber
Thos. Rand
Anthony Fisher
Willm. Duncan
George Nelson
Jeremiah Phillips
Joel Phillips
Lewis Phillips
Willm. Phillips
Willm. Hunphreys
Absolom Bryan
Peter Garret
Willm. Piercey
Francis Grubb
John Poplin
James Brown
Daniel Ford
James Willet
------------------------No. 44

List of Men on the Muster Role of Capt. Charles Matthews (also written Mathis) - List No. 4

Charles Matthews, Capt.
Matthew Drake, Left'nt
William Lassetor, Ensign
Joseph Brantly, Clark
Benj'a Brantly, Serg't
Green Hill, Serg't
Isaac Matthews, Serg't
Rich'd. Bohannon, Corp'l
John Chapman, Corp'l
John Hardin, Corp'l
John Wommock
Ezekil Shaddock
Thomas Matthews
Jesse Mann
Nathan Stricklin
Stephen Bennitt
Robt. Melton
John Parham
Vollintine Brasswell
Henry Brasswell
David Wicker
Cliborn Parish
William Sandreys
Thomas Riddle
John Tomerlinson
Thos. Harwell
Michal Beaver, Jun'r
Edmund Hodges
Elexander Campbell
Thos Wicker, Jun'r
James Wicker
John Wicker
James Riddle
Joseph Johnston
Rich'd Holding, Jun'r
Arthur Bennitt
Morgin Mintor
Richard Mintor
John Spears
John Talton Harrison
Edmund Brantly
Jesse Steed
John Gilliam
Debeary Chapman
James Matthews
Thomas Lassetor
Abner Lassetor
Samuel Long
Daniel Davis
Moses Davis
Joseph Fuqua
John Melton
James Melton
Cary Mintor
James Allen
William Drake
William Lassetor
Thos. Gunter
William Johnston
Lewrence? Strawther, Jun'r
Joseph Brasswell
John Moor
Benjamin Brasswell
James Brantly
Thomas Brantly
Harriss Brantly
Thomas Brown
William Beaver
John Long
William Head

A Role of Captain Isaiah Hogan, at a Sd? Muster, September 19th, 1772 - List No. 3

Isaiah Hogan, Captain
James Sillers, Lieutanant
William Clements, Insign
William Black         }
John Booker       &n