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Born ca 1760, NC
Died 1831-33 GA, probably Jones County
Married: Elizabeth Watts, ca 1783? (she was b ca 1760-1770 died aft 1840, Arkansas)

1.  Jane, b ca 1784-1790, probably Chatham Co NC,  died pre 1822, (GA?)
 married George Stewart
 1a. Sarah Jane Stewart, b pre 1822
2.  unknown female, b ca 1784-1790, probably Chatham Co NC
3.  Benjamin Watts, b ca 1785, probably Chatham Co NC., died between 23 July 1818 and Sept 1818, Jones Co GA.
 married Nancy Brantley - who married second to Jeremiah Peddy
 3a. Brantley
 3b. William
 3c. Kirk
 3d. Alexis "Lexy"
 3e. Benjamin
 3f. Martha Ann
 3g. Yancy
 3h. Evaline
 3i. Elinor
4.  William O., b 3 Jan 1787, NC (probably Chatham Co), died 1860+ Covington/Crenshaw Co AL.
 married Dolly/Dorothy Harris - dau of Benjamin Harris. (she was b ca 1787 NC, died 16 Aug 1856, GA)
 4a. Sarah E.
 4b. Harris
 4c. Elizabeth
 4d. Mary
 4e. Martha
 4f. unknown male
 4g. William Eldred
 4h. Eunicy Ann Holland
5. unknown male, b ca 1790-1800
6.  unknown male, b ca 1790-1800
7.  unknown female, b ca 1790-1800
8.  unknown female, b ca 1790-1800
9.  Samuel, b ca 1800-1803, Chatham Co NC; died ca 1846, Bastrop Co TX, cholera epidemic
 married Judith Leake Davis, 11 Sept 1823, Jones Co GA
 9a. Edwin
 9b. WIlliam
 9c. Samuel
 9d. Martha
 9e. Sarah Agnes Mary Elizabeth
 9f. Thomas Marley
 9g. John T.
10.  Jacob Jr., b ca 1800-1805, died pre 1850 (Jasper Co GA?)
 married Martha Phelps, 18 Nov 1826, Jasper Co GA
 10a. George T.
 10b. Nancy Ann
 10c. Martha Ann
11. unknown male, b 1900-1810
12.  Elizabeth W. (Watts?), b 1810-1815; died 1869 Gonzalez Co TX
 married WIlliam Owen Davis, between Oct 1826 and birth of first son 1828
 12a. WIlliam T.
 12b. James S.
 12c. Jacob Emissy
 12d. Mary Ann ELizabeth
 12e. John R.
 12f.  Joseph Julius
 12g. Sarah Agnes
 12h. Benjamin Franklin


1785, July 5: Chatham Co, NC, Deed Book "D", page 84: July 5, 1785, from Simon Terrell and Sarah his wife of Chatham County to Jacob McDaniel of Chatham County for 150 pounds land on the New Garden Road 160 acres of land. Mentions William Varnals corner stone. Signed by Simon Terrell and Sarah Terrell, witnessed by Aaron Terrell and Benjamin Watts (Jacob McDaniel's father in law). Recorded May 8, 1786, proved by Aaron Terrell.
1788, March 2: Chatham Co NC Deed Book "K" page 123, March 2, 1788, from Nathaniel Forester of Chatham County to Jacob McDaniel for ten pounds for 43 acres on the waters of the Rockey River. Signed Nathaniel Forester, witnessed by David Teague and Elijah Teague. Proved Feb 1799 by David Teague.
1790: Chatham Co NC census: Jacob McDaniel 1-2-3-0-3 ( 1 male 16+, 2 males  under 16, 3 females and 3 slaves and 9 dwellings/other)

1792, Nov. 28: Chatham Co NC, .Deed Book "G", page 155:  from State of North Carolina (No. 1079) to Jacob McDaniel, 79 acres on Nicks Creek for the sum of 10 pounds for every 100 acres. Mentions David Teagues line.
1795, Feb: Chatham Co NC.  Philip Meroney be appt guardian of Phebe Mott, gave bond with Jacob McDaniel and Stephen Straghan. Security   500 pounds.  Chatham County, NC Orphan Records.

1796, 26 Nov: Chatham Co NC: Jacob McDaniel to Samuel McDaniel, land transaction, page 116A

1797, 30 Sept 1797: Chatham Co NC: slave sale from Patrick St. Lawrence to Jacob McDaniel, page 107a

1799, June 7: Chatham Co, NC: Deed Book "K", page 464:  From State of North Carolina for 50 shillings for every hundred acres, to Jacob McDaniel, 50 acres on the waters of Nickes Creek. Mentions Thomas Forrister Senrs corner

1800, Jan 3: Chatham Co NC.   Deed Book "L", page 37:  from James Hunter of Chatham County to Jacob McDaniel for 100 pounds for 60 acres, land on the waters of the Rockey River. Witnessed by Geo. Gee and T. W. Carroll. Proven in May Session of court 1800 by T. W. Carroll.

1800: Chatham Co NC census: Jacob McDaniel 2 males under 10, 2 males 10-16, 1 male 26-45, 1 male 45+, 1 females under 10, 2 females  10-16, 1 female 26-45, 9 slaves. **who is this male over 45?

1803, Dec 12: Chatham Co NC: Deed Book "N", page 425:  Between Henry Bray Senr of Chatham Co and Jacob McDaniel of Chatham County for 10 pounds for 21 acres. Signed Henry Bray Senor, witnessed by Sam McDaniel and Benjamin Watt Daniel. Proven in August term of court 1804 by Samuel McDaniel.
1803, Dec 12: Chatham Co NC: Deed Book "N", page 463: Between Henry Bray Senr of Chatham County to Jacob McDaniel of Chatham County, for 300 pounds land on the north side of the Rocky River including the plantation whereon the said Thomas Forrester did live. Mentions Isaac Teagues line, Samuel McDaniel's line. Witnessed by Sam McDaniel and Benj. Watts McDaniel. Proven by Samuel McDaniel in August sessions of court 1804.

1805, Feb.: Chatham Co NC: Jacob McDaniel and Samuel McDaniel and Jcob Teague are mentioned in an appeal for widows allowance for Peggy Teague, widow of Edward Teague Jr.  Edward Teague married Peggy McDaniel, 1782.

1806, Jan 16: Chatham Co NC: Deed Book "P", page 164: Bbetween Pliker Siler of Chatham County and Jacob McDaniel of Chatham County for 80 dollars land on the Rocky River, 44 acres. Mentions Lacys Creek. Witnessed by David Teague and James Hunter. Proven May session 1808 court by James Hunter

1810: Chatham Co NC census: Jacob McDaniel. 3 males under 10, 1 male 10-16, 1 male over 45, 2 females 10-16, 1 female 16-45, 1 female over 45, 10 slaves

1815: Chatham Co NC tax list: Capt. Crutchfield's Dist. Jacob McDaniel, 0600000000 (exempted for being over 50 or physically impaired.  400 acres Rocky River worth $800.  6 black polls.

1815/1816 - Jacob went to Jones Co GA from Chatham Co NC.

1816: Jones Co GA.  Mark Andrews to Jacob McDaniel, 101.25 acres, lot 12, Dist 12.

1816, March 27: Jones Co GA.  William McDaniel to Jacob McDaniel, 179.5 acres, Lot 14, Dist 12.  $959.25.  Land on the waters of Falling Creek, originally in Baldwin, now in Jones Co.

1816: Jones Co, GA.  William McDaniel to Jacob McDaniel, 23 acres.

1817: Jones Co, GA.  Jacob McDaniel purchased land whereon John Gunn lives and joins Crutchfields.

1818, : Jones Co GA.  Jacob McDaniel to William McDaniel, 101.25 acres, lot 12, Dist 12., the part of the lot that joins Crutchfield plot whereon JOhn Gunn now lives.

1820: Jones Co GA census: Jacob McDaniel: 1 male ae 10-16, 1 male 16-26, 1 male 45+, 1 female under 10, 1 female 16-26, 1 female 45+  and 9 slaves.  7 persons engaged in agriculture and 2 persons engaged in manufacture.

1826: 9 Oct: Jones Co GA: gift deed: Jacob McDaniel Sr gives to his beloved wife Elizabeth all my estate that is not otherwise disposed of  during her natural life and at her decease to be divided between my sons Samuel, Jacob, my daughter Elizabeth, equally between these  three.  Recorded 5 Dec 1826.

1826, 9 Oct: Jones Co GA: gift deed: Jacob McDaniel Sr to Sarah Jane Stewart, my grandaughter, a negro girl named Charity aged about 7  years.  And one lot of land 202-1/2 acres in Houston Co GA, now Bibb lot 83, 3rd Dist, to remain in the hands of Samuel McDaniel until  she becomes of age or married.

1826, 9 Oct: Jones Co GA: gift deed: Jacob McDaniel to son Samuel McDaniel 5 negro slaves Hambledon (sic for Hamilton?), Jane children  Stephen, Nathan, Horrace and a boy by the name of Thomas.

1826, 9 Oct: Jones Co GA: gift deed: Jacob McDaniel to son Jacob McDaniel 5 negro slaves - George, Susan, Adam, Silva, Dick and one jolly  Feiar young stud horse, one bed of furniture, the waggon and "geare", one yolk of steets, one cow and heifer, 2 cows and calves.

1826, 9 Oct: Jones Co GA: gift deed.  Jacob McDaniel to dau Elizabeth W. McDaniel - 5 negroes Dice, Jane, Amy, Hogan and a negro man
 named James at her mothers death and one Bellair young mare and one bed of furniture, 2 cows and calves.

1826: Notice -all persons are hereby forwarned from trading for a note purporting to have been made by Jacob McDaniel to William McDaniel  for the sum of $2,500 hearing date on or about 18 Aug 1826 - as the same is supposed to be a forgery and will nto be paid.  SIgned  Samuel McDaniel and Jacob McDaniel, Jones Co.

1830: Jones Co GA census: 00101000000-0001000001000

1830, March 10: Jacob McDaniel of Chappells Dist of Jones Co GA, drew land in Early County, Lot 33, Dist 3

1831, 14 Nov: witness to deed of Jacob Jr to WIlliam O. Davis in Jones Co GA.

1832: land lottery.  Jacob McDaniel of Jones Co GA. (this may have been Jacob Jr.)

1832, Elizabeth, wife of Rev. War soldier, of Gunns, Jones Co GA, won lot 231, 5th Dist, 4th Section, Cherokee land lottery.  She sold the land  from Arkansas.



1.  Jane McDaniel: b ca 1784-1790 probably Chatham Co NC, married George Stewart and died pre 1822, probably in Jones Co. GA.
 1a. Sarah Jane: born pre 1822?, mentioned in a gift deed by her grandfather Jacob McDaniel in 1826, Jones Co GA.

2.  unknown female McDaniel: b. ca 1784-1790, probably Chatham Co NC - WHO IS SHE?

3.  Benjamin Watts McDaniel: b ca 1785, probably Chatham Co NC, died after 23 July and before September 1818, Jones Co GA.
 married Nancy Brantley, the daughter of John Brantley.  Nancy was born ca 1785-7.  Nancy remarried to Jeremiah Peddy after the death  of Benjamin and died after the 1860 census where she is shown in Jackson Parish, Louisiana.  Benjamin and Nancy were members of  Hope Baptist Church, Jones Co GA sometime between 1813-1818 along with Elizabeth McDaniel.  Lots of probate/guardianship  records on this family.  Will made 23 July 1818, probated 9 Sept 1818, Jones Co GA.  Will mentions executors to be William McDaniel  and John Brantley and wife Nancy.  When will was produced William McDaniel, Henry McDaniel were qualified as executors.  Later John  executor appears in court.  Then, Nancy McDaniel, adm appears.   May 1822, Noah Butts appointed guardian of Brantley, William, Kirk,  Alexis, Benjamin, Martha Ann and Yancy McDaniel, security given  for $7,000.  January term 1823 mentions that Evaline is married to  Anderson Smith, and wants her share, and the widow who remarried to Jeremiah Peddy by this time wants their share.  The remainder to  stay together for other heirs.  Next Jeremiah Peddy tries to be the guardian of remaining children, but there must have been a problem  because William and Kirk go into court to have John Brantley appointed their guardian.  A little later, he is appointed guardian for the  remaining children.  Apparently John Brantley takes the remaining young children: Benjamin, Martha and Yancy to Jasper Co GA by Feb  7, 1831.
 3a. Evaline/Evalina, b ca 1805, married first to Anderson Smith, Sept 27, 1827, Jones Co GA (however court records say she was    married to Anderson Smith prior to Jan 1823), married second to Hezekiah Harmon, d.ca 188- Rusk or Smith Co TX
 3b. Brantley, b. ca 1807
  1827 land lottery-Brantly McDaniel, Stewarts Dist Jones Co drew land in Muscogee Co 10-29
 3c. William W., b ca 1809-1814, married Elizabeth Tillman, 7 Oct 1830, Jones Co GA..  She was daughter of Richard and Pennie    Tillman.  Both are buried at Linwood cemtery, Columbus, Muscogee Co GA.  SHe died 28 Oct 1883, ae 69 years and he was    buried  10 Oct 1888, supposed ae 71 years. Shown in fathers probate to be 14 years of age in Jan 1828, of lawful age tho Feb   1831. 1850 census, Muscogee Co GA: William McDaniel 41 NC, Elizabeth 36 NC, Martha A. 19 GA, JOhn H. 12 GA, Julia A 11   GA,ELizabeth A 9 GA, Lesa M 7 GA, Susan W. 5 GA, Nancy L 2 GA. (children were b in Harris Co per census)
  1860 census: Muscogee Co GA: WIlliam W. McDaniel, 51 NC, ELizbaeth 50 NC, Martha A 28 GA, Juliet 19 GA, ELizabeth 17   GA, Minerva 15 GA, Susan 13 GA, Nancy 11 GA, Arabella 8 GA, also Sophia Langford 13 GA.
 3d. Kirk P.,b. ca 1814,  married Susan Griggs 27 Dec 1835, Jones Co GA.(said to be 14 in fathers probate in Jan 1828.)  Land lottery   1832 Jones County, GA.  Witness to a deed 20 Oct 1834 in Jones Co GA from Mary C. Davis to William O. Davis
 3e Alexis "Lexy", b ca 1814, d 1825-Jan 1828, Jones Co GA.
 3f. Benjamin, b ca 1815, Jones Co GA.
 3g. Martha Ann, b ca 1817, Jones Co GA
 3h. Yancy, b ca 1818, Jones Co., GA

4.  William O. McDaniel: b 3 Jan 1787, probably Chatham Co NC.  He died aft 1860 probably in Covington Co AL area.
 He married Dolly/Dorothy Harris, the daughter of Benjamin Harris.  She was born ca 1787, probably in Chatham Co NC, and died 16 Aug  1856, in either GA or in AL.
 1816: Jones Co GA, land transaction between WIlliam McDaniel to Jacob McDaniel, 23 acres.
 1816: Jones Co GA, land transaction between WIlliam McDaniel to Jacob McDaniel 179.5 acres, lot 14, Dist 12.
 1818, land transaction in Jones Co GA between Jacob McDaniel and William McDaniel.
 1820, January term of court Jones County.  William McDaniel  among others appointed as commissioner to devie the estate of James  Weeks.
 1824: WIlliam McDaniel to THomas WHite, land transaction, Jones Co, GA.
 1832, 10 Aug: Upson Co WIlliam WIlliamson to William McDaniel (Talbot, $300, 24 Dist lot 122, 202-1/2 acres.
 1833, 13 Jan: Talbot Co GA - witness to a deed for church of which son Harris was a trustee - see under Harris.
 1836: notice in Columbus, GA Enquirer newspaperStrayed or Stolen from subscriber on Thursday night, one small horse, seven years  old next spring.  The horse was taken from Anderson Jones horse lot at his dwelling in Harris County, signed William McDaniel.
 1836 - on a list of people who had letters waiting for them shown in the Columbus GA enquirer, for Marion CO GA.
 4a. Sarah E., b 15 Nov 1807, probably Chatham Co NC., died 1869+.  married Howell Short 3 Mar 1825 Monroe Co GA.  Howell was   the son of Laban Short and Rebecca Pennington and was born ca 1796 and died 1853, Marion Co GA.
  Children: William Thomas, Elizabeth Frances, Martha An, Robert Washignton, Sarah Jane, John Harris, Julia Matilda and    unknown female.
 4b. Harris.  b 5 June 1809, probably Chatham Co NC, died aft 1850 in Upson Co GA at that time.
  married Lucinda Gresham, 14 July 1831
  1833, 13 Jan 1833: Talbot Co GA, Thomas Jimain to Howell Short, JOhn C. Short, Blaney Braswell, James Braswell, Harris    McDaniel, Trustee Methodist Episcopal Meeting House (Carsonville) $2.00, 24 Dist lot 138.  Witnesses: Jas. Stallings and    William McDaniel
  1833, 20 Nov: Talbot Co GA, Harris McDaniel was a witness to a promissory Note of Burwell Pope to RIchard Rucker
  1840 census - Talbot Co GA
  1850 census - Upson Co GA
  Children: William (b ca 1833), John T. (b ca 1835), Lurecy (b ca 1836), Susan D. (b ca 1839), Hezakiah (b 9 Jan 1841), Margaret   Ann (b c 1842), Joshua Barron (b 5 Nov 1843), Sarah C. (b ca 1847), Nancy J (b ca 1848), George C. (b ca 1851), Willis P. (b ca   1853), Mary E. (b ca 1856)
 4c. Elizabeth: b 9 Sept 1810, probably Chatham Co NC, died ca 1897, Pike Co AL.
  married Edmund Daughtry, 26 Feb 1835, Talbot Co GA (son of Edmond Dorherty)
  Children: William E (b 1836)., Mary Ann (b. 1838), Benjamin H. (b. 1840), James A. (b 1842), Henry Clay (b 1844), Sarah (b. ca   1848), Zachariah/John? (b. ca 1849), Daniel.
 4d. Mary: b 10 April 1812, NC or GA, died 28 July 1896, Crenshaw Co./Covington Co AL area, buried VeaseyChapel, Crenshaw Co AL.    married John C. Short - brother to Howell Short, son of Laban Short and Rebecca Pennington.
  Children: James E. (b ca 1833), Thomas (b ca 1833), Martha Jane, (b ca 1834-8), John Anderson (b ca 1836-7), Sarah Ann (b ca   1838), Laban Howell (b ca 1842), Mary A. (b ca 1842), Benjamin Henry (b ca 1845)
 4e. Martha: b ca 1815, GA, married Daniel Hicks, 9 May 1833
 4f. unknown male. b ca 1820-5, died pre 1840 or gone from family unit by then.
 4g. WIlliam Eldred. b 21 June 1825, GA, died in the Brantley,  Crenshaw Co AL area.
  married Elizabeth Reynolds, 19 Dec 1847, Marion Co GA.
  children: T.W. (1852-1919 married Mahala); Rebecca (1853-); R.H.(1858-? married Elizabeth); Levi (1860-? married Eliz. Drake)
 4h. Eunicy Ann Holland, b  21 Sept 1827, GA, died aft 1870.  Married William Hill, 20 Jan 1848, 1870 census Pike Co AL; 1866 census   Pike Co AL.
  children: Martha, James, WIlliam, Matilda, Josephine, Mary, William, Susan.

5.  unknown male:  b ca 1790-1800

6.  unknown male: b ca 1790-1800

7.  unknown female: b ca 1790-1800,

8.  unknown female: b ca 1790-1800,

9.  Samuel McDaniel: b ca 1800-1803, Chatham Co NC, died ca 1846, Bastrop Co TX in a cholera epidemic which also killed several of his  children.  He married Judith Leake Davis, 11 Sept 1823, Jones Co, GA.  She was born ca 1804, Jones Co GA, and died 1878 Lytle,  Atascosa TX.  AFter the death of Samuel she went to Travis CO TX where she married Dr. Evan Shelby.  After Elizabeth Davis went to  Gonzales Co TX, Judith went to Bexar, then Medina and Atacosa Counties in Texas.
 1826, Oct 9 - he is shown in the gift deed from his father, Jacob McDaniel to Samuel McDaniel as above.
 1826 - he is shown as a signature on a warning with his father Jacob McDaniel as above
 1827 land lottery - Samuel McDaniel of Stewarts Dist, Jones Co drew land in Lee County GA, 33-170.
 1830 census Jones Co as Samuel McDonald: 2 males under 5, 5 males 5-10, 2 males 20-30, 2 females 20-30
 1832, 4 June 1832, Jones Co GA. between Samuel McDaniel and WIlliam O. Davis for $150. for that interest or portion he has as one of   the legatees of William Davis deceased - land on the waters of Glady Creek that part which Davis now lives.
 1834: 21 Dec last, RObert C. Beasley was murdered in the county of Jasper by Samuel McDaniel.  Issued 4 Jan 1834.  McDaniel is said  to be 32 years of age, very tall, large, robust, weighing perhaps 200 pounds, of red complexion, light colored hair, hazel eyes, scar across  teeth and gums.
 1838: Jones Co GA: THis indenture made this 19 Feb 1838 between Samuel McDaniel of Hardeman Co, State of Tennessee of the one  part and James Jenkins of the County and state afresaid of the other part for A$600, 160 acres of land boardered on the east by John  Jackson lands and on the west by lands of WIlliam O. Davis.
 1840 census: Hardeman Co TN: Samuel McDaniel: 1 male under 5, 2 males 10-15, 1 male 15-20, 2 males 30-40, 2 females 5-10, 2  females 20-30.
 9a.  Edwin, b ca 1820-25, died Bastrop Co TX ca 1846, cholera
 9b. WIlliam, b ca 1825-1830, d ca 1846, cholera, Bastrop Co TX.
 9c. Samuel, b ca 1825-1830, d ca 1846, Bastrop Co TX, cholera
 9d. Martha, b ca 1832, married Cephas Taylor, 26 Dec 1850 Upson Co GA.
 9e. Sarah Agnes Mary Elizabeth, b 9 AUg 1834, Jones Co GA, d aft 1910, Bexar Co TX.  Married Charles Lytle, 11 Feb 1850, Travis Co   TX.
 9f. Thomas Marley, b ca 1838, Hardeman Co TN, died 24 Nov 1887, MEdina Co TX, buried Lytle-Trimble Cem, Atascosa Co TX., Civil   War Co A, 23rd Tx Calvary, Green BRigade.  Married Josephine Trimble, 7 July 1864, Bexar Co TX.

10.  Jacob McDaniel Jr.: b., ca 1800-1805, d pre 1850?, married Martha Phelps, 18 Nov 1826, Jasper Co GA.  She died between 1834- 1857, the daughter of Aquilla Phelps and Nancy Noland.
 1831, 14 Nov: Jacob McDaniel Jr to William O. Davis, relinquishing all of his part and interest in a tract of land belonging to the estate of   WIlliam Davis deceased..  My title being derived from Julius Driver, one of the legatees in right of his wife Eliza Driver it being her   distributive share of the lot. Land on the waters of Glady Creek joining the lands of Samuel McDaniel and Stoddard Boynton 202-  1/2 acres, witness Thomas White and Jacob McDaniel.  Jacob McDaniel Jr acknowledged this deed from Jasper Co GA, 7 April   1835.
 10a. George T. McDaniel, b ca 1831, married Sarah Jane Slade 7 March 1850, Monroe Co GA  in 1850 census in Pike Co with Samuel   Slade and in 1860 census in Pike Co., GA
 10b. Nancy Ann McDaniel, b ca 1833, married Thysis J. Toland, 4 Apr 1847, Jasper Co GA, in 1850 census in Monroe Co GA, and in   1860 census in Clayton Co GA.
 10c. Martha Ann P. McDaniel, b ca 1834, married Asa P. Toland, in 1850 census in Dooly Co GA, and in 1860 Census, Clayton Co GA.

11. unknown male: b ca 1800-1810

12. Elizabeth Watts McDaniel: b. ca 1810-1815, married William Owen Davis, ca 1826-1828.  Died 1869, Gonzalez Co TX.
 1830 census: Jones Co GA.
 Her mother went with them to Arkansas, and presumeably died there.  SHe is shown there in the 1840 census living with them, and  ELizabeth's husband William Owen Davis helped her sell the land she had aquired in the 1831 land lottery from Arkansas.
 1840 census Hot Springs Co Arkansas.
 1850 census: Union Co Arkansas, Elizabeth as a widow.
 ca 1852 Elizabeth and her children went to Travis Co TX.
 12a. William T., b ca 1828, GA, married Theresa Duke, 27 Nov 1856,Union CO ARK,  died Nov 1857 Webberville, Travis Co TX.
 12b. James S., b ca 1829, GA, married Elizabeth E. (Sarah) Wilburn, 8 July 1852, died 17 Feb 1860, Hopkinsville, Gonzales Co TX,   typhoid fever..
 12c. Mary Anna Elizabeth, b 17 Sept 1833, Jones Co GA., died 12 Apr 1899, Gonzales Co TX, married Washington Tyre Norton, 4 Sept   1850
 12d. Jacob Emisey, b ca 1832?, married Martha Malinda Land, 4 Dec 1858, Victoria Co TX, died between 1860-1865, Hopkinsville,   GOnzales Co TX.
 12e. John R., b 20 Oct 1835, GA, married James H. "Jimmie" Joyce, 20 Dec 1893, Gonzales Co TX. , died 19 May 1907
 12f. Joseph Julius, b ca 1838, GA, married Nancy R. Joyce, 19 July 1865, Gonzales Co TX, died ca 1874, Hopkinsville, Gonzales Co TX
 12g. Sarah Agnes, b Feb 1844, Johnson Township, Union Co Arkansas., married James M. Collinsworth, 25 Nov 1857, Gonzales Co   TX. , died 5 June1905, San Antonio, Bexar Co ,TX
 12h. Benjamin Franklin, b 8 Aug 1847, Johnson Township, Union Co, Arkansas, married Martha W. McBryde 9 Feb 1872 and Piety    Joyce 27 Feb 1896, died 30 Sept 1900, Hopkinsville, Gonzales Co TX.

who are these mcdaniels:?

Who is Henry McDaniel who is mentioned in the probate of Benjamin McDaniel along with William McDaniel - is this a son of Jacob? Jones Co GA.

Who is Bartley McDaniel who is shown in 1820 census in Jones Co GA as a male aged 26-45, 1 female under 10 and 1 female 16-26.  This would make this person b ca 1794ish or before - certainly a possible son of Jacob.

Who is James McDaniel who marries Drusella Reese Jan 4, 1813, Jones Co GA, and is a tax defaulter in 1816 in JOnes Co GA.

Who is John McDaniel (there are 2 in 1830 census in Jones Co GA census and one in 1840 census Jones Co GA.

Who is Jonathan McDaniel who was a J.P. in JOnes Co GA in 1830?

Who is Richard McDaniel who is in 1816 tax digest in Jones Co.  A Richard McDaniel is later of Pike Co GA deeding land to John Tremble of Jones Co in 5th Dist Monroe Co GA 1823/1824.

Who is Margaret McDaniel who was of Jones Co and drew land in early Co GA, Lot 60, 8th Dist.

Who was Mary McDaniel, 1825 tax digest, Capt Mays Dist Jones Co GA.