Holland Family


James Holland Sr. in Wake County
He was first in Maryland
    SAMPSON HOLLAND Born in 1740? And died in 1830.
In 1790 he is listed in the Wake County Census. He lived near Buffalo Creek. He had six sons and three daughters.
    Elijah born 1764 died 1833
    Britton (perhaps he was named after Britton Gaddy, who had helped look after Thomas        Holland's orphans.
    Jenny - married James Goodwin in 1807.
    2 other daughters - unknown
    Sampson is living with his son Wiley when he dies. Wiley inherits Sampson's farm. (Chatham County)

    WILEY HOLLAND Was born in Wake County, NC - 1788. He died in Chatham County , Nov. 1848. He was married to Chancey (Channy) ?. Feb. 8, 1808 , he bought 75 acres in Wake County on the waters of Little Beaver Creek. This was Next to Sampson's farm. Feb. 21`, 1816, he bought 122 acres on White Oak Creek. 1824 he bought 23 more acres on White Oak Creek. His land was near the Wake County- Chatham County line. Holland still live on this area of land. In 1966, a large tract was sold to the US Gov't By Hubert Holland. B. Everett Jordan Lake is now on this site.
    Wiley's and Channy Holland's children:
        Abel He lived in Chatham County most of his life. He married Tyrecy Beckwith on Feb. 16, 1829. She was the daughter of Silas Beckwith.
        His 2nd wife was Thenna. Abel had 98 acres of land.
        Abel had one son - J. Burwin Holland
        J. Burwin Holland - married twice. 1st wife - Gizia - 2nd Isabell One son -
            One daughter - Hattie Levi born 1811. He moved to Bartholomew County, IN. He married Elizabeth Snow , March 20, 1842.
            Hinton born in 1815. He lived nest door to Wiley. He was married to Elizabeth Tedder. In the 1840 Census, Hinton has two daughters. Between 1840 and 1850, Hinton moves his family to Stokes County, NC. They settled in Meadows. Near the homestead is Tedder Road. Perhaps Elizabeth Tedder had kin living nearby. A Holland graveyard is located one Mile in the woods off Hawkins Road in Stokes County.
            Children of Hinton and Elizabeth Holland:
            Mariah - born 1838. Married Frances Fulton , April 26, 1867.
                Children - Fannie - who married Jeol Tedder Joel Tedder was the son of James C.    and Sallie Maragaretha Ferguson Tedder
                Mary-born 1839. Married Henry M. Southern on Jan. 19,1870 - no record of children Son of James C. and Biddy Joyce Southern.
                William Hilliard, Born in 1842. Married Nancy Loivinia Ferguson, daughter of John. H. and Polly Kiser Ferguson on Oct. 18, 1861. One daughter - Elmira Jane. William was killed in the Civil war. Member of the 21st North Carolina.
                Elmira Jane Holland married Thomas William Terry
                ***Henry - born 1844. Married Mary Ranson inWalnut Cove, NC. Mary was the daughter of Richard and Elizabeth Ranson.. Henry fought with the 6th North Carolina during the Civil War. He enlisted at Camp Holmes, Raleigh, March 20, 1864. Paroled at Appomattox Court House, Va. April 09, 1865. The Bloody Sixth is a book about this regiment. It gives the details of their service for The Confederate States of America.
                Children of Henry A. Holland and Mary Ranson Holland.
                    Jennie E. - moved to High Point, NC
                    James L.
                    Mary E.
                    Anna F.
                    **Ernest Wilson
                    Martha - born in1850 -Married Robert L. Stewart.
                    Harden - Born in 1850 - married Seanza Kiser
                    Calvin - born 1852 married Susan Morgan
                    Michael - born 1854 - married Sarah R. Southern
                    James - born 1861 - married Eliza Southern.

        **Ernest Wilson Holland - son of Henry A. and Mary Ranson Holland Ernest Wilson was born in Stokes County. He married Bessie Smith - daughter of Thomas B. and Sarah Ann Eaton Smith.
           Bessie Smith died in the flu epidemic that swept the nation.
I believe that Ernest and Bessie moved to Winston, NC.
Ernest Wilson Holland remarried Carrie Viola Foster Davis Holland.
        Children of Ernest W. and Carrie Viola Foster Davie Holland
            Ernest Walter Nov. 29, 1923
            Ruth Estelle - called Janie
        Children of Carrie Viola Davis and Joe Davis Vincent
            Lela Mae
    **** Ernest Walter Holland - Nov. 29, 1923 born on 4th St. in Winston-Salem, NC served in WWII and Korea retired from United States Postal Service.
Married Bessie Catherine Brewer on Oct. 5th, 1946
            One daughter - Joyce Elizabeth Holland Boyles (Jo Beth ) born July 21, 1962.
    Bessie Catherine Holland died June 7, 1989.
    Ernest is remarried to Sarah Sprinkle Maynard Holland and live in NC 27106.
    Joyce Elizabeth Holland Boyles - daughter of Ernest Walter and Catherine Brewer Holland Born July 21, 1962 Married to Robby Boyles of Germanton on April 18, 1982
        Two children Kathryn Elizabeth (Katie) Boyles - Sept. 23, 1985 Robert Ernest Lee         Boyles - Oct, 05, 1991

TEDDER FAMILY Elizabeth Tedder married Hinton Holland. probally married in Chatham County. She was the daughter of William Tedder 1797 - and Mary born 1799 The Tedder and Holland family moved from Chatham to Stokes at the same time. I have been told the Terry family also moved at this time but have not documented this.