GUARDIAN ACCOUNTS - 1828 - 1842 - VOL. B

    There are accounts in this volume that pre-date the first (Vol. A. )
Be sure you check and compare both pages for dates of guardianship and names of heirs.

pg. 1 - 3

Snipes, Thomas - former Guardian to:
Chapman, Dolly (Delilah)
Chapman, David- mentioned as being paid for boarding of negro woman & children.
Nov. 1803 - Aug. 1811

pg. 4 - 5

Taylor, James - Guardian to:
Poe, Elizabeth (Miss)
Poe, Ann (Miss)
Nov. 1802 - 1804

pg. 6 -

Goldston, George W., executor of:
Evans, Aaron, dec'd, who was guardian of:
Brooks, Terrell, minor.
May, 1829 - July 1829

pg. 6 - 9

Albright, Wm. - Guardian to:
Dixon, Hannah - her personal property sold by her guardian.
31 Dec., 1828

pg. 10 - 12

Horton, E. R. - Guardian of:
Horton, Amy
Horton, William
Oct. 1827 - Dec. 1828

pg. 12 - 13

Clegg, David - Guardian of:
Clegg, Baxter
Clegg, Mary
Clegg, Thomas (not a ward but had a note against the estate.
15 Mar 1830 -

pg. 13 - 16

Farrar, Jno. - executor of Jos Minter, dec'd in acct' with (this had a line drawn through it )
May, Fanny
May, Emanlell (Emanuel?)
May, Parmelia - all daughters of Jos.  May.
Dec. 1823 -

pg. 17

Farrar, John - Guardian to:
Pleasant, Sally
Pleasant, Isaiah
Pleasant, George
Feb. 1831

Rogers, Henry - Guardian for the minor heirs of:
Johnson, Joseph, dec'd. (not named)
Jan. 1831

pg. 18 - 19

May, Joseph - Guardian, in acc't with:
May, Emanlell
May, Parmelia
Nov. 1829

pg. 20 - 25

Smith, Nath. G. - Guardian to minor heirs of:
Siler, John, dec'd
Siler, Peter Pryor
Siler, Mary Crabtree
Feb. 1830 - Jan. 1831

pg. 26 - 28

Marsh, S. (Samuel?) - Guardian of
Marsh, Robert - minor heir of
Marsh, Anny - minor heir of
Marsh, Susan W. - minor heir of
Marsh, William, dec'd
Jan. 1830

pg.  29  - 30

Vestal, John - Guardian to:
Vestal, David, minor orphan
Apr. 1831

Culberson, John - Guardian, acc't with:
Smith, Thomas, son of:
Smith, Adam
Feb. 1831

pg. 31 - 32
Lane, Abram - Guardian acc't with:
Elkins, Benjamin, idiot,
a note against Robt. Elkins who is an insolvent and has run away, William Elkins a judgement against.
Mathew Elkins also.
Feb., 1831

pg. 32
Lindsey, Caleb, guardian acc't with
heirs of Jesse Meacham, dec.
Meacham, William, one of the heirs
Feb. 1831

pg. 33 - 37
Crusoe, John, guardian acc't with the heirs of:
Ramsey, Mrs. Eliza, dec.,
Ramsey, Maria
Ramsey, Albert G.
Ramsey, John C.
Feb. 1831

pg. 38 - 39
Kelly, John, guardian acc't with
Dubrutz, Joseph
Feb. 1831

pg. 40 - 41
Subugert- Shurgert - Stugert (?) Isaac, guardian acc't with
Wilkey, John
Feb. 1831

pg. 42
Moring, John, guardian acc't with the heirs of:
Moring, John, dec.
Moring, Elizabeth L.
Moring, William H.
Moring Clotilay C.
Moring, Eliza E.
Feb., 1831

pg. 42
Thomas, William heir ( not named)
Thomas, Barnaby, guardian
Feb. 1831

pg. 42
Tomlinson, Wm., guardian to:
Tomlinson, Nancy
Feb. 1831

pg. 43
Buckner, Martha, guardian for the legatees of
Buckner, Nathaniel, dec.
(does not give the names of the orphans/legatees)
Feb. 1831

pg. 44 - 45
Ragland, Thos. Jr. - guardian to:
Ragland, Frederick
Ragland, Sally
Feb. 1831

pg. 45
Wicker, Mathew, guardian of:
McQueen, or McQuen, Daniel
McQueen, or McQuen, Isabella
Feb. 1831

pg. 46
(con't of Thos Ragland acct. )
14 Feb, 1831
1 note on John Brewer $54.65

Henry Williams acct.
no estate or deceased named..
(possibly a continuation for the Wicker/MCQuen acct.)
paid  Zachariah Horn? $47.60

Williams, Isham, guardian to:
Johnson, Betsey
Feb. term 1830-1831

pg. 47

1830- 1831
Stone, Frances, deceased, Heirs of:
names mentioned:
Stone, William
Barniett, F.
Stone, Ludwell
Stone, Frances
Stone, Martha
Williams, Henry - debit to, from 1830 (this must be the above (p.46) account and is out of sequence)

Williams, Henry, guardian to:
14 Feb., 1831
Beasley, Nancy
Beasley, Mabon
Paid Zacha. Ham or Horn?

pg. 48 ( whole page crossed out and very hard to read)
Jan. 1 1819
Harper, Travis to:
Kennon, Rich. F. (guardian?)
paid tuiton to A. Albertson.

pg. 48 (new)
(Here is where you will see that Frederick Ragland actually died earlier than the previously found accounts in 1819) Vol. A.
Dec., 1814
Basham, Thomas, guardian for the heirs of:
Ragland, Fred.'k, deceased
Ragland, Polly (widow)
Ragland, Thomas
Ragland, Alvan
Ragland, Sally

pg. 49
Harper, Travis, deceased-  estate of:
"In pursuance of an order of the County Court of Chatham the undersigned commissioners appointed by said Court to divide the negroes belonging to the Estate of Travis harper, dec'd between the administrators of Abraham Harper, dec'd in right of the heirs of said sec'd and Isaac Brooks and wife, widow of Travis Harper, dec'd met and agreed upon the following report, to wit:
That after fixing the value upon each of the negroes named int he said order and porceed to assign to the respective claimants their porportionable shares in the following manner.
To the administrators of Abraham Harper, dec. is allotted Moses, Diana, Dick, Mary and Jordan as two thirds of the value of the whole number of said negroes uncluding sixteen and one third dollars to be paid unto the said administrators by Isaac Brooks and wife and to the said Isaac Brooks and wife we have assigned Emily and Sarah the other of the total valuation of said negroes.
In witness whereof we the undersigned have hereunto set over our hands.
Oct. 25, 1865 - John B. Mebane, Robert Marsh, W. T. Edwards

pg. 50
Dec., 1815
Barham, Thos. Guardian
Ragland, Frederick, Dec
Ragland, Polly
hire of negroes.
Siler, Benjamin
Jones, Richard
Ragland, P.
Jones, Minter
Rollins, Baswell
Rollins, William
Huckabee, Gocien? keeping lease of land.

Feb. 8, 1816
Ragland, Thomas dec'd
Ragland, Polley - board
Ragland, Nancy - board
Ragland, Salley - board
Ragland, Frederick - board
signed Polly Ragland (widow)

pg. 51 - 54
Jan. 1832
Rives, Edward - Guardian  (possibly Absolom Harris, see earlier)
Harris, Pleasant
Harirs, Sarah
Harris, Jane
DeGraffenreidt, Parmelia
DeGraffenreidt, John B.
DeGraffenrieidt, Thomas

pg. 53
Aug. 1830
McLain, Hackney? guardian to heirs of:
Martin, Anna, deceased.
by administrator:
Glosson, William.

pg. 55
Feb, Ct. 1815
Roe, Solomon, Guardian to Heirs of:
Harrington, Whitmell, deceased.
Harrington, Sally
Harrington, Betsey
signed - Ed. Rives, Jehu Peoples, Jno Norwood

Feb. 8, 1827
Lawler/Lewler, Henry, Guardian to:
Yates, Brantley. signed that he had received full payment from Lawler
also, signed G. Upchurch.

pg. 56
7 June, 1823
Cox, Silas -  (Idiot) Estate Sale
Cox, Phebe - bought everything.
Cox, Oliver, Guardian.

pg. 57 -58
18 Dec., 1830 - 1831
Clegg, David, Guardian-
One note on
Clegg, Bridget for hire of negro Cillah, & Rachel
Clegg, Baxter
Bright, David, tuition paid to for above Baxter
Clegg, Mary, tuition to Bright, David

 pg. 58-59
1830 1831
A. McIntyre, Guardian to
Perry, Mary C., minor
Perry, John, minor
Perry, Lydia, minor

pg. 59 - 62
Jan. 1831 -  1832
Marsh, S. (Spencer) Guardian to heirs of:
Marsh, William, dec'd
Marsh, Susan W., minor
Marsh, Robert minor.
Marsh, Anny

59 - 60
Nov. 1829 - 1832
Albright, William, Guardian in acct with:
Dixon, Hannah
others named not neccessarily heirs
Dixon, Joseph
Dixon, Sarah
Terry, James
Vestal, J.

pg. 63
Tomblinson, William, Guardian in acct. with:
Tomblinson, Nancy
Barns/Burns? Thomas, former guardian (she may have become old enough to choose her own, instead of the court appointed guardian)