and Households in which, they are enumerated


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Before the Civil War and the Emancipation Proclamation, the status of Black/Afro-American persons in the U.S. was such, that not one of them, that was not a 'free black' (with manumission papers) was "supposed" to enumerated in the census.  However, because some of the ones listed in the households of the white/Caucasian households seem to be servants, it is barely possible that they were counted, simply because, they were there.  The following is the mostly likely explanation.

In the time period when the census forms had no place for anything but "White", "Black" or "Mulatto", in the Color or Race column, a person who was of Native American Ancestry was always placed as "Mulatto" or "Free People of Color."
Indians were not supposed to be taxed so they were not on tax lists (unless they had intermarried with a White, (which was illegal, in itself in NC, until 1967) then, they became subject to taxes.) Blacks were not taxed if they were slaves but their owners were. Because they had monetary value. Native Americans had no monetary value.
So, you will have a "FPC" who IS a Mulatto mixture of Black and some other race, and has manumission papers.
But,  you can also have, a "FPC" who is Native American (and always a mixture of White or Black, by 1850 there may not have been,  ANY full blood Native Americans in NC?)  And they will be "FPC" also.
So, you have to know the family heritage or area of habitation to find the answer to which they were.

Because, Chatham Co. had  roots in,  a large Quaker settlement and was fairly unique in that, there seemed to be a portion, of the population that had  children who were obviously a product of black and white parents (or NA and another)  but, WERE  part of the main 'white' household, and raised as such.
Did the Quaker influence perhaps contribute to a kinder attitude to the stigma of miscegenation, not found,  in other areas of the South?

It is positive, that any full or whole household that is listed as Black  or Mulatto were surely "free", or they would NOT have been counted.

This site will hopefully, be of help to so many, in Chatham Co., who are searching their heritage and having such a difficult time because, of mixed racial ancestry.

The Mulatto or  Black individuals are highlighted in Red.

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Good Luck to all !!

Household # and Surname                Age    Race        Occupation        Value of               State of Birth
                                                                                                                           Real Estate

    Dwelling/Family: 1/1                                                                                          Pg. 352 A
       West, Isaac                    55     M         Farmer             450           North Carolina
       West, Sabia                    54     F                                                      North Carolina
       West, Nancy                  26     F                                                      North Carolina
       West, Jesse B.               22     M         Farmer             200           North Carolina
       West, Kissiah                 20     F                                                      North Carolina
       West, Cynthia J.            15     F                                                      North Carolina
       West, Dicey L.                12     F                                                      North Carolina
       Chandler, Calvin           15     M    B    Farmer                              North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 6/6                                                                                              Pg. 352 A
       Perry, Jesse W.                33     M         Farmer             400       North Carolina
       Perry, Winny N.                34      F                                                 North Carolina
       Perry, Mary L.                     9      F                                                 North Carolina
       Perry, Henry A.                   8      M                                                North Carolina
       Perry, Ann E.                       6      F                                                 North Carolina
       Perry, John W.                 2/12   M                                                 North Carolina
       Melton, John                   17       M    B    Farmer                         North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 19/20                                                                                            Pg. 353 A
       McPherson, Jane                60     F                                  North Carolina
       Crutchfield, Lucy                30     F                                   North Carolina
       Crutchfield, Hugh                 8      M                                  North Carolina
       Crutchfield, Betsey A.         5      F    M                            North Carolina
       Crutchfield, Joalina           2/12   F                                  North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 25/26                                                                                            Pg. 353 B
       Woody, Mary                    40     F                                  North Carolina
       Woody, Nancy                 10     F                                  North Carolina
       Woody, Matilda                 7      F    M                           North Carolina
       Woody, William                 3      M                                  North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 41/42                                                                                             Pg. 354 B
       Johnson, Joshua                28     M         Farmer             350   North Carolina
       Johnson, Emily                    26     F                                             North Carolina
       Johnson, Frances               5      F                                              North Carolina
       Campbell, Henry                19     M    M    Farmer                      North Carolina
       Campbell, Martha               17     F    M                                       North Carolina
       Campbell, Dennis               11     M    M                                       North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 44/45                                                                                            Pg. 355 A
       Johnson, Rebecca               55     F                                  North Carolina
       Glover, Milly                           17     F    B                           North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 48/49                                                                                            Pg. 355 A
       McMath, George                 59     M         Farmer             600   North Carolina
       McMath, Mary                     52     F                                              North Carolina
       McMath, Susanna              21     F                                              North Carolina
       Crutchfield, Henry             15     M          Farmer                      North Carolina
       Glover, Joseph                   10     M    M                                      North Carolina
       Glover, Joshua                     8      M    M                                     North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 64/65                                                                                            Pg. 356 A
       Clark, Nancy                   50     F                            400            North Carolina
       Clark, Patsey                  16     F                                               North Carolina
       Clark, Minney                  14     F                                               North Carolina
       Clark, James                     9      M                                             North Carolina
       Clark, Betsey                  50     F                                               North Carolina
       Woody, George               15     M    M    Farmer                      North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 87/88                                                                                            Pg. 357 B
       Arms, William                  64     M         Farmer                   North Carolina
       Arms, Peggy                    66     F                                         North Carolina
       Wright, Phebe E.               5      F    M                                 North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 144/145                                                                                      Pg. 361 B
       Glover, Mary                   37     F    B                             North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 145/146                                                                                      Pg. 361 B
       Chandler, Sally                49     F    M                             Virginia

Dwelling/Family: 170/171                                                                                      Pg. 363 A
       Albright, Alvis                40     M         Farmer             1,000  North Carolina
       Albright, Mary                 35     F                                              North Carolina
       Albright, George A.        14     M                                             North Carolina
       Albright, Alson G.           11     M                                             North Carolina
       Albright, Nancy A.            6      F                                             North Carolina
       Albright, Julia E.               2      F                                             North Carolina
       Albright, William R.       7/12   M                                             North Carolina
       Henley, Mary                   20     F    B                                       North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 182/183                                                                                        Pg. 364 A
       Malden, Benjamin               35     M         Farmer                   North Carolina
       Malden, Catharine              27     F                                          North Carolina
       Malden, James                      9     M                                         North Carolina
       Chavers, Betsey                14       F    B                                   North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 283/284                                                                                         Pg. 370 A
       Dorsett, Hezekiah              68      M         Farmer                       North Carolina
       Dorsett, Elizabeth              66      F                                              North Carolina
       Dorsett, Robert                  28      M         Farmer             300    North Carolina
       Dorsett, Sarah                    26      F                                              North Carolina
       Dorsett, James D.                6      M                                              North Carolina
       Dorsett, Caroline                 5       F                                              North Carolina
       Dorsett, Wm. Taylor            3       M                                             North Carolina
       Dorsett, Martha A.             8/12   F                                              North Carolina
       Hall, Everett                        10       M                                            North Carolina
       Chavers, Elizabeth             30      F     B                                      North Carolina
       Chavers, Jordan                  3       M    M                                      North Carolina
       Chavers, Lucy                  9/12      F    M                                      North Carolina 

Dwelling/Family: 283/285                                                                                  Pg. 370- A & B
       Dorsett, John                   90     M         Farmer                  North Carolina
       Dorsett, Polly                    35     F                                        North Carolina
       Dorsett, John                   13     M                                        North Carolina
       Dorsett, James                12     M                                        North Carolina
       Dorsett, Clement             10     M                                        North Carolina
       Dorsett, Emeline               3      F                                         North Carolina
       Chavers, Elizabeth          60     F    M                                 North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 293/294                                                                                    Pg. 371- A
       Unthank, Temple                45     M         Mechanic                 U
       Unthank, Elizabeth             42     F                                      North Carolina
       Unthank, Anna                    13     F                                      North Carolina
       Unthank, Mary                       9     F                                      North Carolina
       Unthank, John                       5     M                                     North Carolina
       Unthank, Temple                  1      M                                     North Carolina
       Jeffers, Levinia                   18      F    M                              North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 300/301                                                                                      Pg. 371 B
       Chamness, Stephanis            74     M         Farmer             200   North Carolina
       Chamness, Hannah                76     F                                              North Carolina
       Johnson, Nancy C.                 24     F                                               North Carolina
       Buckner, Thomas                   16     M    M    Farmer                      North Carolina
       Buckner, Ruth                         12     F    M                                       North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 315/316                                                                                     Pg. 372 B
       Ferguson, John                 40     M         Saddler            200       North Carolina
       Ferguson, Elizabeth          30     F                                                 North Carolina
       Chavers, Sarah                    4      F    B                                          North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 319/320                                                                                     Pg. 372 B
       Lucas, Sampson                 53     M    B    Farmer                   North Carolina
       Lucas, Jenny                       53     F    B                                    North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 321/322                                                                                      Pg. 372 B
       White, Simon                  70     M    M    Farmer                   North Carolina
       White, Celia                     69     F    M                                     North Carolina
       White, Priscilla                24     F    M                                     North Carolina
       White, Somira                  18     F    M                                     North Carolina
       Bowden, William              21     M    B    Farmer                   North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 328/329                                                                                       Pg. 373 A
       Suits, Peggy                   45      F                                             North Carolina
       Suits, William                 24     M         Day Laborer               North Carolina
       Suits, Matilda                13      F                                              North Carolina
       Suits, Sally                     40      F                                              North Carolina
       Suits, Isham G.              13     M                                              North Carolina
       Suits, Martin                    6      M    M                                      North Carolina
       Suits, Isaac                10/12    M    M                                      North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 332/333                                                                                        Pg. 373 B
       White, Alfred                  33     M  M    Farmer                   North Carolina
       White, Ruth                   25     F   M                                    North Carolina
       White, John                    10    M   M                                    North Carolina
       White, Mary A.                  8    F    M                                    North Carolina
       White, Jane                      6    F    M                                    North Carolina
       White, Emily                     4    F     M                                    North Carolina
       White, Manly                    3    M    M                                    North Carolina
       White, Simon                   1    M     M                                   North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 333/334                                                                                          Pg. 373 B
       Lindley, Alfred H.             29     M         Physician          4,000  North Carolina
       Lindley, Eliza J.                24     F                                                 North Carolina
       Lindley, Mary                    57     F                                                 North Carolina
       Lindley, Ella                      21     F                                                 North Carolina
       Jordan, Wyatt                  18     M         Farmer                          North Carolina
       Hadley, Mary                    35     F                                                 North Carolina
       Hatwood, Alfred              19     M    M    Farmer                        North Carolina
       Jeffreys, John                 12     M    M                                         North Carolina
       Jeffreys, Mary                   9      F    M                                         North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 350/351                                                                                           Pg. 374 B
       Clark, Oliver                  25     M         Farmer             250        North Carolina
       Clark, Elizabeth            21     F                                                   North Carolina
       Clark, Wm. Z.? T.         3/12   M                                                  North Carolina
       Ray, William                  11     M    M                                           North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 353/354                                                                                          Pg. 374 B
       Jeffreys, Eliza                35     F    M                                         North Carolina
       Jeffreys, Tempe            12     F    M                                         North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 359/360                                                                                          Pg. 375 A
       Hatwood, Alfred                47       M    M    Farmer             150   North Carolina
       Hatwood, Polly                  47        F    M                                        North Carolina
       Hatwood, Nancy               25        F    M                                        North Carolina
       Hatwood, Chloe                15        F    M                                        North Carolina
       Hatwood, Mary                  13       F    M                                        North Carolina
       Hatwood, Emeline             11       F    M                                        North Carolina
       Hatwood, Jehu                    9       M    M                                        North Carolina
       Hatwood, Elly                       6       F    M                                        North Carolina
       Hatwood, Caty                     4       F    M                                        North Carolina
       Hatwood, John                    2       M    M                                        North Carolina
       Hatwood, Wm. Taylor      5/12     M    M                                        North Carolina
       Hatwood, Mary J.                4       F    M                                         North Carolina
       Hatwood, Levinia                2       F    M                                         North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 360/361                                                                                           Pg. 375 A
       Archy, John                        55     M    M    Farmer                          North Carolina
       Archy, Rebecca                 55     F    M                       75                North Carolina
       Archy, Betsey A. C. C.       17    F    M                                            North Carolina
       Archy, Cornelia A.             14     F    M                                            North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 362/363                                                                                    Pg. 375 B
       Hatwood, Mebane                26     M    M    Farmer                   North Carolina
       Hatwood, Anna                    26     F      M                                    North Carolina
       Hatwood, Joseph                9      M      M                                     North Carolina
       Hatwood, James                 6      M      M                                     North Carolina
       Hatwood, Andrew               4      M      M                                     North Carolina
       Hatwood, Henry                  2      M      M                                     North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 371/372                                                                                       Pg. 376 A
       Lineberry, Caty                36     F                                                  North Carolina
       Lineberry, James            64     M                                                  North Carolina
       Lineberry, Anna               58     F                                                  North Carolina
       Lineberry, Harrison            8      M    M                                         North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 373/374                                                                                          Pg. 376 A
       Archy, Larkin                  27     M    M    Farmer                   North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 372/373                                                                                      Pg. 376 A
       Archy, Tempy                   28     F    M                                       North Carolina
       Archy, Zach                      29     M    M    Daylaborer               North Carolina
       Archy, Sally                      24     F     M                                       North Carolina
       Archy, Larkin                   6       M     M                                       North Carolina
       Archy, John F.                 1       M     M                                       North Carolina
       Croaker, Wm.                   25     M     M    Daylaborer               North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 380/381                                                                                      Pg. 376 B
       Stout, William                 38     M         Farmer             900       North Carolina
       Stout, Nancy                  29     F                                                  North Carolina
       Stout, Newton               11     M                                                  North Carolina
       Stout, Henry H.              10     M                                                  North Carolina
       Stout, Atlas J.                7                                                            North Carolina
       Stout, Samira                 6      F                                                    North Carolina
       Stout, James T.             4      M                                                   North Carolina
       Stout, Lucinda E.           1      F                                                   North Carolina
       Rigen, Josiah                 23     M    B    Farmer                          North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 397/398                                                                                      Pg. 377 B
       Burnett, Thomas                47     M    B    Miller             75        North Carolina
       Burnett, Priscilla                45     F    B                                        North Carolina
       Burnett, George                 18     M    B                                       North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 398/399                                                                                    Pg. 377 B
       Bass, William                  30     M    M    Farmer                   North Carolina
       Bass, Sally                      26     F    B                                     North Carolina
       Bass, Catharine                6    F    M                                     North Carolina
       Bass, Matilda                    4     F    M                                     North Carolina
       Bass, Joel                          2    M    M                                     North Carolina
       Bass, Thomas E.               1    M    M                                     North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 403/404                                                                                   Pg. 378 A
       Pearson, Temperance            45     F                            10    North Carolina
       Boyd, Matilda                           14     F    M                              North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 406/407                                                                                  Pg. 378 A
       Bowden, James                  46     M    M    Farmer                   North Carolina
       Bowden, Sally                     46     F    M                                     North Carolina
       Bowden, Oliver                   16     M    M    Farmer                   North Carolina
       Bowden, Abram                  15     M    M    Farmer                   North Carolina
       Bowden, John                     13     M    M                                    North Carolina
       Bowden, Thomas                11     M    M                                    North Carolina
       Bowden, Polly                       6      F    M                                     North Carolina
       Bowden, Sias ?                     5      M    M                                    North Carolina
       Bowden, Milton                 3/12    M    M                                    North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 407/408                                                                                   Pg. 378 A
       Perry, Abner                   34     M         Farmer             1,000         North Carolina
       Perry, Sarah                   34     F                                                       North Carolina
       Perry, Mary  A.                7       F                                                       North Carolina
       Perry, Peter                    6       M                                                       North Carolina
       Perry, Caroline               5       F                                                       North Carolina
       Perry, Elizabeth              2       F                                                       North Carolina
       Perry, Enoch                5/12    M                                                       North Carolina
       Jeffrys, Anderson         15     M    M    Farmer                               North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 408/409                                                                                   Pg. 378 A
       Pearson, Osbom F.              43     M         Farmer                   North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 453/454                                                                                   Pg. 381 A
       Allen, Morgan                  33     M   B    Farmer                   North Carolina
       Allen, Nancy                    40     F   B                                     North Carolina
       Allen, Gaston                  15     M   B    Farmer                    North Carolina
       Allen, Julia                      14     F    B                                     North Carolina
       Allen, Durant H.              13     M   B                                     North Carolina
       Allen, Jane                      11     F    B                                     North Carolina
       Allen, Sibi                          9      F    B                                     North Carolina
       Allen, Samira?                  6      F    B                                     North Carolina
       Allen, Frances                  2      F    B                                     North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 469/470                                                                                   Pg. 382 B
       Wells, Anderson                26     M         Blacksmith         800        North Carolina
       Wells, Sarah                      20     F                                                       North Carolina
       Wells, Louisa Jane             2      F                                                      North Carolina
       Wells, Louisa                    27     F                                                        North Carolina
       Chavers, James               16     M    M    Farmer                               North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 471/472                                                                                    Pg. 382 B
       Chavers, Caty                  35      F    B                                             North Carolina
       Chavers, James              14      M    B                                             North Carolina
       Chavers, Joseph               9      M    B                                             North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 474/475                                                                             Pg. 383 A & B
       Fogleman, Eli                  45       M         Farmer             1,830   North Carolina
       Fogleman, Ruth              37       F                                                North Carolina
       Fogleman, Oliver T.        18       M         Farmer                         North Carolina
       Fogleman, Mary A.          16       F                                               North Carolina
       Fogleman, Hannah C.     15       F                                               North Carolina
       Fogleman, Eleanor          14       F                                               North Carolina
       Fogleman, William           12       M                                              North Carolina
       Fogleman, Lucy J.           10       F                                              North Carolina
       Fogleman, John A.             9      M                                             North Carolina
       Fogleman, Young R.          7       M                                            North Carolina
       Fogleman, Daniel               5       M                                            North Carolina
       Fogleman, Henry                4       M                                           North Carolina
       Fogleman, Isaac                 1       M                                           North Carolina
       Fogleman, Daniel               33     M         Constable                North Carolina
       Lineberry, Riley                  22     M    M    Farmer                   North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 474/476                                                                                  Pg. 383 B
       Stout, John                    39     M         farmer             500   North Carolina
       Stout, Catherine           36     F                                  North Carolina
       Harris, Ruth                   14     F    B                             North Carolina
       Britt, John                       8      M                                  North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 485/486                                                                                  Pg. 383 B
       McMath, William B.             23     M         Farmer             800       North Carolina
       McMath, Melinda                23     F                                                  North Carolina
       McMath, Robert Rives         3      M                                                 North Carolina
       McMath, Durant H. A.       8/12   M                                                  North Carolina
       McMath, James                  83     M                                                  North Carolina
       Linn, Mary                            13     F    M                                           North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 494/495                                                                                  Pg. 384 A
       Alston, Nancy                  80     F    B                             North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 506/507                                                                                 Pg. 385 A
       Chavers, Clara                 26     F    B                             North Carolina
       Chavers, Sarah A.              5      F    B                             North Carolina
       Chavers, Carolina              2      F    B                             North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 524/525                                                                                Pg. 386 A
       Chavers, William               32     M    B    Cabinet Maker            North Carolina
       Chavers, Lucy                   30     F     B                                         North Carolina
       Chavers, James M.           10     M    B                                         North Carolina
       Chavers, Joseph J.             8     M    B                                         North Carolina
       Chavers, Susan E,               7      F    B                                         North Carolina
       Chavers, Missouri A.           5      F    B                                         North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 532/533                                                                                 Pg. 386 B
       Dixon, Jesse                   66     M         Farmer                               North Carolina
       Dixon, Catharine            64     F                                                      North Carolina
       Dixon, Joshua                38     M         Millwright         1,000         North Carolina
       Dixon, David                     8      M                                                      North Carolina
       Dixon, Zeno                      6      M                                                      North Carolina
       Dixon, Sarah                     3      F                                                      North Carolina
       Edwards, Ervin               25     M    B    Farmer                               North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 605/606                                                                              Pg. 391 B
       Rogers, Ruth                   45     F                                  North Carolina
       Rogers, Jacob                  2      M    M                          North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 631/632                                                                              Pg. 394 B
       Hill, Mourning                 59     F    M                             North Carolina
       Hill, Lydia                        15     F    M                             North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 689/690                                                                              Pg. 397 A
       Hill, Charlotte                34     F     B                             North Carolina
       Hill, Mary                        10     F     B                             North Carolina
       Hill, Cora                          8      F     B                             North Carolina
       Hill, Hester                      5      F     B                             North Carolina
       Hill, Mourning               8/12   F     B                             North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 706/707                                                                               Pg. 398 A
       Ward, Elizabeth                24     F                                  North Carolina
       Ward, Ruth F.                  10     F                                    North Carolina
       Ward, John W.                  6      M    M                            North Carolina
       Ward, Emily J.                 6/12   M    M                           North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 742/743                                                                                 Pg. 400 B
       Glover, Carney                 27     M    B    Farmer                   North Carolina
       Glover, Mahala                 26     F     B                                   North Carolina
       Glover, Susan E.                 5     F     B                                   North Carolina
       Glover, Thomas                  3     M    B                                   North Carolina
       Glover, Sarah J.                 1      F    B                                   North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 743/744                                                                                  Pg. 400 B
       Hackney, William               63     M         Farmer             750   North Carolina
       Hackney, Sally                   66     F                                             North Carolina
       Price, Sukey                       45     F     B                                      North Carolina
       Price, John                         19     M    B    Farmer                     North Carolina
       Price, Jane                         17     F     B                                     North Carolina
       Price, Anderson                11     M     B                                     North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 754/755                                                                                   Pg. 401 A
       Adcock, Joshua                 93     M         Farmer             600   North Carolina
       Glover, Betsy                      60     F    M                                       North Carolina
       Glover, Anderson               18     M    M                                     North Carolina
       Glover, Patsey                    21     F    M                                       North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 755/756
       Adcock, William                50 ?   M         Farmer                   North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 771/772                                                                                 Pg. 402 A
       Glover, Edwin                  24     M    M    Farmer                   North Carolina
       Glover, Ann                      27     F    M                                     North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 842/843                                                                                  Pg. 407 B
       Dorsett, Hezekiah              33     M         Farmer             450   North Carolina
       Dorsett, Julia Ann              28     F                                              North Carolina
       Dorsett, Elizabeth Ann         7     F                                              North Carolina
       Dorsett, Oran M.                   5      M                                             North Carolina
       Dorsett, Sarah J.                  3      F                                              North Carolina
       Dorsett, Robert G.               1      M                                              North Carolina
       Chavers, Riley                    13     M    M                                        North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 845/846                                                                                    Pg. 407 B
       Crutchfield, Samuel H.         37     M         Deputy Sheriff     1,000 North Carolina
       Crutchfield, Ruth T.              37     F                                                   North Carolina
       Tinnen, John                         18     M    B                                             North Carolina

Dwelling/Family: 948/949                                                                                    Pg. 414 B
       Linn, Mary                     60     F    B                                                        Not given
       Linn, Nancy                  35     F    B                                                        Not given
       Linn, Sis                          4      F    B                                                        Not given

Dwelling/Family: 949/950                                                                                     Pg. 414 B
       Johnson, Tarlton               37     M         Wheelwright                        Not given
       Johnson, Nancy                 31     F                                                        Not given
       Johnson, William                 9      M                                                       Not given
       Johnson, Joseph                 6      M                                                       Not given
       Johnson, Sean C.              7/12   M                                                       Not given
       Kidd, Wm.                            20      M         Day Laborer                        Not given
       George, Oliver                    25      M    B    Wheelwright                      Not given

Dwelling/Family: 982/983                                                                                      Pg. 417 A
       Stewart, Nicy                  60     F                                                            Not given
       Stewart, Asenath           10     F                                                            Not given
       Emmerson, Eli B.             23     M         Merchant                                Not given
       George, Mary                   32     F    B                                                    Not given

Dwelling/Family: 1005/1006                                                                                  Pg. 419 A
       Jeffreys, Henry                52     M    M    Shoemaker                            Not given
       Jeffreys, Elizabeth            32     F    M                                                   Not given
       Jeffreys, Susan                60     F    M                                                    Not given
       Jeffreys, Calvin               24     M    M    Farmer                                    Not given

Dwelling/Family: 1006/1007                                                                                    Pg. 419 A
       Jeffreys, Betsey               41     F    M                                                    Not given
       Jeffreys, John P.              20     M    M    Farmer                                   Not given

Dwelling/Family: 1030/1031                                                                                    Pg. 420 B
       Barber, Tempe                  60     F                                                            Not given
       Barber, Arch'd                  26     M         Hatter                                       Not given
       Barber, Eliza                     19     F                                                             Not given
       Barber, Martha B.           0/12  F                                                              Not given
       Barber, Wesley                24     M         Hatter                                      Not given
       Goins, Daniel                   20     M    M    Farmer                                     Not given
       Beal, Rebecca                  9      F                                                              Not given

Dwelling/Family: 1037/1038                                                                                     Pg. 421 A
       Reid, Bartlett                 58     M         Farmer                                        Not given
       Reid, Tracey                   54     F                                                              Not given
       Goins, Edward                65     M    M    Carpenter                                Not given

Dwelling/Family: 1044/1045                                                                                    Pg. 421 B
       Goins, Matthew                 46     M    M    Farmer
       Goins, Chany                      30     F    M                                                    Not given
       Goins, James                     20     M    M                                                    Not given
       Goins, Susanna                 15     F    M                                                     Not given
       Goins, William  J.              13     M    M                                                     Not given
       Goins, Martha J.                 8      F    M                                                     Not given
       Goins, Mary                         5 ?    F    M                                                    Not given
       Goins, Levina                     4      F    M                                                      Not given
       Goins, Oran T.                    1      M    M                                                      Not given

Dwelling/Family: 1151/1152                                                                              Pg. 429 A
       Glover, Sally                  50     F    M                                                         Not given
       Glover, Wm.                   18     M    M                             "Pauper"           Not given
       Glover, Joseph             16     M    M    Day laborer                                Not given
       Glover, Green               12     M    M                                                         Not given

Dwelling/Family: 1171/1172                                                                               Pg. 430 B
       Brown, Aaron                   34     M    M
       Brown, Elizabeth             34     F    M                                                        Not given
       Brown, Enoch                   12     M    M                                                       Not given
       Brown, Henry                   10     M    M                                                        Not given
       Brown, John                       8      M    M                                                       Not given
       Brown, Eli                           6      M    M                                                        Not given
       Brown, Wm.                        5      M    M                                                       Not given
       Brown, Jane                      4      F    M                                                        Not given
       Brown, Lydia                   2/12   F    M                                                        Not given

Dwelling/Family: 1177/1178                                                                              Pg. 431 A
       Cole, Isaiah                   72     M                            230                            Not given
       Fann, Arris                    25     F     M                                                        Not given
       Fann, Martha A.              5     F     M                                                        Not given
       Fann, Francis M.             3     M    M                                                        Not given
       Fann, Suzanny             1/12   F     M                                                        Not given
       Fann, Jane                    41     F                                                                Not given

Dwelling/Family: 1221/1222                                                                              Pg. 434 A
       Phillips, Charity              40     F                                                               Not given
       Phillips, Aaron                9      M    M                                                         Not given
       Phillips, Henry                70     M                                                               Not given
       Phillips, Deborah            36     F                                                                Not given
       Phillips, Edwards              9      M    M                                                       Not given
       Phillips, Betsey               33     F                                                                Not given

Dwelling/Family: 1226/1227                                                                                Pg. 434 B
       Brewer, Letty                  46     F    B                       150                            Not given
       Brewer, Benj.                  18     M    B    Farmer                                        Not given
       Brewer, Patsey               15     F    B                                                          Not given
       Brewer, Peter                  13     M   B                                                          Not given
       Brewer, Betsey               10     F    B                                                          Not given
       Brewer, Alex'r                   7      M   B                                                          Not given
       Brewer, Nancy                  5      F    B                                                          Not given
       Brewer, Calvin                 10     M    M                                                          Not given

Dwelling/Family: 1231/1232                                                                                 Pg. 434 B
       Goens, Wm.                     38     M    M    Miller                                        Not given
       Goens, Kissy                   35     F    M                                                      Not given
       Goens, Duncan               12     M    M                                                      Not given
       Goens, Margaret            11     F    M                                                       Not given
       Goens, Ellsmond               9      M    M                                                    Not given
       Goens, Thomas                 7      M    M                                                    Not given
       Goens, Reid                       4      M    M                                                    Not given
       Goens, George                  2      M    M                                                    Not given

Dwelling/Family: 1260/1261                                                                                 Pg. 436 B
       Haughton, Mary R.              60     F                                                         Not given
       Haughton, Lawrence J.     31     M         Farmer       25,000              Not given
       Haughton, John L.                9      M                                                       Not given
       Haughton, Jane                    5      F                                                        Not given
       Haughton, Mary                    3      F                                                        Not given
       Elkins, Mary                         18     F                                                         Not given
       Hooker, John                      20     M         Merchant                              Not given
       Hill, Augustus                     23     M    M    Cooper                                 Not given

Dwelling/Family: 1272/1273                                                                                 Pg. 437 B
       Siler, William                 40     M         Farmer             850                        Not given
       Siler, Lucy A.                 34     F                                                                  Not given
       George, Wiley                11     M    M                                                          Not given
       George, Billy                    8      M    M                                                         Not given
       George, John B.              7      M    M                                                         Not given

Dwelling/Family: 1276/1277                                                                                    Pg. 438 A
       Jordan, Tabitha                40     F                                                              Not given
       Jordan, Nasa T.                  9      M                                                             Not given
       Jordan, Wm. A.                   7      M                                                              Not given
       Jordan, John                      5      M                                                              Not given
       Jordan, Mary A.                  3      F                                                              Not given
       Jordan, Asberry N.            1      M                                                              Not given
       Price, Arch'd                     12     M                                                              Not given
       NN, King                            40     M    B                                                        Not given