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Fall Creek Church

This church is located in Chatham County, North Carolina near Deep River.  It was constituted in 1799.  Elder Isaac Teague, who was a member of this church, was its Pastor until about 1830.  In 1832 and 1833 Elder William H. Merritt was its Pastor.  Several were added to the church under his ministry.

At first this church was blessed with prosperity, but in 1828 a disturbance was commenced among the leading members and kept up for a number of years.  In consequence of this, the church went almost entirely down.  For a while no church meetings were held.

In April 1857 Elder Thomas S. Yarbro, at the request of the itinerant board visited this church and found about twelve female names on the church book.  His labors have been blessed to the conversion of a number of souls.  The church has about thirty-four members.  Eight or ten of whom are males.

William Carr, one of the companions of the notorious Fanning afterwards became a member of this church.  His widow is now living at the advance age of about one hundred years.

The deacons of this church at present are J. Alfred Scott and Tyrrell Burns. Chesley Jones is their clerk.

In 1823 this body met a Fall Creek meeting house, in Chatham County, N.C. on Saturday before the fourth Sunday in October.  The introductory sermon was delivered by Elder R .T. Daniel from the text, Thy Kingdom Come.

This is the history of the Fall Creek Church from 1799 until 1833.