William Duncan, born: unk, died: 1836, Marshall Co, TN, believed to be buried in the walled enclosure

On the old Duncan Farm, Lewisburg, TN

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Wife: 1st Isabella , 2nd Patsy West married about 1779

"Colonial Solders of the South 1732-1774" by Clark. NC Muster Roll of Capt. John Montgomery's company, Sept. 23, 1771, Chatham County: Privates #30 William Duncan

#73 John Dunkin, #78 Robert Dunkin, #79 Peter Dunkin, #80 George Dunkin, #86 Mathew

Dunkin. "North Carolina Gen. Society Journal", Chatham County Court Mi nutes May 1774 to May 1778, Vol IV #3 Aug 1778, p.203. #53 court Feb. 12, 1778, between pages 1290 & 1310, Ordered that John Harrison, William Dunkin and Drewry Andrews be appointed patrolers in Dist 5. (Chatham Co Deed Index. Book A p. 354, May 4, 1773 Robert Dunkin of Chatham Co. NC,  planter, to Isham Gunter, 30 ac land where I now live, cow, calf, witness ed by George Dunkin, proved by William Johnson.) Chahtam Co NC Deed Book C, p. 153, Oct 23, 1782, State of NC land grant #603, 640 ac. on the head waters of the north prong of Indian Creek, waters of Deep River (no n eighbors listed, William paid 50 shillings). Chatham Co NC Deed Book C p. 224, October 23, 1782, State of NC land grant #593, 100 ac, on John Poe' s line to a Haw tree on his own line. (William paid 50 shillings). "William Duncan of Scotland, Chatham Co. NC, Maury & Marshall Co TN and His Eleven Known Children" by Harris, the survey of land grants #603 & 593 was found in an old book in the Chatham County Courthouse, Pittsboro, NC, but noted as from the county of Randolph. The chain carriers were John Poe and John Smith and dated September 17, 1779. Chatham Co Deed Book D, p, 600, Feb 17, 1780, land grant #788, 300 ac on his own line, John Montgomery, DS, John Smith and James Duncan, CC (no neighbors listed), surveyed May 7, 1784. "William Duncan of Scotland 85.", by Harris, 200 ac surveyed Oct 25, 1794, grant #1237, on Story's line and Jefferson's line, by William Finley, John Story and Josiah Glass were CC. Also a survey for William Duncan for 500 ac, file #018 entered Feb 14, 1780, begaining on George West's line, on the north side of Indian Creek and running along Wyrick's (looks like Myrick to me) line and to Jeremiaih Barnesses' corner and along his own line, John Rutherford, DS, Ezekiel Hilyard and and Willia m Cappe, CC. Chatham Co NC Deed Book E, p. 193, Feb 12, 1791, William sold 300 acres (or 348 ac, tax list of Chatham Co, by Johnson, James Clark, 348 ac on Bear Creek adj. to William Dunkin) to James Clark and Jethro Vincent (Micahah Duncan and Nancy name a child Vincent), witness were William Dowdy and John Montgomery. This was the 300 acres from the land grant #788. Chatham County Deed Book V p. 110, May 1818, William sold his 640 acres form grant #603 (to Andrew's corner) and 57 acres (along John Poe's line) to Samuel S. Jackson on November 1, 1817, witnessed by William Perry and John Glass. Chatham Co Deed Book Y, p. 204, April 1, 1821, William had moved to Maury Co TN when he sold the last 50 acres on Indian Creek (along William Lawhon's line) to Samuel Jackson, recorded in Maury Co TN, July 23, 1821, witnessed by Joseph Duncan and Robert Duncan. 1790 Chatham Co NC census lists William Duncan, Sr, 3 males over 16, 6 males under 16, 3 females. William's will is in Marshall Co Will Book A, pg 20 &; 22 naming sons: Joab, Joseph, and Robert W.

James Duncan (son of William) born: unkn died: unkn Wife: Elizabeth Self, born: unkn died: unkn, married abt 1791, daughter of Mary Thompson born: abt 1751 Chatham Co NC, died: unkn, and Parrish Self born: unkn died: by 1810, Chatham Co NC. "WFT", Mary Thompson is the daughter of William Thompson, Jr and Hanna Bell. Sussex Co VA Will Book B, 153-154, 1764-1772, Hanna Bell names her daughter, Mary Self. Chatham Co NC Deed Book Z, p. 155, Dec 10, 1818, estate settlement of Parrish= Self lists his children, Elizabeth (James) Duncan, Hanna (James,(in Maury Co TN) son of John Story and Winifred Thrift) Story, Nancy (Richard, son of Mark Brooks and Fanny Harris) Brooks, Letitia, widow,(married her 1st cousin, James, son of Balaam Thompson and Olive Melton)Thompson, sons William, Garner, Thompson and Balaam. Thomas Ragland, surviving administrator of William Brantley, Esq deceased sold land to Parrish Self, gave bond, purchase money now paid. 1800 Chahtam Co NC census, James Dunkin, 10010 - 40010 and William Dunkin, 41101 - 11110, are listed. "NC Reports" Vol. 5, 1804-1810, July term, 1810, JAMES DUNCAN AND WIFE v. THE ADMINISTRATOR OF PARISH SELF, DECEASED. A gift of a chattel to a person, with a reservation to the donor of a life estate, therein, is good, and vests a property in the donee in the event of his surviving the donor. Parish Self make a gift by parol of a Negro girl slave to his daughter Elizabeth, reserving to himself the said Negro during his life. He kept the said Negro in his possession until his death, and his daughter survived him. She having intermarried with James Duncan, this action of detinue was brought by them against the administrators of the estate of Parish Self, to recover the said Negro girl. The defendants insisted that no title vested in Elizabeth, the daughter, by the gift; that the reservation of the property to the donor during his life was in fact a reservation of the entire interest tin the Negro, and nothing was left for the daughter, inasmuch as the law will not allow a remainder to be created in a chattel after a life estate, except it be done by executory devise or by deed of trust. The case was sent to this court (Supreme Court) upon the question, whether the gift vested such an interest in Elizabeth, the daughter, as enables her husband and herself to recover the Negro. By the Court: We are of the opinion that the daughter, Elizabeth, having survived her father, the donor, the property in the negro girl vested absolutely in her at his death, and that the plaintiffs are entitled to judgment. On September 10,1811, James Duncan and Lewis Scribner was finded 81 1/4 cents for use of  profane language in Maury Co TN. July 22, 1814 James sold a Negro girl, Mary, age about 10, to Robert Peyton in Maury Co TN. This could have been the same girl in the North Carolina Supreme Court case. The last record of James in Maury Co TN was October 22, 1822. The location of James, Elizabeth and 4 of their known children after 1822 is not known. James and Elizabeth's children were:

William Howard, born 1793, married 6-1-1816 Chatham Co, to Nelly (Maury Co census) In 1860 William H. sold his interest in the estate of Josiah Duncan as being 1/5 of 1/10, by 1856 one of his siblings had died.

Hanna, born 1795, married Causley

Isabella, born 1797, married 1. 10-19-1819 Alexander Robertson, 2. Farlor T McElroy after 2-21-1862

Nancy, born 1799, married 1-1-1820 Miller Early

Sarah W., born 1805, in 1822 a law suit was filed by Sarah Duncan and others against William Davidson of North Carolina over land title disputes.

Garner P., born 1807

Sarah (Sally) Duncan, (daughter of William Duncan), born 1772, Chatham Co NC Husband John Hart, married about 1797.Sarah lived all of her life in Chatham Co and died there in 1863. Maury Co TN Deed Book A, pg 312, August 5, 1837, on October 31, 1836 Sally and John Hart gave Henry Webster power of attorney to collect and sell Sally's share of the Estate of William Duncan and Robert West Duncan. Chatham Co NC Deed Book AJ, pg 573, October 16, 1862, Sallie Hart, half sister of Josiah Duncan, transfer and convey to Stephen Tally all my right, title, claim and interest, of every name and kind, that I may have in and to the Estate of Josiah Duncan, attest: Willie M. Tally and John Cheek. Chatham County Deed Book AH, pg 50, Henry Webster sells Sally Hart land for $10.00 on Indian Creek, next to Berry Tally, Wiley Tally and Aron Tildman (Tillman), November 14, 1860. Chatham Co Will Book D, pg 98 is the will of Sarah Sallly Hart. She names her daughter, Sallie H. Hart and grandson Robert W. D. Hart , dated October15, 1862, witnessed by John Cheak and Willie M. Tally, friend Thomas Womble executor. John and Sally Hart's children were:

James, born 1798
Joel S., born 1800, 5 children are mentioned in Duncan estate settlements but only 4 are named, Joel is believed to be the 5th.

                               Isabella, born 1807
                               Sarah (Sally), born 1809
                               Rebecca, born 1814   John Duncan Sr, born April 1, 1773, Chatham Co NC, died August 3, 1853. Wife Margaret Story, married August 1, 1802, born August 4, 1773, died July 2, 1859, daughter of John Story and Winyfred Thrift. Both are buried in the Old Shilo Cemetery, Lewisburg, Marshall (Maury) Co, TN. Chatham Co Deed Book M, pg 80, October 31, 1801, John Nall to John Dunkin, $200, 236 acres on Indian Creek, on William Nall and John Nall's line, witnessed by William Brantly( see Deed Book Z, pg 255, December 1818, Estate settlement of Parrish Self for this name, Thomas Ragland, surviving admin of William Brantly, decd), Mark Brooks. Deed Book O, pg 26, November 30, 1804, David Record (see Maury Co TN Deed Books for the Record name) to John Dunkin, $200, 220 acres south side of Bear Creek on William Dunkin's line and corner, witness Samuel Eliott, William Dowdy, Joshua Tilmon ( see Maury Co TN Deed Books for the Elliott, Dowdy and Tillman names). Deed Book O, pg 433, March 5, 1808, NC Grant #4491 to John Duncan, 148 acres on Indian Creek, on Story's corner, Gaines corner and William Duncan's line. Deed Book P, pg 299, John Dunkin to James Clarke, 148 acres on Indian Creek, near Story's corner, Gaines corner, William Duncan's line, witness Steven Glass, William Glass. Deed Book U, pg 83, Feb 15, 1815, John Duncan to Levy Perry, $700.00, 456 acres on Bear Creek and Indian Creek, William Duncan's line, John & William Nall's line, David Record, witness Nathan Nall, William Glass. Maury Co TN Deed Book H, Vol 1, pg 133, June 18, 1819, John Duncan purchased 100 acres form William Arnold on Silver Creek, for $600.00, witness Joseph Y Elliott, James Elliott, Joseph Duncan, William Duncan. John and Margaret's children were: William M., born May 4, 1803, married Winney H (Phillips) in 1848, died October 8, 1850 in Maury Co TN, on children

John William Jr., born June 5, 1805, married Mary (Polly) (unk), born May 1, 1807 in 1828, died in August 9, 1866 in DeSoto Co MS.

Margaret, born Sept 16, 1807, died in Maury(Marshall) Co TN, Feb 4, 1824

Mary (Polly), born May 13, 1809, died in Maruy(Marshall) Co TN, October 12, 1839

James, born November 20, 1811, married Rebecca Tucker on 9-24-1836, died May 10, 1860, is buried in Old Shilo Cemetery, Lewisburg, Marshall Co, TN.

Josiah, born December 15, 1813, died May 13, 1825

Winney A Martha, born October 10, 1817, married John Green, born Feb 23, 1820, on August 11, 1840, died August 27, 1886

Micajah Duncan (son of William), born 1774, married Nancy (unk) about 1798, died October 1836. Micajah is in 1810 and 1820 Chatham Co census. In February, 1826, Nancy Duncan (Micajah's wife), Tyrel Duncan (Micajah's Son), Reuben Tillman and wife Margaret (Micajah's daughter), and Jonathan McManus and wife Nancy are received in the Rock Creek Baptist Church, Maury Co TN, by letter. Marshall Co De ed Book A, pg 11, Micajah purchased 113 1/2 acres. Marshall Co TN Deed Book E (C or G), pg 170, "For the love and affection we entertain for our mother, Nancy Duncan, the widow of Mycajah Duncan, dec'd, we do hereby give, transfer and convey to her, during her natural life, a cetrain Negro boy by the name of Soloman, age is about 20 years, to have and to hold the same and all the benefits arising form the said Negro boy Soloman, during her natural life time and after that time to fall back in our hands to be divided between us as the legal heirs of said Mycajah Duncan, dec'd. G iven under our hands and seals o the this June 15th, 1842. James Duncan, Margaret Tillman, Celia Duncan, Elizabeth Duncan, Nancy H Duncan, Richard B. Hillard, Mary Duncan. Jurat: J R Hill, Joseph Duncan, James T Tillman. John R Hill testified for the first 5 signers, James T Tillman testified for Richard B Hillard and Mary Duncan, Joseph Duncan testified for all the signers and Soloman. Maury Co TN Deed Book A, pg 163, Estate Settlement of Micajah Duncan, Vincent Duncan administrator, does not include the 113 1/2 acres. Marshall Co TN Deed Book A-2, pg 229, May 12, 1879, a sale of interest in the estate of Micajah lists his children as Orin Duncan, Celia I Duncan, Elizabeth Duncan, Margaret Tillman and James Duncan. Micajah and Nancy are believed to be buried on the Old Duncan Farm, Lewisburg, Marshall Co, TN, their children were: Vincent, born 1799, may have died before 1842, buried on the Old Duncan Farm with a filed stone marked "Vincunt Duncan".

Margaret, born 1804, married Reuben Tillman, 1824, was in Maury Co by 1830

Terrell C., born 1806, married Lydia Smith, 1-1-1828, Maury Co Deed Book C, pg 289, Terrell sold his 1/10 share in Soloman, naming this father, Micajah, to his brother, Vincent, January 20, 1840.

Elizabeth, born 1807

James, born 1810

Orin, born 1813

Celia Isabella, born 1815

(Possibly others, these children may have went to Green Co MO in the 1840's)

Nancy Duncan (daughter of William Duncan), born 1780, married Jonathan McManus about 1800, Chatham Co NC. Nancy died in Macoupin Co. IL abount 1868, Jonathan died about 1846. Marshall Co Deed Book E, pg 75, April 7, 1842, form the State of IL and County of Macoupin, Nancy McManus is named a formerly Nancy Duncan and heir of William Duncan, her father, and Robert W Duncan, her brother. Jonathan and Nancy's Children were:

William, born 1801, married 8-25-1927 to Polly Powell, was in Hardin Co TN in 1840

Susan Catherine, born 1803, married 2-18-1826 Jesse Simpson, was in Macoupin Co IL by 1840

Sarah Caroline (Sally), born 1804, married about 1822 to Henry Emerson, was in Macoupin Co IL by 1840

Mary Elizabeth (Polly), born 1806, married 10-4-1825 to Parrish W. Story, was in Morgan Co IL by 1830

Isabella, born 1808, married 9-15-1828 to Anderson Pigg, went to Fulton Co IL

Lawrence, born about 1810

Nancy, born about 1812, married about 1831 to Ben F. Story, went to Morgan Co IL

Joab, born about 1815

Ramson B, born 1820, Maury Co TN, married Mary C (unk) about 1839, in Macoupin Co IL through 1880.

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NEW -An additional child for the WILLIAM DUNCAN FAMILY genealogical record.

Elizabeth "Betsy" Duncan b. 1784 in Chatham Co. NC. d. 1872. Marshall Co. TN. married William Emerson about 1802. William was the son of James Emerson Sr., a member of the Regulators of Chatham County history.

The Children of Elizabeth and William Emerson:
1. Nancy Jane** -  b. 04 Jun 1804, Chatham Co. NC. d. 30 Aug 1856 TN.  Married Horatio M. Phillips** b. 11 Dec 1801. d. 19 Oct 1871. They are buried in the Duncan Cemetery, Marshall Co. TN.  There were several children in this family.

2. Archibald -  b. 1806, Chatham Co. NC. d. 1881* or 1882, TN.  Married #1 Unk.  #2 Martha "Patsy" ___.  #3 Rebecca Riner, 1864, Marshall Co. TN.  Archibald had children but none by Rebecca, who he divorced in 1869.

3. William Duncan -  b.1810 Chatham Co. NC. d. aft. 1880.  Married Cynthia___. There were six known children.

4. Matthew West - b. 1812, Chatham Co. NC. d. 188_, in probably Yalobusha Co. MS. Married Margaret Phillips[sister of Horatio M. Phillips] 1833, Maury Co. TN. There were several children in this family.

5. James Curney -  b. 06 Aug 1813,*Chatham Co. NC. d. 03 Feb 1886,* Marshall Co. TN.  Married Martha Duncan 31 Aug 1849,* Marshall Co. TN.  Martha was his first cousin once removed. There were six children of this family.

6. John A. - b. 1815, Maury Co. TN. d. 1892, Marshall Co. TN.  Married Susan L. Hilliard  06 Oct 1847,* Marshall Co. TN. There were eight known children of this family

7. Joseph H. - b. 1817, Maury Co. TN. d. 26 Mar 1862,*in a Union prison camp of the Civil War.  Married #1 Mary L. Dearen 12 Jan 1849, or 15 Oct 1842,* Marshall Co. TN.  #2,  Jane C. Rogers 12 Jan 1849,* Marshall Co. TN. [See note regarding dates] Joseph left seven children.

8. Elizabeth W. - b. 1822, Maury Co. TN. d. 1869,* Yalobusha Co. MS.  Married Sampson Key 18 Jul 1841,* Marshall Co. TN. There were four children of this family.

** Dates for Nancy and Horatio Phillips from TOMBSTONE INSCRIPTIONS OF MARSHALL COUNTY, TENNESS  VOL I, compiled by Ralph D. Whitesell, 1968. and Sisler's marriage book referenced below.
* Dates from OUR FATHER'S FAMILY, K.C. and Marvin C. Emerson, 1979. and correspondence of other members of  Emerson, Emmerson, Emberson families.

There seems to be a problem with the marriages and  dates for Joseph H. Emerson.  The Harrises record only the marriage of Jane C. Rogers giving only the year 1849.  EARLY MIDDLE TENNESSEE MARRIAGES  VOL I  GROOMS, Sisler, records both marriages giving date for the Dearen marriage of 17 Jul 1841.  BANNER BLUE SOFTWARE, 1995 edition records both marriages with two dates for the Dearen Marriage; 17 Jul 1841, and 13 Oct 1842. The Emersons recorded both marriages with the Dearen marriage of 15 Oct 1842.
 [Notice the 1841 date is only one day before that of his sister, Elizabeth.]
 All four sources agree the Rogers marriage was 1849, with three giving an exact day of 12 Jan.

Josiah Duncan (son of William Duncan), born 1787, married 1817 to Nancy Emerson, sister of William Emerson, Nancy died in 1833. Levi Cocran's account book in Maury Co TN has entry of Josiah Dunkin, May 10, 1833, one coffin for wife. Married 2nd to Nancy Bingham about 1835. Josiah left no children and died in Marshall Co TN in 1856.
Joseph Duncan (son of William Duncan), born 1790, married 1826 to Wynnafred Phillips, Chatham Co NC, sister of Horatio M. Phillips and Margaret Phillips. Marshall Co Will Book A, pg 77, 78, recorded
December 1, 1845. This is a nuncupative will of Joseph Duncan, late of Marshall Co Tennysee, who died at the house of William McManus in Hardin Co Tennysee on the 16th day of October 1845. Towit; the said Joseph Duncan declaired to us and called upon us to witness the same at the house of said William McManus, in said Hardin County, in his last sickness before his death; that he wished his wife, Winnie Duncan, to have the use of all his property during her life or widowhood, to sell such property as she thinks proper and to give his children, when become of age, such property as she may deem to be proper, and at the coming of age of his youngest child, for an equal division to be taken among the children and said Winnie Duncan, she retaining an equal or child's part. In dividing the land, he wants his wife, Winnie Duncan to have the dwelling house, orchard and spring. He also wants William Duncan and Josiah Duncan to borrow money to pay James Duncan, and to take the money out of his part to repay it. He also desires that his Negroes be kept together and not hired out. He wished William Duncan and Josiah Duncan to be appointed his Executors or Administrators. Joseph and Wynnafred's children were: Atlas Graton, born 1830 Maury Co TN, married 1.1854 to Martha J Phillips, daughter of Horatio M Phillips, 2. 1868 Wynnafred Elizabeth (Betty) Duncan, daughter of John Duncan, Jr.                                                      William Morgan, born 1833 Maury Co TN
                                                    Brantley West, born 1838 Maury Co TN, killed in the Civil War
                                        in 1861

Joab Duncan (son of William Dunncan),born  1791  married Holland  Coggins, Chatham Co NC.

                                                    Levi Cochran's account book had an entry of Joab Duncan, February 20, 1834, making one coffin, $3.00. Marshall Co TN Deed Book D, pg 344, August 20, 1841, Brinkley W. sold a slave girl, Silvoy, to pay off a judgment. Joseph Duncan was the highest bidder. Deed Book E, pg 59, March 30, 1842, Erwin R., Holland C.and Irena Elizabeth Martha Carr Powell transfer their interest in Silvoy to Joseph. Joab and Hollen's children were:

Irena Elizabeth Martha Carr, born 1816, married 1839 to Matthew Powell

Erwin Robert, born 1818, married 1839 to Salena Arnold, moved to Texas, 1860

Brinkley West, born 1820

Mary (Polly) Duncan (daughter of William Duncan), born about 1793, married 1810 to Abraham Tally.

Levi Cockran's account book had an entry: Abram Tally, September 13, 1834, on coffin for wife. Abraham and Polly's children were: Nancy, born 1811, married 1829 to Silas Hugh Cochran

Allen, born 1812, married 1839 to Nancy (unk)

J William, born 1813, Maury Co TN, married 1837 to Elizabeth Brent

Elizabeth, born 1814, Maury Co TN, married 1831 to Martin Davis

Stephen S, born 1821 Maury Co TN, married 1844 to Mary M Record

Sarah E, born 1823 Maury Co TN, married 1840 to James D Grant

Mary Paralee, born 1825, Maury Co TN, married 1844 to Marcus L Clay

Louisa B, born 1831, Maury Co TN, married 1849 to John R Hill

Robert West Duncan (son of William Duncan), born 1796, never married, died in Maury Co TN 3-14-1834. Maruy Co Court Minutes, Book A, Probate Deeds, 1833-1835, pg 147-149, March 14, 1835,

Robert W. Duncan, Heirs. In his estate settlement was 208 acres to be divided. Robert's land was bounded by William Duncan, Sr, William H Record, Micajah Duncan, Joseph Tilman, heirs of Thomas Rutledge, Isaac N Bills and John W Record.

To Joab Duncan, Lot #1, to John Duncan, Lot #2, to Sally Holt (Hart) Lot #3, to Nancy McManus, Lot #4, to Heirs of Polly Tally, formally Polly Duncan, Lot #5, to James Duncan, Lot #6, to Joshiah Duncan, Lot #7, to Joseph Duncan, Lot #8, to Micajah Duncan Lot #9, to Betsey Emberson, Lot #10. In the estate were: "Slaves: One Negro woman and children, names as follows; Loma, the mother, Mary, Soloman, George, Meridith, Ila, Sylvia, and Sally. (William Duncan Sr. Administrators returns book A, pg 172,173, on November 25, 1834, Meridy(male), age 7 went to Abraham Tally. Mary, age 11, went to William Emmerson, George, age 7, went to Josiah Duncan. Silvey(female), age 2, went to Joab Duncan. Solomon, age 13, went to Micajah  Duncan. Joseph Duncan purchased Tannia (female), age 40, Soldone(male), age 4 1/2, and Sally age 3 weeks. William had sold 8 slaves in 1833)  Among the purchasers of the estate sale was G W Record, William Emmerson, William Rhea, Joshua Coggins, Joseph Tilmon, Thomas Ross, John Tilmon, James Weaver, Henry Bray, Jonah Fifer, Berry Tally, Joel Hart, William McClure, Henry Thompson, Joshua Lockorn, Matthew Emmerson, Eli Elliott, Nathan London, Allen Bray, Jones Collins, Isaac Ketchum, Samuel Tilmon, Simon Elliott.

Most all of this information is from the book "William Duncan of Scotland, Chatham County, Maury and Marshall Cos TN, and His Eleven Known Children", by Joe C and Olive Harris. This book can be found in the Oklahoma City Library, Oklahoma Historical Society. Joe and Olive found another William Duncan that they could not place. This William and James Duncan paid Poll Tax in Maury Co, TN in 1812. Both William and James are in the Warof 1812 from Maury Co, TN. James under Capt. Bird S Hurt and William und= er Capt. James McMahan. Joe and Olive felt that William Duncan Sr. (as on 1790 NC census) would have been too old to pay poll tax and inlist in the state militia, and James' son William Howard would have been too young to pay poll tax. In 1815 William and James are purchasers at an estate sale of Thomas Ladd.

Marshall Co TN Chancery Court Minute Book B, pg 639, Feburary Term of 1859

W H Duncan et al v. H M Phillips, wife et al
This cause came before the Chancellor when it appeared that defendants Brantley W. Duncan, Wm A W Phillips and Josiah D P Phillips are in fact  minor without a regular guardian and have been regularily served with pro cess in this cause. It is therefor ordered, adjudged and decreed that J C Davis be appointed guardian ad litem and solicitor to answer and defend this suit for them in their room and stead. It also appears that ? Cochran, ? Cochran and ? Cochran, non resident infants for whom publications has regularily been made and Wiley Tally also a non resident infant, has regularily been made, and it is in like manner ordered, adjudged and decreed that said Davis be appointed guardian and litem for them to answer and defend the suit in their room and stead. It also appears that adult defendants Garner P Duncan, Hanna Causley, Isabella Robinson, Terril C Duncan, J Duncan, Oran Duncan, Celia I Duncan, Elizabeth Duncan, R Tillman and wife Margaret Tillman, Brinkley Duncan, Nancy McManus, Andrew Cockran, Wm  P Cockran, Stephen Cochran, A Cochran, Wiley Tally, James D Grant and wife Sarah C. Grant, Marcus L Clay and wife Paralee Clay, Josiah D Emerson, Charles Polk and wife Mary Polk, Mary Webster, Anna Brafford, James Hart, Sarah Hart, Isabella Hart, Rebecca Hart, William Gilbert and wife Elizabeth Gilbert, children and representatives of Nancy Early, whose names are now unknown, all are non residents and publication has duly and regularily been made for them and that they have failed to plead, answer or demur to the Bill of Complaint, so the same is taken for confessed as to them. (W H Duncan was William Howard Duncan born in Chatham Co NC in 1793, H M Phillips was Horatio M Phillips born in Chatham Co NC in 1801)