This is a summary of some of the Slaves listed in the Clark Bible, (as I found them in the 1870 Census. )

I'm trying to put together a hypothesis of the ancestry of these, along with their children.

Some of the persons found might not be the same people but they at least, look good, as possibilities and need to be followed up.

The bible's published date (1830,) tells me, it was not the original bible of Alexander and Phoebe Jefferson Clark.

I'm sure it was a copy of an older one, hence, all the names being in the same handwriting, probably at the same time. At least, the ones in the first handwriting.

I believe, William Clark b. 1775, d. 1852, and first son of Alexander and Phoebe, was the owner and person whose entries are in the main portion of it. And, since it has births dated after 1852, it may be in the handwriting of  grandmother Susan Clark, wife of William, who died in 1870.since she could read and write..

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Starting with the earliest birth listed:  I've made her 'possible' children's names in Green. Sylve's children are in Red

Hannah b. Mar 13 1792  - She may have died or been sold. She is not listed as giving  birth.. She may be a sister to Sylve because Sylve has a dau. named Hannah.  However, just because she isn't named as a Mother, doesn't mean that she isn't the Mother of some of these.
Maybe the person who copied the bible just didn't know ?   I am going to presume that she did not die and in fact is the mother of some of these other children..


                        Sylve is the family for which we have the proven children and grandchildren. So the names and dates in between the above and below, double lines are her family

2. Sylve b. 20th Sept. 1795 She and Hannah are the 2 eldest.

            2(a)  Abigail dau. of Sylve, b. 16 Apr 1821   There is an Abigail Hinton in Chatham in 1870 w/ Phebe b. 1845.

                      3 (a)  Phebe dau. of Abigail b. 28 Dec 1845   (above)

          3 (b) Hannah dau. of Abigail b. 25 Mar 1848   Should be the, Hannah Brooks in Chatham 1870.            

2(b) Sarah    b. 22 Feb 1823 d. Oct. 20, 1877  Even though the bible doesn't say she is the dau. of Sylve, I'm sure she is, by the d.o.b.
                     3 (a) William Cit son of Sarah b. 21 Jan 1854 (Wm. in 1870 census)

         3 (b) Roxana dau. of Sarah b. 4 Nov 1855 ( in 1870 census)

         3( c) Charles son of Sarah b. Sunday 11 Oct. 1857 (in 1870 census)

                     3 (d) Ned son of Sarah b. Sun 30 Oct. 1859 (Edward in 1870 census)

         3 (e) Thomas Alexander son of Sarah b. 22 Oct 1863 (should be the Alexander age 7 in the 1870 census)       

  2 (c) Mingo, son of Sylve b. 5 Jan 1834   There are many Mingo men, in 1870 but none named Clark, nor none in Chatham
                            There is a Mingo who is named in the estate papers of Alexander in 1783.
                                So, that Mingo may be, the father of Sylve  giving 4 generations in the bible...

  2 (d) Claracy, dau. of Sylve b. 13 May 1836 - Looks like she is the one in Montgomery Co., in 1870

  2 (e) Fanny  dau. of Sylve b. 17 Dec 1838 - a Fanny Hanks in 1870 in Chatham of the right age.

To recap here. as to the birthdates of Sylve's children. She has them in 1821, 1823, there is a gap, and then she gives birth again, in 1834, 1836, and 1838.
So, assuming she didn't give birth to several still born or children that died in infancy, there is a gap of 12 years without a birth.  So, it's possible one of the ones unaccounted for, below is hers. And, when the names were copied they just didn't give her as the mother.


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           The rest of these names do not have a mother given in the bible so, nothing is certain..

Cherry may be dau. of Hannah ? 

  Cherry b. 28 March 1819  She could be the Cherry Atwater in 1870 or the Cherry Burnett or the Cherry Headen all,  in Chatham Co., in 1870 but, the ages are closer to be the Atwater or Burnett.

London,  son of Cherry b. 26 Dec. 183 (5)? Number cut off. There is a couple of London Clark's and an L. Clark in the 1870 census. But, not in Chatham Co.

Jackson,  son of Cherry b. 2 Mar. 1838 - I only find one Jackson Clark in the 1870 census and he is in Lincoln Co. TN. His age is 29, not quite the right age but, close. (b. 1841)

Abner, son of Cherry b. 21 Apr 1840 - He is in Chatham in 1870, with children) (see Elizabeth, b. 1843, below)

Dennis, son of Cherry b. 27 Apr 1842 - No Dennis at all in the 1870 census.

Mary, dau. of Cherry b. 30 Aug. 1843 - She could be one of many...

Cyrus, son of Cherry b. 15 Feb 1846 - 2 Cyrus Clark's in New Hanover Co. NC in 1870 But, the ages are way off.

Cornelia, dau. of Cherry b. 3 Sept 1838 - I believe she is the Cornelia Bynum in Chatham Co., 1870 (another of my family surnames) But, she could be the Cornelia Edmonds.

Enoch, son of Cherry b. 27 Aug. 1850 - Find several Enoch, Enoc, Enock's in NC of the right age, but none in Chatham nor named Clark.


 Lucy b. 10 Jan 1821 - May be the Lucy Siler (Seler in the index) of Chatham, 1870. with a son George, age, 18 (b. 1852?)

George son of Lucy b. 16 Dec 1847 -

Edmond son of Lucy b. 29 May 1849 - An Edmond Patterson of the right age in 1870, Chatham

Peter son of Lucy b. 18 July 1851

Lucy cannot be a child of Sylve because Sylve has Abigail in Mar.  of 1821. Lucy may be the dau. of Hannah


 Miley b. 19 Aug. 1823

Hannah dau. of Miley b. 27 June 1848  - Since this writing is almost obliterated  in the bible I think she probably died ?
I  believe she is also the dau. of Hannah b. 1792. She cannot be the dau. of Sylve because Sylve's dau. Sarah is b. Feb. 1823.


Tempy b. 23 July 1827 - maybe the Tempy Richardson (age 45) in Chatham, 1870

Amy dau. of Tempy b. 7 July 1849
She may be a dau. of Sylve ? but also be Hannah's?

Louisa was b. 23 July 1837 - I'm sure she is the Louisa Farrar in Chatham 1870, wife of Grandison Farrar.

Ginny Jane dau. of Louisa b. 15 Sept 1856 w/ Louisa  in 1870

Amy dau. of Louisa b. Sat. 27 March 1858 - w/ Louisa in 1870

Clargy Biddy dau. of Louisa was b. Wed. 13 July 1859 - may be deceased by 1870

Harry son of Louisa was b. Mon 24 Aug. 1860 - w/ Louisa in 1870

Ellender dau. of Louisa was b. Sun 3 Nov 1861 - Ellen, w/Louisa in 1870

Jacky dau. of Louisa was b. Tues. 14 July 1863 - the Zacky w/ Louisa in 1870

Louisa was probably a child, of Hannah since Sylve had a baby in 1836 and 1838

This page of the bible was written by someone different from the first pages of it.

.Elizabeth b. 29 Feb 1843- She is the wife of Abner Clark above, the son of Cherry. (so we know she is not the dau. of Cherry. She might be the dau. of Sylve, because there is a gap in the birth dates of her children.. But, Sylve would be 39, at the birth. (possible but, maybe not)

            Starling son of Elizabeth b 11 Aug. 1857

Henry son of Elizabeth b. 24 Nov. 1859

Joannah dau of Elizabeth b. 11 Aug 1861

Dolphus Walon son of Elizabeth b. Sat. 16 July 1864 - This should be the Adolphus Clark in Chatham in 1870.

Edward-  b. 15 Mar 1810 - He might be the son of Hannah. She would be 18 by then. (Sylve would only be 15) Of course females started giving birth then as early as it was possible, just like animals on the farm. And, not just the black females... so......    :-(

Sam b. 28 Jun 1810  His birth is only 3 months after Edward. So, he and Edward don't have the same mother. He may be the son of another  woman, not listed, or else Sylve is the mother, just before she becomes 15.. 
 I'm sure the Samuel Clark in the 1870 census of Chatham, is this Sam. Two of his daughters are named Cornelia and Tempy

Enoch b.3 May 1817 - The mother could be either Hannah, Sylve  or unknown.

Nicy b. 9 Feb 1822 - Either and unknown mother, Hannah or Sylve

Charles b. 9 Apr 1823 - Either Hannah or Sylve or unknown?

Winship b. 4 Sept. 1825 - The birth of Winship and Lucy are too close so, we can say for sure they do not have the same mother.

Lucy b. 15 Jan 1826

The rest of these are spaced by time of birth,  so that they can be the child of any, of the females, of childbearing age.

Anny b. 2 Sept 1827

Betty b. 19 June 1829

Emmy b. 2 or 9, Aug 1831

Nelson b. Nov 27 1842 - He may be the Nelson Harris in Chatham in 1870.