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Allred, Arrington, Barton, Beaver, Bilbrey, Blackwood, Blalock/Blaylock, Bland, Booker, Bray, Bray, Brewer, Brewer, Brewer, Brooks, Brown, Brown, Buchanan, Buie, Bush, Cate/Cates, Cheek, Clark, Clark, Clark, Cole, Cole, Collings, Cooper, Cooper, Copeland, Copeland, Dark, Davis, Dill, Dockery/Dockrey, Dodd, Dorsett, Dunlap, Edwards, Ellis, Ellis, Emerson, Farlow, Farrar, Ferrell, Fields, Foushee, Fussell, Gardner, Garner, Gilbert, Gothard, Granger, Green(e), Groce/Gross, Guinn, Harrington, Harman/Harmon, Hart, Hatch, Hatley, Hatley, Haithcock/Heathcock, Hayes/Hays, Headen, Henderson, Henry, Higdon, Holden, Holden, Hollowell, Hooper, Horton, Howard, Hunt, Jefferson, Jessup, Jinks/Jenks/Jencks, Joiner, Jones, Kirkland, Knight, Lam, Lambert, Lea, Lilly, Lloyd, Maddox/Mattox, Mann, Marley,.Marsh, Marsh, Marsh, Martin, Martin, Masters, Mays, McCasland, McCasland, McMasters, McPherson, McQueen, Medlin, Morris, Nall, Nall, Nall(e), Night, Nobles, Parker, Parnell, Partin, Perry, Petty, Platt, Poe, Poe, Price, Proctor, Pylant, Quakenbush, Rawson, Ray, Ray, Record, Redden/Redding, Richardson, Richardson, Rigdon, Rigsbee, Rowe, Salkill, Seagroves, Simmons, Sparrow, Sparrow, Stedman, Stinson, Straughan, Strayhorn, Strowd, Sturdivant, Thomas, Tucker, Tyson, Vestal, Watson, Watts, Whitehead, Wilkey, Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Willis, Wilson, Womble, Wright, Younger,

Mose Crews 3/29/97
SEAGROVES I am seeking information on Albert SEAGROVES shown in 1850 census living in Upper Regiment of County of Chatham State of North Carolina. His wife was Rebecca __________. He and his parents are shown to be born in North Carolina. Rebecca also shown as born in North Carolina. Albert was born about 1814 and Rebecca born about 1811. The 1840 census also shows him in Chatham County. 1860 census and later shows him living in Greene County, Arkansas. Thanks for any information. Mose Crews, P. O. Box 541, Sibley, LA 71073.

Clay Williams 3/29/97
I am looking for information on my ggg-grandfather Jesse WILLIAMS (born @ 1793)and his two sons A. G. WILLIAMS (born @ 1827) and John WILLIAMS (born 1829 in Orange County). Both sons were in the war and John died of wounds from the battle at Dinwiddle Courthouse in Va. The family moved to Chatham County and Jesse WILLIAMS was recorded in a census as 57 yoa in 1850.

David G. White 3/29/97
Looking for information on Rachel C. VESTAL. b. 8/30/1832 in Chatham Co., NC. d. Jan. 8, 1898 (d. Indiana?). Married Oct. 6, 1853 in Greensboro, Indiana, Robert Polk PETTY. b., Guilford Co., NC, Feb. 18, 1836(?), d. May 14, 1900 (d. Indiana?). Who were Rachel's parents? Grandparents?, etc. Rachel was my Great-Great grandmother. Any information on Robert's background would be helpful, also. I have his parents as Rutherford PETTY and Margaret _______, both born North Carolina. No other info on them known.

Luke Stevens 3/22/97
Researching Henry MARLEY (son of Robert MARLEY), b. c. 1760 in Chatham Co., and his wife Maria Jane BRAY. Henry was a Revolutionary War soldier.

Carol Hehemann 3/22/97
HOWARD, James born 12 Mar 1786 moved from Chatham Co. N.C. to Stewart Co, Tn. in 1817 then to Henry Co. Tn. in 1823. His wife was Elizabeth COLLINGS. Do you have information as to his parents and siblings? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for your time.

Bill Gallagher 3/21/97
BUCHANAN  I am searching for the BUCHANAN's of Cape Fear Township in Chatham, NC. In Particular any Birth records for Donald BUCHANAN b. abt 1873. Most interested in Parents for Donald. Thank you to any one who can help me find this information.

Jean Murchison 3/20/97
I am searching for information on John (St. John) STRAUGHAN who was born in Chatham Co. in 1827. I believe his father was Richard STRAUGHAN. I am also searching for information on William FOUSHEE who was born in Chatham Co. on March 27, 1807. His daughter Mary Hackney (Polly) FOUSHEE married John STRAUGHAN. Mary Hackney FOUSHEE's mother was Nancy LAMBERT, who was also born in Chatham Co., NC in 1803. I believe that Nancy LAMBERT's father was Jehu (?) LAMBERT born. c. 1770 and died in 1846 in Chatham Co., NC. Her mother was named Martha___________. Will gladly swap any information I have.

Barbara Montgomery 3/20/97
JINKS/JENKS/JENCKS  I am looking for any available information about the families of George JINKS, Joseph JINKS, Mathew JINKS, and William JINKS who were listed in the 1800 Census as living in Chatham Co. Some family members also used the spelling JENKS or JENCKS.

Mike Parton 3/20/97
I am looking for information on Elisha PARTIN b. 1804 in NC m. Elizabeth ? before 1827. ch. John b1827,Alexander b. 1830, Columbus b.1835, Mary Ann b 1837, Charles H. b 1840, William L. b. 1839, Patterson, b. 1843, Thomas b.1845, Elisha or Addison b. 1848, Malinda b.1850, Elwood E. b 1852 Found in 1830 Montgomery census. Nathaniel, Randle, and John PARTIN were listed in 1810 Montgomery cenus, but were gone by 1830 I believe they went to Hamilton, TN. I think one of these may be Elisha's Father. Also believe Elisha was married in Montgomery County. Would like to find Elizabeth's maiden Name. Elisha was in Chatham County in 1840, Randolph in 1850, Guilford in 1860. Elizabeth and her sons Charles (my line) William, Thomas, Elwood, and spouse of Alexander were located in Henry County, IN in 1870 and 1880. My documentation for Elisha and decendants is complete. I need the missing link. Any help would be appreciated. I would gladly share my information with others. email or write to Mike Parton, RR1 Box 1496, Springville, IN 47462

Jessie Blalock 3/15/97
I'm doing research on BLALOCK/BLAYLOCK, and I have discovered that there were several BLALOCKs in the 1790 census for Chatham County. These individuals were: Charles, David, George, Julius I would appreciate any information about them, and particularly about any of them, or their children or grandchildren, who moved to Bledsoe County, TN.

Anthony Johnson 3/15/97
I need help on finding ancestors of B. Ripley COPELAND Sr. He and his parents lived in Chatham Co., N.C. prior to the Revolutionary War. Ripley served as a soldier in that war, then moved to South Carolina, where his parents had apparently moved during the war. He married Rachel TUCKER. Can you help.

Charles Langley 3/15/97
My grandfather, Henry HOLDEN, shows up in the 1870 census of Chatham County after marrying Anna Louise BROWN I think he moved there from Franklin County and that Chatham was the home of his bride. His wife owned a small silver mine which he worked at one time. Anyone have knowledge?

Carl W. Dykes 3/15/97
Need to know the burial place and any other information on William H. McPHERSON, residing in Chatham Co. in 1860, Northampton Co. in 1870 and Randolph Co. in 1890. He married Nancy A. DARK in Chatham Co. on January 22, 1839. Any assistance appreciated.

Judy Woodruff 3/9/97
I am looking for any information regarding the surname MARSH. James MARSH had three children: Thomas Pennel MARSH, Penelope Cartherine, and Mumford Stokes MARSH. They were all born in Chatham Co. NC. I have reason to believe that one of James' brothers was also Mumford Stokes MARSH born about 1800. Research shows their grandfather, who we believe to be Robert MARSH, was married twice and had 24 children. The question being, which one of those 24 was James' father???? Any help would certainly be appreciated. Census records show the whole family moved from Chatham Co. about 1832 to Hardeman Co. in TN.

Linda Allred Cooper 3/9/97
Researching HENDERSON, CLARK, and COOPER families. Already have quite a bit of info, but can always use more. I'm willing to share also. Right now trying to find who Oliver CLARK's parents were and where he was from. Oliver first shows up in Chatham in 1845 in the Silk Hope area. Also have info on the ALLRED family of Siler City if you're interested. Please contact Linda Allred Cooper, P.O. Box 415, Pittsboro, NC 27312 or phone (919) 542-3077.

Michael G. Copeland 3/9/97
Nicholas COPELAND came from Orange County Virginia to Orange County NC.Three of his sons William, Joseph, and James COPELAND went to east Tennessee. New information now indicates that the James who lived in Chatham County was not the son of Nicholas COPELAND.  James married to Elizabeth was the son of James and Diana COPELAND of Chowan NC. James COPELAND who went with his brothers to east Tenn had land records that tie him to his brothers. Bible located that clearly indicates that James COPELAND - son of Nich. COPELAND of Orange County NC.- married Lydia DILL. Any COPELAND researchers who would like additional details please contact me for information. Will endeavor to correct many years of printing and re-prints that incorrectly identifies James/Elizabeth COPELAND from Nicholas COPELAND. Would like to discuss other COPELAND sons who remain in North Carolina. Contact me at your convenience.

Carl Marsh 3/9/97
Seeking any information on the MARSH family believed to have lived in N.C. possibly Chatham Co.; before moving into Tennessee in the early 1800's.

Grace Hedrick 3/9/97
MORRIS/THOMAS. I am searching for the family of my grandfather, William Henry THOMAS, b. 29 Mar 1873 in Chatham Co. His mother was Mary Jane MORRIS, b. Jun 1854. I am told that she was unmarried at his birth. Her parents were John H MORRIS & Jane ?. John was 35 in the 1870 census, a farmer in Chatham Co. Mary Jane married John M THOMAS and had other children. He is in the 1880 census as 30 yrs old, farmer in Gulf TWP. Any help you can give me on either of these families will be greatly appreciated.

Jerry Willis 3/9/97
Looking for information on James WILLIS b. Cumberland Co. Virginia. married Elizabeth WILSON in 1772. He died 1796 in Chatham Co. Children Wilson, Larkin, Elijah, Elisha, Rebecca, Sally. Vickie, Molly, Nancy, Jemima. Will reply to all emails.

Charles R. Richardson 3/9/97
John (nmn) RICHARDSON, my great grandfather, was born near Hillsboro, NC 27 May1819. The RICHARDSON family was reportedly in the stagecoach business. The only record I have of John in NC comes from the minutes of the Eagle Lodge in Hillsboro. He joined the Masons 5 Dec1842 and was "initiated an Entered Apprentice (as it was a case of an emergency). "  On 10 Dec1842 he "petitioned to be passed to the degree of Fellow Craft." . This was passed. A lodge of Master Masons was then opened and he petitioned to be raised to Master Mason. This too was passed. He became a Master Mason in two meetings five days apart. He did not attend any more meetings until 10 April 1843 at which time he stated he was "going to the Western Country and wanted a certificate showing he was an honourable and Regular member of the lodge.". On motion it was unanimously granted to him. He went to Jonesboro, TN and worked for the firm of John H. Blair,a stagecoach line. On 4 July 1846, John married Elizabeth Susannah ELLIS of Church Hill, TN. Hawkins County. Their first home was in Russellville, Jefferson County TN. Elizabeth's father, John E. ELLIS, had operated a stage stopover in Church Hill and was a successful land owner. I have some information on John and Elizabeth and on the ELLIS family. I have fully documented John and Elizabeth's children. Around 1851 John and Elizabeth moved to the ELLIS homeplace in Church Hill. They bought out many of Elizabeth's siblings and accumulated several hundred acres. Elizabeth died 6 June 1899 and John 22 Mar 1909. They gave land in Church Hill for an Academy also to be used as a Masonic Hall. John continued as a Mason and was said to Tennessee's oldest when he died. John and Elizabeth could read and write. All four adult children were well educated for the times . All were land owners and successful. Their grandchildren included lawyer, missionary, naval officer and successful business men. This family of RICHARDSONS are reputed to be descendents of Patrick HENRY and to maintain an awareness of the relationship every generation has had a son named Henry. My problem is I have been unable to find even the given names of John's parents. The 1900 census gives his father's birthplace as Maryland and his mother's as NC. I feel John had considerable influence within the Eagle Lodge. I searched the minutes from before his birth and did not find a RICHARDSON. ( I am aware of the various spellings ) Names of those in attendance for all three meetings which John attended are: James M. PALMER, C. S. COOLEY, H. BOSHAMER, John COOLEY, R. F. PLEASANTS, Pride JONES, Allen PARKS, R. H. LEE, James PARKS. Those signing his dement, beside some above, were; John BERRY and W. W. BROWN. We have the original. I feel John must have been related to some person listed. I would make a nice contribution to any society or person who could give me an answer. Charles Ray Richardson, 3732 Eakley Ct., Raleigh, NC 27606

Judie Hines 3/9/97
HATCH: Found in the NC Archives in a "Petition For Dower", Chatham Co, NC , May term 1867. The petition of Martha HATCH, widow of Henry Hardaway HATCH, who died in Chatham in April 1866, leaving children: John W. HATCH, Robert HATCH, William HATCH, John BLAND & wife Elizabeth, William BLAND & wife Frances, John FERRELL & wife Emaline, Thomas F. LILLY & wife Mary Ann & Indiana F. HATCH a minor for which John T. FERRELL is guardian. Whose child is Indiana? Thanks!

David Sadler 3/9/97
Looking for the parents and family of John SIMMONS who are most likely from the old Hillsboro District in North Carolina (1750-1790). This covers Orange County and parts of Randolph, Chatham, Guilford, Granville, and Wake Counties, NC. SIMMONS families can be spotted in this area from early tax lists and census as early as 1750's. The area was settled by many immigrants from Pennsylvania and Virginia I have been told. In particular looking for any and all information on Job SIMMONS listed in the 1790 Randolph County census. Also a Mark SIMMONS listed in early Bourbon County, KY tax lists maybe related as well. Some research has already been done with limited success. John SIMMONS was born about 1775 probably in North Carolina. In March 1800 he married Elizabeth FARLOW in Randolph County, North Carolina. Their first five children are born in Randolph County, but in 1811 they move to Indiana along with several FARLOW Families. By 1820's John and Elizabeth are living in Rush County, Indiana; by 1830 they are living in Hancock County and then in 1838 they move to Montgomery County, Indiana where John dies in 1847 and Elizabeth around 1855. The FARLOW's were Quakers and the SIMMONS' might have been Mennonite. Their children lived in Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, and Oregon. Relatively good genealogies of descendants available.

Greg Kann 3/9/97
Isaac H. STROWD was born 26 Nov 1832 in Chatham Co., NC, and died Unknown. He married Mary Emily MANN 10 Apr 1855 in Chatham Co., NC, daughter of Henry MANN and Racheal ???. Children of Isaac STROWD and Mary MANN are: i.Charles H. STROWD, b. 9 Nov 1856. ii.Sudie T. STROWD, b. 22 Aug 1857. iii.Sallie Matilda STROWD, b. 23 Sep 1859, Chatham Co., NC; d. 15 Jul 1937, Durham, NC.; married Richard Thomas KIRKLAND 4 Sep 1884, son of John KIRKLAND and Mary STRAYHORN. iv.Rachael T. STROWD, b. 6 Apr 1861. v.Celia M. STROWD, b. Unknown.

Katheryn Brewer 3/9/97
Would appreciate any info on MATTOX, MADDOX and other spellings-- family originating in Wales(?). from states MD, VA, NC, TN, MS.and westward. Especially interested in Mial MATTOX, born 28 July 1790 in NC (probably Chatham County). Need more info on parents. Mial ( Michael?) MATTOX died in Lincoln County Tn. 29 Dec. 1831. He was listed in the NC census of 1830. Katheryn M. Brewer; 2921 Flora St.; Titusville, Fl. 32796

Chet Wood 3/6/97
Looking for parents of James Madison FARRAR Born Sept 7,1817 in Chatham County NC. James Madison FARRAR had two brothers names George and Jack along with seven sisters. The family had come earlier from VA and before that from England. James Madison FARRAR's wife was Nancy PLATT. They had a son Henry Hall FARRAR born in 1873 in Chatham County. The family later moved to Alabama and James Madison FARRAR lived to be 109 years old.

Linda Allen 3/4/97
Seeking the parents of Aaron STINSON, born about 1735 in Moore county, died before November, 1799 in Chatham county. He married Rebecca____ about 1760 in Chatham county. Rebecca was born about 1739. I'm also for ANY information on her. Their children were William, John, James, Thomas, Sarah, Rebecca, Elizabeth and Mary.

Greg Gonzales 3/2/97
GREEN(E) Looking for information on Hardin Otha Green (1820-1909) possibly born in Chatham County or in Boone, NC area. May have been the son of a John GREEN. Was John a son of Abel GREEN or Jeremiah GREEN, Jr.? John would have been born about 1786. Hardin eventually went to Overton County, TN in 1840s and went to MO and TX after the Civil War. He died in Lubbock, TX in 1909. I have a good amount of information to share concerning Hardin and these GREENS. Greg Gonzales, 5230 Rock Springs Rd., Smyrna, TN 37167

Robert B. Masters 3/1/97
Looking for info.on James MASTERS.Have copy of letter written by him 1781.His address is listed as South Branch Rocky River, Chatham County,North Carolina. Date is 4th mo. 21st. 1781. Letter was to James MASTERS,Concord Twp. Chester Co. PA. James MASTERS 11 Brn.1746 died 1833. Married Margaret SALKILL tone of letter and birth date of son makes me believe James MASTERS 1 was elderly at time of writting.Have much MASTERS info to exchange.

Sandra Cole 3/1/97
RAWSON and COLE: Searching for the parents and siblings of Francis RAWSON born circa 1816 according to family tradition in Chatham County, NC. She married circa 1838 Elisha COLE of Moore County, NC (born 15 Jan 1812 - died 4 Oct 1881) the first of his three wives. Francis died soon after the birth of a son in Sept 1853. According to several elderly grandchildren, Francis' family lived in Chatham County and there are indeed several families named ROSSIN, ROSSON, ROSSEN, ROSSER in that county in that time period. I would like to exchange information with anyone who has infomation on any of these families in Chatham County in the 1700 and 1800's.

Sandra Cole 3/1/97
EDWARDS and COLE: Searching for the parents and siblings of Lila EDWARDS who married James COLE circa 1805. James was born 3 Apr 1784 and died 16 May 1865. Lila and James are said to have been born in Chatham County, NC and moved to Moore County, NC after their marriage where Lila died between 1816 and 1820. James' father was possibly Joseph COLE who lived in Chatham County and also moved to Moore County at about the same time as James and Lila. I would like to exhange information with anyone who has information on these families in Chatham County in the 1700 and 1800's.

Grace McGinnis 3/1/97
Seeking information on Banister MEDLIN born ca 1801 NC. Married in Chatham Co., NC 31 January 1833 Elizabeth "Betsy" BREWER born ca 1814 NC. Pharraba BREWER, sister of Elizabeth, was born 1811 in Chatham Co., NC. She married Harbart COOPER also of Chatham Co. Both the Banister MEDLIN and Harbart COOPER families were in Grainger Co., Tn by 1850. Also need information on the BREWER family.

Jo Storie 2/28/97
HARRINGTON/ARRINGTON & HIGDON: Thomas HARRINGTON is the son of Charles HARRINGTON of early 1800s Chatham Co. I am trying to prove that this Thomas HARRINGTON moved to Wilson Co., Tn. and became Thomas ARRINGTON. Thomas HARRINGTON m. Rena HIGDON late 1700s. Maybe HIGDON decendents have information as to where Rena died.

Karen Porreca 2/28/97
PARNELL: Looking for the father of Eli PARNELL, b. December, 1941. Eli's father may have owned land in or around Orange County. Census records show Eli's father was also born in North Carolina, but where is unknown.

Betty Blevins 2/28/97
Searching for parentage, gran parentage etc on Nicholas NALL b. 2-2-1812 in Chatham Co. Married Lydia ?. Had children named Emily -1840, Rebecca A-1848, Joseph A..1850, Martha-1853, Raleigh-1855, Wright W...1857, Thomas Brown-1859, Sarah C-1862, Thomas F-1867. 4 more children who apparently died in infancy. Nicholas migrated to Wise County Texas in the late 1880's and settled in the Paradise/Draco area. Thomas B. is the father of my grandmother. Nicholas died 10-16-1887 and is buried in the Paradise, Wise county, Texas cemetery. Don't know the name of Nicholas's father, possibly Thomas. Nicholas is thought to be the great nephew to Nicholas NALL of Moore County and the grand son of John NALL, who died in the Rev. War in 1781. Any information will be appreciated

Jack Williams Gill 2/24/97
WILLIAMS/BILBREY I am researching my WILLIAMS/BILBREY line which is linked to Chatham Co, NC. Around 1804 they left Chatham Co for Overton Co, TN. The Bilbrey brothers were Johnnie, Isham, and Larance BILBREY. We suspect John WILLIAMS and possibly his brother were in the party of 42 men, women, and children. I am specifically searching for John WILLIAMS parents. He married Eda BILBREY, Johnnie's daughter.

Roger Hart 2/24/97
Looking for birth information on Reuben and Nancy Ann (RIGDON) HART believed to be born in Chatham County between 1775 and 1785. They were in Washington County, Ga. in Sept 1800, because their oldest son was born there on Sept 8. I am trying to find parents of both, as well as any siblings. Beaver RIGDON is most promising father to Nancy Ann, but have no clue for Reuben's parentage.

Glenda Biggerstaff 2/24/97
Looking for any information on Randolph CHEEK b ca1735 and his descendants. Joab CHEEK and John CHEEK were sons. Randolph moved to the Chatham/Moore Co area with brother Robert CHEEK and sister Jane CHEEK who married Cornelius TYSON. Will be glad to share information.

Patsy Bethel 2/24/97
Am looking for any information on Nicholas HAITHCOCK wife Nancy PROCTOR. Her mother was a WHITEHEAD. Do not know who for sure if her father was Solomon PROCTOR. Nicholas's father may have been Taton HAITHCOCK/HEATHCOCK. Nicholas was born in Chatham Co. about 1811 and moved to Davidson Co. around 1820. He left Davidson Co. around 1865. Would like to know more about them.

Joan Hatley 2/24/97
I have done much searching on the HATLEY family that lived on New Hope Creek in Chatham Co. I have solved many mysteries and still have many to be solved. Would be glad to exchange information.

Jeanne Williams 2/24/97
Need information on Robert Avery WILLIAMS, b 1873, and Russell Avery WILLIAMS, Sr, b 1908, both of Chatham County. Thanks.

Paul Horton 2/23/97
Seeking ancestor info on William HORTON (wife Amy) died Chatham Co. ca1818. William moved to Chatham Co. from North- Hampton Co. before 1810. There is speculation that his father was either John HORTON of Northampton Co. or Amos HORTON of Brunswick Co. VA. Would appreciate any help with documented evidence of William's ancestry.

Paul Horton 2/23/97
Seeking documented ancestor information on John CLARK (1820-1885) of Chatham Co. His wife was Sarah (Sallie) Alsie DAVIS (1835-1916). Trying to confirm if John is the son of John Jefferson CLARK (1782-1844?) (wife Margaret), a descendant of Field JEFFERSON, uncle of President Thomas JEFFERSON.

Betty Houchins Blevins 2/23/97
I am looking for information on the family of NALL, Nicholas born in Chatham county North Carolina of February 12, 1812. Need to know lineage and the surname of Lydia ? who he married in NC before migrating to Texas. They had 15 know children born in the Chatham and Moore counties area. Thanks for your help.

Karen Groce 2/13/97
I'm researching GROCE/GROSS and HARMAN/HARMON in Chatham Co., NC. Both families were there from 1790 onward. Britton GROCE (father unknown, mother probably Mourning UNKNOWN) married Elizabeth HARMAN, daughter of Hezekiah HARMAN. John Harman GROCE left Chatham shortly after the Civil War and migrated (for some reason) to Drew Co., AR, where he married Rosanna MAYS (daughter of David MAYS of VA). Please contact me if you have information you want to share about the HARMAN and GROCE families.
Karen Groce, 733 Lincoln Drive, Starkville, MS 39759-9603

Judy Woodruff 2/6/97
I am looking for any information regarding a James MARSH born in Chatham Co. NC b. 2/6/1797 NC d. 7/25/1881 AR. Brother was Mumford Stokes MARSH b. 1800 Chatham Co. NC. The family moved to Hardeman Co. TN approx. 1832. Any help locating their parents or any family would be appreciated. Thank you.

Jo Ann Saunders 2/6/97
Seeking descendents and fellow researchers of the BROOKS and POE surnames. Would like to find information on Jane "Ginsey" BROOKS, born 4 May 1789 NC. married 15 Nov 1818, Terry POE Jr. born 29 May 1799, Chatham County, NC, son of Simon POE III. They migrated to Cape Girardeau County, MO, where they both died.

Francy Thompson 2/3/97
Need parents/family of Jesse GILBERT born May 28, 1792 in NC. Died April 3, 1881 in Franklin county, TN. He married Elizabeth PYLANT on Oct 31, 1818 in Cumberland county, NC. She was born April 6, 1794 in Chatham county, NC and was the daughter of John and Zilphy JONES PYLANT. Elizabeth Pylant GILBERT died Mar 16, 1876 in Franklin county, TN. Their children were: Delila (1820), William H. (1821), Gabriel G. (1823), John A. (1825), Rebecca J. (1828), Elizabeth (1830), Pinkney (1833), Jesse G. (1839). I am at a dead end, any possible leads would be greatly appreciated.

Rufus Joiner1/29/97
I am looking for Joiners that were from Chatham Co. NC. Malachi and Abraham Joiner moved to Washington County, Georgia. sometimes in late 1700. Malachi b.1781 in NC. Married Sarah Gardner. Any info on Joiners will help. Thanks. Rufus Joiner, Albany, Georgia

Jerry Lloyd 1/29/97
Looking for ancestor information on Major General Thomas F. LLOYD, b. 1736 in PA , d. 1792 in Orange Co. NC. I am also looking for information on William Graham QUAKENBUSH of the White Cross community in Orange Co. NC.

Sharon Rowe 1/29/97
I am looking for information on Solomon ROWE, that died in Chatham Co. NC 1827. I am looking for the family, brother, parent and children besides the one's mentioned in his will. Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for any help,

William Smith 1/29/97
Seeking information on WOMBLE family of Chatham County. Ancestor is John S. WOMBLE borrn 14 May 1838 to Miles and Mary WOMBLE. John's daughter Nancy Elizabeth WOMBLE is my link to the family.

Frank G. Arthur 1/24/97
Need info on Joseph POE pre-1800 or 1790.  Also book Poe Pages.

Ann Wallace 1/24/97
Searching for any information on John NALL(E) born about 1741, died Sept. 14, 1781, in the Battle of Cane Creek, NC. Married Martha ?. Need to find out her last name and when she died. John NALL lived in Chatham County, NC, and served in the Revolutionary War. Any additional information would be appreciated.

John H. Emerson 1/24/97 EMERSON/DUNLAP/BRAY/McCASLAND/HEADEN/BUIE/LEA/WILLIAMS: Seek information on these families and exchange of information. The Emerson line originates with James EMERSON, the Regulator. John H. Emerson, 1316 Hampton Valley Road, Cary, NC, 27511.

Charles R Richardson 1/20/97
RICHARDSON, John (nmn) b. 27 May 1819 near Hillsboro. Joined the Eagle (Masonic) Lodge in Hillsboro, 5 Dec 1842. Received dement from Eagle Lodge 10 April 1843 " because he was going to Western Country". Went to Washington Co. TN and worked for John Blair Co., a stage line. m. Elizabeth ELLIS of Hawkins Co.TN 4July1846 Richardsons said to be in stage transportation business in NC. Also said to be related to Patrick Henry. All generations carry the Henry name. Know nothing of John's life except for Masonic association while in NC. Desperately, need to know his parents name. Mother b. NC father b. MD per 1910 census. John very successful, Elizabeth from reasonably wealthy family. Raised four children to adults. Gave land for school Masonic Hall in Hawkins Co. All could read and write. Have searched conventional means, but lost not knowing given names of parents. Will reward or make donation for verifiable information.

Carolyn Burgess Knott 1/17/97
I need information concerning the lineage of Margaret STURDIVANT, born 1- 28-1817, died 4-17-1891, married12-14-1843 to David Porter STEDMAN of Chatham Co.; Anne CLARK of Chatham Co., born 4-24-1775, died 12-5-1846, married 4-7-1791 to Nathan Alexander STEDMAN.(Anne CLARK's father was Wiliam CLARK who died in 1795 in Chatham County. William CLARK had a brother, Alexander CLARK.).

Pam Stone 1/17/97
RAY/MARTIN Looking for descendants of Rev.John RAY or ANY OTHER Chatham Co., NC, RAY Family or MARTIN family. Seek ancestors of several AL & MS RAY & MARTIN family groups, specifically Elijah RAY, b. NC?, m. Nancy Ann MARTIN, dau. of Andrew MARTIN, living Jefferson Co., AL, 1837, when his land claim in the Choctaw Indian Cession of 1832 was recorded in the Tuskaloosa Land Record Office, AL. Elijah & Nancy's son, Robert Andrew RAY, b. 1832, Washington Co., AL (later Choctaw Co.), d. 1910, Meridian, Lauderdale Co., MS; m. Maryann Susan WRIGHT, b. 1837, Choctaw Co., AL; d. 11 Feb 1918, dau. of Jesse Austin WRIGHT (b., 1812, who removed to AL from Laurens Co., SC; d. 1887, Choctaw Co., AL) & Elizabeth GUINN (dau. of Henry GUINN of Madison Co., AL, & Lavinia [Lovenia, Luvenia] PRICE, b. unk.) I know of only one sibling so far of Robert A. RAY: his sister, Mary Jane RAY, m. Silas Anderson WRIGHT of Choctaw Co. (who was the bro. of Jesse Austin WRIGHT.) Robert & Susan Wright RAY had: Nancy Ann, Mary Jane, Floyd Walker, George Smith, Laura Estelle, Robert Hosea, & Vaughn Vegaria (who had a dau. named Viola Ray.) George Smith RAY, b. 1868, Choctaw Co., AL, d. 1962, Mobile, AL, m. Mary Susan GUINN, dau. of Frank H. GUINN (half-bro. of Elizabeth GUINN, son of Wesley GUINN & Lavinia PRICE) & Mary Susanna WRIGHT. George & Mary had: Hardy, Wiley, Ruby, Roy, Melanie, Gerthy, & Easter Hixie RAY (my grandmo.) Other AL families who are allied with my RAYS include NOBLES & BUSH. Andrew MARTIN's sister might be Elizabeth Ann MARTIN FIELDS, d. 1829, Jefferson Co., AL, who removed from Chatham Co., NC, following the death of her husband, Samuel Moses FIELDS. Elizabeth & Samuel's son, William Moses FIELDS, was b. Chatham Co., NC, 1788. Another linked family to my RAY/MARTIN line is probably John RAY, whose son, Rev.Samuel RAY, was a founding pioneer of Autauga Co., AL. Samuel's son, Allen RAY; Allen's son, George Wiley RAY; George's dau., Sarah RAY m. George William NOBLES. Can anyone help with these families?

Daniel W Dockrey 1/12/97
DOCKERY/DOCKREY,PERRY, WATSON, WILKEY,LAM,JESSUP,BARTON - John DOCKERY [b.1760 d.1839] married Sary PERRY [b.1760 d1821/27 Orange Co. NC] 30 May 1889? in Wake Co NC. Some of their children are: Mary [Polly] who married Vincent WILKEY 13 Sep 1808; Richard Perry DOCKERY who married Margaret[Peggy] LAM 13 Nov 1815; John DOCKERY who married Huldah Ann WATSON 24 Jan 1816; Robert DOCKERY who married Catherine JESSUP 17 Oct 1820; Peyton DOCKERY who married Elizabeth WATSON 7 Aug 1819; and Nancy DOCKERY who married William BARTON 12 Dec 1825. Will exchange info on all that I have. I am looking for the parents of John and Sary or anyone working on the other surnames. John DOCKERY purchased 200 A in Chatham Co on 10 Oct 1779, Warrant # 632. This land joined his 200 A in Wake County. all 400 A are on the border of Wake and Chatham. John later moved to O:range Co. NC. Polly, Richard PERRY and John all removed from Orange County NC in the 1820AEs and came to Hopkins County KY.

Sandra McAlexander Beaver 1/11/97
I am Looking for information on Rigdon or Rigston BEAVER. He was listed in the 1790 Chatham County Census. Rigston as head of Household also 1 other male of 16 years plus, 1 female under 16 and a total of 7 females. Later he was in TN ans still later he and spouse Glathy were in Lawrence County, AL. Would love to find marriage record in NC and list of children listed in this census. Any information on the Beaver's would be appreciated. Would love to swap inf on the family with someone interested.

Joe Hackney 1/11/97
I am seeking information on Francis DORSETT, who lived around Hillsborough about the time of the Regulator movement, of which he was a small part. His descendants are mostly in western Chatham County. Any info appreciated.

Mike Davis 1/11/97
I would like to correspond with anyone researching the surname MCQUEEN or variations thereof in Cumberland County. Specifically, I would like to learn more about the entries in the 1820 census with the given names (census index abbreviated) "Alexr" age 20 and "Alexn" age 64 for that census. Would also like to correspond with anyone researching the surname McQUEEN or variations in NC. My home page is:

Darlene Smith 1/11/97
Looking for info on CATES line connected with Orange Co.: George Wasington CATES (b. 1880 in Orange), son of Montgomery CATES (b.Nov 1849 in Orange...died bef 1830...when/where? Montgomery md. Corrina SPARROW). Montgomery was son of Isaiah CATES (b. 1824, d. Oct 1892 & md. Rhoda RAY). Isaiah was son of Arron CATES (b. Apr 1798, d. May 1876 & md. Nancy ANDREWS). Arron son of Isaiah CATES (b. abt 1776, d. bef 1806 & md. Jane O'Daniel). Isaiah son of Thomas Cates (b. abt 1730, d. abt 1817 in SC & md Eliabeth FUSSELL). Thomas son of Robert CATE Jr. (b. abt 1700 VA, d. aft Nov 1765 in Orange Co. & md to Elizabeth). Robert CATE Jr. son of Robert CATE Sr., b. abt 1670, d. bef Feb 1729 in Surry Co., VA. Robert md. Ann abt 1698. Robert & Ann were Quakers.

Darlene Smith 1/11/97
Looking for info on SPARROW line in Orange (& Chatham Co.) William T. "Bill" SPARROW was b. abt 1835 in Orange. He died aft 1870. He md. Anna RIGSBEE 9 Oct 1855 in Orange Co. Any info on Anna or her parents? Bill was in 1860 Orange Co. Census & also 1870 Chatham Co. Census. Bill was son of John SPARROW (b. abt 1810, of Chatham Co.) John SPARROW was a mechanic & left a will. Who are John's parents? Are they William SPARROW & Dicey BOOTH? John SPARROW was md. to Elizabeth "Lizzie" HUNT. Lizzie was b. abt 1810 of Orange Co. Who were her parents? John & Lizzie had the following children: Hilliary, Van Buren, William "Bill", Catherine, Houston, George, Lucy, Dicey, James, Jones, Elizabeth Jane, Sam B., Susan Belle & Chic.

Bob Willey 1/10/97
I am trying to identify the parents of William G. BREWER, born March 14, 1824 in Chatham Co. NC. Any help you can provide will be appreciated.

Dixie Hickey 1/10/97
Am looking for information on Joseph GEORGE of Chatham Co, GA. He married Susannah -?- and/or Elizabeth GREGORY c1800. He moved to TN where one son, Hardin Wesley GEORGE, was born in 1805. Another son was Byrd(e) GEORGE. He had three brothers: Isaac GEORGE, David GEORGE, and Jesse GEORGE. He had one sister: Rebeckah GEORGE.

Nat Blackwood 1/10/97
Need parents of Martha Ann WILLIAMS (b. about 1844) who married Philo BLACKWOOD 11 October 1863 in Orange Co. She died in Orange Co. on 31 May 1920. The only clue I have is located in Chatham County Deed Book BW, page 53, which mentions Richard WILLIAMS and his wife Martha. This Richard may be her father. I don't know. Who were her other ancestors?

Charles Langley 1/10/97
My grandfather, Henry HOLDEN, shows up in the 1870 census in Chatham County after marrying Anna Louise BROWN in 1866, but there is no record of him in Chatham County before the war. He worked a silver mine owned by his wife. Has anyone come accross will's, deeds, or other legal papers in his name?

Terry Garrett 1/7/97
Younger McCASLAND (26 Sep 1788 Chatham Co NC-25 Sep 1862 Provo Co UT), son/James McCASLAND m Susannah YOUNGER, m Lydia GARNER (27 Dec 1793 Randolph Co NC-18 Apr 1835 Bond Co IL), dau/Jesse GARNER m Lydia GRANGER. Seek exchange with others researching these families.

Kathy Coppola 1/7/97
I am looking for information on the surnames RECORD & McMASTERS. My ggg grandfather's name was John F. RECORD he married Melissa McMASTERS in 1840 in Randolph County. My gg grandfather's name was Adam T. Record. John and Melissa moved their family to Indiana at the outbreak of the Civil War. Leaving behind a son named David on the family farm. I am looking for any descendents of the two families. Melissa McMASTERS' fathers name was Andrew McMASTERS and this family is tied to the old Rocky River Methodist Church. William was a minister is this church. I am willing to exchange information that I have obtained in the last few years and am seeking new information with anyone who can help. Thanks

Betty Kirkland 1/5/97
PARKER of Orange, later Chatham. In 1755, Richard PARKER, "of Orange County" purchased 300 acres of land on both sides of New Hope Creek. Seeking marriages of PARKERs. Also information on HATLEYs and BOOKERs. Who were Richard's parents?

Carolyn Feroben 1/5/97
BREWER, Alex born about 1835 in AL., married Nancy A. GOTHARD. Children: Washington, born about 1860, Mollie, born about 1864, Sallie born about 1866, Peter born about 1869, Marshall born about 1878, Fannie born about 1879. In Census info Alex states that both his parents were born in North Carolina, but we do not have names. Another BREWER researcher mentioned a Letty BREWER of Chatham County who mentioned an Alex BREWER in their will. Does anyone know of this family?

Judy Knight Carlson 1/2/97
Would like to share data on any KNIGHT/NIGHT affiliated with Orange Co. NC. Allied surnames are: JONES, HOOPER, WATTS, MARTIN, DODD, HAYS/HAYES, REDDING/REDDEN, HOLLOWELL.

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