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If you are interested, here are some of the letters I've received,  from kind and thoughtful folks.
(After I started keeping some of them.)
Really wonderful and with helpful suggestions.

14 Aug. 2007

        I was looking at the Chatham Co N.C. web page for the first time and
wanted to tell you what a great web page it is. You have done a lot of work
with getting the Deeds on the page. The page has so much information, it is
one of the best web pages I've seen. I just wanted to thank everybody for all
the work that has been put into the web page.

Joe Cannafax

27 Nov. 2000
I recently checked the web sites of 30-odd counties in Georgia and North
Carolina. The Chatham County site is - by far - the most informative.
Congratulations on the terrific job you are doing.

Fred Smith

26 Dec. 2000
Great job, Sue!  Just need a search engine for the site.
 Thanks for all the hard work!

7 Jan, 2001
Dear Ms Ashby,
Thank you so very much for all the work you've done in the name of genealogy.  God has a special place for people like you!
Nancy Sparks (descendant of Lindseys & Linns)

7 Jan, 2001
Just wanted to write and thank you for your great efforts on the Chatham County web page and all the linked sites. It has been very interesting and helpful to me as I look for genealogical records.  My family has lived in Chatham (and just across line in Randolph) for many generations.  It is wonderful to have access to census data and to wills and other records online!  I look forward to additional
items in the future.

Again, thank you.
 Steve Brooks
(Mr. Brooks has made a notable contribution to the page with the "Siler History"

15 Jan, 2001

You have put together one of the best county sites on usgenweb.
Congratulations!  I wish my ancestors had crossed over the county line into
Chatham, because then, maybe I could find some info about them.  Keep up the good work!
Janet Bean

16 Feb. 2001
Sue, visited your page and checked Dixon. The link was broken. Just thought I
would let you know.

You've done a great job with the Chatham page. Thanks.


16 Feb. 2001

I think it would be great to see some photos of historic or scenic sites for those of us who have never been there. It would add a great deal to our knowledge.  Thanks for a neat web site, too!  Willie Krug
(There are some photos of the churches now and am trying to get pictures of town and area, too)

29 Mar. 2001
Even though I didn't find what I was looking for, this was a really great
site. Thanks: Larry W. Potts

6 June 2001

Hello Sue:

First I have to say that if no one has told you recently how wonderful you
are or thanked you for all the work you have done on the Chatham Co. site,
I'm here to do that now.  I started doing research about 5 years ago and then
stopped because of other things going on in my life.  I have to say that
there really wasn't much on line then as far as actual records.  There was a
lot of information and how to do things though.  I'm not even sure if there
was a Chatham Co. site at that time.  Well, thank you.  I've gotten a lot of
good information on the data you transcribed.
I did notice on the Chatham Co. site that you are researching the Poe family.
my gg grandfather was Stanford Poe.  He's mentioned in George Dismukes' will as his
grandson.  I'm pretty sure that Elisha Poe, who is Ruben Poe's son, is
Stanford's father.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


2 Feb. 2001
My hats off to you!!!!!   This is one of the best county web sites in NC.

Donna Lynam
Matthews, NC

10 Sep. 2002

Can I write if I don't have a problem?

Your site is an absolute joy! What a mind-boggling amount of work you have done. I am so thrilled to have
followed the trail to your page and to have found so much data on my Teague family. Had I found nothing,
it would have been more than worth the visit, which was a long one.

Nothing even comes close to the US GenWeb Project, but your site is truly impressive. I can see it is a
labor of love.

Thank you so much!
Patricia Childs
Hooked on genealogy does it for me!

8 Oct 2002
Hi sue:
Your Chatham web page is by and far the best I have seen so far.  You are to be commended for the amount and quality of the material.  I personally wish to thank you for your effort.  This material on the internet is a real boon to researchers.
Barney L. Cutchen

6 Dec. 2002
Probably the finest, most complete and substantive site I've encontered since working on this on the 'net.  Bless you and thanks for the hard work that's gone in to your product.

Bryan Chastain

9 Jan. 2003
I think the Chatham NC website is a good example of "internet genealogy at
it's best.
Linda Grant.

28 Feb. 2003

This is lovely lovely county much information..
It certainly is nice...wish more counties would do the same.

7 Oct. 2003
I love the new format!!!!! Thanks for all your good work.  Sandra in Durham

7 Oct. 2003
I like the page very much.   It is easy to "travel" around and has lots of
information.    And it's attractive, too.   Thanks for the work you have done on it.

18 Aug 2007

Dear Sue,
My grandmother was Nannie Bell Bryan Philpott originally from Chatham County (Williams Township). My cousin Ruth Couch of Durham may have contacted you at some point with information about my grandmother's family history which is linked to yours through the CLARK family. I am impressed with your detailed work on the CLARK connections! I have a family Bible listing family lineage to William Clark and his wife Susannah (my grandmother's grand parents) where William's birth year is listed at 1775. My cousin Ruth researched their burial plots in a remote grave yard in Chatham County last year. Several plots are there but I have yet to visit the site myself. Also in the family Bible is the name Phoebe Clark which my cousin Ruth has informed me is a niece to President Jefferson--if i understand correctly. I have read with great interest the names of slaves owned by the CLARK family --you have researched all of this so well. I read your research from time to time on the internet and enjoy learning more about the family. I visit Chatham County about twice a year and enjoy going to the Bell's Chapel cemetery where many of the BRYAN family is buried.
Please keep up the good work and as I find out anything I will notify you! I am living in Hope Mills, North Carolina --near Fayetteville and am a high school teacher I am a Durham native (where my grandmother arrived with here widowed mother Menerva upon William's death).
I have been most interested in family history since my parents died several years ago and have been fortunate that Ruth has researched so much for all of us to learn about this part of our well as your information online. I just wanted to congratulate you on a great job!
Yours truly, Cleve Davis (Elmer C. Davis)
Dear Sue,
I have been working on my husband's family tree (Chatham County) and I get your listserv messages. I went to the NC GenWeb website to the "What's New" page and see that you have a link to the NC Digital History Textbook! This project was several years in the making and is based on primary sources to tell the story of our state.  I am so pleased to see that you have listed as a resource and I hope that researchers will enjoy using it!
All the Best,
Lesley Richardson

Lesley Richardson
Media and Web Librarian