AUG. 1792 -

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Pg. 183

Thursday Morning court met according to adjournment
Henry Lewis Lutterloh
William Merritt
George Lucas : Esquires

Iss'd - Orderd that Isaac George be appointed overseer of the road the ensuing year in the room of Lewis Wimberly from the Orange line to the Indian Branch

Iss'd - Ordered that George Memham? be appointed Overseer of the road the ensuing year in the room of Isaac Henderson.

Iss'd - James Scurlock appointed Overseer of the road the ensuing year from his Mothers fence along the gulph road to the fork of Foundery road & that Zach'r Harman hands work under him & his own hands.

pg. 184

Martha Nall came into court & was duly qualified to execute the last will & testament of John Nall, her late Husband, dec'd.

We the underwritten have in open court taken the oath for supporting the constitution of the United States proscribed to be taken by all officer by the last General Assembly- This Oath would be taken last court but the Acts of Assembly did not come to hand -

Phillip Meroney                                        Rich'd Kennon
Dav'd Sellars                                            James Sellars
Jas. Harman Sr                                        H. Lewis Lutterloh
Gideon Goodwin                                      William Merritt
Wm. Goldston                                           Jas. Huart
M. Pinley?                                                  P. St. Lawrence
Francis Jones                                          Geo. Lucas
Tignall Jones                                           Jno. Thompson
Upshaw Robinson                                   John Montgomery
Henry Bray                                               Thomas Snipes
William Green                                          John Ramsey C.C.
Richard Clayton                                      Zach'r Harman Jr or Sr.?
Robert Stinson                                        Roger Griffith
Charles Enoch?                                       Robt. Edwards

pg. 186

The State
vs.                    Presentment
William Hackney

The following jury impanneld & sworn to wit: Robert Cob, Charles Goldston, John Remington, Matthew Davis,   Charles Mark, John Harman, Abel Green, Abshire Robinson 8 & Francis Jones
Simon Foshee, Joseph Foshee & Gillam Daniel
Verdict - Not guilty

Order'd that Wright Kirby collector of taxes in Barkers District be allowed one poll remitted William Hudson for the year 1791.

Order'd that William Hackney be appointed overseer of the road the ensueing year from Harland's Creek to this Town & that James Stuart's, two hands of Matthew Jones'es John Alston's hands, Osborn Dillard, James Brownlow hands, Jas. Stewart, Sr. & Jno. Henderson work with him.

pg. 187

No 14  William England
                &                          Continued by defendant
            Phebe Clark

The same jury as in the suit the state vs. William hackney all but Hezekiah Harman in the term of Apshire Robinson and William Guthrie in the room of Francis Jones who say they find verdict for the ---------
Jury withdrawn by court? {very faint, hard to read}

Ordered that Hugh Glasson be appointed overseer of the road to open & keep in repair the new road from Clark foard on Haw River into the Hillsboro road & that isaac Crow, William Glasson, James Glassen, Richard Halley, Cannon Brown, John Snipes William Snipes & hand, Joshua Rossers hands, William Crow, Isaac Brewer, Oliver Brewer, Anthony Pilkinton & Richard Pilkinton.

grand Jury discharged

Order'd that William Green be allowe'd thirty two shillings for four days attendance in the grand Jury this term. and that the sheriff pay the sum and be allowed on the county tax.


The State                                        Indictment Petit Larc. (larceny)
vs                                                            Charged & pleads not guilty
Clement Dowd

The following jury impanneld & sworn, to wit,

1. Robert Cobb                5. John Harmon
2. Charles Goldston        6. William Wagstaff
3. Mathew Davis              7. Joseph May
4. Charles Nash               8. Upshire Robinson
9. Francis Jones             10. Simon Foshee
11. Jos. Foshee               12. Gillam Daniel

Verdict - Not Guilty

Order'd that the collector of Taxes in Captain Brooks's District be allowed one poll remitted Ruth Evans for the year 1791 for reasons shown the Court on oath of Thos. Evans.

Administration on the Estate of Robert Dennis Dec'd be granted unto Thomas Brown he giving bond with Charles Blalock.

Order'd that Joseph Lambert  be appointed overseer of the road the Ensuing year in the room of John Horniday- from Loves Creek to the County line.

pg.  189

Order'd that the forfiture of Thomas Hayes two years (tax ?) at last Court be remitted to 6 - he paying

Thomas brown comes into Court & was duly qualified as administrator of the Estate Robert Dennis, Dec'd.

On motion order'd that the order of this Court for John Bryant to have leave to build a mill on Deep River be resinded.

Order'd that the sheriff summon the following persons to attend the next court as Jurors to wit.
Gray Barbee, William O'Kelly, John Quishenberry, John Petty, William Yeats, Jacob Flowers Sen'r, James Kirby Sen'r, William Griffen, John Cristian, Arthur Jones, Benjamin (Touman?), Cristopher Kirksey, Tapley Bynum, William Moutrey, Isaac Petty, William West, John Micham, Richard West, William Edwards, Thomas Beal, Boling Hines, William Headen, Thomas Brooks, Edmond Warren, Philip Tayler, James Powell, John Jolly, Stephen Crow, Laurence McManus, Stephen White


A settlement of the Estate of Eli Newland Dec'd returned into Court by John Thompson, Esq. & Philip Meroney,  Examined by the Court and ordered to be recorded. Ballance in the hands of the administrators - 288.15.11


From Elisha Stedman & Winship Stedman to Nathan Stedman duly proved by Oath of Thos. Dennis.
From William Campbell to Patrick St. Lawrence proved by Henry Bray.
From Martha Hearn & John (Russells/Ruketts?) to Julas Cooley proved by Thomas BranTon
From  Jules Cooley to Lewis Yarbrough proved by Thomas Branton
From Elijah Chamberlain to Spenser Stewart proved by Mial Scurlock

A Bill of Sale from Elisha & Winship Stedman to Nathan Stedman proved by Thomas Davis.

A deed from John Johnson to Howell Freeman proved some Courts past by Jesse Roland deliv'd register this court.


Then Court adjourned  till tomorrow Morning 10  o'clock

Friday Morning Court mett according to adjournment

Present:  Henry Lewis Lutterloh
                 John Thompson  &
                 George Lucas                Esquires

Order'd that George Lucas Esq. have  leave to build a watter grist mill on Haw River agreeable to his petition exhibited at february term last. Joseph Stewart the owner of the land on the opposite side of said (river?) having had notice comes into court & consents.

A deed from Thomas Stewart to Josiah Copeland Jr. proved by Robert Edwards

A Bill of Sale from Andrew Meade to William Edwards duly proved by Howard (Kinnham?) who says he heard the said Meade acknowledge the same- August 1792

pg. 192

Sarah Williams
vs                                                 Ordered that a didamus
Richard Kennon, Esqr.                issue to take the depos'n of  in the State of Virginia - 20 days Notice

Zachariah Herndon
vs                                                Call gen'l issue & set off.
Henry Bray

The following jury impanneld & sworn to wit.
1. Charles Golston                        7. William Crain
2. Nathan Stedman                      8. Jedidiah Burchat
3. Upshire Robinson                     9. William Wagsten
4. Julas Cooley                            10. Charles Blalock
5. Joseph Stewart                       11. Josiah Copeland
6. Simon Foshee                          12. Nicholas Copeland

This day have found for the missed trial (mistrial?) Juror withdrawn.

A Bill of sale from Richard Whitehead & Peter Burton to Mathew Ramsey proved by Mial Scurlock

pg. 193

N 22. Mist'rs James (Calor/Calon & Co'y?) (company?)
Samuel Guthrie
Jud't ---- ? in Debt plea g-- issue? pay & set off ~

The same jury as in No. 18 all but Robert Cobb in the room of Joseph Stewart - who say upon their Oaths that they find the bond to be the act & deed of the Defendant & not paid and that the 940.8 & 7 mentioned in the bond is of the value of 1067.7 . 7 North Carolina currency ----- the plea------ to -------
----- (rest is unreadable.
Ordered that Strangeman Modglin overseer of the road  called the Gulph road from Rockey River to the Min road that crosses Deep River at Andersons ferry & the following hands work under him to wit: Lewis Johnson, William Pascal, John Daugherty, Joel Patterson & Jesse Dowdy ~ And that Chiles McGee be appointed overseer of the Gulph road from the road Crossing Deep River at Anderson ferry to Deep River & that the following hands work under him to wit:
Thomas Galloway, Murdock McKenzie, Lewis Freeman, Benjamin Dowdy, Richard Dowdy~

A Deed from Samuel Guthrie to William Guthree proved by Thomas Patterson.

pg. 194

Ordered that John Edwards be appointed overseer to open and keep in repair the new road from Richard Kennons road to Hugh? Andersons road passing by Thomas Evans? & the following hands to work under him to wit: the hands of william Goldston, Bowling Hains, them on River Plantation, Joseph Hayes Jr., Abril Byrum, Christopher Cotten, Jehu Peoples.

Ordered that William Doden be appointed overseer of the road from Anderson's road to the old Wilkeys road to open the same & keep in repair and that the following hands work under him. Josiah Beal, Rich'd Poplin, George Poplin, Lemuel? McDaniel, Pilkington Layton, Joseph May & all the Scotish on  Cedar Creek near McIntires.

Ord'd that the sheriff summon the following persons to serve as jurors at the next Superior Court of Hillsb'o, (to wit)
William Merrell, Patrick S. Lawrence, Henry Lewis Lutterloh, Joseph Stewart, Thomas Evans, Tignal Jones Jr., & Abraham Cook.

pg. 195

No 26 Den in the Demise of
Tignal Jones, Jr.                     Ejectment
Fen & Charles Blalock tenant

The same Jury as in No. 22 al but Thomas Stewart in the room of Joseph Stewart, James Brumblow in the room of Charles Blalock and William Lucas in the room of William Agster - who say that they find the defendant not guilty. Motion for a new trial, overuled. Appeal prayed & granted reasons filed & bond given.

Pg. 196

Ord'd that the following hands work on the road whereof Joseph Bridges is overseer to wit, Mathias Bray, William McMath Sr., Henry Bagley, William McMath Jr., William Surling, Stephen Rogers Jr. Martin Crutchfield, Henry Rogers, William Rogers & Elisha Rogers.

Joseph Harman collector of Taxes in John riddles, Teagues, Brookes, Sinclairs and Capt'n Richard Riddles Districts for the year 1791 returns into court the following Insolvants on oath, to wit,
in John Riddles District ....... 2 polls
In Teagues District ...... 180 acres land & 3 polls
In Brooks District ..... 698 acres Land & 12 polls
In Sinclairs District... 1101 acres Land & 4 polls
Rich'd Riddles District 394 acres Land and 12 polls
Richard Riddles District 2373 acres Land and 33 polls

Also William Green for Records? Martins and Colo. Riddles District returns the follows to wit)
In Records 110 acres & oe poll
In Martins 991 acres & 14 polls
In Colo. Riddles ..... 3 polls
& in Myricks 1001 acres & 1 poll the whole to one thousand & ten acres land & Eighteen polls. Order'd they be allow'd the same

Pg. 197
Administration on the Estate of Charles Bonds granted unto Robert Edwards who gave bond with Nicholas Quishenberry in the sum of one hundred pounds and was qualified.

Administration the Estate of Zachariah Bonds granted unto Robert Edwards who gives bond with Nicholas Quishenberry in the sum of 100 pounds. Qualified

Order'd that Thomas Harrington be appointed overseer of the road the ensuing year from Rockey River to the Gulph Road and that the following hands work under him to wit, James Pettys hands, Daniel Heyden, John Womble, Joshua Womble  & Benj'n Johnson.

Ordered that Hugh Dickson be Discharged from any further servitude as an apprentice to Renan or Kenan?
by this Court formerly to Thomas Stone  & that the said Thomas be released from any further obligation on his part.

Elijah Foshee appointed constable in Sinclairs District who gives bond with Thomas Stone in 250 Pounds.

Pg. 198

Wright Kirby Collector of Taxes in Captain Bishops, Bookers & Hackneys District returns into court on Oath as follows (to wit)
In Bishops District 1625 acres Land & 21 polls
In Bookers Distrust 1209 acres Land & 18 polls
In Hackneys District 750 acres Land & 4 polls
                                    3583 acres Land & 43 polls
Amounting in the whole to three thousand five hundred & eighty three aces & forty three polls which is allotted by the court as Insolvents ordered he be allowed the same in his settlement.

Administration in the Estate of James Fike granted unto John Fike who gives Bond with George Blalock or Patrick or -------_? and William Stone in the sum of  100 pounds whereupon the said John Fike was duly qualified.

Administration in the Estate of Henry Long was granted unto Richard Long who entered into bond with Joseph Stuart in the sum of 100 pounds, whereupon the said Richard Long was duly qualified.

Administration in the Estate of Sion Williams was granted unto Sarah Williams who gave bond with Joseph  Stuart in the sum of 100 pounds whereupon the said Sarah was duly qualified.

pg. 199

A deed from Jacob ------ & wife to William Cole was duly proved by the oath of James Kirby & ordered recorded?
A deed from Jacob Flowers? to James Kirby duly proved by William Cole & (ordered to be recorded?)
{can't make out what the words are that follow this.}

Then Court adjourned till tomorrow morning 10 o'clock. Saturday morning court ____? to adjournment
George Lucas
Joseph Brantley
Robert Edwards
Patrick S. Lawrence
Richard Kennon

Zachariah Harman, Esq'r exhitibed a commission signed by his Excellancy the Governor appointing him Sheriff of this County the ensuing year , whereupon the said Zachariah was duly qualified in open court and entered into Bond with Joseph Brantley & George Lucas. Esquires in the sum of 5000 pounds in the faithful discharge of his duty in (aforesaid?) also a bond with the said Geo. Lucas & Joseph Brantley in the sum of 1500 pounds as county Treasurer. Joseph Harman and David Sellars  qualified as deputy Sheriffs.
pg. 200

Ordered that John Medlin be exempt from paying the taxes on three hudred & fifty acres of land charged for the year of 1792 and that (Char- marked through) Wright Kirby collector of taxes in Bishops District be allowed the same as an error. the land belonging to William Pyland (expunged) 


No. 36

Robert Royston          }
vs                               }   T A B gen'l issue     [note; TAB,  is Tresspassing, Assault & Battery]
Patrick St. Lawrence  }    justification and stat' lim't    [ stat' lim't, is statute of limitation]

The following jury Impannelled: and sworn to per;

1. Gillam Daniel            7. Jedediah Burchet   
2. Robert Cobb            8. Simon Foshee
3. Nathan Stedman       9. William Lucas
4. Upshire Robinson    10. James Brownlow 
5. Thomas Stewart      11. Josiah Copeland
6.William Crain           12. William Hobson  --- who say they find for the pltff. 9.10 & costs.


A Bill of sale from Giles Kelley to Roger Griffith proved by  Zachariah Harmon.

Pg. 201

Ordered that the fine imposed on Robert Cole and Darius Browder be remitted.


iss'd - Administration on the Estate of John Perrey granted unto Isaac Kirksey  who gives bond with George Blalock in the sum of 100  - whereupon the said Isaac Kirksey was duly qualified in open court.

iss'd  - Zachariah Harmon } Sifa to Phebee (Clarke - marked through) Mott, Infant, to be served on Winney Mott, Mother and
         vs                            }  guardian
          Joseph Mott           }

iss'd  - Ordered that the Sheriff be allowed three pounds from the Estate of Jesse Jean's Estate, sold by him _  Also for Robt. Wilkersons, 2 pdsh, the same for John Gowdy/Dowdys? 4.0.0 for selling the estate of Robt. Brinkley, dec'd,  2  pdsh for selling Travis Harper's estate.

iss'd - Ordered that George Lucas, Roger Griffith, & James Massey be appointed to assess the lotts in the Town of Pittsboro this year & make return to next court
                            (Signed)    Rich Kennon
                                             Roger Griffith
                                             Robt. Edward

Pg. 202 

Chatham County
    At a County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, being held for the county aforesaid  at the courthouse, Pittsborough on the second Monday in November on the --- day of the Month in the 17th year of our Independence  [1793]
Richard Kennon
John Thompson
Robert Edwards
Henry Lewis Lutterloh      } Esquires

The following Grand Jury Impannelled & Sworn to wit:
Phillip Tyalor, Foreman, Birdson Burns, Christopher Kirksey, John Jolly, Thos. Burke?, (too faint to read well), William West, James Powell, Stephen Crow, Thomas Beal, William Headen, Edward Herren/Warren?) William Edwards, Tapley Bynum
Ordered that James Crutchfield be appointed overseer of the road, the insuing year in the room of George Mebane? Milborn?
iss'd - Ordered that John Jolly be appointed overseer of the orad the insuing year int he room of William Pilkinton.
Pg. 203

We the underwritten have taken in open court the oath proscribed by law for supporting the Constitution of the United states.
E. Cain,  John Hurley, Jesse Daniel, Littleton Daniel, Larkin Brooks, John Christian, Nath. Stedman, William Griffis, Elijah Goodloe, Thos? Brooks, Boly Hines, Thos. Ragland, John Morphis, John Sinclair, Philemon Lacy, John McSwain, William snipes, Cato Riddle (X), Thomas Greene, Joseph Minter, Spenser Stuart, William Poe?, Joseph (J. his mark) Hackney, Charles Dowd, Rich. Jones, John Bryant, Stephen Straughan, Ignatious West

Pg. 204
iss'd -  Rebecca Jones, widow of  James Servant Jones, dec'd, comes into court and relinquishes her right of Administration on her said husband's estate, to Matthew Jones, Esq. whereupon administration of the estate of the said James is granted unto the said Matthew who enteres into bond with James Howard and Isam Brooks in the sum of 1000  - whereupon the said Matthew was duly qualified.
dr. 7/9    An amount of sales of the estate of Thomas Wilkerson dec. returned to court and ordered to be recorded, amt. 7.3
An inventory of the estate of John Perry dec., returned into court and ordered to be recorded
iss'd -  Ordered that Bry Grigory be appointed overseer of the road the ensuing year from Pulleys to Wake County line and the following hands work under him, to wit: William Grigory, Thomas Grigory, Jr. & Sr., Hardin Grigory, Reuben Mitchell, John Pitts, Allen Mitchell, Jeremiah Grigory, Widow Akemon's hands and James Holland.
Ordered that Isaac George be appointed overseer of the road the ensuing year  in the room of Lewis Wimberly from Orange line to the lick Branch and that the following hands work under him, to wit; Presley George, Joseph George, William Kelly, Morey Barbee, Gray Barbee, Francis Jones, William Yates, David Wimberly, Henry Kelley, George? Wilkey?, Sanford Jenkins, R----- Hornaday?, Chas. Blalock.

Pg. 205
(con't road crew?)

Hamblet Underwood, William Wagster/Wayster, & John Quishenberry
The Last Will and testament of Olive Brewer, dec'd  exhibited in open court and duly proved by the oaths of James Smithe and Howell Hearn the two subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded. Whereupon Rebecca Brewer, George Blalock and William Edwards the Exe'ors therein named was duly qualified in open court.
    from Thomas Brown to Marting/Marling Cheek, duly  proved by the oath of Thomas Seapret.
    from Archeleas Durham to John Linsey, proved by Charles Durham.
    from Jonathan Davis to Archeleas Durham, proved by oath of Edmon Hardin
    from William Petty, Sr. to  Henry Lewis Lutterloh , proved by Ignatious West.
    from John White Sr. to Andrew White, proved by John White, Jr.
    from John Morehead & John Record to Edward Warren, proved by Edward Warren Jr.
    from Robert Ferguson and wife to Zachariah Harmon, proved by Joseph Harmon.
    from Michael Willson to Harimon Farr? proved by John Moore.
    from Matthew Jones to Elijah Chamberlain, duly acknowledged by said Jones.

Pg. 206

Then Court adjourned 'till tomorrow morning ten o'clock - Tuesday morning Court met according to adjournment.
Richard Kennon
John Thompson
Thomas Griffith

    A deed from Samuel Guthrie to William Duvall duly proved by the oath of Francis Ferrell.
    A deed from John Morgan to Edward Walton/Halton/Horton ? proved by Jacob Flowers.
    A deed from John Morgan to Jacob Wimberly proved by Jacob Flowers, Jr.
    A deed from Lewis Wimberly to  Jacob Wimberly, proved by Gray Barbee.
iss'd   William Griffin appointed Constable who enters into bond with Thomas Griffith in the sum of 250 - whereupon he was duly qualified.
    The Last will and testament of John Ledbetter, dec'd exhibited in open court and duly proved by the oath of Judith Smith, one of the subscribing witnesses, and ordered to be recorded _ whereupon Marmaduke Daniel the Exo'r  therein named was duly qualified.

Pg. 207

No. 11    Zachariah Harmon
                Henry Bray   - case   fol?[ too dim to read] gen'l iss.
The following jury sworn to wit:
John Quishenberry            John Pitts            William Yeats
James Kirby                      William Griffin        Arthur Jones
Lawrence McManus            Gray Barbee        Solomon Roe
William Justice                    Philamon Lacy        Alexander Wilkins
Verdict for the pltff - 5  - & costs
    A deed from Thomas Partridge to John Avent duly proved by Frederick Ragland
    A deed from John Avent to William Ragland duly proved by William Ragland.
The Last will and testament of  James McMasters was exhibited in open court and duly proven in open court by the affirmation of David Vestal, one of the subscribing witness thereto and ordered to be recorded.

Pg. 208

    A deed from Lewis Bradly to Jesse Dixon was proved by the oath of Balaam Thompson.

   A  deed from John McDonald to Lewis Tyser was proved by  Samuel Stewart.

   A deed from William Grave to Thomas Grave was duly acknowledged by said Grave.

    A deed from James Scurlock to Robt. Whinery and duly acknowledged by said Scurlock
Ordered that Fanny Little be bound to James Sellars, Esquire 'till she arrive to lawfull age. She being adjudged six years the 1st of last October to learn the art of house wifery.
Ordered that the Sheriff  summon a jury of good & lawfull men to divide the negroes belonging to the estate of  Benjamin Walls/ Watts?, dec'd

Pg. 209

A deed from William Willis and wife to John Moss duly proved by Joseph Lawrence.
A deed from John Hogan to James Willis, duly proved by Wilson Willis.
A deed from Jacob Lassiter to Joseph Farrer duly proved by Robert Edwards
     from Peter Perkins to Lemuel Smith duly proved by Joseph Kirk
    from Hezekiah Lassiter to Joseph Farrar proved by Robert Edwards.
    A receipt from Mar-ssn (Marisson/Morrison? or Marcuss?) Brooks & wife to Elijah and John Hunter proved by Samuel Hayes and ordered to be recorded.
    A deed from Hezekiah Clark to Joseph Pyle was proved by John Ramsey
    A deed from Isaac Cantrell to Isaac Crow was proved by James Powell
    A power of attorney from George Richardson & John Browder? to William Richardson proved to James Sellars
    A deed from Edward Bass to Jackson Hardy/Harley? proved by affirmation of Thomas Holliday.

Pg. 210

    A deed  from Robert Ward to Joseph Hackney, sen'r duly acknowledged by said Ward.
    A deed from same to the same duly acknowledged by the said Ward
    A deed from John Ledbetter to Harbert Haynes duly proved by Thomas Snipes
    A settlement of the estate of Samuel Temple, dec'd exhibited in court by the Ex'or and ordered to be recorded _ Thomas Beal & Thomas Brooks, the Exe'rs. allowed 18.0.0
    The petition of sundry to open a road from Samuel Person's Plantation to Cox's old road be granted & that the  Sheriff summon the following persons to lay off the same, to wit:
Henry Person, John Vandeford, James Deaton, John Powers?, Sampson Brown, Willis Phillips, William Phillips, Benjamin Sawers, Carter Hendrick, Jeremiah Phillips, William Willson & Sion Phillips.
    Ordered that the Sheriff summon the following jury, to wit:
Joshua Rosser, Hugh Glasson, William Glasson, Richard Cates,Philamon Lacy, John Snipes, William Shipes, Richard Hatley,
William Pilkinton, William Pickard, John Crow, Daniel Barnitt, & John Fearrington, to find Round Isaac Crow's fence & report to the next court if it would be any disadvantage to the public to grant the said Isaac and order to turn the road around sd fence.

Pg. 211

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