C.R.X. Records

In the Card Catalog, in the search room, in the NC State Archives is a category called C. R. X. records. This means that the archives have records that were not in their possession at one time or the other and which, have now been returned.

Here is what it says on the cards, verbatim. So, if you don't understand it, then I probably don't either. <grin>

Where is says 'no dates' and then gives a date, I read it to mean, some of the papers do not have dates but, the ones that do, are the dates given here.

When they give a surname with a dash and another surname, they mean that there are other names, in alphabetical order, between those two given.

ESTATES RECORDS::  5 documents (these are not the only estates records, see further down the list)
C.R.X. Box 5 - Estates Records for Joshua Johnston (Johnson), 1830: David Poe, 1824; Disey Taylor, 1807; William Vestal, 1828; and Joshua Williams, 1814.

Rec'd 5-7-73 from Mrs. Sexton Wall, Jr.
it gives her address at that time but, I won't post it here, in case she is still living, (even though it has been near 40 years).

C.R.X. records in other categories.

C.R.X. Box 5 - CIVIL ACTION - Pylant vs Harolson and Lambeth
The same lady submitted this document (on the same date) also.

In the same box is another document submitted by her which is a folder of FUNDING BONDS for the county (no names on it)

C.R.X. Box  247.  1 fibredex box
BASTARDY BONDS AND RECORDS 1787-1911 (broken series)
submitted by L. Ginsberg 12/12/84  (again, I won't post the address)
I have posted bastardy bonds from 1775 on the page by reading the court minutes and extracting them. This may be the bastardy bonds done by Betty Camin, but, just can't say for sure, I've never looked at this file.

There is also 1 fibredex box of MISCELLANEOUS RECORDS
C.R.X. Box 248
Arranged by series, including CIVIL ACTION PAPERS 1805-1867; CRIMINAL ACTION PAPERS, no date, 1801-1908; LAND RECORDS, Dorsett vs Smith and Fox, 1862; ESTATE RECORDS Alston-Womble 1808-1869; GUARDIAN RECORDS, Chapman - Teague 1802-1858; and Nicholas Copeland, guardian, in account with his ward, (not named),1851; and the following MISCELLANEOUS RECORDS: power of attorney Mary Horton to Abner Sauls. 1842;  receipt for bond to clerk by Margaret Norwood, 1869; and road record, State vs. Stanley King, 1901. This was also received from L. Ginsberg 12/13/84

C.R.X Box 291 -
 4 folders in box -CIVIL ACTION PAPERS no date, 1774-1844 (broken series) ; ESTATE, Mark Patterson, 1809 land sale. Town of Pittsburough, purchasers listed, 1833; payment to Wm.  Lineberrry for provisions to families of soldiers in Silk Hope District, 1864. Received June 17, 1985 from William E. Uzzell. (forwarded to archives by Dr. Carolyn A. Wallace, Director, Southern Historical Collection, Chapel Hill, N.C.

C.R X. Box 292  27 folders in fibredex box
CIVIL ACTION PAPERS, 1775 - 1857 (broken series); constable bonds - Robert B. Farrell action papers, 1785, 1846, 1847, 1883; ejectment - William Barbee vs Jesse Mason, 1847; ESTATES RECORDS (Crump - Womack), 1778-1874; GUARDIANS RECORDS - Abner Bright (1837) and William and Juliann Parker (1825; Oath of C. T. Gattis to collect taxes, 1900; official bonds, J. H. Tyson, coroner, 1891; petition to increase county allowance for Mrs. S. E. Thomas, 1889; tax refund for C. E. Stuart, 1883.
Rec'd 3 Feb 1989,  from Chatham Historical Assoc.

These are the only cards (in Chatham County) that are designated as such.

You will have to correspond with the archives to obtain the actual documents listed here.