The Justices of the Court in the time period were: John THOMPSON, Richard KENNON, Matthew JONES, John RAMSEY

Indexed alphabetically by the name of the apprentice. The males served until they were 21 and the females until they were 18. Unless stated otherwise!!

EVANS, Isaac - This will certify that he is a man of colour and of free parentage was born and raised in the said county (Chatham) and a person of moral character. Is about 6 feet and served his apprenticeship with me as a farmer and was age as of the 15th of Dec. 1809..(he turned 21 at that time) signed James O'KELLY, testified to by Leslie O'KELLY. This would be dated after the 15th of Dec. 1809 but, it doesn't give the date..

GOWIN, John, orphan of William Gowin, apprenticed to James SUTTON. John being about the age of 12 years, now. Dated 9 May 1795

HIGHTOWER, William, apprentice and servant of John Edwards, to learn the trade of Planter - Dated 13 Feb. 1786

MAZEY, Ezekial and Annah (MAYSE/MASSEY?)  the boy begin 10 years of age December next  the girl, 7 years of age the 13th of Sept. next) The boy to learn the trade of shoemaker and the girl to learn housewifery. apprenticed to George DIXON.

SNIPES, Franky, Polly, Ealin or Eatin/Eaton, children of Holly Snipes who are without guardian and subject to the interposition of the Grand Jury of Chatham.. (no date given) Names of the Grand Jurors are: Clabourn GUTHRIE, James KERBY, Lewis JONES, Henry BRAY, John LETT, Moses SMITH, Martin SMITH, Samuel GASSON (GLASSON?), John ELLIS, Samuel CARTER, John HURLEY, Johnathan LINDLEY, Bry HARWOOD, William PIGGOT, Simon HADLEY

GRIFFIN, James  (no parent named) aged 10 years to learn the trade of Planter, apprenticed to Benjamin WATTS- 16 Nov. 1785

WEBSTER, John orphan of Charles WEBSTER, deceased, John being about 11 years of age. He is to learn the trade of tailor. 8 Nov. 17(84?) apprenticed to Thomas STONES

WEBSTER, Richard, abt 16 years of age, orphan of Charles WEBSTER, deceased  apprenticed to Thomas STONES. - 8 Nov. 1784.

MOORE, Mary, aged about 2 years, orphan of Robt. MOORE, deceased, apprenticed to Abraham HOOD, to learn housewifery -

 McVAY, Daniel, age 13 years, the 16th of this month,  apprenticed to Patrick Saint Lawrence, to learn the trade of farmer - 13 Nov. 1785

DINTON/DIANTON (DENTON?) Leavey/Levy, age about 12 years, apprenticed to Benjamin FOREMAN, to learn the trade of Blacksmith - 12 Feb 1787

GRIFFIN, Thomas, orphan of David GRIFFIN, (age not given) apprenticed to Lewis KIRK, to learn the trade of hatter. 12 Feb 1787.

GILBERT, Mary about 7 1/2 years old, apprenticed to John HUNTER to learn housewifery - 12 Nov. 1787

MILES, John, age 15 years of age, orphan of  Thomas MILES, deceased, apprenticed to Samuel Brooks, a twiner, 11 Feb 1788

BROOKS- HILTON, Rachel, an orphan , (she may have been known by a step fathers surname, too?) age 9 years, apprenticed to John DOUGLAS to learn housewifery - 10 Aug 1789

MOORE, William, and orphan age 12 years, apprenticed to Titus ATWATER, to learn the trade of saddler - 9 Nov. 1789

WATSON,  James age 9, Thomas age 7  apprenticed to Thomas GLOVER,  to learn the trade of weaver. -13 Feb. 1792

HALL, Patsy age 11 and Garland, age 13, orphans, apprenticed to Thomas GRIGORY  and wife. Patsy to learn housewifery and Garland to learn farming. 17 Aug 1792

POE, James, and orphan age 14, apprenticed to James BAKER, 11 Nov. 1794

SILER, (____?) Elisha , age 15, apprenticed to John SILAR, to learn to be a Blacksmith - 12 May 1794

POE, Thomas,  and orphan age 14, apprenticed to James BAKER,  11 Nov. 1794

PARMORE,  Jane, age 7 years, a CHILD (does not say orphan, her mother may not be able to support her) of Bethsheba PARMORE , apprenticed to Samuel Stewart & wife -  11 May 1795

HODGES, Patsy, a child aged 13 years, apprenticed to Patrick Saint Lawrence -  9 Nov 1795

WATTS, John, an orphan aged 16 years, apprenticed to Henry TUCKNESS?/ LINKNESS?  to learn the trade of a hatter..  11 May 1795

GROCE, Brittain, an orphan, age 11 years, apprenticed to Benjamin GLOVER, 14 Nov 1796

MOORE, John, orphan of John MOORE, age 8 years, apprenticed to Joshua EDWARDS, to learn the trade of cooper - 2nd Mon of  May 1796

TYSER, Augustine, an orphan, aged 18 apprenticed to Gabriel TYSER, to learn the trade of tailor - 15 Nov. 1796

NOBLETT, Abraham, an orphan, age 15 years, apprenticed to Simeon McMASTERS, to learn the trade of a waggon maker,  12 Feb. 1798

TABOR, Collins, (?)an orphan, age 11, to Phillip MERONEY,  to learn the trade of a rough carpenter, 12 Nov. 1798

CRUTCHFIELD, John, an orphan, age 2, apprentice to Solomon DIXON, 12 Aug. 1799

LISLES, David, an orphan, age (not given) apprentice to Samuel McDANIEL, to learn farming.  12 Aug. 1799

LITTLE, Joseph, an orphan, age 9, apprenticed to Joseph HALE, to learn the art of farming. -  13 May 1799

WILLIS, Ase/Asa, an orphan, age 2 years to William WILLIS, to learn the farming business. -12 Aug 1799

Betsy, a girl of colour, named abt 9 years of age. to Benjamin EMBERSON (EMERSON) - apprenticed,  to learn the art of housewifery - May 1800

SWANNER, John an orphan apprenticed unto John HURLEY, to learn the trade of wheel wright. Aug.1800.

FREEMAN, Samuel, an orphan age 10 years, apprenticed to Benjamin MARSAL (MARSHALLl?) to learn the art of farming -  12 May 1800

BLAND, Thomas, an orphan age age 11 years, apprenticed to Simon BRIGHT, to learn the trade of a Blacksmith - 11 Feb 1800

FREEMAN, Ruth, an orpahn, age 13, apprenticed to George HOBSON, to learn the art of housewifery. 18 Aug 1800

BEAVER, Wm. an orphan of the age of 18, apprenticed to, Jedediah BIRCHARD to learn the trade of house carpentry.  10 Feb 1800

MARTIN, Samuel to James BENNETT (the cover sheet only, to this indenture. so, no date or whether and orphan and what to learn.

HALBURT/HUBBERT, William an orphan of 17 years, to John WILKINS, to learn the trade of saddlery, 11 Feb 1801

There are no records for the years 1802-1806

THORNTON, Sally, age 12 years apprenticed to Joseph HACKNEY, Jr, (does not say what she will be taught but, we know it will be housewifery or some domestic art.).12 Feb 1807

WRIGHT, Hiram, an orphan,  (no age given) to be apprenticed to Aaron EVANS, for 3 years and 2 months, so, (Hiram may be nearly 18 years old) to learn the trade of wheel wright. 12 Nov 1807

PENDERGRASS, Augustus,  an orphan, age 8 years, apprenticed to, Herbert HAYNES,  9 Aug 1808

BRADY,  Merrill, an orphan, aged 12 years, May last, to Josiah SILER, to learn the trade of Blacksmith.  17 Nov 1808

POE, William, an orphan aged 15 years on the 18th of Feb. last, apprentice to Elisha DISMUKES, to serve only until the age of 19 years. - to learn the trade of waggon and chair making. 12 Aug 1808

KIRK, Fanny, an orphan aged 13, July last, apprenticed to William HACKNEY, the business of housewifery.   16 Nov 1809

THOMAS, Hardy, Holly,  & John , orphans the issue of Dolly Thomas,  Feb term 1809

This is the full transcript of the text of the unusual document:

"Whereas the information being made at this session of  Feb term 1809, orphan children by the name of Hardy Thomas, Holly Thomas and John Thomas, the issue of Dolly Thomas and agreeable to information these children are running at large committing all manner of misdemeanors living in idlemess and likely to suffer for the want of proper provisions made for them  We, the Grand Jury think it proper to present them to the court to be delt with accordingly ot cases.  The Grand Jury consisted of : James Taylor: Foreman - Jno. Jos. Alston, Jesse West, Rhoder'k Cotton, Charles Marsh, Jsse Stone, D Lunnon?, Ambrose Petty, Stephen Petty, W. Harmon, Henry Hill, John Hederson?, Elijah Foushee, Isaac Petty, & Wm. Hackney. James Lasseter & William Marks, Informers."    Dolly is a single mother (widow or unmarried) who has not enough money to support and feed her children who are now uncontrolled and seemingly, hungry.

WARREN, Benjamin,  who will be 12 years of age, 25 Dec., next. apprenticed to Thomas ANDREWS,  to learn the trade of wool halling (hauling?) -14 Aug 1810

PRICE, Susanna,  a girl of colour, aged 8 years, apprenticed to John JOHNSON,  14 Nov 1810

HOWELL, Gabriel, an orphan age 7 years apprenticed to John EVANS, to learn the waggon wheel wright trade.  15 Nov 1810

GLASS, John an orphan age 17 years, apprenticed to John NALL, to learn the business of farming. 15 Feb 1809