The Story of the Slave Cemetery with Unknown Graves
© 2001- Sue Ashby
Sharon Lytle
This is the story of a cemetery in the town of Westerville, Ohio.

It seems that the city of Westerville, was trying to clean up some old cemeteries in the area, and identify those buried in them.
One of these was thought to be an old slave cemetery. But, no names and/or dates of birth and deaths were located.
Ms Sharon Lytle was in charge of trying to locate the names of the persons buried in them.

There was a story of this one cemetery being the resting place of, a group of slaves that had been freed, by their mistress in N.C. And, that they had been sent by wagon or underground railroad in a round about way, from N.C. to Ky and then to Ohio, to their freedom.

The census for the county were read and some names were found that were African American, from N.C.
Some of the names were Austin or Alston. One had an unusual first name of Oroon.

One day this lady (Sharon Lytle), contacted me asking about the Alston family, and asked, if I had any information on them, or their slaves. She had seen the name of Oroon/Oran Alston in the Chatham Co. site and thought there might be a clue here, as there was an Oroon Alston in Ohio.

After I sent the inventory of estate of Oran D. (Oroondates Davis) Alston with the names of his slaves (and their ages) from the estate papers, to Ms. Lytle, she began researching in her area and made amazing progress and discoveries.

Many, of these former slaves had the exact same names as the white Alston family and I can tell you it was eerie to have her send me information on the African American Alstons (in Ohio) as I looked at information about their Caucasian counterparts, in the same time period in N.C. !!!

Also, she heard, of a visit, that these former slaves made, back to N.C. after the emancipation proclamation, to visit with relatives and tell those stories of their travels and freedom, at the end of their trip. Can you imagine what tales were told!!
Always, they spoke of the kindness of the 'master's" wife in freeing and helping them escape from the slave status. There were 26 names listed in her will, to be freed but, we believe that there are more, who ended up, in Ohio. Perhaps, helped to escape by the ones that went ahead.

In the inventory of the estate of Oran D. Alston, in 1852, he names all of his slaves (87 or 88 of them) and who they are to be given to. The names of all of them, are in the table at the end of this narrative.

Now, we go back....

The time is 1855, abt 3 years after the death of Oran D. Alston. His wife Miriam P. Alston has made her will on the 22 Sept. 1855.
In her will she says:
" I give and bequeath to James Woody, my negro Slave Abner.
(For some reason she did not want him to go, or he did not want to go, with the rest.)

Then she goes on to say:
"It is my will that all the rest of my slaves shall be free and I therefore give all my slaves (Abner excepted) to my Executor hereinafter named, (Jesse Marley)  in trust that he will remove them as soon after my death, as he can lawfully do so, to some free state to be there, emancipated and until he can so remove them, that he hire them at private hiring, on the best terms he can, to such persons as he may deem suitable."
Miriam then gives her executor $300.00 (money that will be made from the hire of these slaves, until they can be freed) to compensate for 'his trouble and services in moving the said slaves to a free state, and that he disperse the residue of  hires for the benefit of the said slaves in such a manner as he may think will be most beneficial, to them.
Then she gives the rest of her estate to her sister Sophia and her descendants.
The witnesses to her will were A. (Alfred). Holton (or Horton) and Levina Allred.

The slaves that Miriam named to be freed are the ones above, with the asterisk * in the second column and the age in red are the ages she says, they are, in her will.  Underneath their names are the skin tones they had and also the relationship to any other of the list.

The executor Jesse Marley  gave his son, Henry B. Marley, power of attorney &  the job as his agent, to move the 28 slaves to the state of Ohio, to be freed.  That was done on 21 May, 1859.

There seems to be more ex slaves listed in the census, than were named in Miriam's will. Did some of those that were freed help others to escape? Did they flee with them at the same time? Or, did they just leave and go there, after the ending of the war in 1865?
We may never know. But, the majority of the names  are in Ohio in the same or neighboring counties by 1860- 1870
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Here is the rest of the story.
The city has identified, with this information,  at least, 28 of the people,  buried in this one cemetery, and even though they do not know which grave, contains which person, there will be a plaque mounted at the cemetery, telling their story and names. So, their resting places, after all these years, will be remembered.  As well, as the name of the woman, who defied tradition and law, to help all of them escape, to life and liberty as human beings, instead of, objects of possession.


ORAN D. ALSTON  (Oroondates Davis) son of William Alston and Anne Yeargin.

Slaves named in the estate of Oran D. Alston's inventory. His will was probated 1851 and this inventory should be in 1852 according to some data in the other part of the inventory. His wife's name was Miriam.
He and his family are in the 1850 census of Chatham, pg. 438a, in the Upper Regiment.
Dwelling/Family: 1281/1282
       Alston, Oran D.                70     M         Farmer             6,500
       Alston, Mariam P.            63     F
       Teague, Rebecca            44     F
       Alston, Joseph O.            9      M

Oran and Miriam are buried in the "Oroom"  Alston cemetery in Matthews Township, in Chatham Co. very near the Randolph Co. line.
His tombstone says he was born Feb. 8, 1780 and died 17 May, 1851.  (He is called Oroom, on the stone) Meriam (Marion on her stone) was b. 3 May, 1787 and died 23 Sept. 1855.
Oran was 71, when he died and Mariam/Meriam was 68. Rebecca Teague may have been a relative as, we have no evidence that Oran and Meriam had any living children at their death. (see her will where the only relative named is her sister Sophia) Joseph O. Alston, the 9 year old boy may have been the son of Eleanor Alston, living next door, who also has children aged 13 & 11.

Is the sister Sophia she names in her will, the Sophia Woody, whose husband is James Woody?  And, the same as the James Woody who receives the slave "Abner" in the will.
Dwelling/Family: 518/519
       Woody, James                  52     M         Farmer             1,400  North Carolina
       Woody, Sophia                  50     F                                                North Carolina
       Woody, Nathan D.            19     M         Farmer                         North Carolina
       Woody, John M.                15     M         Farmer                         North Carolina
       Woody, Daniel W.              10     M                                              North Carolina

I previously had stated here, that I was sure that Miriam and Sophie were daughters of Nathan and Sarah (Winter) Dixon but, new light has been shed by Sharon Lytle and Trish Kashima from records in Tennessee.
But the following data solves the question of who Miriam and Sophia were!

This is from Trish:

Now, of further interest is that Frances "Frankey" Teague, widow of Bejamin
Watts married Samuel McDaniel (said to be son of John McDaniel and
Katherine -----), Sept 25, 1786, Randoph Co., NC.
Children to this union:
1.  Mariam McDaniel
     born 1787, died 1855
     married Oroondates Davis Alston, she died childless.
     (she is the one who set her slaves free)
2.  Sophia McDaniel
     born ca 1788
     married John L. Wood
Samuel went to Maury County, TN at some date, because he died there.  Estate
of some size apparently, consisting of a large number of hogs, horses and
about 25 slaves.  Estate records have not been found yet.  However, a court
cases involving John L. Wood and wife and Oroon D. Alston and wife has been
found in Maury County regarding the estate of Samuel McDaniel, who died
intestate.  Date of this petition to court is June 29, 1829, Maury Co., TN.
States that John L. Wood and Oroon D. Alston are of "other" states, not TN
and all of Samuel McDaniel's estate was sold or moved without all of the
claims against John L. Wood being satisfied.

The proof of the husbands of the Watts daughters is from the estate of
Mariam McDaniel Alston.  It shows her sister as Sophia (Wood) (Woody?), and other next
of kin after Sophia being Elizabeth, wife of Jacob McDaniel; Polly wife of
Frederick Siler; Rebecca, wife of John McDaniel; Nancy "Nanny", wife of
Aaron Aldridge; and Frankey,  wife of John Beck.

Were the three McDaniels: Samuel (second husband of Frankey Teague Watts),
Jacob (husband of Elizabeth Watts-dau of Frankey Teague) and John (husband
of Rebecca Watts-dau of Frankey Teague) related? I do not know.  Samuel is
said to be the son of John McDaniel and Katherine, but that puts him as
being rather young to have married a widow with some younger children.
Frankey would have been almost ten years his senior if this is the same
Samuel McDaniel.  That Samuel McDaniel who is son of John McDaniel, had a
brother Amos (an Amos is shown in the estate of Samuel McDaniel in Maury
Co., TN) and a brother John (the same who married Rebecca Watts?).

Also, is Samuel Stewart Jr. who married Jane Watts (dau of Frankey Teague)
related to the Stewart who married a daughter of Jacob McDaniel?
From Sharon Lytle:

Bill of Complaint of Jesse Marley Executor of the last Will & Testament of Miriam P. Alston,
John & Thomas Marley, -  heirs at law & next of kin of Thomas Roy (Ray?), Paty Teague, the heir at
law & next of kin of Rachel Marley, the said John & Thomas Marley __cept__?, to wit Benjamin
Marley and the heir at law and next of kin of Polly Branson, and of Elizabeth Underwood, Polly
Siler, John Steward, Elizabeth McDaniel, Frankey Beck, Nancy Alldridge, Rebecca McDaniel and
Sophia Wood. <<

This group was listed again on the second page but with the word "deceased" next to the names
Thomas Roy and Rachel Marley, and after these names is written " the next of kin & heirs
at law of the said testatrix and with the exception of the said John & Thomas Marley, are
residents of this State."

According to the papers, this document was entered into court the Fall Term of 1857 and wasn't
settled until 1859.

This also, from Sharon....

"I received in my mail copies of the entire Miriam Alston estate file - some
100+ pages of handwritten records.  I had mentioned in passing our interest in this file to a
distant cousin from Western NC who I was able to help locate her long lost grandfather's
identity last year.  She made a trip to Raleigh earlier this week in search of some more
records on her family, and generously copied and mailed this big packet on to me.

I have only scanned through this enormous pile of material, but already see records for the
purchase of the wagons and mules to make the trip to Ohio.  I also see the record of payment to
the individual who was hired to accompany the slaves on the recorded 5-week trip to Ohio and
back.  There is also some document mentioning Westerville, Ohio as the place where the slaves
ended up - not sure just yet what it's purpose was.  I also see several times the names of the
slaves and their relationship to one another, and records of money being given to each of them.
Jesse Marley is seen on almost all the documents as executor (or whatever it was called then)
of Miriam's estate.  The three nieces who received portions of the estate are mentioned by
their married name, but nothing seen yet to help identify Miriam's maiden name.<<

And this:

1.  The Ancestry "US/International Marriages" CD which came free with my purchase of Family
Tree Maker, shows Oroondates Alston married Medly Nolscue.   I can find no other record, or
reference to the name Nolscue, including doing an internet search of the name.  All the
documents regarding her estate show her name as Miriam P Alston except for one document which
is entitled "Meddy Alston", giving credance to this marriage reference.  I'm totally confused!

2.  That same document has a side note on it saying that Jane (referred to elsewhere as JOHN)
Stewart is the heir at law of Sophia Wood.  If she was a daughter of Sophia, why did Miriam not
leave her a portion?  Maybe she was a granddaughter?

3.  In Jesse's list of expenses there are several references to a "Gold Hill" as a place where
the slaves were transported.  There is a town in Rowan County NC called Gold Hill, which had a
mine in operation since the 1820 I think.  I found some references to it on the internet.
Perhaps she sent some of the slaves there to work?

4.  To add to our amazement of this woman, she not only didn't use them as slaves, she actually
paid people to let the slaves stay with them.  Some of these bills go back to before she died,
meaning she didn't use them as slaves after she inherited them.  She was shelling out some
large dollor amounts to make sure these slaves were clothed and had room & board!

5.  One of the documents was a request for payment by Aaron Townsend (of Rowan Co) for writing
Miriam's will in 1853.  The will which was proved in court starts out "On Sept 22, 1855" -
which means it isn't the one Aaron wrote.  Wonder what was in the first will, and why she
change it?

6.  I'm confused over the actual course of events for her will.  At first I thought the other
heirs were contesting it, wanting a portion for themselves.  But the court document which
contains the name "Meddy" appears to be telling Jesse he has to put a notice in the local paper
for several weeks, in an attempt to reach the next of kin since they live out of state.
(Thomas & John Marley were the only two NC residents at the time) Perhaps the second will is
what caused the confusion.  Having been written the day before she died, perhaps Thomas & John
Marley set out to have it invalidated.  Maybe they were mentioned in the first?  The rest of
her heirs, living out of state, may not have known she even died.

(I  am offering this suggestion as to the "Meddy" name. Could  "Meddy Nolscue" is a misinterpretation of the name of Miriam Alston.
Perhaps the handwriting was very bad and the person reading it could not understand what the words were?)


All Names with a red star and an age in red, are the slaves that were helped to escape by Miriam  Alston, wife of Oran/Oroon, in 1855-59.
The first age is the age given at the time of Oran's estate probate and the second age is the age given when Miriam made her will to free them.
At the bottom is a list of children not yet born, when Oran died, so they aren't on the original  (Oran) inventory list.
Names with a  ++  by them have more information at the bottom of the page.


              NAMES                                                                                      AGES
                                                                                 Oran            Miriam
                                                                               Inventory       Will      Census      Census
                                                                                1852             1855     1860           1870
(He may be, the one willed
to James Woody, by Miriam,
in her will, but it could be
the younger Abner,  below)
  57    0           0     0 
Wesley  Alston
(dark color)
  31   *40   30      0
John   28     0      0     0
(dark color)
Brother of Wesley
  23    *29      0      0
Dempsey   26      0      0     0
Peter  Alston  ++
(of light complexion)
  37    *45      0     0
Ben/Benjamin Alston
(light color)
Husband of Adeline
  29    *37   45   56
(dark color)
Wife of Benjamin
  25    *33   45     0
Daniel Alston
(rather dark)
Son of Benj. & Adeline
  8    *15   16     0
Andrew (J.) Alston  ++
(rather dark)
Son of Benj. & Adeline
  6    *14   12   25
Delaware Co. OH
(rather dark)
Daughter of Benj. & Adeline
  3    *12   14     0
Rhoda  ++ 
(rather dark)
Daughter of Benj. & Adeline
  1    *10   10     0
Sally         (1860 Census)
Probable Daughter of Benj. & Adeline 
   0     0     8      0
William    (1860 Census)
Probable Son of Benj. & Adeline
   0     0   6     0
Marion     (1860 Census)
Probable Son of Benj. & Adeline
   0     0   4      0
Peter (old) Alston   69     0    0     0
Charlotte   57     0    0     0
Eliza   28     0    0     0
Austin/Alston   3 (Months)     0    0     0
Elizabeth    6 (Months)     0    0     0
Emily   6 (Months)     0    0     0
Julia   42     0    0     0
Sheba   26     0    0     0
(of dark complexion)
  55    *60   62     0
Prissa/Priscilla ++
(of dark complexion)
Sister of David & Peggy
  12    *20   19      0
Sarah  ++
(of light complexion)
Wife of Andrew
  29    *37     0     0
Anthony  ++ Alston
(rather light color)
  30    *38     0   48
Franklin Co. OH
(His color is 'White"
Anna (Millie? Carter?) (1870 Census)
Wife of Anthony?
  0     0     0  33
Franklin Co. OH
Agnes (1870 Census) ++
Daughter of Anthony & Agnes
  0     0     0   12
Franklin Co. OH
Susey   20     0     0     0
Andrew (old) Alston
(Of light color)
Husband of Sarah
  35    *35     0     0
Allen      (old)   69      0     0     0
William  (old)   56      0     0     0
Donaldson   45      0     0     0
Reuben   31      0     0     0
Gloucester   52      0     0     0
Lovey   36      0     0     0
Clarey   18      0      0     0
Reden   12      0     0     0
Susan/Susannah  ++
(rather light)
I think she is the one with Benj. in 1870 
  11   *19   18   30
Joseph   8      0     0     0
William   8      0     0     0
China   5      0     0     0
Norman   2      0     0     0
Pheby   2 (Months)      0     0     0
Dilcey   32      0     0     0
Jenny/Jerry ?   14      0      0     0
Martha   10      0     0     0
Jesse   7      0     0     0
Meriam   4      0     0     0
Eliza   2      0     0     0
Holloway   34      0     0     0
Agness/Agatha? Awlston ++
(light color)
(Agness & Agatha may 
not be the same person)
  34    *43     0     0
Harvey   34      0     0     0
Pheby   32      0     0     0
Ephraim   17      0     0     0
Nelson   13      0     0     0
Charlotte   11      0     0     0
Henderson   9      0     0     0
Riley   7      0     0     0
Silvay   5      0     0     0
Alexander   3      0     0     0
Linda   26      0     0     0
William   9      0     0     0
George   7      0     0     0
Simon    5      0     0     0
Susan    3      0     0     0
Viney Alston ++    1       0     0     0 
David  Alston
(dark complexion)
Brother of Peggy
   20    *26   23
Delaware Co. OH
Elizabeth  (born in Ohio)
Wife ? of David (1870 Census)
    0      0     0   39
Delaware Co. OH
Sarah J. (born in Ohio)
Daughter of David & Elizabeth?
     0      0     0  2
Delaware Co. OH
(dark complexion)
   23    *29     0      0
Joseph John Alston
(rather light complexion)
Son of Peggy
   4    *13   13     0
(rather light complexion)
Son of Peggy
   2    *10     0     0
( of dark complexion)
Daughter of Peggy
   1    *8     0     0
(This may be the 'Abner'
willed to James Woody)
   18      0     0     0
(light color)
Sister of Anthony
   18    *26     0     0
Charlotty    60      0     0      0
Enoch    17      0     0     0
Jerry    46      0     0     0
Polly    22      0     0     0
Lettuce (Lettice)    16      0     0     0
Doctor    1      0     0     0
Allen    22      0     0     0
Rhoda    20      0     0     0
Princes/ Primus ?    2      0     0     0
Samuel    64      0     0     0
Not on original list

(dark complexion)
Daughter of Peggy

   0   *6     0     0
Margaret     0   *1     0     0
Mary Francis  Alston ++
Daughter of Andrew & Sarah
View Photo, that may be of her
     0   *2     0     0
Mary  (the 2nd)      0   *1     0     0
Sally Alston
(rather dark)
Daughter of Benj. & Adeline
     0   *6     0     0
William Alston
(rather dark)
(Son of Benj. & Adeline?)
     0   *4     0     0
John Alston
Probable Son of Benj. & Susan/Susannah
     0     0     0   9
Delaware Co., OH
George Alston
Probable Son of Benj. & Susan/Susannah
     0     0     0   7
Delaware Co., OH
Franklin Alston
Probable Son of Benj. & Susan/Susannah
     0     0     0   5
Delaware Co., OH

++   Andrew Alston was dead by 8 Aug., 1883, when affidavit for Transfer and record of Real Estate Inherited, was filed in Delaware City, Ohio, by Mary F. Alston Austin, heir at law.
Andrew was killed in an accident involving the Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati & Indianapolis Railroad Co. David Alston was suing the company after his death. In his statement he says the death was caused by the railroad.
++   Sarah, wife of Andrew. died Feb. 17, 1917 in Delaware City, Ohio, as stated by,  Mary F. Alston Austin, daughter of Andrew and Sarah filed for transfer of Real Estate, she inherited from them, on 8th aug. 1883.
++  Mary Frances Alston Austin, (above) daughter of Andrew & Sarah Alston, died on Jan. 17, 1952 at age 94, according to her obituary. It gives her birth date as April 7, 1856. (the year after Miriam freed them) Her obituary says she taught art for a year in Chattanooga TN.  She had become acquainted with Bishop Hanby of the United Brethren Church I who wrote the old song "Darling Nellie Gray" and he tried to teach her to sing but, she couldn't and turned to art instead. She was also and well known, as  a cook for the Wesleyan (Methodist) fraternity houses, including Phi Gamma Delta and Phi Kappa Psi.  During WW I she was a Red Cross home nurse. In April of 1947, on Emancipation Day, she was honored and spoke concerning her experiences, as a child of slaves. She carried a cane that once belonged to General Grant, according to the newspaper article. She had one adopted daughter, Mrs Josephine Lee Cleveland, and several cousins (not named in the obit.)  I have a photocopy of a portrait done, of her. She was a beautiful woman. She is buried at the Oak Grove Cemetery.
++  Anthony Alston died at 9 o'clock Saturday morning 1895 (no day or month) in Worthington, Ohio. He married in 1860 and had one daughter, Miss Agnes Alston. He was a member of the Second African Baptist Church of Columbus. His obituary says he died of "lung fever".
His marriage license was dated Feby. 7, 1860 and his wife's name is "Millie"  Carter. (the census of 1870 calls her "Anna". The license was issued in Franklin Co. OH.
++  Peter Alston, died July 19th 1876, according to his obituary. It says he was born in Chatham Co., N.C., Jan. 5, 1812 and that, he came to Ohio, May 15, 1859 ( note the record of manumission was 21 May, 1859)
He was a member of the A.M.E. Church of Westerville, OH. He left a wife and daughter, two sisters and one brother. A Peter Alston married Mary Revels on 26 May, 1859.
There is a Peter Alston who left a will in 1888, (in Franklin Co., OH) naming his wife Mary and his step-daughter, Carrie (Johnson) Powell. This Carrie Powell was listed as a widow. Her husband was Ananias Powell. They married Sept. 27, 1881.  Her death certificate says, she was born in 1849 and died May 13, 1925 of 'probable Tuberculosis' aged 76. She is buried at the Union Cemetery. she lived in Columbus, on 285 Burr St., according to her death certificate.
++  Andrew (J.)  Alston, the son of Benj. & Ellen (Adaline) Alston died on Mar. 18, 1879, age 31 yrs & 2 mo.
++  Susan Alston, is the one, I believe is listed in the death records of Delaware Co. OH. as dying at age 30, on Dec. 2, 1873. The age is a little off, but her birthplace is given as N.C. (no parents listed)
++  Rhoda Alston, the daughter of Benj. & ?? Alston is listed as 38 yrs at the time of her death on Jun 1, 1885., according to the death records of Delaware Co. OH. Making her born in 1847. This is close enough to the inventory and will of Miriam, along with the statement that her father was Benj., to be the same one.
++Agnes "Awlston" was married to Moses Dickeson on 29 Dec., 1860. They were both of age. If she is the same Agnes as the one who is 43 in 1855, then she was 48 years old, when she married.

++ There is a Vandalia  (Viney?) Alston who died on Mar. 27, 1870 in Westerville, Franklin Co. OH. She was single, age 18,  born in N.C. The age is right to be the one year old Viney in Oran's will. She died of consumption (Tuberculosis)

There is a Viney Auston (a widow) who died on Mar. 1, 1870, in Sharon Twp, Franklin Co. Oh of 'Rheumatism"
 Priscilla Alston Harris, died on Mar. 24, 1924 of Influenza. She was a widow, whose husband was Samuel Harris. Her birth date, on the death certificate is given as Feb. 14, 1845., born in N.C.
The informant for the vital statistics was Mrs. Mary Austin (Mary Francis?) and Priscilla's address is 61 Eaton St.  in Columbus. The same address as Mary. Priscilla had lived there for 4 years prior to her death.
We know that Priscilla was a sister of David and Peggy. Mary was a daughter of Andrew & Sarah. There must have been a lasting connection and closeness between these freed slaves. Probably as close as brothers and sisters.

Some Birth Records of Delaware Co. Ohio for the Alstons. 1867-1909

Alston,  Agustus, Male Colored, b. 12/29/1877, Father- George Alston, Mother- Susan Green
Alston, Allice, Female, Colored, b. 11/15/1880, Father- Benjamin Alston, Mother- Ellen Taylor
Alston, Angeline, Female, Colored, b. 12/01/1870, Father- David Alston, Mother- Elizabeth Minter*
Alston, Charles S., Male, Colored, b. 05/04/1871, Father- Benj. Alston, Mother, Susan Alston
Alston, Dona Pearl, Female, Colored, b. 01/17/1901, Father- ------, Mother, Georgana Alston
Alston, Edna Ann, Female, Colored, (twin) b. 11/25/1888, Father-  William Alston, Mother- Anna Alford
Alston, Hazel, Female, Colored, b. 03/30/1892, Father- William Alston, Mother- Anna Alford
Alston, Ida Inez, Female, Colored, (twin) b. 11/25/1888, Father- William Alston, Mother- Anna Alford
Alston, Mary Ann, Female, Colored, b. 11/28/1871, Father- David Alston, Mother- Elizabeth Martin*
Alston, William, Male, Colored, b. 12/05/1871, Father- John Alston, Mother- Voloro Seles
*Note in one instance the name is Minter and the other Martin.
Some Death Records of Delaware Co. Ohio, for the Alstons. to 1909

Alston, Effie A., D. 10/25/1896, B. 14/03/1823, N.C.- Father, William Alston
Alston, Susan, 12/02/1873, age 30 Yr., b. N.C.
Alston, Agustus, 01/06/1878, age 8 days, Father, George Alston, Mother, Susan Grove (Green?)
(see the births, above)
Alston, John, 01/31/1878, 16 Yr., Father, B. Alston, Mother, A. Alston
Alston, Andrew J., 03/18/1879, 31 Yr. 2 M., Father, Benj. Alston, Mother, Ellen Alston
Alston, William C., 08/25/1881, 13 days, Father & Mother not given.
Alston, Benjamin, 10/23/1884, Married b. N.C.
Alston, Rhoda, 06/01/1885, 38 Yr. B. N.C., Father, Benj. Alston
Alston, Sarah, 01/10/1872, 16 Yr. B. "Petos Ba, NC."  {Pittsboro?, NC.}