Chatham, NC 1850 Federal Census - Lower Regiment
This Census was transcribed by Sue Ashby

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Census_Year  1850
Microfilm #  432-624
State        NC
County       Chatham
---------------------Begin Actual Transcription----------------------------------

CENSUS YR:  1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  NC  COUNTY:  Chatham  DIVISION:  Lower Regiment  REEL NO:  432-624  PAGE NO:  440a
REFERENCE:  5th  August, 1850, Rich'n Faucette, Ass't Marshal
           NAME                      AGE    SEX  RACE   OCCUP.           VAL.   BIRTHPLACE        REMARKS

Dwelling/Family: 1/1
       Williams, John A.              36     M         Farmer            15,000 N.C.
       Williams, Emeline              30     F                                  N.C.
       Williams, Mary R.              15     F                                  N.C.
       Williams, Charles G.           10     M                                  NC
       Williams, James F.             11     M                                  N.C.
       Williams, Apphia               9      F                                  N.C.
       Williams, Henry W.             5      M                                  NC
       Williams, John A. , Jr.        2      M                                  N.C.
       Harelson, Rebecca              49     F                                  N.C.
       Launders/Saunders, Jane        50     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 2/2
       Gardner, Marshal C.            36     M         Merchant          3,300  N.C.
       Gardner, Sarah G.              26     F                                  N.C.
       Gardner, Thomas G.             8      M                                  N.C.
       Gardner, Elizabeth A.          6      F                                  N.C.
       Gardner, John M.               4      M                                  N.C.
       Gardner, Sarah F.              1      F                                  N.C.
       Rogers, David                  22     M         Clerking                 N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 3/3
       Stith, N. L.                   42     M         Physician         300    N.C.
       Stith, Anna A.                 27     F                                  N.C.
       Stith, Fred G.                 1      M                                  N.C.
       Stuart, William                56     M    M    Carpenter                Virginia
       Bolding, Tilmon                35     M    M    Waiter                   N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 4/4
       Scott, Walter R.               18     M         Clerking                 N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 5/5
       Faucett, Robert                53     M         Merchant          5,000  N.C.
       Faucett, Letitia               40     F                                  N.C.
       Faucett, Emily                 21     F                                  N.C.
       Faucett, Claudia               12     F                                  N.C.
       Faucett, Ansimone?             10     F                                  N.C.
       Faucett, Margaret L.           7      F                                  N.C.
       Faucett, James R.              5      M                                  N.C.
       Faucett, Alice H.              3      F                                  N.C.
       Faucett, Rufus H.              1      M                                  N.C.
       Rider, Leroy                   24     M         Mechanic                 N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 6/6
       McLean, Daniel                 46     M         Taylor            250    N.C.
       McLean, Jorly?                 46     F                                  N.C.
       McLean, Dock?                  21     M                                  N.C.
       McLean, Isabella               19     F                                  N.C.
       McLean, Lutitia                14     F                                  N.C.
       McLean, Antionet               6      F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 7/7
       Stephens, William              26     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Stephens, Rebecca              22     F                                  N.C.
       Stephens, Julia                6      F                                  N.C.

CENSUS YR:  1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  NC  COUNTY:  Chatham  DIVISION:  Lower Regiment  REEL NO:  432-624  PAGE NO:  440b
REFERENCE:  5th August, 1850, Rich'n Faucette, Ass't Marshal
           NAME                      AGE    SEX  RACE   OCCUP.           VAL.   BIRTHPLACE        REMARKS

       Stephens, Marshal              3      M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 8/8
       Stephens, Miles                47     M         Farmer            250    N.C.
       Stephens, Dicey                45     F                                  N.C.
       Mann, Eveline                  31     F                                  N.C.
       Filchet?, Milton?              23     M         Shoe Maker               N.C.
       Filchet, Laura                 18     F                                  N.C.
       Mann, James                    11     M                                  N.C.
       Mann, Mary                     9      F                                  N.C.
       Mann, George W.                7      M                                  N.C.
       Mann, Hester Ann               5      F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 9/9
       Davis, Susan                   69     F                           250    N.C.
       Moore, Caroline                29     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 10/10
       Moore, Susan                   37     F                                  N.C.
       Moore, Rebecca                 32     F                                  N.C.
       Moore, Esper Ann               10     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 11/11
       Hinsly, Jane                   45     F                                  N.C.
       Hinsly, Adaline                17     F                                  N.C.
       Dickens, Elizure               19     F                                  N.C.
       Hinsley, James P.              5/12   M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 12/12
       Willson, William               50     M         Mechanic                 N.C.            The last name is spelled with 2 "L"s
       Willson, Susan                 33     F                                  N.C.            The last name is spelled with 2 "L"s.
       Wilson, Francis                5      F                                  N.C.            The last name is spelled with 1 "L".
       Wilson, William G.             3      M                                  N.C.            The last name is spelled with 1 "L".
       Wilson, Jane                   1      F                                  N.C.            The last name is spelled with 1 "L".

Dwelling/Family: 13/13
       Drake, John B.                 52     M         Clerking                 N.C.
       Drake, Elizabeth               44     F                                  N.C.
       Drake, Eugene B.               20     M                                  N.C.
       Drake, Veluria                 17     F                                  N.C.
       Drake, Frances M.              14     M                                  N.C.
       Drake, Mary R.                 12     F                                  N.C.
       Drake, Mathew                  10     M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 14/14
       Flowers, Thomas                30     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Flowers, Elizabeth             21     F                                  N.C.
       Flowers, James E.              4      M                                  N.C.
       Flowers, William               1      M                                  N.C.
       Flowers, Everet                22     M         Labourer                 N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 15/15
       Christen, Hardy                60     M         Farmer                   N.C.
       Christen, Joseph               21     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Christen, Rush ?               17     M         Labourer                 N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 16/16
       Hughs, William H.              26     M         Physician                N.C.
       Pullen, James D.               28     M         None                     N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 17/17
       Windham, Robert                45     M         Farmer            300    N.C.

CENSUS YR:  1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  NC  COUNTY:  Chatham  DIVISION:  Lower Regiment  REEL NO:  432-624  PAGE NO:  441a
REFERENCE:  5th August, 1850, Rich'n Faucette, Ass't Marshal
           NAME                      AGE    SEX  RACE   OCCUP.           VAL.   BIRTHPLACE        REMARKS

       Windham, Mary                  34     F                                  N.C.
       Windham, Aphia                 18     F                                  N.C.
       Windham, Emeline               17     F                                  N.C.
       Windham, Elizabeth             12     F                                  N.C.
       Windham, Elbert                8      M                                  N.C.
       Windham, Jefferson             6      M                                  N.C.
       Windham, Thomas                4      M                                  N.C.
       Jeffrys, Stanford?             23     M                                  N.C.
       Jeffrys, Martha                20     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 18/18
       Elkins, Sarah                  50     F                                  N.C.
       Elkins, Lucinda                36     F                                  N.C.
       Elkins, William                34     M                                  N.C.
       Elkins, Rebecca                24     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 19/19
       Womac, William                 32     M         Farmer            150    N.C.
       Womac, Elizabeth               29     F                                  N.C.
       Womac, Ark A. D. Ann           1      F
       Hinsley, Lucy Ann              11     F

Dwelling/Family: 20/20
       Sartin, Susanah                83     F                                  N.C.
       Sartin, Joshua                 55     M         Farmer                   N.C.
       Sartin, Elizabeth              48     F                                  N.C.
       Sartin, Right                  18     M                                  N.C.
       Sartin, Sidney                 12     M                                  N.C.
       Newmon, Mary                   18     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 21/21
       Sartin, John                   46     M         Farmer            600    N.C.
       Sartin, Louisa                 32     F                                  N.C.
       Sartin, Salina                 12     F                                  N.C.
       Sartin, Marion                 8      M                                  N.C.
       Sartin, Margaret               4      F                                  N.C.
       Sartin, John Jr.               2      M                                  N.C.
       Sartin, Polly                  50     F                                  N.C.
       Newmon, Bennett                15     M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 22/22
       Drake, Frances                 76     M         None              250    N.C.
       Drake, Elizabeth               42     F                                  N.C.
       Drake, Emeline                 18     F                                  N.C.
       Drake, Sarah B.                14     F                                  N.C.
       Drake, Melissa?                12     F                                  N.C.
       Drake, George F.               8      M                                  N.C.
       Drake, Ambrose R.              3      M                                  N.C.
       Drake, George                  65     M         S. Teacher        350    N.C.
       Drake, Rebecca                 40     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 23/23
       Mims, Barzella                 44     M         Farmer            250    N.C.
       Mims, Willea                   43     F                                  N.C.

CENSUS YR:  1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  NC  COUNTY:  Chatham  DIVISION:  Lower Regiment  REEL NO:  432-624  PAGE NO:  441b
REFERENCE:  5th August, 1850, Rich'n Faucette, Ass't Marshal
           NAME                      AGE    SEX  RACE   OCCUP.           VAL.   BIRTHPLACE        REMARKS

       Mims, Martha A.                18     F                                  N.C.
       Mims, William J.               16     M                                  N.C.
       Mims, Thomas Q.                15     M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 24/24
       Holt, Anderson                 25     M         Farmer            150    N.C.
       Holt, Malinda A.               24     F                                  N.C.
       Holt, Ellen W.                 3      F                                  N.C.
       Holt, Andrew J.                1      M                                  N.C.
       Holt, Siddy                    75     F

Dwelling/Family: 25/25
       Holt, Alley/Allcy              42     M         Farmer            500    N.C.
       Holt, Prudence                 43     F                                  N.C.
       Holt, Joseph                   18     M                                  N.C.
       Holt, Robert                   17     M                                  N.C.
       Holt, Caswell                  15     M                                  N.C.
       Holt, Miley                    15     F                                  N.C.
       Holt, Lucinda                  10     F                                  N.C.
       Holt, Kizza                    9      F                                  N.C.
       Holt, Young A.                 7      M                                  N.C.
       Holt, Chesley                  5      M                                  N.C.
       Holt, Wesley                   5      M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 26/26
       Mims, David                    50     M         Farmer            50     N.C.
       Mims, Milbry                   37     F                                  N.C.
       Mims, Elizabeth                21     F                                  N.C.
       Mims, Cedia                    17     F                                  N.C.
       Mims, Anna                     16     F                                  N.C.
       Mims, Henry                    15     M                                  N.C.
       Mims, William                  14     M                                  N.C.
       Mims, Charity                  13     F                                  N.C.
       Mims, Carney                   11     M                                  N.C.
       Mims, Melinda                  8      F                                  N.C.
       Mims, Paschal                  7      M                                  N.C.
       Mims, David Jr.                5      M                                  N.C.
       Mims, Peggy                    4      F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 27/27
       Womac, William                 70     M         Farmer            100    N.C.
       Womac, Susan                   70     F                                  N.C.
       Womac, Lika                    45     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 28/28
       Womac, Gaston                  28     M         Farmer                   N.C.
       Womac, Carnes                  24     M                                  N.C.
       Womac, Maneza                  5      F                                  N.C.
       Womac, William                 3      M                                  N.C.
       Womac, P. Susan                5/12                                      N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 29/29
       Mann, Sally                    50                                 100    N.C.
       Mann, Bethany                  25     F                                  N.C.

CENSUS YR:  1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  NC  COUNTY:  Chatham  DIVISION:  Lower Regiment  REEL NO:  432-624  PAGE NO:  442a
REFERENCE:  5th August, 1850, Rich'n Faucette, Ass't Marshal
           NAME                      AGE    SEX  RACE   OCCUP.           VAL.   BIRTHPLACE        REMARKS

       Mann, Jessee                   32     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Mann, Silas                    18     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Holmes, Cherry                 75     F                                  Virginia        Column 13 says "Blind"
       Holmes, Charity                52     F                                  Virginia

Dwelling/Family: 30/30
       Mann, John                     25     M         Farmer            150    N.C.
       Mann, Candis                   32     F                                  N.C.
       Mann, Malvina                  2      F                                  N.C.
       Upchurch, Mariah               8      F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 31/31
       Holomon, Ezra                  45     M         Farmer            900    Virginia
       Holomon, Rebecca               47     F                                  N.C.
       Holomon, Nathan P.             19     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Holomon, Elizabeth             15     F                                  N.C.
       Holomon, Adeline               10     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 32/32
       Cotton, Richard                24     M         Farmer            500    N.C.
       Cotton, Mary Ann               24     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 33/33
       Mann, Jerry                    26     M         Farmer            100    N.C.
       Mann, Dicy                     39     F                                  N.C.
       Mann, Mary Ann                 6      F                                  N.C.
       Mann, Lydia                    5      F                                  N.C.
       Mann, Burwell                  4      M                                  N.C.
       Mann, C. Ann                   1      F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 34/34
       Mann, William                  24     M         Farmer                   N.C.
       Mann, Charitey                 25     F                                  N.C.
       Mann, Eliza                    3      F                                  N.C.
       Mann, Mary Ann                 2      F                                  N.C.
       Mann, Elizabeth                5/12   F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 35/35
       Mann, Silas                    55     M         Farmer            500    N.C.
       Mann, Polly                    55     F                                  N.C.
       Mann, Polly                    22     F                                  N.C.
       Mann, U                        20     U                                  N.C.            Cannot read first name
       Mann, Silas                    19     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Mann, Patience                 12     F                                  N.C.
       Mann, Wesley B.                6/12   M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 36/36
       Mann, Zachariah                33     M         Mechanic          500    N.C.
       Mann, Celina                   22     F                                  N.C.
       Mann, William                  2      M                                  N.C.
       Mann, Adlaid                   5/12   F                                  N.C.
       Woodel, Lucinda                21     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 37/37
       Lamb, Jonathan                 44     M         Hatter                   N.C.
       Lamb, Anna/Annis               43     F                                  N.C.
       Lamb, Dicy                     19     F                                  N.C.
       Lamb, Marshal                  17     M                                  N.C.

CENSUS YR:  1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  NC  COUNTY:  Chatham  DIVISION:  Lower Regiment  REEL NO:  432-624  PAGE NO:  442b
REFERENCE:  5th August, 1850, Rich'n Faucette, Ass't Marshal
           NAME                      AGE    SEX  RACE   OCCUP.           VAL.   BIRTHPLACE        REMARKS

       Lamb, Samuel                   15     M         Hatters Trade            N.C.
       Lamb, Ruhama                   13     F                                  N.C.
       Lamb, Elizabeth                11     F                                  N.C.
       Lamb, Thomas?                  9      M                                  N.C.            The first letter of name doesn't look like a "T"
       Lamb, Elisa                    6      F                                  N.C.
       Lamb, Mary Ann                 2      F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 38/38
       Hinsley, Thomas                55     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Hinsley, Polley                54     F                                  N.C.
       Hinsley, Martha                30     F                                  N.C.
       Hinsley, Mary                  35     F                                  N.C.
       Hinsley, Thomas                21     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Hinsley, Lucy                  18     F                                  N.C.
       Hinsley, Elias                 16     M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 39/39
       Hinsley, Abel                  50     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Hinsley, Mariah                46     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 40/40
       Langly, Jessee                 23     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Langly, Mary                   19     F                                  N.C.
       Langly, James M.               1/12   M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 41/41
       Hindsley, Lucy                 30     F                                  N.C.
       Hinsley, Isabel                7      F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 42/42
       Woodel, Mark                   54     M         Farmer            300    N.C.
       Woodel, Sarah                  40     F                                  N.C.
       Woodel, Mary J.                20     F                                  N.C.
       Woodel, Nathan E.              14     M                                  N.C.
       Woodel, B. H.                  11     M                                  N.C.
       Woodel, Bethany F.             5      F                                  N.C.
       Woodel, Wesley                 21     M         Labourer                 N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 43/43
       Shadox, Henry                  78     M         None                     N.C.
       Shadox, Lucy                   73     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 44/44
       Carpenter, Rebecca             47     F                                  N.C.
       Carpenter, Matilda             10     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 45/45
       Shadox, Josiah                 41     M         Farmer            500    N.C.
       Shadox, Nancy                  49     F                                  N.C.
       Green, Elizabeth               31     F                                  N.C.
       Green, Zilpha                  28     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 46/46
       Person, Preston                37     M         Farmer                   N.C.
       Person, Nancy                  37     F                                  N.C.
       Person, Henderson              15     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Person, James M.               13     M                                  N.C.
       Person, Mary J.                11     F                                  N.C.
       Person, Solomon P.             9      M                                  N.C.
       Person, Sarah A.               6      F                                  N.C.

CENSUS YR:  1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  NC  COUNTY:  Chatham  DIVISION:  Lower Regiment  REEL NO:  432-624  PAGE NO:  443a
REFERENCE:  5th Daugust, 1850, Rich'n Faucette, Ass't Marshal
           NAME                      AGE    SEX  RACE   OCCUP.           VAL.   BIRTHPLACE        REMARKS

       Person, Nancy                  2      F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 47/47
       Carpenter, Solomon             48     M         Farmer            100    N.C.
       Carpenter, Mary                45     F                                  N.C.
       Carpenter, John                24     M         Labourer                 N.C.            "twins"
       Carpenter, Elizabeth           24     F                                  N.C.            "twins"
       Carpenter, William             23     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Carpenter, Nathan              20     M         Labourer                 N.C.            "twins"
       Carpenter, James               20     M         Labourer                 N.C.            "twins:
       Carpenter, Thomas              16     M                                  N.C.
       Carpenter, Robert              14     M                                  N.C.
       Carpenter, Mary                15     F                                  N.C.
       Carpenter, Elbert              9      M                                  N.C.
       Carpenter, Wiatt               6      M                                  N.C.
       Carpenter, Isaac               4      M                                  N.C.
       Carpenter, Richard             8/12   M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 48/48
       Johnson, Sarah                 49     F                                  N.C.
       Johnson, Elbert                14     M                                  N.C.
       Johnson, Elizabeth             4      F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 49/49
       Marks, Nicholas                27     M         Farmer            400    N.C.
       Marks, Ann                     27     F                                  N.C.
       Marks, Murphy W.               1      M                                  N.C.
       Patterson, Mary                22     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 50/50
       Perkins, James                 59     M         Farmer            800    N.C.
       Perkins, Elizabeth             49     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 51/51
       Buchanan, Wesley               31     M         Physician         100    N.C.
       Buchanan, Simon                24     M         Clerking                 N.C.
       Buchanan, Grezza Ann           21     F                                  N.C.
       Daniel, William                60     M         None                     N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 52/52
       Pipkin, Matilda                50     F                                  N.C.
       Pipkin, Wright                 24     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Pipkin, Mary Ann               20     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 53/53
       Hite, George W.                35     M         Saddler           200    Ireland
       Hite, Susan                    26     F                                  N.C.
       Hite, George                   1/12   M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 54/54
       Sloan, Robert                  46     M         Farmer            300    N.C.
       Sloan, Annis                   33     F                                  N.C.
       Sloan, Louisa J.               15     F                                  N.C.
       Sloan, Alvin J.                15     M                                  N.C.
       Sloan, Mary C.? E.?            11     F                                  N.C.
       Sloan, George W.               8      M                                  N.C.
       Sloan, Margarett               3      F                                  N.C.
       Sloan, William A.              9/12   M                                  N.C.

CENSUS YR:  1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  NC  COUNTY:  Chatham  DIVISION:  Lower Regiment  REEL NO:  432-624  PAGE NO:  443b
REFERENCE:  5th August, 1850, Rich'n Faucette, Ass't Marshal
           NAME                      AGE    SEX  RACE   OCCUP.           VAL.   BIRTHPLACE        REMARKS

       Hindsley, James                22     M         Labourer                 N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 55/55
       Prince, Ruffin                 40     M         Farmer            250    N.C.
       Rollins, Nancy                 45     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 56/56
       Pipkin, Elisha                 32     M         Mechanic                 N.C.
       Pipkin, Sarah Ann              4      F                                  N.C.
       Pipkin, Martha M.              1/12   F                                  N.C.
       Mason, Martha                  38     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 57/57
       Cross, Williams                54     M         Farmer            2,400  N.C.
       Cross, Nancy                   48     F                                  N.C.
       Cross, James                   24     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Cross, Alvin                   18     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Cross, Laura                   12     F                                  N.C.
       Cross, Francis                 9      F                                  N.C.
       Cross, William R.              7      M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 58/58
       Rollins, Rebecca               48     F                           200    N.C.
       Rollins, Henry                 22     M         Peddler                  N.C.
       Rollins, Arabella              19     F                                  N.C.
       Rollins, Elizabeth             17     F                                  N.C.
       Rollins, Almira                15     F                                  N.C.
       Rollins, Wiatt                 12     M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 59/59
       Stephens, Crawford             43     M         Farmer            300    N.C.
       Stephens, Gilly                46     F                                  N.C.
       Stephens, Matilda              20     F                                  N.C.
       Stephens, Sarah                18     F                                  N.C.
       Stephens, Elizabeth            15     F                                  N.C.
       Stephens, Emily                12     F                                  N.C.
       Stephens, James J.             8      M                                  N.C.
       Stephens, Marshal              7      M                                  N.C.
       Stephens, Annis                5      F                                  N.C.
       Stephens, Benton               3      M                                  N.C.
       Stephens, Edwin                75     M         None                     N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 60/60
       Mims, Henderson                38     M         Farmer            500    N.C.
       Mims, Mary Ann                 25     F                                  N.C.
       Mims, Julia Ann                11     F                                  N.C.
       Mims, Sarah J.                 4      F                                  N.C.
       Mims, Thomas Y.                7      M                                  N.C.
       Mims, Elizabeth F.             4      F                                  N.C.
       Mims, James M.                 10/12  M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 61/61
       Polyard, Robert                27     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Polyard, Mildred G,            25     F                                  N.C.
       Polyard, Mary Ann              4      F                                  N.C.
       Polyard, Alfred                1      M                                  N.C.

CENSUS YR:  1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  NC  COUNTY:  Chatham  DIVISION:  Lower Regiment  REEL NO:  432-624  PAGE NO:  444a
REFERENCE:  5th August, 1850, Rich'n Faucette, Ass't Marshal
           NAME                      AGE    SEX  RACE   OCCUP.           VAL.   BIRTHPLACE        REMARKS

Dwelling/Family: 62/62
       Cross, Thomas                  31     M         Farmer            800    N.C.
       Cross, Elizabeth               26     F                                  N.C.
       Cross, Luiza                   3      F                                  N.C.
       Cross, Sarah J.                1      F                                  N.C.
       Cross, Henry L.                5      M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 63/63
       Stuard, James                  43     M         Farmer            500    N.C.
       Stuard, Laurana                40     F                                  N.C.
       Sluart, Ellender               21     F                                  N.C.            the last name is, as spelled, in original
       Sluard, Melinda J.             17     F                                  N.C.            the last name is, as spelled, in original
       Sluard, John A.                11     M                                  N.C.            the last name is, as spelled, in original
       Sluard, Isabella               4      F                                  N.C.            the last name is, as spelled, in original

Dwelling/Family: 64/64
       Stuard, John                   75     M         Farmer                   N.C.            the last name is, as spelled, in original
       Stuard, Polly                  64     F                                  N.C.            the last name is, as spelled, in original

Dwelling/Family: 65/65
       Parlridge, Elbert R.           35     M         Farmer            1,000  N.C.            The name may be Partridge but, the "t" isn't crossed here.
       Parlridge, Isabella            24     F                                  N.C.            The name may be Partridge but, the "t" isn't crossed here.
       Partridge, Cornelia            5      F                                  N.C.            The "t" is crossed here.
       Partridge, Martha              3      F                                  N.C.            The "t" is crossed here.

Dwelling/Family: 66/66
       Luther, George                 66     M         Farmer                   Maryland
       Luther, Barshaba               50     F                                  Virginia
       Luther, Martha                 32     F                                  N.C.
       Luther, Evelina                30     F                                  N.C.
       Luther, Lucy                   28     F                                  N.C.
       Luther, Louisianna             23     F                                  N.C.
       Luther, Melinda                20     F                                  N.C.
       Luther, Thomas                 19     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Luther, Nancy                  18     F                                  N.C.
       Luther, George M.              12     M                                  N.C.
       Luther, Elizar                 4      F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 67/67
       Rollins, William               28     M         Farmer            115    N.C.
       Rollins, Emily                 15     F                                  N.C.
       Rollins, Esperan               1/12   F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 68/68
       Dennis, Anna                   69     F                           500    Virginia
       Dennis, William                26     M         Farmer                   N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 69/69
       Holland, Meritt                28     M         Farmer            200    N.C.
       Holland, Martha                27     F                                  N.C.
       Holland, Luiza                 3      F                                  N.C.
       Holland, Thomas W.             5/12   M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 70/70
       Rollins, James                 55     M         Farmer            300    N.C.
       Rollins, Susan                 56     F                                  N.C.
       Rollins, Richard               23     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Rollins, Jessee                21     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Rollins, Elizar                20     F                                  N.C.

CENSUS YR:  1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  NC  COUNTY:  Chatham  DIVISION:  Lower Regiment  REEL NO:  432-624  PAGE NO:  444b
REFERENCE:  6th August, 1850, Rich'n Faucette, Ass't Marshal
           NAME                      AGE    SEX  RACE   OCCUP.           VAL.   BIRTHPLACE        REMARKS

       Rollins, Gaston                17     M         Labourer                                 No birth place given for him.

Dwelling/Family: 71/71
       Barham, Nancy                  45     F                           300    N.C.
       Barham, Sebella                21     F                                  N.C.
       Barham, Sarah                  13     F                                  N.C.
       Barham, Lucy A.                12     F                                  N.C.
       Barham, Mary W.                9      F                                  N.C.
       Barham, James H.               6      M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 72/72
       Battle, James                  36     M         Farmer            1,500  N.C.
       Battle, Polly                  46     F                                  N.C.
       Battle, Bennett                11     M                                  N.C.            "Dumb" in column 13

Dwelling/Family: 73/73
       Cotton, James                  22     M         Farmer                   N.C.
       Cotton, Ann C.                 17     F                                  N.C.
       Cotton, Bennett D.             7/12   M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 74/74
       Cotton, Avent                  57     M         Farmer            600    N.C.
       Cotton, Wineyford              55     F                                  N.C.
       Cotton, John W.                21     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Cotton, Emiline                15     F                                  N.C.
       Cotton, Benton                 12     M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 75/75
       Cotton, Milly                  74     F                                  Maryland
       Cotton, Rabby                  35     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 76/76
       Cotton, John                   42     M         Farmer            150    N.C.
       Cotton, Rebecca                31     F                                  N.C.
       Cotton, William                13     M                                  N.C.
       Cotton, Sarah                  12     F                                  N.C.
       Cotton, Emiline                10     F                                  N.C.
       Cotton, James                  1      M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 77/75
       Cotton, Joseph                 29     M         Farmer            200    N.C.
       Cotton, Mary                   30     F                                  N.C.
       Cotton, James                  7      M                                  N.C.
       Cotton, Tilitha                5      F                                  N.C.
       Cotton, Luiza                  4      F                                  N.C.
       Cotton, John C.                2      M                                  N.C.
       Cotton, Ann                    5/12   F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 78/78
       Goodwin, Mary Ann              31     F                           150    N.C.
       Goodwin, Elizabeth             11     F                                  N.C.
       Goodwin, Julia                 9      F                                  N.C.
       Goodwin, Sarah                 8      F                                  N.C.
       Goodwin, Elsey                 5      F                                  N.C.
       Goodwin, Margaret                                                                        No age, sex or place of birth given for her.

Dwelling/Family: 79/79
       Cotton, William                53     M         Farmer            200    N.C.
       Cotton, Martha                 30     F                                  N.C.
       Cotton, Angeline               9      F                                  N.C.

CENSUS YR:  1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  NC  COUNTY:  Chatham  DIVISION:  Lower Regiment  REEL NO:  432-624  PAGE NO:  445a
REFERENCE:  6th Sugust, 1850, Rich'n Faucette, Ass't Marshal
           NAME                      AGE    SEX  RACE   OCCUP.           VAL.   BIRTHPLACE        REMARKS

       Cotton, Adlade                 7      F                                  N.C.
       Cotton, Margaret               5      F                                  N.C.
       Cotton, Frances                2      F                                  N.C.
       Griffon, Jackson               18     M         Labourer                 N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 80/80
       Medlin, Alfred                 40     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Medlin, Hicksey                35     F                                  N.C.
       Medlin, Hariet                 18     F                                  N.C.
       Medlin, Emma                   14     F                                  N.C.
       Medlin, William                11     M                                  N.C.
       Medlin, Mary J.                10     F                                  N.C.
       Medlin, Lydia                  8      F                                  N.C.
       Medlin, Caroline               10/12  F                                  N.C.
                                             Poe, Jackson                                 32                                           M                                                                                         Labourer                                                                                  N.C.                                                                                                                                   X                                            REMARKS:  I believe the change of dwelling # should be here (81)

Dwelling/Family: 81/81
       Poe, Nancy                     38     F                                  N.C.
       Boyd, Murphy                   18     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Poe, Louisa                    7      F                                  N.C.
       Poe, Henry                     4      M                                  N.C.
       Poe, William                   30     M                                  N.C.
       Poe, Martha                    35     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 82/82
       Brazier, Groves M.             34     M         Merchant          1,400  N.C.
       Brazier, Elizabeth M.          35     F                                  N.C.
       Brazier, Susan C.              10     F                                  N.C.
       Brazier, William H.            9      M                                  N.C.
       Brazier, Elizabeth J.          7      F                                  N.C.
       Brazier, Isabella C.           4      F                                  N.C.
       Brazier, Malissa               3      F                                  N.C.
       Brazier, Charity J.            8/12   F                                  N.C.
       Hinsley, Hariett               28     F                                  N.C.
                                             Griffin, John                                21                                           M                                                                                         Labourer                                                                                  N.C.                                                                                                                                   X                                            REMARKS:  I think the dwelling # should be 83

Dwelling/Family: 83/83
       Griffin, Sarah                 40     F                                  N.C.
       Griffin, Ann                   13     F                                  N.C.
       Griffin, Abel                  12     M                                  N.C.
       Griffon, Catherin              8      F                                  N.C.
       Griffon, Jane                  6      F                                  N.C.
       Griffon, Alexander             5      M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 84/84
       Welch, Fanny                   35     F                                  N.C.
       Welch, Jackson                 10     M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 85/85
       Little, John                   40     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Little, Nancy                  36     F                                  N.C.
       Little, Robert                 16     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Little, Eliza                  14     F                                  N.C.
       Little, Joseph                 12     M                                  N.C.

CENSUS YR:  1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  NC  COUNTY:  Chatham  DIVISION:  Lower Regiment  REEL NO:  432-624  PAGE NO:  445b
REFERENCE:  7th August, 1850, Rich'n Faucette, Ass't Marshal
           NAME                      AGE    SEX  RACE   OCCUP.           VAL.   BIRTHPLACE        REMARKS

       Little, Emeline                8      F                                  N.C.
       Little, Wesley                 6      M                                  N.C.
       Little, William S.             1      M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 86/86
       Ausley, James                  53     M         Farmer            340    N.C.
       Ausley, Sally                  48     F                                  N.C.
       Dean, Ruthy                    30     F                                  N.C.
       Stephens, John A.              20     M                                  N.C.
       Shearby, Reubin H.             11     M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 87/87
       Ashworth, Benjamin             70     M         None                     N.C.
       Ashworth, Nancy                19     F                                  N.C.
       Ashworth, Alvin                17     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Ashworth, Emiline              15     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 88/88
       Ausley, Thomas                 52     M         Farmer            300    N.C.
       Ausley, Polly                  50     F                                  N.C.
       Ausley, Creacy                 20     F                                  N.C.
       Ausley, Elbert                 17     M                                  N.C.
       Ausley, Bennet                 13     M                                  N.C.
       Ausley, Richard                9      M                                  N.C.
       Ausley, Sarah                  69     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 89/89
       Ausley, William                23     M         Farmer                   N.C.
       Ausley, Grizza J.              37     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 90/90
       Cox, Edmond                    56     M         Miller                   N.C.
       Cox, Rebecca                   54     F                                  N.C.
       Cox, Polly                     32     F                                  N.C.
       Cox, William                   23     M         Teacher                  N.C.
       Cox, Adaline                   20     F                                  N.C.
       Cox, William W.                9      M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 91/91
       Partridge, John                66     M         Farmer            1,000  N.C.
       Partridge, Martha              60     F                                  N.C.
       Partridge, Nancy                                                                         No age, sex or place of birth given for her.

Dwelling/Family: 92/92
       Buchanan, Mary                 52     F                           5,080  N.C.
       Buchanan, Hilyard              20     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Buchanan, Marion               18     M                                  N.C.
       Buchanan, Louisa               16     F                                  N.C.
       Buchanan, Harriet ? J.         13     F                                  N.C.
       Hindsley, Alfred               21     M         Labourer                 N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 93/93
       Buchanan, Elbert               29     M         Farmer            200    N.C.
       Buchanan, Nelley               29     F                                  N.C.
       Buchanan, John S.              6      M                                  N.C.
       Buchanan, Thomas S.            4      M                                  N.C.
       Buchanan, Oran                 2      M                                  N.C.
       Buchanan, Emily J.             1/12   F                                  N.C.

CENSUS YR:  1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  NC  COUNTY:  Chatham  DIVISION:  Lower Regiment  REEL NO:  432-624  PAGE NO:  446a
REFERENCE:  8th August, 1850, Rich'n Faucette, Ass't Marshal
           NAME                      AGE    SEX  RACE   OCCUP.           VAL.   BIRTHPLACE        REMARKS

       Ragland, James                 26     M         Farmer            175    N.C.
       Ragland, Sarah                 25     F                                  N.C.
       Ragland, Thomas M.             2      M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 94/94
       Womack, James                  46     M         Farmer            250    N.C.            In small letters by his surname is "River"?
       Womack, Piety/Patty            52     F                                  N.C.
       Womack, Eliza                  21     F                                  N.C.
       Womack, Elizabeth              19     F                                  N.C.
       Womack, Polly                  18     F                                  N.C.
       Womack, Jerusha                16     F                                  N.C.
       Womack, John                   13     M                                  N.C.
       Womack, Jefferson              11     M                                  N.C.
       Womack, Marion                 9      M                                  N.C.
       Womack, Martha                 7      F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 95/95
       Ragland, Mary                  72     F                           200    N.C.
       Ragland, Sally                 40     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 96/96
       Ragland, Thomas                49     M         Farmer            2,300  N.C.
       Ragland, Jane                  48     F                                  N.C.
       Ragland, Elbert                22     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Ragland, William               20     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Ragland, Elizabeth             18     F                                  N.C.
       Ragland, Mary                  15     F                                  N.C.
       Ragland, Adaline               12     F                                  N.C.
       Ragland, Emily                 7      F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 97/97
       Avent, Isaac                   26     M         Farmer            110    N.C.
       Avent, Temperance              31     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 98/98
       Lawrence, Theophilus           44     M         Farmer            300    N.C.
       Lawrence, Mary C.              35     F                                  N.C.
       Lawrence, Sarah A.             13     F                                  N.C.
       Lawrence, Adaline              12     F                                  N.C.
       Lawrence, William              11     M                                  N.C.
       Lawrence, Elizabeth            10     F                                  N.C.
       Lawrence, John H.              8      M                                  N.C.
       Lawrence, Thomas B.            5      M                                  N.C.
       Lawrence, Joseph H. C.         4      M                                  N.C.
       Lawrence, Mary B.              2      F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 99/99
       Marks, Richard                 45     M         Farmer            1,200  N.C.
       Marks, Jane                    20     F                                  N.C.
       Marks, William L.              1      M                                  N.C.
       Marks, Joseph                  6/12                                      N.C.
       Buchanan, Margaret             30     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 100/100
       Avent, Ester W.                59     F                           750    N.C.
       Avent, Eliza  J.               30?    F                                  N.C.            Page is very dark at her age.

CENSUS YR:  1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  NC  COUNTY:  Chatham  DIVISION:  Lower Regiment  REEL NO:  432-624  PAGE NO:  446b
REFERENCE:  8th August, 1850, Rich'n Faucette, Ass't Marshal
           NAME                      AGE    SEX  RACE   OCCUP.           VAL.   BIRTHPLACE        REMARKS

       Avent, Joseph                  19     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Avent, Marshal                 4      M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 101/101
       Lawrence, William              51     M         Farmer            100    N.C.
       Lawrence, Ann                  85     F                                  N.C.
       Lawrence, Lucy                 54     F                                  N.C.
       Brown, Madison                 24     M         Labourer                 N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 102/102
       Thomas, Benjamin W.            37     M         Farmer            13,000 N.C.
       Thomas, Ellenda                38     F                                  N.C.
       Thomas, Mary Ann               16     F                                  N.C.
       Thomas, Sarah L.               12     F                                  N.C.
       Thomas, Hugh C. H.             10     M                                  N.C.
       Thomas, Martha G.              9      F                                  N.C.
       Thomas, James                  7      M                                  N.C.
       Hughs, William                 22     M         Labourer                 N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 103/103
       Uttley, Gabriell               54     M         Farmer            2,900  N.C.
       Uttley, Lucy                   54     F                                  N.C.
       Uttley, Elizabeth              22     F                                  N.C.
       Uttley, Mary                   18     F                                  N.C.
       Uttley, Aphia                  16     F                                  N.C.
       Uttley, Emeline                13     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 104/104
       Uttley, Jacob                  25     M         Farmer            750    N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 105/105
       Boyland, John H.               47     M         Farmer            10,000 N.C.
       Boyland, Adalaid E.            19     F                                  N.C.
       Boyland, Abraham               63     M         None                     New Jersey

Dwelling/Family: 106/106
       Uttley, Asa                    26     M         Farmer            200    N.C.
       Uttley, Elizabeth              22     F                                  N.C.
       Uttley, Lucy J.                32     F                                  N.C.
       Uttley, William                2      M                                  N.C.
       Uttley, Isabella               8/12   F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 107/107
       Ledbetter, Calvin              26     M         Farmer            600    N.C.
       Ledbetter, Nancy               33     F                                  N.C.
       Ledbetter, Abner               4      M                                  N.C.
       Ledbetter, Nancy               2      F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 108/108
       Hughs, Celia                   43     F                           150    N.C.
       Hughs, David R.                21     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Hughs, Spencer M.              18     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Hughs, Robert A.               14     M                                  N.C.
       Hughs, Doctor C.               12     M                                  N.C.
       Hughs, Oran                    10     M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 109/109
       Kelly, Matthew                 48     M         Mechanic          200    N.C.
       Kelly, Elizabeth               38     F                                  N.C.
       Kelly, David                   14     M                                  N.C.

CENSUS YR:  1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  NC  COUNTY:  Chatham  DIVISION:  Lower Regiment  REEL NO:  432-624  PAGE NO:  447a
REFERENCE:  9th August, 1850, Rich'n Faucette, Ass't Marshal
           NAME                      AGE    SEX  RACE   OCCUP.           VAL.   BIRTHPLACE        REMARKS

       Kelly, John                    13     M                                  N.C.
       Kelly, Mary An                 12     F                                  N.C.
       Kelly, Eliza                   8      F                                  N.C.
       Kelly, Alex'r                  6      M                                  N.C.
       Kelly, Nancy                   4      M                                  N.C.            Nancy's sex is given as "M".
       Kelly, William H.              2      M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 110/110
       McCarther, Neil                72     M         Farmer            1,350  N.C.
       McCarther, Flora               61     F                                  N.C.
       McCarther, Cathren             32     F                                  N.C.
       McCarther, Jane                30     F                                  N.C.
       McCarther, Isabella            27     F                                  N.C.
       McCarther, David               25     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       McCarther, Ruth                19     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 111/111
       Lawrence, Thompson             48     M         Farmer            500    N.C.
       Lawrence, Clary                36     F                                  N.C.
       Lawrence, Cathrin              12     F                                  N.C.
       Lawrence, John W.              10     M                                  N.C.
       Lawrence, Bennet               8      F                                  N.C.
       Lawrence, Mary                 7      M                                  N.C.            Mary's sex is given as "M"
       Lawrence, Sion H.              6      M                                  N.C.
       Lawrence, Elizabeth            5      F                                  N.C.            "twin"
       Lawrence, Sarah J.             5      F                                  N.C.            "twin"
       Lawrence, William A.           9/12   M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 112/112
       Womack, James                  45     M         Farmer            600    N.C.
       Womack, Clerenda               42     M                                  N.C.            Clerenda's sex is given as "M"
       Womack, Arabella               19     F                                  N.C.
       Womack, Sarah J.               17     F                                  N.C.
       Womack, Willie W.              16     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Womack, Lucy                   13     F                                  N.C.
       Womack, Emily T.               10     F                                  N.C.
       Womack, James R.               8      M                                  N.C.
       Womack, Romulus M.             6      M                                  N.C.
       Womack, George W.              3      M                                  N.C.
       Bobbit, Thomas                 20     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Scythmore, William             25     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Scythmore, Mastin              18     M         Labourer                 N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 113/113
       Grymes, Hubbard                52     M    M    Mechanic                 N.C.
       Grymes, William                23     M    M                             N.C.
       Grymes, John                   21     M    M                             N.C.
       Grymes, Robert                 20     M    M                             N.C.
       Grymes, John                   19     M    M                             N.C.
       Grymes, Rhora                  18     M    M                             N.C.

CENSUS YR:  1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  NC  COUNTY:  Chatham  DIVISION:  Lower Regiment  REEL NO:  432-624  PAGE NO:  447b
REFERENCE:  9th August, 1850, Rich'n Faucette, Ass't Marshal
           NAME                      AGE    SEX  RACE   OCCUP.           VAL.   BIRTHPLACE        REMARKS

       Grymes, Richard                16     M    M                      Labour erN.C.
       Grymes, Margaret               13     F    M                             N.C.
       Grymes, Jane                   11     F    M                             N.C.
       Grymes, George                 8      M    M                             N.C.
       Grymes, Paskill                6      M    M                             N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 114/114
       Harington, Sihon H.            45     M         Farmer            300    N.C.
       Harington, Rebecca             40     F                                  N.C.
       Harington, Sarah J.?           14     F                                  N.C.            Her middle initial is hard to read.
       Harington, Mary E.             13     F                                  N.C.
       Harington, Nancy S.            12     F                                  N.C.
       Harington, John                8      M                                  N.C.
       Harington, Mary                7      F                                  N.C.
       Harington, Abner               5      M                                  N.C.
       Harington, Andrew              2      M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 115/115
       Spivy, Benjamin                64     M         Farmer            427    N.C.
       Spivy, Hannah                  60     F                                  N.C.
       Spivy, Charity                 38     F                                  N.C.
       Spivy, Mary                    32     F                                  N.C.
       Spivy, Hannah                  23     F                                  N.C.
       Spivy, Ruffin                  22     M         Labourer                 N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 116/116
       Brown, Andrew                  46     M         Farmer            5,000  N.C.
       Brown, Nancy                   43     F                                  N.C.
       Brown, William                 19     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Brown, Antionet                16     F                                  N.C.
       Brown, Burwell                 14     M                                  N.C.
       Brown, Louiza                  12     F                                  N.C.
       Brown, Alex'r                  8      M                                  N.C.
       Brown, Permelia                5      F                                  N.C.
       Walker, John                   24     M         Labourer                 N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 117/117
       Hughs, Abram                   45     M         Farmer            200    N.C.
       Hughs, Temperance              60     F                                  N.C.
       Parish, Ransom                 25     M         Labourer                 N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 118/118
       Parham, Joseph                 53     M         Farmer            200    N.C.
       Parham, Mary                   57     F                                  N.C.
       Parham, Mary An                32     F                                  N.C.
       Parham, Jane                   19     F                                  N.C.
       Grymes, John                   19     M    M                             N.C.
       Brown, James                   14     M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 119/119
       Lawrence, Henry                63     M         Farmer            500    N.C.
       Lawrence, John W.              30     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Lawrence, Elizabeth            18     F                                  N.C.
       Lawrence, Emeline              16     F                                  N.C.

CENSUS YR:  1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  NC  COUNTY:  Chatham  DIVISION:  Lower Regiment  REEL NO:  432-624  PAGE NO:  448a
REFERENCE:  9th August, 1850, Rich'n Faucette, Ass't Marshal
           NAME                      AGE    SEX  RACE   OCCUP.           VAL.   BIRTHPLACE        REMARKS

       Lawrence, Joseph L.            14     M                                  N.C.
       Lawrence, Martha               12     F                                  N.C.
       Lawrence, Flora C.             8      F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 120/120
       Spivy, Gabriel                 47     M         Farmer            100    N.C.
       Spivy, Nelly                   50     F                                  N.C.
       Spivy, Nancy                   20     F                                  N.C.
       Spivy, Sally                   18     F                                  N.C.
       Spivy, Ellinda                 16     F                                  N.C.
       Spivy, John                    14     M                                  N.C.
       Spivy, Tempy                   12     F                                  N.C.            "twins"
       Spivy, Lydia                   12     F                                  N.C.            "twins"
       Spivy, Lucy                    62     F                                  N.C.
       Spivy, Benjamin                23     M         Labourer                 N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 121/121
       Bobbit, Thomas                 62     M         Farmer                   N.C.
       Bobbit, Lucy                   58     F                                  N.C.
       Bobbit, Thomas H.              22     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Bobbit, Rebecca                18     F                                  N.C.
       Bobbit, Richard                16     M                                  N.C.
       Bobbit, James                  14     M                                  N.C.
       Moss, Patsey                   53     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 122/122
       Utley, Meril                   44     M         Farmer            250    N.C.
       Utley, Margaret                27     F                                  N.C.
       Utley, Delany                  9      F                                  N.C.
       Utley, William                 6      M                                  N.C.
       Utley, Martha                  1      F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 123/123
       Cooper, John R.                33     M         Overseer          8,000  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 124/124
       Kelley, Benjamin               34     M         Farmer            200    N.C.
       Kelley, Anna                   33     F                                  N.C.
       Kelley, Archabald              8      M                                  N.C.
       Kelley, Catharine              5      F                                  N.C.
       Kelley, Joseph                 2      M                                  N.C.
       Kelley, Nersey                 15     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 125/125
       Thomas, Jesse                  45     M         Farmer            1,000  N.C.
       Thomas, Elizabeth              34     F                                  N.C.
       Thomas, Marshal E.             14     M                                  N.C.
       Thomas, Sarah A.               13     F                                  N.C.
       Thomas, William                10     M                                  N.C.
       Thomas, Murphy                 8      M                                  N.C.
       Thomas, Drake                  1      M                                  N.C.
       Thomas, Dianah                 1      F                                  N.C.
       Utley, Henry                   5      M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 126/126
       Spivy, William                 35?    M         Labourer                 N.C.

CENSUS YR:  1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  NC  COUNTY:  Chatham  DIVISION:  Lower Regiment  REEL NO:  432-624  PAGE NO:  448b
REFERENCE:  10th August, 1850, Rich'n Faucette, Ass't Marshal
           NAME                      AGE    SEX  RACE   OCCUP.           VAL.   BIRTHPLACE        REMARKS

       Spivy, Lovedy                  38     F                                  N.C.
       Spivy, Lithan                  13     F                                  N.C.
       Spivy, Henry                   10     M                                  N.C.
       Spivy, Elizabeth               9      F                                  N.C.
       Spivy, Jane C.                 7      F                                  N.C.
       Spivy, Lion/Sion?              3      M                                  N.C.
       Spivy, Charity                 4/12   F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 127/127
       Thomas, Sally                  60     F                           1,800  N.C.
       Thomas, Martha                 35     F                                  N.C.
       Thomas, Ruth                   29     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 128/128
       Thomas, Joseph                 27     M         Farmer            170    N.C.
       Thomas, Christen               32                                        N.C.            No sex given for Christen.
       Thomas, George W.              6      M                                  N.C.
       Thomas, Ann S.                 1      F                                  N.C.
       Farrow, Phoebe                 58     F                           250    N.C.
       Farrow, James                  18     M         Labourer                 N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 129/129
       Drake, Brillain                40     M         Labourer                 N.C.            I think his 1st name should be Brittain.
       Drake, Nancy                   40     F                                  N.C.
       Drake, Gabriel                 18     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Drake, Hesperan                14     F                                  N.C.
       Drake, Elizabeth               10     F                                  N.C.
       Drake, Emiline                 7      F                                  N.C.
       Drake, John                    5      M                                  N.C.
       Drake, George                  1      M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 130/130
       Yarbrough, William             55     M         Farmer            300    N.C.
       Yarbrough, Polly               41     F                                  N.C.
       Yarbrough, Elizabeth           24     F                                  N.C.
       Yarbrough, John W.             14     M                                  N.C.
       Yarbrough, William             11     M                                  N.C.
       Yarbrough, Rusian              8      F                                  N.C.
       Yarbrough, Martha N.           5      F                                  N.C.
       Yarbrough, Samantha            9/12   F                                  N.C.
       Yarbrough, Mary                90     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 131/131
       Thomas, Malcom                 35     M         Farmer            250    N.C.
       Thomas, Maryan                 26     F                                  N.C.
       Thomas, Joseph M.              5      M                                  N.C.
       Thomas, Ellenda                4      F                                  N.C.
       Thomas, Mary An                2      F                                  N.C.
       Thomas, Pennina                4/12   F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 132/132
       Dickens, Thomas                95     M         Farmer            70     N.C.
       Fukavoy, James                 30     M         Labourer                 N.C.            I think the last name is supposed to be Fuquay
       Fukavoy, Manessa               38     M                                  N.C.            I think the last name is supposed to be Fuquay

CENSUS YR:  1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  NC  COUNTY:  Chatham  DIVISION:  Lower Regiment  REEL NO:  432-624  PAGE NO:  449a
REFERENCE:  10th August, 1850, Rich'n Faucette, Ass't Marshal
           NAME                      AGE    SEX  RACE   OCCUP.           VAL.   BIRTHPLACE        REMARKS

       Fukeway, Emily                 7      F                                  N.C.            I think the last name, for this family, should be Fuquay.
       Fukeway, John                  6      M                                  N.C.
       Fukeway, George                4      M                                  N.C.
       Fukeway, Thomas                2      M                                  N.C.
       Fukeway, Richard               1      M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 133/133
       Dickens, Nehemiah              45     M         Farmer            375    N.C.
       Dickens, Martha B.             27     F                                  N.C.
       Dickens, Ruthan                7      F                                  N.C.
       Dickens, Thom B.               5      M                                  N.C.
       Dickens, Murphy                3      M                                  N.C.
       Dickens, George                2/12   M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 134/134
       Maddox, Blake                  40     M         Farmer            150    N.C.
       Maddox, Mary                   25     F                                  N.C.
       Maddox, Cynthia                15     F                                  N.C.
       Maddox, William J.             4/12   M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 135/135
       Stuart, James                  59     M         Farmer            300    N.C.
       Stuart, Isabella               55     F                                  N.C.
       Stuart, Lucy E.                12     F                                  N.C.
       Stuart, John W.                8      M                                  N.C.
       Stuart, Neal                   7      M                                  N.C.
       Stuart, David                  4      M                                  N.C.
       Stuart, William M.             2/12   M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 136/136
       Mattox, Tarlton W.             26     M         Farmer            375    N.C.
       Maddox, Delila                 26     F                                  N.C.
       Maddox, Archabald              4      M                                  N.C.
       Maddox, John T.                2      M                                  N.C.
       Maddox, Abel                   2/12   M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 137/137
       Bolling, Christopher           37     M         Farmer            48     N.C.
       Bolling, Elizabeth             25     F                                  N.C.
       Bolling, Elizabeth Jun'r       13     F                                  N.C.
       Bolling, Martha J.             11     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 138/138
       Lett, Andrew                   26     M         Mechanic          100    N.C.
       Lett, Patsey                   40     F                                  N.C.
       Lett, Green                    22     M         Mechanic                 N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 139/139
       Womack, Elbert                 33     M         Farmer            135    N.C.
       Womack, Malilda/Matilda        25     F                                  N.C.
       Womack, Arabella               8      F                                  N.C.
       Womack, Sarah E.               6      M                                  N.C.            Sarah's sex is given as "M"
       Womack, Rora                   5      M                                  N.C.
       Knight, John                   18     M         Labourer                 N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 140/140
       Womack, Elizabeth              54     F                           500    N.C.
       Douglass, Elizabeth            6      F                                  N.C.

CENSUS YR:  1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  NC  COUNTY:  Chatham  DIVISION:  Lower Regiment  REEL NO:  432-624  PAGE NO:  449b
REFERENCE:  10th August, 1850, Rich'n Faucette, Ass't Marshal
           NAME                      AGE    SEX  RACE   OCCUP.           VAL.   BIRTHPLACE        REMARKS

Dwelling/Family: 141/141
       Womack, Green                  34     M         Farmer            600    N.C.
       Womack, Marthy A.              24     F                                  N.C.
       Womack, Martha A.              1      F                                  N.C.
       Pipkin, John                   16     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Womack, Sarah J.               2      F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 142/142
       Maddox, Samantha               28     F                           250    N.C.
       Maddox, Julia                  7      F                                  N.C.
       Maddox, James                  5      M                                  N.C.
       Maddox, Mary                   3      F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 143/143
       Yarbrough, Archibald           32     M         Merchant          225    N.C.
       Yarbrough, Ruth                23     F                                  N.C.
       Yarbrough, James E.            1      M                                  N.C.
       Yarbrough, Emiline             21     F                                  N.C.
       Spivey, Benjamin               28     M         Labourer                 N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 144/144
       Maddox, Henry                  48     M         None              250    N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 145/145
       Rosser, Micajah                64     M         Farmer            650    N.C.
       Rosser, Elizabeth              54     F                                  N.C.
       Rosser, Joseph                 21     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Rosser, Mary E.                18     F                                  N.C.
       Rosser, William                16     M                                  N.C.
       Rosser, Isham                  60     M         Farmer            500    N.C.
       Rosser, Thomas E.              20     M         Labourer                 N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 146/146
       Walden, John                   24     M         Farmer            200    N.C.
       Walden, Rutha                  25     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 147/147
       Moore, William                 41     M         Farmer            350    N.C.
       Moore, Martha                  35     F                                  N.C.
       Moore, John                    14     M                                  N.C.
       Moore, Elizabeth               13     F                                  N.C.
       Moore, William                 12     M                                  N.C.
       Moore, Ann S.                  10     F                                  N.C.
       Moore, Alvis                   8      M                                  N.C.
       Moore, Alex'r                  7      M                                  N.C.
       Moore, Ruth                    6      F                                  N.C.
       Moore, Tempy                   5      F                                  N.C.
       Moore, Thomas                  2      M                                  N.C.
       Moore, Martha T.               2/12   F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 148/148
       Moore, Thomas                  38     M         Farmer            350    N.C.
       Moore, Polly                   29     F                                  N.C.
       Moore, William H. or K.?       7      M                                  N.C.
       Moore, Emily                   4      F                                  N.C.
       Moore, Thomas                  21     M                                  N.C.
       Hughs, Benaton?                20     M         Labourer                 N.C.

CENSUS YR:  1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  NC  COUNTY:  Chatham  DIVISION:  Lower Regiment  REEL NO:  432-624  PAGE NO:  450a
REFERENCE:  12th August, 1850, Rich'n Faucette, Ass't Marshal
           NAME                      AGE    SEX  RACE   OCCUP.           VAL.   BIRTHPLACE        REMARKS

Dwelling/Family: 149/149
       Abernathy, Clayton             35     M         Farmer            200    N.C.
       Abernathy, Elizabeth           35     F                                  N.C.            Her age may be 25
       Abernathy, John                6      M                                  N.C.
       Abernathy, William             3      M                                  N.C.
       Abernathy, Alex'r              2      M                                  N.C.
       White, Nancy                   53     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 150/150
       Abernathy, Harbreth            66     M         Farmer            300    N.C.
       Abernathy, Elizabeth           28     F                                  N.C.
       Abernathy, John                26     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Abernathy, William             23     M         Labourer                 N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 151/151
       Harrod, James C.               27     M         Farmer            400    N.C.
       Harrod, Mahala                 25     F                                  N.C.
       Harrod, William E.             5/12   M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 152/152
       Lasater, Rebecca               86     F                           1,000  N.C.
       Mears, Susan                   39     F                                  N.C.            "Insane"
       Mears, William                 13     M                                  N.C.
       Mears, Joseph J.               11     M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 153/153
       Cruchfield, Ruth               47     F                           500    N.C.
       Crutchfield, Ruffin J.         15     M         Labourer                 N.C.            The last name spelled with a "t", here on.
       Crutchfield, Nathan            12     M                                  N.C.
       Abernathy, Calvin              28     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Abernathy, Matilda             27     F                                  N.C.
       Abernathy, Sidney              1      M                                  N.C.
       Ausley, Elizabeth              16     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 154/154
       Lasater, James S.              52     M         Farmer            700    N.C.
       Lasater, Susan                 50     F                                  N.C.
       Lasater, Mary An               20     F                                  N.C.
       Lasater, Frances               17     F                                  N.C.
       Lasater, Temperance            15     F                                  N.C.
       Lasater, James A.              13     M                                  N.C.
       Lasater, Patric D.             8      M                                  N.C.
       Lasater, Emily                 5      F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 155/155
       Thomas, John R.                24     M         Farmer            200    N.C.
       Thomas, Mary                   20     F                                  N.C.
       Thomas, William B.             2      M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 156/156
       Gross, Gelford                 33     M         Miller                   N.C.
       Gross, Sarah                  38     F                                  N.C.
       Gross, William                 10     M                                  N.C.
       Gross, John H.                 8      M                                  N.C.
       Gross, Margaret                3      F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 157/157
       Burns, Micajah                 49     M         Farmer            400    N.C.
       Burns, Susan                   38     F                                  N.C.

CENSUS YR:  1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  NC  COUNTY:  Chatham  DIVISION:  Lower Regiment  REEL NO:  432-624  PAGE NO:  450b
REFERENCE:  12th August, 1850, Rich'n Faucette, Ass't Marshal
           NAME                      AGE    SEX  RACE   OCCUP.           VAL.   BIRTHPLACE        REMARKS

       Burns, Prudence                11     F                                  N.C.
       Burns, James M.                12     M                                  N.C.            "Twins"
       Burns, John R.                 12     M                                  N.C.            "Twins"
       Burns, Robert H.               6      M                                  N.C.
       Burns, Micajah                 4      M                                  N.C.
       Burns, Martin L.?              2      M                                  N.C.
       Burns, William H.              1      M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 158/158
       Jones, Alston A.               27     M         Farmer            11,200 N.C.
       Jones, Elizabeth M.            25     F                                  N.C.
       Jones, John A.                 6      M                                  N.C.
       Jones, Nathaniel               4      M                                  N.C.
       Jones, Seth R.                 2      M                                  N.C.
       Scott, John W.                 25     M         Merchant                 N.C.
       Rosser, James                  23     M         Miller                   N.C.
       Spivey, Henry                  28     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Pace, James                    32     M         Mechanic                 N.C.
       Hartso, Winship                23     M         Labourer                                 No birth place given.

Dwelling/Family: 159/159
       Bryan, Elias                   42     M         Farmer            7,250  N.C.
       Bryan, Cathrin                 27     F                                  N.C.
       Bryan, Benjamin                8      M                                  N.C.
       Bryan, Elias                   6      M                                  N.C.
       Bryan, Anna C.                 3      F                                  N.C.
       Bryan, Neil M.                 2      M                                  N.C.
       Bryan, James E.                1      M                                  N.C.
       Watson, Mike                   60     M         Overseer                 N.C.
       Hedgepeth, Jessee              24     M         Labourer                                 No birth place given.

Dwelling/Family: 160/160
       Smith, Robert K.               44     M         Farmer            6,500  N.C.
       Smith, Mildred                 38     F                                  N.C.
       Smith, Richard                 21     M         None                     N.C.
       Smith, Sarah                   18     F                                  N.C.
       Farrow, Sarah W.               55     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 161/161
       Bridges, Lewis                 48     M         Farmer            196    N.C.
       Bridges, Susan                 53     F                                  N.C.
       Bridges, James                 21     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Bridges, Jane                  17     F                                  N.C.
       Bridges, Polly                 14     F                                  N.C.
       Bridges, Emily H.              9      F                                  N.C.
       Hickman, John                  7      M                                  N.C.
       Brown, Katy                    63     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 162/162
       Seymore, Solomon               39     F         Farmer            1,200  N.C.            Solomon's sex is given as "F"

Dwelling/Family: 163/163
       Brown, Charles                 26     M         Cooper                   N.C.
       Brown, Sally                   24     F                                  N.C.

CENSUS YR:  1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  NC  COUNTY:  Chatham  DIVISION:  Lower Regiment  REEL NO:  432-624  PAGE NO:  451a
REFERENCE:  13th August, 1850, Rich'n Faucette, Ass't Marshal
           NAME                      AGE    SEX  RACE   OCCUP.           VAL.   BIRTHPLACE        REMARKS

       Brown, William L.              5      M                                  N.C.
       Brown, James C.                4      M                                  N.C.
       Brown, John A.                 2      M                                  N.C.
       Brown, Susan                   11/12  F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 164/164
       Brown, William                 47     M         Farmer            100    N.C.
       Brown, John W.                 26     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Brown, Elizabeth               22     F                                  N.C.
       Brown, Nathan                  20     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Boon, John                     18     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Boon, Mary C.                  16     F                                  N.C.
       Boon, William J.               13     M                                  N.C.
       Boon, Luther H.                11     M                                  N.C.
       Boon, Lulilda/Lutilda?         9      F                                  N.C.
       Boon, Nasay R.                 6      M                                  N.C.
       Boon, Ioley                    45     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 165/165
       Hornady, Isaoah                34     M         Mechanic          110    N.C.
       Hornady, Elizabeth             30     F                                  N.C.
       Hornady, John M.               11     M                                  N.C.
       Hornady, Martha A.             8      F                                  N.C.
       Hornady, James D.              6      M                                  N.C.
       Hornady, George W.             3      M                                  N.C.
       Hornady, Sarah E.              6/12   F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 166/166
       Johnson, David                 42     M         Farmer            650    N.C.
       Johnson, Elizabeth             35     F                                  N.C.
       Johnson, Cornelia              8      F                                  N.C.
       Johnson, Lucien                6      M                                  N.C.
       Johnson, Francis               4      F                                  N.C.
       Johnson, Mante                 2      F                                  N.C.
       Johnson, Joseph A.             1      M                                  N.C.
       Boon, Nathan                   20     M         Labourer                 N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 167/167
       Thomas, William                35     M         Farmer            150    N.C.
       Thomas, Sally                  32     F                                  N.C.
       Thomas, William H.             11     M                                  N.C.
       Thomas, George A.              9      M                                  N.C.
       Thomas, John H.                7      M                                  N.C.
       Thomas, Love A.                4      F                                  N.C.
       Thomas, James P.               2      M                                  N.C.
       Thomas, Normon                 1      M                                  N.C.
       Thomas, Dolly                  80     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 168/168
       Dismukes, Alex'r H.            54     M         Printer           1,150  N.C.
       Dismukes, Susan                47     F                                  N.C.
       Dismukes, Joseph               13     M                                  N.C.

CENSUS YR:  1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  NC  COUNTY:  Chatham  DIVISION:  Lower Regiment  REEL NO:  432-624  PAGE NO:  451b
REFERENCE:  14th August, Rich'n Faucette, Ass't Marshal
           NAME                      AGE    SEX  RACE   OCCUP.           VAL.   BIRTHPLACE        REMARKS

       Dismukes, Celia A.             11     F                                  N.C.
       Dismukes, Hariett M.           9      F                                  N.C.
       Dismukes, Aldelia              7      F                                  N.C.
       Dismukes, Susan F.             4      F                                  N.C.
       Write, Nancy                   11     F    M                             N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 169/169
       Hall, Isaac                    44     M         Physician         5,500  N.C.
       Hall, Eliza J.                 34     F                                  N.C.
       Hall, Louiza F.                15     F                                  N.C.
       Hall, Eliza J.                 8      F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 170/170
       Hotton/Holton?, Abner          41     M         Physician                N.C.
       Hotton/Holton?, Elizabeth A.   32     F                                  N.C.
       Hotton/Holton?, William B.     6      M                                  N.C.
       Hotton/Holton, Mary M.         4      F                                  N.C.
       Hotton/Holton?, John M.        1      M                                  N.C.
       HottonHolton?, Rebecca F.      21     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 171/171
       Davis, Fred'k                  33     M         Merchant          300    N.C.
       Davis, Elizabeth M.            24     F                                  N.C.
       Davis, Jane H.                 9/12   F                                  N.C.
       Quince, Richard M.             12     M                                  N.C.
       Quince, Jane                   10     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 172/172
       Torrence, Albert               50     M         Merchant                 N.C.
       Torrence, Sarah A.             42     F                                  N.C.
       Torrence, Henry S.             16     M                                  N.C.
       Torrence, Richmond             14     M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 173/173
       Long, Isaac                    38     M         Merchant          750    Germany
       Long, Eliza                    29     F                                  Germany
       Long, Caroline                 8      F                                  Pennsylvania
       Long, Alvin                    6      M                                  Pennsylvania
       Long, John A.                  4      M                                  N.C.
       Long, Enesera/Emsera           1      F                                  N.C.
       Boon, Mary                     23     F                                  N.C.
       Lasater, William               23     M         Clerking                 N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 174/174
       Hanks, John A.                 37     M         Physician         3,250  N.C.
       Hanks, Virginia M.             10     F                                  N.C.
       Hanks, Lucian A.               8      M                                  N.C.
       Hanks, Mary C.                 5      F                                  N.C.
       Hanks, Louiza B.               3      F                                  N.C.
       Hanks, Laura                   2      F                                  N.C.
       Hanks, William                 2/12   M                                  N.C.
       King, E. B.                    22     M         Physician                N.C.
       Hanks, John W.                 7      M                                  N.C.
       Hanks, Jane                    87     F                                  N.C.

CENSUS YR:  1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  NC  COUNTY:  Chatham  DIVISION:  Lower Regiment  REEL NO:  432-624  PAGE NO:  452a
REFERENCE:  14th August, 1850, Rich'n Faucette, Ass't Marshal
           NAME                      AGE    SEX  RACE   OCCUP.           VAL.   BIRTHPLACE        REMARKS

       Nesbit, William                34     M         M.E. Preacher            N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 175/175
       Horn, Celia C.                 40     F                           3,000  N.C.            Says "Hotel" on the side of the page to end.
       Horn, James                    14     M                                  N.C.            "Hotel"
       Horn, Ruffin                   12     M                                  N.C.            "Hotel"
       Horn, Olivia                   8      F                                  N.C.            "Hotel"
       Houze, Benjamin J.             36     M         Lawer                    N.C.            "Hotel"
       Houze, Margaret                24     F                                  N.C.            "Hotel"
       Holmes, Mary                   30     F                                  N.C.            "Hotel"
       Tyson, Olivia                  23     F                                  N.C.            "Hotel"
       Walker, Cathrin                23     F                                  N.C.            "Hotel"
       Vines, Mary                    12     F                                  N.C.            "Hotel"
       Holmes, Lucian                 26     M         None                     N.C.            "Hotel"
       Walker, John                   25     M         None                     N.C.            "Hotel"

Dwelling/Family: 176/176
       Horn/Howe?, William T.         39     M         Merchant          2,600  N.C.
       Stedmon, James C.              26     M         Clerking                 N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 177/177
       Thompson, Joseph               29     M         Saddler           500    N.C.
       Phillips, Thomas I. or J.      37     M         Saddler                  N.C.
       Davis, George W.               23     M         Saddler                  N.C.
       Webster, John Y.               17     M         Saddler                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 178/178
       Riddle, Ann                    64     F                           1,200  N.C.
       Riddle, Delia                  37     F                                  N.C.            "Deaf & Dumb"
       Riddle, Spencer S.             30     M         Clerking          500    N.C.
       Riddle, William I. G.          24     M         Mechanic                 N.C.
       Riddle, John J.                22     M         Mechanic                 N.C.
       White, Samuel C.               9      M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 179/179
       Yeargin, H. H.                 39     M         Taylor            150    N.C.
       Yeargin, Catherin              39     F                                  N.C.
       Yeargin, L. H.                 12     M                                  N.C.
       Yeargin, Elizabeth             11     F                                  N.C.
       Yeargin, John W.               9      M                                  N.C.
       Mcgee, Lucy                    19     F         Teacher                  N.C.
       Patterson, Malissa             11     F                                  N.C.
       Parham, James                  18     M         "Prentice"               N.C.            Occupation probably should be "apprentice"

Dwelling/Family: 180/180
       Ramsey, Elizabeth R.           46     F                                  N.C.            "Hotel" written on margin of page, for this house #
       Ramsey, Nathan A.              22     M         Merchant                 N.C.            "Hotel"
       Ramsey, Margaret A. or P. ?    20     F                                                  "Hotel"
       Ramsey, Mathew J.              17     M                                  N.C.            "Hotel"
       Ramsey, John W.                16     M                                  N.C.            "Hotel"
       Ramsey, William L.             14     M                                  N.C.
       Ramsey, James B.               13     M                                  N.C.
       Ramsey, Edward G. or B.?       11     M                                  N.C.            "Hotel"
       Ramsey, Mary E.                8      F                                  N.C.            "Hotel"

CENSUS YR:  1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  NC  COUNTY:  Chatham  DIVISION:  Lower Regiment  REEL NO:  432-624  PAGE NO:  452b
REFERENCE:  14th August, 1850, Rich'n Faucette, Ass't Marshal
           NAME                      AGE    SEX  RACE   OCCUP.           VAL.   BIRTHPLACE        REMARKS

       Ramsey, Martha                 6      F                                  N.C.            "Hotel"
       Ramsey, Joseph                 4      M                                  N.C.            "Hotel"
       Calisle, John C.               23     M         Teacher                  N.C.            "Hotel"
       King, Martha                   48     F                                  N.C.            "Hotel"
       Warden, Ann                    30     F                                  N.C.            "Hotel"

Dwelling/Family: 181/181
       Thompson, John                 57     M         Farmer            3,000  N.C.
       Thompson, Ann B.               51     F                                  N.C.
       Thompson, John A.              12     M                                  N.C.
       Thompson, Ann L. or S.         10     F                                  N.C.
       Scurlock, Apphiah              60     F                                  N.C.
       Slough, Alfred                 22     M         Baptist Preacher         Pennsylvania

Dwelling/Family: 182/182
       Edwards, John                  50     M         Stone Mason              Ireland
       Edwards, Lutitia               42     F                                  N.C.
       Edwards, Mary                  11     F                                  N.C.
       Edwards, Elizabeth             9      F                                  N.C.
       Edwards, Emeline               7      F                                  N.C.
       Edwards, Margaret              11/12  F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 183/183
       Hathlock, William              27     M         Carpenter         500    N.C.
       Hathlock, Ann                  22     F                                  N.C.
       Hathlock, Ugenia               3      F                                  N.C.
       Hathlock, Lenevia              1      F                                  N.C.
       Hathlock, Willie               20     M         "Prentice"               N.C.
       Hathlock, Charlot ?            60     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 184/184
       Murden, David                  49     M         "Cariage" Maker   600    N.C.
       Murden, Judith E.              22     F                                  N.C.
       Norris, Joseph                 17     M         "Prentice"               N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 185/185
       Kerksey, William               48     M         "B. Smith"        100    N.C.
       Poe, Alvin                     24     M         "Prentice"               N.C.
       Hobby, Eliza J.                8      F                                  N.C.
       Craton, Robert                 45     M         "B. Smith"               N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 186/186
       Evans, Bethay                  45     F    B                             N.C.
       Evans, Margaret                3      F    B                             N.C.
       Evans, Mary An                 2      F    B                             N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 187/187
       Primrose, Charlot              82     F                                  Georgia

Dwelling/Family: 188/188
       Evans, Charlot                 22     F    B                             N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 189/189
       Taylor, Mary                   72     F                           7,000  N.C.
       Williams, Apphia               16     F                                  N.C.
       Taylor, Ann E.                 13     F                                  N.C.
       Taylor, Joseph                 14     M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 190/190
       McClenhan, Spence              52     M         Physician         600    N.C.            The surname is spelled without the "a" in the middle here.
       McClenhan, Sarah A.            40     F                                  N.C.            The surname is spelled without the "A" in the middle here.
       McClenhan, James               U      U                                  N.C.            Noageorsexgiven

CENSUS YR:  1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  NC  COUNTY:  Chatham  DIVISION:  Lower Regiment  REEL NO:  432-624  PAGE NO:  453a
REFERENCE:  14th August, 1850, Rich'n Faucette, Ass't  Marshal
           NAME                      AGE    SEX  RACE   OCCUP.           VAL.   BIRTHPLACE        REMARKS

       McClenahan, John               17     M                                  N.C.            The surname is spelled McClenahan here, not McClenhan
       McClenahan, William            14     M                                  N.C.
       McClenahan, Sarah              12     F                                  N.C.
       McClenahan, Henry              7      M                                  N.C.
       McClenahan, Waddy              3      M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 191/191
       Reed, Mary L.                  29     F                                  Georgia
       Reed, Sarah A.                 26     F                                  N.C.
       King, Eliza J.                 26     F                                  N.C.
       King, James R.                 24     M         Taylor                   N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 192/192
       Poe, Mary                      41     F                                  Pennsylvania
       Poe, Caroline                  12     F                                  Pennsylvania    I think the place of birth should be N.C., here.
       Poe, Emma                      8      F                                  Pennsylvania    I think the place of birth should be N.C., here.
       Poe, Caroline                  6      F                                  Pennsylvania    I think the place of birth should be N.C., here.
       Poe, Mary                      4      F                                  Pennsylvania    I think the place of birth should be N.C., here.
       Poe, George                    3      M                                  Pennsylvania    I think the place of birth should be N.C., here.
       Alston, Sally                  10     F                                  Pennsylvania    I think the place of birth should be N.C., here.
       Newmon, Ann                    70     F                                  Pennsylvania    He writes Pennsylvania here instead of dittos as previously.

Dwelling/Family: 193/193
       Brower, Cathrin                48     F                           200    N.C.
       Brower, John                   28     M         Peddler                  N.C.
       Brower, Elizabeth              15     F                                  N.C.
       Brower, Mary E.                12     F                                  N.C.
       Brower, Francis                8      F                                  N.C.
       Brower, Louisa                 5                                         N.C.            No sex given

Dwelling/Family: 194/194
       Marshal, Abel                  38     M         Cabinet Maker     1,000  N.C.
       Marshal, Delana                29     F                                  N.C.
       Marshal, Methias M.            8      M                                  N.C.
       Marshal, John K.               1      M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 195/195
       Erp, Hugh                      29     M         Shoe Maker               N.C.            Surname spelled without the "a" here.
       Earp, Elizabeth                30     F                                  N.C.            Surname spelled with the "a" here.
       Guthrie, Emily                 15     F                                  N.C.
       Guthrie, Mary Sue              12     F                                  N.C.
       Guthrie, Ruth                  9      F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 196/196
       Boshammar, Henry R.            34     M         Shoemaker                Germany
       Boshammar, Mary E.             29     F                                  N.C.
       Boshammar, Catharin            11     F                                  N.C.
       Boshammar, Henry               7      M                                  N.C.
       Boshammar, Augustus            3      M                                  N.C.
       Boshammar, John                5/12   M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 197/197
       McCoy/McCay, Paschal           34     M         Brick Mason              N.C.
       McCoy/McCay, Elizabeth         33     F                                  N.C.
       McCoy/McCay, Elmina            11     F                                  N.C.
       McCoy/McCay, William B.        10     M                                  N.C.

CENSUS YR:  1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  NC  COUNTY:  Chatham  DIVISION:  Lower Regiment  REEL NO:  432-624  PAGE NO:  453b
REFERENCE:  14th August, 1850, Rich'n Faucette, Ass't. Marshal
           NAME                      AGE    SEX  RACE   OCCUP.           VAL.   BIRTHPLACE        REMARKS

       McCoy/McCay, Mary E.           4      F                                  N.C.
       McCoy/McCay, John N.           1      M                                  N.C.
       Croen?, William                23     M         Mason                    N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 198/198
       St Clair, John T.              39     M         M'st Preacher            Virginia        Occupation probably means Methodist Preacher
       St Clair, Abiah                34     F                                  Virginia
       St Clair, William W.           10     M                                  Virginia
       St Clair, Sarah V.             3      F                                  Virginia

Dwelling/Family: 199/199
       Davis, John Z.                 37     M         Physician         240    N.C.
       Davis, Elizabeth A.            30     F                                  N.C.
       Davis, Rodric C.               11     M                                  N.C.
       Davis, Ann E.                  7      F                                  N.C.
       Davis, John W.                 2      M                                  N.C.
       Crump, Joseph E.               12     M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 200/200
       McNeal, James H.               25     M         P'sn Preacher            N.C.            Occupation means Presbyterian Preacher?
       McNeal, Catharine              25     F                                  N.C.
       McNeal, George P.              9/12   M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 201/201
       Olmsted, Aron F.               31     M         Ep's Preacher            Connecticut     Occupation means Episcopal Preacher?
       Olmsted, Caroline              29     F                                  New York
       Olmsted, Francis H.            4      F                                  New York
       Olmsted, Mary A.               3      F                                  New York
       Olmsted, Ruth A.               1      F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 202/202
       Small, Joseph                  58     M         Farmer            1,500  N.C.
       Small, Joseph M.               23     M         Teacher                  N.C.
       Small, Frrancis L.             20     F                                  N.C.
       Small, William A.              16     M                                  N.C.
       Bain, Francis E.               88     F                                  N.C.
       Roberson, Sophia               16     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 203/203
       McIntush, Rodric               43     M         Sailor            1,800  N.C.
       McIntush, Rebecca              35     F                                  N.C.
       McIntush, Alex'r               14     M                                  N.C.
       McIntush, George W.            11     M                                  N.C.
       McIntush, Sophia               7      F                                  N.C.
       McIntush, Mary J.              4      F                                  N.C.
       McGilberry, Daniel             22     M         Teacher           50     N.C.
       Russel, George A.              22     M         Teacher                  N.C.
       McGilberry, Mary               27     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 204/204
       Ramsey, Thomas H.              27     M         Physician                N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 205/205
       Hanks, Wesley                  49     M         Mechanic          4,000  N.C.
       Hanks, Martin                  51     M         Mechanic                 N.C.
       Brazington, James              19     M         Prentice                 N.C.
       George?, John                  19     M         Prentice                 N.C.
       George?, Atlass                25     M         Mechanic                 N.C.

CENSUS YR:  1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  NC  COUNTY:  Chatham  DIVISION:  Lower Regiment  REEL NO:  432-624  PAGE NO:  454a
REFERENCE:  15th August, 1850, Rich'n Faucette, Ass't Marshal
           NAME                      AGE    SEX  RACE   OCCUP.           VAL.   BIRTHPLACE        REMARKS

       Niel, Isasa/Nasa?              23     M         Prentice                 N.C.
       Morgan, Zachariah              14     M                                  N.C.
       Freeman, Fany                  20     F    M                             N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 206/206
       Brower, Lewis                  29     M         Shoe Maker               N.C.
       Brower, Lucy P.                26     F                                  N.C.
       Brower, Virginia               3      F                                  N.C.
       Brower, Laura                  1      F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 207/207
       Poe, Hasten                    68     M         Hotel Keeper      4,000  N.C.
       Poe, Ann W.                    54     F                                  N.C.
       Poe, John C.                   27     M         Merchant                 N.C.
       Poe, Oran S.                   22     M         None                     N.C.
       Poe, Margaret                  18     F                                  N.C.
       Poe, Alice                     5/12   F                                  N.C.
       Dennis, John C.                25     M         Taylor                   N.C.
       High, John                     25     M         Printer                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 208/208
       Barbee, M.B.                   21     M         Mechanic          600    N.C.
       Barbee, Mary E.                20     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 209/209
       Lea, Elizabeth                 59     F                           750    Virginia

Dwelling/Family: 210/210
       Riddle, Tabitha                92     F                           500    N.C.            "Blind"
       Riddle, Elizabeth              55     F                                  N.C.
       Hobby, Elizabeth               8      F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 211/211
       Stedman, Oran A.               40     M         Farmer            1,500  N.C.
       Steadman, Mary F.              35     F                                  N.C.            Spell ssurname Steadman, here instead of Stedman.
       Stedman, Emeline               17     F                                  N.C.
       Steadman, Mary F.              15     F                                  N.C.
       Steadman, Susan C.             12     F                                  N.C.
       Steadman, John R.              10     M                                  N.C.
       Steadman, Ann E.               8      F                                  N.C.
       Steadman, B. M.                6      M                                  N.C.
       Steadman, David W.             3      M                                  N.C.
       Steadman, Ocina                1      F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 212/212
       Thompson, William B.           40     M         "Engineerer"      600    New York        Enumerator mispelled Engineer
       Thompson, M.C.                 30     F                                  D.C.
       Thompson, Richard              11     M                                  D.C.
       Thompson, C. B.                5      M                                  D.C.
       Thompson, Maris D.             2      M                                  D.C.

Dwelling/Family: 213/213
       Nash, William                  32     M         Taylor            500    N.C.
       Nash, Elizabeth                28     F                                  N.C.
       Nash, George                   8/12   M                                  N.C.
       Brown, Baccus                  15     M         Taylor                   N.C.
       Brown, Elizabeth               9      F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 214/214
       Womack, Green                  67     M         Merchant          9,450  N.C.

CENSUS YR:  1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  NC  COUNTY:  Chatham  DIVISION:  Lower Regiment  REEL NO:  432-624  PAGE NO:  454b
REFERENCE:  16th August, 1850, Rich'n Faucette, Ass't Marshal
           NAME                      AGE    SEX  RACE   OCCUP.           VAL.   BIRTHPLACE        REMARKS

       Womack, Ann                    48     F                                  N.C.
       Womack, John A.                23     M         Merchant                 N.C.
       Womack, Lydia                  19     F                                  N.C.
       Womack, Lucy A.                15     F                                  N.C.
       Womack, Francis                12     F                                  N.C.
       Womack, Mariah                 8      F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 215/215
       Leach, John D. A.              34     M         Farmer            4,000  N.C.
       Leach, Eliza                   29     F                                  N.C.
       Leach, Jane S.                 12     F                                  N.C.
       Leach, George T.               10     M                                  N.C.
       Leach, M.                      8      M                                  N.C.
       Leach, Pelopedas               6      M                                  N.C.
       Leach, Emily J.                4      F                                  N.C.
       Leach, Walter W.               3/12   M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 216/216
       Neor ?, Rebecca                45     F                                  N.C.
       Davis, Nancy                   73     F                                  Virginia
       Ray, Elizabeth                 35 ?   F                                  N.C.            her age could be 32, 52, 55, has been marked over.
       Ray, James                     14     M                                  N.C.
       Gunter, William T.             30     M         S.C. Clerk               U               Occupation-Superior Court Clerk?

Dwelling/Family: 217/217
       Jackson, Joseph G.             32     M         Lawyer            2,100  N.C.
       Jackson, Lucy Jane             22     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 218/218
       Harmon, John                   51     M         Sheriff           100    N.C.
       Harmon, Mary E.                36     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 219/219
       Steadman, William              28     M         Lawyer            2,500  N.C.
       Steadman, Clara H.             22     F                                  Virginia
       Steadman, Thomas W.            4      M                                  N.C.
       Steadman, Edward B.            1      M                                  N.C.
       Bernard, William H.            13     M                                  N.C.
       Bernard, Martha E.             10     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 220/220
       Taylor, William P.             34     M         C. C. Clerk       4,000  N.C.
       Taylor, Ann E.                 24     F                                  N.C.
       Taylor, William                12     M                                  N.C.
       Taylor, James P.               10     M                                  N.C.
       Taylor, Anna                   7/12   F                                  N.C.
       Nesbit, William                35     M         M. Preacher              N.C.            Occukpation probably stands for Methodist Preacher

Dwelling/Family: 221/221
       Waddel, Morris G.              46     M         Lawyer            1,200  N.C.
       Waddel, Mildred                45     F                                  N.C.
       Waddel, L. P.                  24     M         Physician                N.C.
       Waddel, Alex'r                 22     M         Farmer                   N.C.
       Waddel, Leigh R.               19     M                                  N.C.
       Waddel, Owen                   16     M                                  N.C.
       Waddel, Theodore               12     M                                 N.C.

CENSUS YR:  1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  NC  COUNTY:  Chatham  DIVISION:  Lower Regiment  REEL NO:  432-624  PAGE NO:  455a
REFERENCE:  16th August, 1850, Rich'n Faucette, Ass't Marshal
           NAME                      AGE    SEX  RACE   OCCUP.           VAL.   BIRTHPLACE        REMARKS

       Waddel, William W.             10     M                                  N.C.
       Waddel, George                 6      M                                  N.C.
       Griffith, George R.            40     M         Voyager           5,000  N.C.
       Griffith, Louiza               38     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 222/222
       London, Henry A.               42     M         Merchant          800    N.C.
       London, Sally M.               36     F                                  N.C.
       London, William L.             12     M                                  N.C.
       London, Eliza  C.              10     F                                  N.C.
       London, Ruffin/Ruffies M.      7      M                                  N.C.
       London, Henry A.               4      M                                  N.C.
       London, Mary C.                2      F                                  N.C.
       London, Ann                    76     F                                  England
       London, Margaret               40     F                                  England
       Thurston, Fanney               42     F                                  N. York         Her age could be 22
       Lord, Eliza                    54     F                                  N.C.
       Lord, William                  13     M                                  N.C.
       Mallett, Fanny M.              44     F                                  N.C.
       Mallett, Eliza E.              5      F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 223/223
       Hill, Nathaniel                36     M         Farmer            1,500  N.C.
       Hill, Sarah J.                 60     F                                  N.C.
       Bresler, Margaret              18     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 224/224
       Hill, Fredrick                 58     M         Farmer            1,500  N.C.
       Hill, Ivie                     56     F                                  N.C.
       Davis, Sarah G.                22     F                                  N.C.
       Boudnot, William E.            33     M         Navy                     N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 225/225
       Hill, Thomas                   47     M         Farmer            1,500  N.C.
       Hill, Eliza                    35     F                                  N.C.
       Hill, Mariah                   12     F                                  N.C.
       Hill, Susan                    11     F                                  N.C.
       Hill, Sarah C.                 8      F                                  N.C.
       Hill, Joseph A.                6      M                                  N.C.
       Walker, Margaret               24     F                                  N.C.
       Stith, Betsey                  70     F    M                             N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 226/226
       Evans, Seth L. or S.           31     M         Overseer                 N.C.            His name could be Leth S. or L., too.
       Evans, Mary                    24     F                                  N.C.
       Evans, William L.              4      M                                  N.C.
       Evans, Thomas                  2      M                                  N.C.
       Evans, Sally                   1      F                                  N.C.
       Evans, Lisey                   4/12   F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 227/227
       Clegg, Luther                  40     M         Farmer            1,000  N.C.
       Clegg, Jane                    30     F                                  N.C.
       Clegg, Easter                  7      F                                  N.C.

CENSUS YR:  1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  NC  COUNTY:  Chatham  DIVISION:  Lower Regiment  REEL NO:  432-624  PAGE NO:  455b
REFERENCE:  16th August, 1850, Rich'n Faucette, Ass't Marshal
           NAME                      AGE    SEX  RACE   OCCUP.           VAL.   BIRTHPLACE        REMARKS

       Clegg, Jane M.                 6      F                                  N.C.
       Clegg, Eliza B.                4      F                                  N.C.
       Clegg, Cornelia E.             1      F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 228/228
       Moore, Stephen                 60     M         Farmer            1,000  N.C.
       Moore, Elizabeth E.            57     F                                  N.C.
       Moore, Abram                   24     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Moore, Rachael                 23     F                                  N.C.
       Moore, Richard R.              20     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Moore, Mary E.                 18     F                                  N.C.
       Moore, Stephen                 16     M                                  N.C.
       Moore, John W.                 14     M                                  N.C.
       Moore, Celia M. L.             11     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 229/229
       Petty, William                 43     M         Farmer            240    N.C.
       Petty, Nancy                   43     F                                  N.C.
       Petty, Margret                 18     F                                  N.C.
       Petty, James                   15     M                                  N.C.
       Petty, Atlas                   13     M                                  N.C.
       Petty, Henrietta               9      F                                  N.C.
       Petty, Alvis                   2      M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 230/230
       Brown, Calvin                  23     M         Farmer                   N.C.
       Brown, Sarah                   21     F                                  N.C.
       Brown, Martha                  1      F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 231/231
       Farrow, Gaston                 39     M         M. Preacher       1,500  N.C.            Occupation probably means Methodist Preacher
       Farrow, Martha                 42     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 232/232
       Neal, John                     47     M         Farmer            1,000  N.C.
       Neal, Martha A.                45     F                                  N.C.
       Neal, Mary E.                  19     F                                  N.C.
       Neal, Oscar M.                 17     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Neal, Ann E.                   15     F                                  N.C.
       Neal, Martha B.                13     F                                  N.C.
       Neal, Elizabeth S.             11     F                                  N.C.
       Neal, William H.               9      M                                  N.C.
       Neal, Clarrince                5      F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 233/233
       Petty, James                   64     M         Farmer            550    N.C.
       Petty, Mary                    54     F                                  N.C.
       Petty, Spencer                 31     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Petty, Robert                  27     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Petty, Julia                   22     F                                  N.C.
       Petty, Winship                 20     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Petty, Elizabeth               18     F                                  N.C.
       Petty, Bassell                 15     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Petty, George W.               12     M                                  N.C.

CENSUS YR:  1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  NC  COUNTY:  Chatham  DIVISION:  Lower Regiment  REEL NO:  432-624  PAGE NO:  456a
REFERENCE:  17th August, 1850, Rich'n Faucette, Ass't Marshal
           NAME                      AGE    SEX  RACE   OCCUP.           VAL.   BIRTHPLACE        REMARKS

Dwelling/Family: 234/234
       Hatch, John                    30     M         Farmer            700    N.C.
       Hatch, Elizabeth               29     F                                  N.C.
       Hatch, Theophilis              9      M                                  N.C.
       Hatch, Martha A.               6      F                                  N.C.
       Hatch, Euphemia                3      F                                  N.C.
       Hatch, Amay                    1      F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 235/235
       Farel, William                 47     M         Farmer            600    N.C.            Farel selled with one "L" here
       Farell, Sarah                  47     F                                  N.C.            Farel spelled with two "L"'s here
       Farell, James                  24     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Farell, John W.                22     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Farell, Richard                18     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Farell, Margaret               16     F                                  N.C.
       Farrell, Ann L.                14     F                                  N.C.            Surname spelled with two "r"'s
       Farrell, Mandy J.              11     F                                  N.C.            Surname spelled with two "r"'s
       Farell, Mary T.                9      F                                  N.C.            Surname spelled with one "r"
       Farrell, Henry C.              6      M                                  N.C.            Surname spelled with two "r"'s

Dwelling/Family: 236/236
       Boon, James                    28     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Boon, Mary J.                  27     F                                  N.C.
       Boon, Sarah E.                 6      F                                  N.C.
       Boon, Maryetta                 2      F                                  N.C.
       Boon, James W.                 6/12   M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 237/237
       Brown, Elizabeth               47     F                                  N.C.
       Brown, Sally                   30     F                                  N.C.
       Brown, Elizabeth               22     F                                  N.C.
       Brown, Nancy                   19     F                                  N.C.
       Brown, David C.                15     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Brown, Lavina                  15     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 238/238
       Bright, Elizabeth              30     F                           550    N.C.
       Bright, Martha                 25     F                                  N.C.
       Bright, Rebecca                24     F                                  N.C.
       Bright, Happy A.               22     F                                  N.C.
       Bright, Eliza J.               18     F                                  N.C.
       Neal, William                  46     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Neal, Nathan                   20     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Neal, Alvis                    14     M                                  N.C.
       Neal, Ann R.                   10     F                                  N.C.
       Neal, John D.                  6      M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 239/239
       Bright, John                   58     M         Farmer            160    N.C.
       Bright, Mary                   53     F                                  N.C.
       Bright, Oliver                 32     M         Farmer            308    N.C.
       Bright, Joseph                 29     M         Farmer            200    N.C.
       Bright, Isaac                  24     M         Labourer                 N.C.

CENSUS YR:  1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  NC  COUNTY:  Chatham  DIVISION:  Lower Regiment  REEL NO:  432-624  PAGE NO:  456b
REFERENCE:  17th August, 1850, Rich'n Faucette, Ass't Marshal
           NAME                      AGE    SEX  RACE   OCCUP.           VAL.   BIRTHPLACE        REMARKS

       Bright, Margaret               22     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 240/240
       Ferell, Francis                29     M         Farmer            100    N.C.
       Ferell, Dicy                   31     F                                  N.C.
       Ferell, Oliver                 5      M                                  N.C.
       Ferell, Seaborn                1      M                                  N.C.
       Gunter, Richard                35     M         Labourer                 N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 241/241
       Boon, Nasa                     43     M         Farmer            500    N.C.
       Boon, Sarah                    48     F                                  N.C.
       Boon, Henry                    20     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Boon, John W.                  18     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Boon, Nelie/Welie?             15     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Boon, Martha M.                13     F                                  N.C.
       Boon, Charles A.               11     M                                  N.C.
       Boon, Amy A.                   8      F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 242/242
       Neal, Decy                     63     F                                  N.C.
       Neal, Lucinda                  26     F                                  N.C.
       Neal, Elizabeth                24     F                                  N.C.
       Brasington, Martha E.          15     F                                  N.C.
       Neal, Elisha                   18     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Neal, Olivia                   3      F                                  N.C.
       Neal, General                  3      M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 243/243
       Gunter, John                   47     M         Farmer            1,000  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 244/244
       Gunter, William                29     M         Farmer                   N.C.
       Gunter, Polly                  25     F                                  N.C.
       Gunter, James                  8      M                                  N.C.
       Gunter, John                   7      M                                  N.C.
       Gunter, Richard C.             5      M                                  N.C.
       Gunter, Malinda                4      F                                  N.C.
       Gunter, Henry R.               2      M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 245/245
       Copland, David                 60     M         Farmer            1,000  N.C.
       Copland, Cloah                 62     F                                  N.C.
       Copland, Anna                  30     F                                  N.C.
       Copland, Martha                28     F                                  N.C.
       Copland, Zany                  25     F                                  N.C.
       Copland, Malinda               10     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 246/247
       Copland, Nicholas              30     M         Farmer            450    N.C.
       Copland, Jinett                30     F                                  N.C.
       Copland, Emeline               7      F                                  N.C.
       Cole, Leroy                    30     M         Farmer            525    N.C.
       Cole, Mariah                   21     F                                  N.C.
       Cole, Elizabeth                1      F                                  N.C.
       Yarbrough, Sarah               5?     F                                  N.C.

CENSUS YR:  1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  NC  COUNTY:  Chatham  DIVISION:  Lower Regiment  REEL NO:  432-624  PAGE NO:  457a
REFERENCE:  17th August, 1850, Rich'n Faucette, Ass't Marshal
           NAME                      AGE    SEX  RACE   OCCUP.           VAL.   BIRTHPLACE        REMARKS

Dwelling/Family: 248/248
       Gunter, Abner                  35     M         Mechanic          600    N.C.
       Gunter, Emily                  27     F                                  N.C.
       Gunter, Nepoleon B.            3      M                                  N.C.
       Gunter, Willis                 73     M         None                     N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 249/249
       Gunter, Elisha                 46     M         Farmer                   N.C.
       Gunter, Mary                   36     F                                  N.C.
       Gunter, William S.             15     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Gunter, Marth G.               13     F                                  N.C.
       Gunter, Elisha B.              11     M                                  N.C.
       Gunter, Joseph E.              6      M                                  N.C.
       Gunter, Nathan                 5      M                                  N.C.
       Gunter, Maryan                 2      F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 250/250
       Gunter, Isham                  78     M         None                     N.C.
       Gunter, Lily                   39     F                                  N.C.
       Gunter, Richard                37     M         Labourer                 N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 251/251
       Thomas, John                   46     M         Farmer            250    N.C.
       Thomas, Sarah                  43     F                                  N.C.
       Thomas, Sinthia                18     F                                  N.C.
       Thomas, Emeline                15     F                                  N.C.
       Thomas, Cornelius              11     M                                  N.C.
       Thomas, Martha A.              6      F                                  N.C.
       Thomas, Mary J.                3      F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 252/252
       Johnson, Harris                45     M         Farmer            300    N.C.
       Johnson, Margaret              35     F                                  N.C.
       Johnson, Eliza                 20     F                                  N.C.
       Johnson, B. D.                 18     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Johnson, Robt.                 14     M                                  N.C.
       Johnson, Elizabeth             16     F                                  N.C.
       Johnson, Delia                 12     F                                  N.C.
       Johnson, Harris B.             10     M                                  N.C.
       Johnson, Susan                 8      F                                  N.C.
       Johnson, Abner                 6      M                                  N.C.
       Johnson, Hesper                1      F                                  N.C.
       Bolling, Spencer               17     U         Labourer                 N.C.            No sex given for Spencer

Dwelling/Family: 253/253
       Roe, Randle                    100    M    M    None                     N.C.
       Roe, Susan                     71     F    M                             N.C.
       Stuart, Nancy                  47     F    M                             N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 254/254
       Gunter, Richard                26     M         Farmer            100    N.C.
       Gunter, Charity                31     F                                  N.C.
       Gunter, Jane                   14     F                                  N.C.
       Gunter, Polly                  13     F                                  N.C.
       Gunter, Sarah                  5      F                                  N.C.

CENSUS YR:  1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  NC  COUNTY:  Chatham  DIVISION:  Lower Regiment  REEL NO:  432-624  PAGE NO:  457b
REFERENCE:  17th August, 1850, Rich'n Faucette, Ass't Marshal
           NAME                      AGE    SEX  RACE   OCCUP.           VAL.   BIRTHPLACE        REMARKS

       Gunter, William                4      M                                  N.C.            "twins"
       Gunter, Asa                    4      M                                  N.C.            "twins"
       Gunter, Charley L.             6/12   M                                  N.C.            "twins"
       Gunter, John D.                6/12   M                                  N.C.            "twins"

Dwelling/Family: 255/255
       Stallings, Joseph              65     M         Mechanic          250    N.C.
       Stallings, Rachael             28     F                                  N.C.
       Stallings, Marth               26     F                                  N.C.
       Stallings, Sally               24     F                                  N.C.
       Stallings, Mary                22     F                                  N.C.
       Stallings, Ester               20     F                                  N.C.
       Stallings, Matilda             18     F                                  N.C.
       Womble, David                  23     M         Waggon Maker             N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 256/256
       Straugh, Carney                32     M         Farmer                   N.C.            The surname is spelled without the "an" at the end, here.
       Straugh, Lydia                 31     F                                  N.C.            The surname is spelled without the "an" at the end, here.
       Straughan, Maryan E.           7      F                                  N.C.
       Straughn, George W.            7      M                                  N.C.            The surname is spelled with just the "n" at the end, here.

Dwelling/Family: 257/257
       Avent, James                   75     M         Farmer            200    N.C.
       Avent, Nancy                   41     F                                  N.C.
       Avent, Robt.                   36     M         Labourer                 N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 258/258
       Crutchfield, Solomon           29     M         Farmer            200    N.C.
       Crutchfield, Mahala            26     F                                  N.C.
       Crutchfield, Joseph            7      M                                  N.C.
       Crutchfield, Malvina           4      F                                  N.C.
       Crutchfield, John W.           1      M                                  N.C.
       Kelly, Elizabeth               13     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 259/259
       Walden, Edmond                 53     M         Farmer            300    N.C.
       Walden, Lucy                   48     F                                  N.C.
       Walden, Susan                  16     F                                  N.C.
       Walden, William                12     M                                  N.C.
       Walden, Eliza                  9      F                                  N.C.
       Walden, Esperann               7      F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 260/260
       Walden, James                  29     M         Farmer                   N.C.
       Walden, Polly                  35     F                                  N.C.
       Walden, Sarah E.               1      F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 261/261
       Bolling, Joshua                45     M         Cooperer                 N.C.
       Bolling, Elizure               25     F                                  N.C.
       Bolling, Richard               12     M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 262/262
       Straughn, William              38     M         Farmer            350    N.C.
       Straughn, Elizabeth            19     F                                  N.C.
       Straughn, Reuben               17     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Straughn, Margaret             14     F                                  N.C.
       Straughn, Esperann             12     F                                  N.C.

CENSUS YR:  1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  NC  COUNTY:  Chatham  DIVISION:  Lower Regiment  REEL NO:  432-624  PAGE NO:  458a
REFERENCE:  19th August, 1850, Rich'n Faucette, Ass't Marshal
           NAME                      AGE    SEX  RACE   OCCUP.           VAL.   BIRTHPLACE        REMARKS

       Womble, John L.                54     M         Farmer            450    N.C.
       Womble, Mary                   60     F                                  N.C.
       Gunter, Joseph                 11     M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 263/263
       Harmon, George                 75     M         Farmer            900    Virginia
       Harmon, Janey                  45     F                                  N.C.
       Harmon, Mary                   13     F                                  N.C.
       Harmon, Elizabeth              11     F                                  N.C.
       Harmon, Henry                  9      M                                  N.C.
       Harmon, Bright                 7      M                                  N.C.
       Thomas, Asa                    20     M         Labourer                 N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 264/264
       Bridges, Amos                  23     M         Farmer                   N.C.
       Bridges, Catherine             26     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 265/265
       Harmon, Hezekiah               54     M         Farmer            275    N.C.
       Harmon, Nancy                  53     F                                  N.C.
       Harmon, Jane                   20     F                                  N.C.
       Harmon, Elizabeth              16     F                                  N.C.
       Harmon, George L.              14     M                                  N.C.
       Harmon, Lavina                 11     F                                  N.C.
       Pearce, William                21     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Pearce, Hariet                 25     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 266/266
       Womble, Phillip                57     M         Farmer            700    N.C.
       Womble, Easter                 54     F                                  N.C.
       Womble, Julia A.               23     F                                  N.C.
       Womble, Joseph B.              17     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Womble, John W.                14     M                                  N.C.
       Womble, Benjamin               10     M                                  N.C.
       Womble, Isaac                  23     M         Cooperer                 N.C.
       Phillips, Thomas M.            6/12   M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 267/267
       Lasater, Hardy                 60     M         Farmer            1,200  N.C.
       Lasater, Rebecca               59     F                                  N.C.
       Lasater, Abner                 30     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Lasater, William               18     M         Labourer                 N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 268/268
       Gunter, Abner                  72     M         County Register   1,040  N.C.
       Gunter, Eliza                  47     F                                  N.C.
       Gunter, Tempy                  42     F                                  N.C.
       Gunter, Nancy                  41     F                                  N.C.
       Gunter, Mary                   37     F                                  N.C.
       Gunter, Susan                  21     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 269/269
       Marks, William                 43     M         Farmer            1,100  N.C.
       Marks, Sarah                   39     F                                  N.C.
       Marks, Abner                   18     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Marks, Louiza                  16     F                                  N.C.

CENSUS YR:  1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  NC  COUNTY:  Chatham  DIVISION:  Lower Regiment  REEL NO:  432-624  PAGE NO:  458b
REFERENCE:  19th August, 1850, Rich'n Faucette, Ass't Marshal
           NAME                      AGE    SEX  RACE   OCCUP.           VAL.   BIRTHPLACE        REMARKS

       Marks, Lititia                 15     F                                  N.C.
       Marks, Malvina                 13     F                                  N.C.
       Marks, Thadeus                 11     M                                  N.C.
       Marks, James                   9      M                                  N.C.
       Marks, Julia                   7      F                                  N.C.
       Marks, Mary                    3      F                                  N.C.
       Marks, William                 1      M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 270/270
       Gunter, Abner Jr.              46     M         Farmer            400    N.C.
       Gunter, Isabel                 28     F                                  N.C.
       Gunter, Sophia                 14     F                                  N.C.
       Gunter, Sally                  12     F                                  N.C.
       Gunter, Benjamin               10     M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 271/271
       Gunter, Benjamin               60     M         Farmer            750    N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 272/272
       Gunter, Joseph                 52     M         Farmer            900    N.C.
       Gunter, Francis                40     F                                  N.C.
       Gunter, Winey                  16     F                                  N.C.
       Gunter, Thomas                 12     M                                  N.C.
       Gunter, William H.             9      M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 273/273
       Straughn, Alston               56     M         Farmer            100    N.C.
       Straughn, Elizabeth            50     F                                  N.C.
       Gunter, Martha                 8      F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 274/274
       Hartso, Isaac                  75     M         Farmer            240    N.C.
       Hartso, Elizabeth              40     F                                  N.C.
       Hartso, Comfort                35     F                                  N.C.
       Copeland, Matilda              10     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 275/275
       Copland, Levi                  45     M         Farmer            125    N.C.
       Copland, Mahala                20     F                                  N.C.
       Copland, Maryann               19     F                                  N.C.
       Copland, Nathan                18     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Copland, Caroline              14     F                                 N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 276/276
       Hackney, Joseph                70     M         Farmer            2,000  N.C.
       Hackney, Sally                 66     F                                  N.C.
       Moore, George                  25     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Moore, Louisa                  25     F                                  N.C.
       Hackney, Robert                9      M                                  N.C.
       Moore, Wayland                 1      M                                  N.C.
       Johnson, Robt.                 45     M         None                     N.C.            "Idiot"

Dwelling/Family: 277/277
       Poe, Willis                    39     M         Farmer                   N.C.
       Poe, Francis                   38     F                                  N.C.
       Poe, Wesley                    18     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Poe, Charles                   15     M                                  N.C.
       Poe, Alfred                    12     M                                  N.C.

CENSUS YR:  1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  NC  COUNTY:  Chatham  DIVISION:  Lower Regiment  REEL NO:  432-624  PAGE NO:  459a
REFERENCE:  20th August, 1850, Rich'n Faucette, Ass't  Marshal
           NAME                      AGE    SEX  RACE   OCCUP.           VAL.   BIRTHPLACE        REMARKS

       Poe, Martha                    10     F                                  N.C.
       Poe, Cary                      5      M                                  N.C.
       Poe, William                   9/12   M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 278/278
       Poe, Hasten                    43     M         Farmer                   N.C.
       Poe, Elizabeth                 42     F                                  N.C.
       Poe, Margaret                  17     F                                  N.C.
       Poe, Thomas                    16     M                                  N.C.
       Poe, Robt.                     14     M                                  N.C.
       Poe, Emily                     9      F                                  N.C.
       Poe, Mahala                    6      F                                  N.C.
       Poe, Oran                      1      M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 279/279
       Bland, John                    36     M         Farmer            300    N.C.
       Bland, Elizabeth               28     F                                  N.C.
       Bland, Luvenia                 4      F                                  N.C.
       Bland, Thomas J.               1      M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 280/280
       Bland, Oliver                  37     M         Farmer            150    N.C.
       Bland, Catherine               26     F                                  N.C.
       Bland, Alex'r                  16     M                                  N.C.
       Bland, John                    13     M                                  N.C.
       Bland, Rebecca                 12     F                                  N.C.
       Bland, Hiram                   11     M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 281/281
       Cooper, William L.             50     M         Farmer            350    N.C.
       Cooper, Francis                43     F                                  N.C.
       Cooper, William                20     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Cooper, James D.               19     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Cooper, Mary                   16     F                                  N.C.
       Cooper, Elizabeth              14     F                                  N.C.
       Cooper, Catherine              12     F                                  N.C.
       Cooper, Robt.                  8      M                                  N.C.
       Cooper, Fanny                  5      F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 282/282
       Hearn, John T.                 43     M         Farmer            270    N.C.
       Hearn, Elizabeth               37     F                                  N.C.
       Hearn, Mary An                 18     F                                  N.C.
       Hearn, Margaret                15     F                                  N.C.
       Hearn, Eliza                   13     F                                  N.C.
       Hearn, Elbert                  12     M                                  N.C.
       Hearn, Catharin                11     F                                  N.C.
       Hearn, Louisa                  8      F                                  N.C.
       Hearn, Sarah                   6      F                                  N.C.
       Hearn, Mary                    34     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 283/283
       Womble, Joel                   28     M         Farmer            250    N.C.
       Womble, Louisa                 28     F                                  N.C.

CENSUS YR:  1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  NC  COUNTY:  Chatham  DIVISION:  Lower Regiment  REEL NO:  432-624  PAGE NO:  459b
REFERENCE:  20th August, 1850, Rich'n Faucette, Ass't Marshal
           NAME                      AGE    SEX  RACE   OCCUP.           VAL.   BIRTHPLACE        REMARKS

       Womble, Alphonso               6      M                                  N.C.
       Womble, Mary C.                4      F                                  N.C.
       Womble, James S.               2      M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 284/284
       Bland, James                   66     M         Farmer            300    N.C.
       Bland, Mary                    56     F                                  N.C.
       Bland, Mary ?                  22     F                                  N.C.            Her first name has writing under it, but think it's Mary.
       Bland, William                 18     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Bland, Henry                   16     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Neal, Charity                  12     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 285/285
       Ferell, John                   50     M         Farmer            600    N.C.            The last name is spelled this way for John.
       Ferrel, Mary                   47     F                                  N.C.            The last name is spelled this way for Mary
       Ferril, Delany                 22     F                                  N.C.            The last name is spelled this way for Delany.
       Ferril, Dorten T.or L.         19     M         Labourer                 N.C.            The last name is kept this way for the rest of family.
       Ferril, William                16     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Ferril, Martha                 10     F                                  N.C.
       Ferril, George W.              6      M                                  N.C.
       Ferril, Eady                   13     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 286/286
       Neal, William                  75     M         Farmer            500    N.C.
       Neal, Lucy                     73     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 287/287
       Boon, Mary                     78     F                                  N.C.            "Deaf"
       Boon, Lucinda                  48     F                                  N.C.
       Boon, Wesley S.                25     M         Carpenter                N.C.
       Boon, James                    21     M         Labourer                 N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 288/288
       Petty, Lulilda                 44     F                           3,000  N.C.
       Petty, William L.              15     M                                  N.C.
       Petty, Thomas F.               13     M                                  N.C.
       Petty, Robt. E.                3      M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 289/289
       Strayhorn, Larkin              58     M         Farmer            200    N.C.
       Straughn, Sarah                54     F                                  N.C.            The last name is spelled this way for Sarah and the others.
       Straughn, Jane                 21     F                                  N.C.
       Straughn, Candis               19     F                                  N.C.
       Straughn, Fielding             17     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Straughn, Thomas B.            14     M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 290/290
       Hatch, Henry H.                54     M         Farmer            3,000  N.C.
       Hatch, Martha                  60     F                                  N.C.
       Hatch, Maryan                  19     F                                  N.C.
       Hatch, William H.              17     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Lain, Ransom                   33     M         Stage Driver             N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 291/291
       Ferril, John Jr.               26     M         Farmer            250    N.C.
       Ferril, Milisa                 22     F                                  N.C.
       Ferril, John                   3      M                                  N.C.
       Ferril, Atlis/Altis ?          2      M                                  N.C.

CENSUS YR:  1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  NC  COUNTY:  Chatham  DIVISION:  Lower Regiment  REEL NO:  432-624  PAGE NO:  460a
REFERENCE:  20th August, 1850, Rich'n Faucette, Ass't Marshal
           NAME                      AGE    SEX  RACE   OCCUP.           VAL.   BIRTHPLACE        REMARKS

Dwelling/Family: 292/292
       Bland, William Jr.             27     M         Farmer            500    N.C.
       Bland, Francis                 22     F                                  N.C.
       Bland, Mary W.                 5      F                                  N.C.
       Bland, Robt. W.                2      M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 293/293
       Hatch, Robt.                   27     M         Farmer            1,100  N.C.
       Hatch, Celia                   24     F                                  N.C.
       Hatch, Sylvanus                5      M                                  N.C.
       Hatch, Leonidas                3      M                                  N.C.
       Hatch, Henry                   5/12   M                                  N.C.
       Brown, Wesly S.                25     M         Mechanic                 N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 294/294
       Hamock, John                   48     M         Farmer            200    N.C.
       Hamock, Jane                   47     F                                  N.C.
       Hamock, Martha                 24     F                                  N.C.
       Hamock, John                   22     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Hamock, David                  17     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Hamock, Jane                   16     F                                  N.C.
       Hamock, George T./S.           11     M                                  N.C.
       Hamock, Julia                  7      F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 295/295
       Burk, James                    49     M         Farmer            600    N.C.
       Burk, Winney                   42     F                                  N.C.
       Burk, Mary                     23     F                                  N.C.
       Burk, William                  22     M         Mill Wright              N.C.
       Burk, Melander                 15     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Burk, Frances                  14     F                                  N.C.
       Burk, Susan                    12     F                                  N.C.
       Burk, Mariah                   11     F                                  N.C.
       Burk, Omy                      8      F                                  N.C.            Her name was Naomi.
       Burk, John                     5      M                                  N.C.
       Burk, George                   2      M                                                  No place of birth given.
       Mitchell, Henderson            22     M         Shoe Maker                               No place of birth given

Dwelling/Family: 296/296
       Willet, James                  26     M         Overseer                 N.C.
       Willet, Mary                   23     F                                  N.C.
       Willet, Sarah E.               2/12   F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 297/297
       Bynum, Josep/ Joseph?          48     M         Farmer            6,000  N.C.            His first name is spelled Josep.
       Bynum, Sarah                   45     F                                  N.C.
       Bynum, Eliza A.                20     F                                  N.C.
       Bynum, James R.                18     M                                  N.C.
       Bynum, William                 16     M                                  N.C.
       Bynum, Mark W.                 14     M                                  N.C.
       Bynum, Sarah J.                12     F                                  N.C.
       Bynum, George W.               11     M                                  N.C.
       Bynum, Turner                  9      M                                  N.C.

CENSUS YR:  1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  NC  COUNTY:  Chatham  DIVISION:  Lower Regiment  REEL NO:  432-624  PAGE NO:  460b
REFERENCE:  21st August, 1850, Rich'n Faucette, Ass't Marshal
           NAME                      AGE    SEX  RACE   OCCUP.           VAL.   BIRTHPLACE        REMARKS

       Bynum, Joesph/Joseph? N.       7      M                                  N.C.            His first name is spelled Joesph.
       Bynum, Nathaniel               5      M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 298/298
       Bynum, Augustin W.             34     M         None                     N.C.
       Bynum, Mary                    30     F                                  N.C.
       Bynum, Martha A.               8      F                                  N.C.
       Bynum, George C.               6      M                                  N.C.
       Bynum, Artemecia               4      F                                  N.C.
       Bynum, Thomas F.               1      M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 299/299
       Carter, William                54     M         Miller                   N.C.
       Carter, Mary                   34     F                                  N.C.
       Carter, Julia                  19     F                                  N.C.
       Carter, Jessee                 17     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Carter, Leathy                 15     F                                  N.C.
       Carter, David                  13     M                                  N.C.
       Carter, William                11     M                                  N.C.
       Carter, John                   7      M                                  N.C.
       Carter, James                  4      M                                  N.C.
       Carter, Adalade B.             2      F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 300/300
       Toomer, John D.                65     M         Lawyer            3,000  N.C.
       Toomer, Mariah R.              61     F                                  N.C.
       Toomer, John L.                35     M         Farmer                   N.C.
       Toomer, Lucy                   25     F                                  N.C.
       Toomer, Catharin               20     F                                  N.C.
       Toomer, Frederick              18     M                                  N.C.
       Toomer, Caroline               12     F                                  N.C.
       Winslow, Mariah                10     F                                  N.C.
       Winslow, Copely                8      M                                  N.C.
       Toomer, A. D.                  34     M         Merchant                 N.C.
       Toomer, Elizabeth J.           23     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 301/301
       Brewer, Lewis                  62     M         None                     N.C.
       Brewer, Francis                52     F                                  N.C.
       Brewer, Mariah J.              22     F                                  N.C.
       Brewer, Disamus                21     F                                  N.C.
       Brewer, Green                  18     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Brewer, Elizabeth              15     F                                  N.C.
       Brewer, Mary                   11     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 302/302
       Riddle, Barney                 47     M         Farmer            425    N.C.
       Riddle, Nancy                  47     F                                  N.C.
       Riddle, Margaret               20     F                                  N.C.
       Riddle, Alvis                  16     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Riddle, Richard                12     M                                  N.C.
       Riddle, Emily                  11     F                                  N.C.            Her age is blurred. She may be 12 years old.

CENSUS YR:  1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  NC  COUNTY:  Chatham  DIVISION:  Lower Regiment  REEL NO:  432-624  PAGE NO:  461a
REFERENCE:  21st August, 1850, Rich'n Faucette, Ass't Marshal
           NAME                      AGE    SEX  RACE   OCCUP.           VAL.   BIRTHPLACE        REMARKS

       Riddle, William                7      M                                  N.C.
       Riddle, Nancy                  5      F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 303/303
       Norward, Thoms                 33     M         Butcher                  N.C.            The first name is spelled without the a.
       Norwood, Jemimah               38     F                                  N.C.            The last name spelled this way for the rest of family.
       Norwood, Jane                  14     F                                  N.C.
       Norwood, Margaret              11     F                                  N.C.
       Norwood, Maryan                8      F                                  N.C.
       Norwood, William               6      M                                  N.C.
       Norwood, Elizabeth             3      F                                  N.C.
       Norwood, Thomas C.             1      M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 304/304
       Yarbrough, Elizabeth           50     F                           150    N.C.
       Yarbrough, Mary                30     F                                  N.C.
       Yarbrough, Hanah               28     F                                  N.C.
       Yarbrough, Amany               26     F                                  N.C.
       Yarbrough, Margaret            24     F                                  N.C.
       Yarbrough, Sidney              22     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Yarbrough, Caroline            20     F                                  N.C.
       Yarbrough, Oran                18     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Yarbrough, Betsey              16     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 305/305
       Fooshe, Phillip                70     M         Teacher           100    N.C.
       Fooshe, Nancy                  54     F                                  N.C.
       Fooshe, Phillip N.             27     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Fooshe, Elizabeth              18     F                                  N.C.
       Fooshe, Sarah A.               10     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 306/306
       Williams, Isaiah               50     M         Farmer            250    N.C.
       Williams, Jane                 46     F                                  N.C.
       Williams, Harbert              24     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Williams, Jonathan             22     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Williams, Elizabeth            19     F                                  N.C.
       Williams, Julia                17     F                                  N.C.
       Williams, Luciun               14     M                                  N.C.
       Williams, Emily                11     F                                  N.C.
       Williams, Cornelius            7      M                                  N.C.
       Williams, Virginia             4      F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 307/307
       Poe, Terry                     60     M         Labourer          200    N.C.
       Poe, Mary                      46     F                                  N.C.
       Poe, Thomas                    25     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Poe, John                      20     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Poe, Elizabeth                 17     F                                  N.C.
       Poe, Mary                      15     F                                  N.C.
       Poe, Terry                     13     M                                  N.C.
       Poe, Sally                     10     F                                  N.C.

CENSUS YR:  1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  NC  COUNTY:  Chatham  DIVISION:  Lower Regiment  REEL NO:  432-624  PAGE NO:  461b
REFERENCE:  21st August, 1850, Rich'n Faucette, Ass't Marshal
           NAME                      AGE    SEX  RACE   OCCUP.           VAL.   BIRTHPLACE        REMARKS

Dwelling/Family: 308/308
       Henley, Stephen                25     M         Mill Wright              N.C.
       Williams, Green/Crane?         26     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Williams, Jane                 23     F                                  N.C.
       Hadley, Willis                 26     M         Merchant                 N.C.
       Johnson, Robert                18     M         Cooperer                 N.C.
       Bullard, Stephan               18     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Cooper, Williamson             21     M         Labourer                 N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 309/309
       Williams, Burwell              75     M         Farmer            1,000  N.C.
       Bullard, Esperann              24     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 310/310
       Hearn, Harstin/Hantin          32     M         Farmer            300    N.C.
       Hearn, Elizabeth               29     F                                  N.C.
       Hearn, Marion                  8      M                                  N.C.
       Hearn, Atlass                  4      M                                  N.C.
       Hearn, Elizabeth               1      F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 311/311
       Williams, Noel                 40     M         Farmer                   N.C.
       Williams, Susan                50     F                                  N.C.
       Williams, Martha               20     F                                  N.C.
       Williams, John                 15     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Williams, Louiza               11     F                                  N.C.
       Williams, Williams             7      M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 312/312
       Crain, James A.                28     M         Farmer                   N.C.
       Crain, Francis                 36     F                                  N.C.
       Crain, Wesley                  4      M                                  N.C.
       Crain, John A.                 2      M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 313/313
       Green, James                   39     M         Farmer            100    N.C.
       Green, Nancy                   39     F                                  N.C.
       Green, Elizabeth               15     F                                  N.C.
       Green, Henry                   12     M                                  N.C.
       Green, Robert                  10     M                                  N.C.
       Green, Olover                  8      M                                  N.C.            His first name is spelled Olover instead of Oliver.
       Green, Gaines                  6      M                                  N.C.
       Green, Thomas                  4      M                                  N.C.
       Green, Julia                   3      F                                  N.C.
       Green, George W.               4/12   M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 314/314
       Green, John                    30     M         Farmer            100    N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 315/315
       Crain, John                    52     M         Farmer            300    N.C.
       Crain, Martha                  52     F                                  N.C.
       Crain, Thomas                  23     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Crain, Catherin                21     F                                  N.C.
       Crain, John S.                 24     M         Labourer                 N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 316/316
       Burk, Harman                   35     M         Farmer            1,000  N.C.
       Burk, Louiza                   39     F                                  N.C.

CENSUS YR:  1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  NC  COUNTY:  Chatham  DIVISION:  Lower Regiment  REEL NO:  432-624  PAGE NO:  462a
REFERENCE:  21st August, 1850, Rich'n Faucette, Ass't Marshal
           NAME                      AGE    SEX  RACE   OCCUP.           VAL.   BIRTHPLACE        REMARKS

       Burk, George W.                19     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Burk, Joseph J.                17     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Burk, Juannah                  7      F                                  N.C.
       Cook, William                  35     M         Teacher                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 317/317
       Johnson, Uiella/Quella?        28     M         Distiller                N.C.
       Johnston, Celia                29     F                                  N.C.            The last name is spelled JohnsTon for the rest of family.
       Johnston, Sally                23     F                                  N.C.
       Johnston, Narsissa             20     F                                  N.C.
       Johnston, Nancy                68     F                                  N.C.
       Johnston, Calvin               5      M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 318/318
       Thompson, George W.            73     M         Farmer            3,600  N.C.
       Thompson, Nancy                60     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 319/319
       Barnit, Lucian                 42     M         Farmer            3,750  N.C.            The last name is spelled Burnit here.
       Barnet, Antoinet               20     F                                  N.C.            The last name spelled Barnet here.
       Barnit, Louiza                 17     F                                  N.C.            The last name back to Barnit here.

Dwelling/Family: 320/320
       McCollum, Henry                50     M         Miller                   N.C.
       McCollum, Elizabeth            50     F                                  N.C.
       McCollum, Charles              17     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       McCollum, Joseph               14     M                                  N.C.            "twins"
       McCollum, Hariett              14     F                                  N.C.            "twins"

Dwelling/Family: 321/321
       Durham, John A.                24     M         Farmer            125    N.C.
       Durham, Sarah                  18     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 322/322
       Mann, Jessee G.                29     M         Farmer            500    N.C.
       Mann, Elizabeth                30     F                                  N.C.
       Mann, John H.                  6      M                                  N.C.
       Mann, Tilitha                  3      F                                  N.C.
       Man, Joseph D.                 1      M                                  N.C.            The last name spelled with one "n" here.
       Mirick, Duncan                 18     M    M                             N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 323/323
       Johnston, William              50     M         Farmer                   N.C.
       Johnston, Seney                39     F                                  N.C.
       Johnston, Hannah               19     F                                  N.C.
       Johnston, Robt.                18     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Johnston, Mary                 17     F                                  N.C.
       Johnston, Joshua               12     M                                  N.C.
       Johnston, Anna                 11     F                                  N.C.
       Johnston, William              7      M                                  N.C.
       Johnston, Eliza                5      F                                  N.C.
       Johnston, Seney                4      F                                  N.C.
       Johnston, Jonathan             18     M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 324/324
       Pilkinton, Abram               38     M         Farmer            610    N.C.
       Pilkinton, Irenah              37     F                                  N.C.
       Pilkinton, Jas. W.             15     M         Labourer                 N.C.

CENSUS YR:  1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  NC  COUNTY:  Chatham  DIVISION:  Lower Regiment  REEL NO:  432-624  PAGE NO:  462b
REFERENCE:  22nd August, 1850, Rich'n Faucette, Ass't Marshal
           NAME                      AGE    SEX  RACE   OCCUP.           VAL.   BIRTHPLACE        REMARKS

       Pilkinton, Sarah A.            11     F                                  N.C.
       Pilkinton, Mary J.             8      F                                  N.C.
       Pilkinton, Isaac F.            7      M                                  N.C.
       Pilkinton, Jarot               4      M                                  N.C.
       Pilkinton, Martha E.           3      F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 325/325
       Smith, Biddy                   51     F                           100    N.C.
       Smith, Candis                  42     F                                  N.C.
       Smith, Mark                    11     M                                  N.C.
       Smith, David W.                9      M                                  N.C.
       Smith, Selia                   7      F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 326/326
       Petty, Evalina                 41     F                                  N.C.
       Petty, Sarah A.                18     F                                  N.C.
       Petty, William S.              16     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Petty, Henry B.                10     M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 327/327
       Cotton, Stephen W.             45     M         Farmer            6,000  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 328/328
       Brewer, John                   46     M         Farmer            200    N.C.
       Brewer, Ailsey                 50     F                                  N.C.
       Brewer, Mary                   26     F                                  N.C.
       Brewer, Rebecca                24     F                                  N.C.
       Brewer, Sarah                  18     F                                  N.C.
       Brewer, Permelia               16     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 329/329
       Brewer, Abel                   68     M         None                     N.C.
       Brewer, Mary                   60     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 330/330
       Poe, Ransom                    53     M         Farmer            1,000  N.C.
       Poe, Anna                      47     F                                  N.C.
       Poe, William                   30     M         Farmer                   N.C.
       Poe, Edmond                    23     M                                  N.C.
       Poe, Charly B.                 19     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Poe, Lucy A.                   14     F                                  N.C.
       Poe, Roseanna                  12     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 331/331
       Dismukes, Chales/Charles?      45     M         Farmer            300    N.C.
       Dismukes, Martha               44     F                                  N.C.
       Dismukes, Joseph               22     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Dismukes, Amelia               21     F                                  N.C.
       Dismukes, James                19     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Dismukes, Elisha               18     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Dismukes, Francis              16     F                                  N.C.
       Dismukes, Elizabeth            14     F                                  N.C.
       Dismukes, Sarah                12     F                                  N.C.
       Dismukes, William W.           10     M                                  N.C.
       Dismukes, Henry N.             8      M                                  N.C.
       Dismukes, Charles B.           6      M                                  N.C.

CENSUS YR:  1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  NC  COUNTY:  Chatham  DIVISION:  Lower Regiment  REEL NO:  432-624  PAGE NO:  463a
REFERENCE:  23rd August, 1850, Rich'n Faucette, Ass't Marshal
           NAME                      AGE    SEX  RACE   OCCUP.           VAL.   BIRTHPLACE        REMARKS

       Dismukes, John M.              5      M                                  N.C.
       Dismukes, Martha E.            2      F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 332/332
       Bright, Richard                27     M         Farmer                   N.C.
       Bright, Mary E.                22     F                                  N.C.
       Bright, John W.                3      M                                  N.C.
       Bright, William D.             10/12  M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 333/333
       Ray, Thomas                    52     M         Farmer            650    N.C.
       Ray, Cathrin                   49     F                                  N.C.
       Ray, Luiza M.                  25     F                                  N.C.
       Ray, William F.                24     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Ray, Eliza                     22     F                                  N.C.
       Ray, Sarah J.                  20     F                                  N.C.
       Ray, Thomas M.                 18     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Ray, Margaret                  17     F                                  N.C.
       Ray, James W.                  15     M                                  N.C.
       Ray, Cathrin                   12     F                                  N.C.
       Ray, John H.                   10     M                                  N.C.
       Ray, Nancy E.                  8      F                                  N.C.
       Ray, David A.                  3      M                                  N.C.
       Ray, John                      85     M         None                     N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 334/334
       Eubanks, Ambros                48     M         Farmer            800    N.C.
       Eubanks, Ann                   48     F                                  N.C.
       Eubanks, Robert                22     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Eubanks, John T.               20     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Eubanks, Joseph                13     M                                  N.C.
       Eubanks, William               12     M                                  N.C.
       Eubanks, Ambros                9      M                                  N.C.
       Eubanks, Romulus               7      M                                  N.C.
       Eubanks, Rebecca               21     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 335/335
       Lea, Woodson                   60     M         Farmer            5,000  N.C.
       Garrot, Delia                  15     F                                  N.C.
       Garrot, William                13     M                                  Ala.
       Garrot, Woodson                10     M                                  Ala.
       Garrot, Mary L.                8      F                                  Ala.
       Garrot, Ann E.                        F                                  N.C.            No age given for Ann E.

Dwelling/Family: 336/336
       Turner, David                  46     M         Farmer            1,000  N.C.
       Turner, Roseanna               38     F                                  N.C.
       Turner, David                  6/12   M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 337/337
       Poe, Sarah                     64     F                                  N.C.
       Poe, Milly                     29     F                                  N.C.
       Poe, Leathy                    27     F                                  N.C.
       Poe, Ruffin                    26     M         Labourer                 N.C.

CENSUS YR:  1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  NC  COUNTY:  Chatham  DIVISION:  Lower Regiment  REEL NO:  432-624  PAGE NO:  463b
REFERENCE:  23rd August, 1850, Rich'n Faucette, Ass't Marshal
           NAME                      AGE    SEX  RACE   OCCUP.           VAL.   BIRTHPLACE        REMARKS

       Poe, Josep                     21     M         Labourer                 N.C.            Joseph is spelled without the "h"
       Poe, Nancy                     20     F                                  N.C.
       Poe, Antoinet                  19     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 338/338
       Williams, Charles              23     M         Farmer            1,500  N.C.
       Williams, Laura                25     F                                  N.C.
       Williams, Delia                21     F                                  N.C.
       Williams, Martha               18     F                                  N.C.
       Williams, Sophia               15     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 339/339
       Poe, Elisha E.                 63     M         Farmer                   N.C.
       Poe, Sarah                     55     F                                  N.C.
       Poe, Ruben                     30     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Poe, Elizabeth                 24     F                                  N.C.
       Poe, Sarah                     28     F                                  N.C.
       Poe, Mary A.                   20     F                                  N.C.
       Poe, Arrena                    18     F                                  N.C.
       Poe, Joseph                    17     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Poe, Benjamin                  12     M                                  N.C.
       Covert, John V.                28     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Covert, Arena/Anna?            28     M                                  N.C.            Sex is given as M but think it may be F.
       Covert, Emily L.               3      F                                  N.C.
       Covert, Ann P.                 1      F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 340/340
       Poe, Stanford                  36     M         Farmer                   N.C.
       Poe, Mariah                    25     F                                  N.C.
       Poe, George                    2      M                                  N.C.
       Poe, Josiah                    6/12   M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 341/341
       Brown, James R.                28     M         Stone Mason              N.C.
       Brown, Nancy C.                26     F                                  N.C.
       Brown, Thomas B.               5      M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 342/342
       Strawn, Elizabeth              52     F                           600    N.C.
       Straughn, Juliard              20     M         Labourer                 N.C.            The last name is spelled this way for the rest of the family
       Straughn, Stephen              18     M         Labourer                 N.C.
       Straughn, Fanny                16     F                                  N.C.
       Straughn, Doctor R.            12     M                                  N.C.
       Straughn, Nathan R.            8      M                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 343/343
       Fooshe, Martha                 30     F                                  N.C.
       Fooshe, Margaret               8      F                                  N.C.
       Fooshee, Elizabeth             5      F                                  N.C.
       Fooshee, John L.               2      M                                  N.C.
       Craton, Margret                79     F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 344/344
       Hamlet, Sydney S.              37     M         Farmer            200    N.C.
       Hamlet, Eliza                  25     F                                  N.C.
       Hamlet, Julia                  60     F                                  N.C.

CENSUS YR:  1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  NC  COUNTY:  Chatham  DIVISION:  Lower Regiment  REEL NO:  432-624  PAGE NO:  464a
REFERENCE:  23rd August, 1850, Rich'n Faucette, Ass't Marshal
           NAME                      AGE    SEX  RACE   OCCUP.           VAL.   BIRTHPLACE        REMARKS

Dwelling/Family: 345/345
       Michel, Fanney                 52     F    B                      120    N.C.
       Michel, John                   26     M    M                      Labour erN.C.
       Michel, Hanah                  18     F    M                             N.C.
       Michel, Calvin                 14     M    M                             N.C.            "twin"
       Michel, Mariah                 14     F    M                             N.C.            "twin"
       Michel, Henry                  9      M    M                             N.C.
       Michel, John                   8/12   M    M                             N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 346/346
       Alston, Adaline                45     F                           7,500  N.C.
       Alston, Lavenia  V.?           19     F                                  N.C.            Her middle initial is not clear.
       Alston, William                17     M                                  N.C.
       Alston, Mariah T.              14     F                                  N.C.
       Alston, Nathan M.              12     M                                  N.C.
       Alston, Henrietta              9      F                                  N.C.
       Alston, Adaline                7      F                                  N.C.
       Alston, Mary                   24     F                                  N.C.
       Alston, John J.                23     M         None                     N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 347/347
       Webster, James                 46     M         Overseer                 N.C.
       Webster, Francis               43     F                                  N.C.
       Webster, Manda                 20     F                                  N.C.
       Webster, Menerva               18     F                                  N.C.
       Webster, Hariett               16     F                                  N.C.
       Webster, Olivia                14     F                                  N.C.
       Webster, Catalon/Calaton?      11     M                                  N.C.            His first name may even be Galaton/Gatalon.
       Webster, Permelia              10     F                                  N.C.
       Webster, Robert                8      M                                  N.C.
       Webster, Elizabeth             6      F                                  N.C.

Dwelling/Family: 348/348
       McClenahan, William            47     M         Dentist           500    N.C.
       McClenahan, Francis            38     F                                  N.C.
       McClenahan, John B.            17     M         Dentistry                N.C.
       Covert, William H.             21     M         Silver Smith             N.C.