Asheville & Buncombe County

New on the blogsphere: the Asheville & Buncombe County Blog!

This new site is launched by Rick Frederick, the county coordinator for Caswell County and is intended to supplement the Buncombe County NCGenWeb site,  the Old Buncombe County Historical Society, and the Western North Carolin Historical Association.

If you are interested in keeping up with posts, you can subscribe to it using your favorite feed reader.

New Site for Polk County

County Coordinator Katy Hestand is ready for you to visit her new Polk County, NCGenWeb site!

The new site uses Joomla, a content management system, that allows Katy to be efficient in updating information quickly on the site.  The new version of the site offers several features, such as printer-friendly formatting, a “Who’s Online” feature, and the ability to establish a user account if you are interested in adding or contributing additional data.

New Polk County NCGenWeb site

Katy is the CC for two counties in NC, Wilson & Polk, as well as for 18 other counties in the USGenWeb Project.  Go Katy!  Visit the site if you can and let Katy know 1) what you think and 2) if you have any data to contribute!

Fresh Look for Henderson County

Henderson County Site Coordinator, Kathy, has updated the site with a fresh look.  Waiting for your greeting when you land on the page is a lovely, scenic view of the mountains.  Visit the site and as always, if you have ancestors from the area, please consider contributing data.


Durham County Redesigned

Ginger Smith, your lovely site coordinator for the Durham County site, joined the NCGenWeb project in August.  Over the past couple of months, in addition to juggling family & school, Ginger has been working to provide county researchers with a refreshed site.  While the pages are still under construction, please visit Durham County and especially consider donating information if you have ancestors or relatives from the area.


Please update any bookmarks as the URLs  have changed.

Scotland County Blog

Richard has now added a blog to the Scotland County NCGenWeb Project – you can find it at

The purpose of the blog is to encourage discussion of the history, culture, and people of the county.  Please visit and participate!

New Book on Caswell County

The Caswell County Historical Association announces the offering of their latest book, Images of America: Caswell County, published by Arcadia Publishing.


The book is 128 pages and features an introduction by noted archivist, Dr. H.G. Jones (read more about him at  The book can be ordered from the society by visiting their website.

I personally am a fan of the Images of America series and have several in my home collection.  If you have research interests in Caswell County, you’ll want to be sure to check this out.

Dizzy Gillepsie & Scotland County

What does this famous jazz musician have to do with North Carolina?

dizzyDizzy Gillespie. October 1948.  Digital image. Life @ Google Images. Google. Web. <>

Even though I was raised in North Carolina, there is so much history in this state that I know I will never learn it all. I do love learning various trivia about the state and its residents from time to time. Just 5 minutes ago, I learned that Dizzy Gillepsie attended the Laurinburg Music Institute in Laurinburg back in 1932. (Visit their official website).

These are the kind of things you learn when you visit our NCGenWeb sites.  I happened to look this up because Richard Phillips, our recently designated Scotland County Site Coordinator announced the redesign of the website today.  Visit the site now. Even if your ancestors are not from Scotland County.  You won’t regret it.  :-)


Jones County Redesign

Do you do research in Jones County, NC? If so, then you may wish to revisit the county pages as the site has recently been redesigned. As part of the redesign process, many pages have new URLs, so please check your bookmarks.


The site now also features a blog so you can stay on top of changes/additions to the website.

New Site for Davidson County

The Davidson County NCGenWeb site has a newly updated site & location.  The new location is and your new county coordinator is Trent Briles.   Trent also  maintains the Randolph County site and we all are fortunate to have him take on another county.  Trent also makes it easy to stay abreast of updates via his news page and a Twitter account.

Be sure to check it out if you have associations with the county.


Vance County Back Online

Vance County has a new site. Please visit at  The site has been rebuilt, so if you have any data to contribute, please consider doing so.

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