DIRECTIONS: From the junction of Startown Road and Hwy 10. From Hwy 10, go 1.6 miles toward Lincolnton. At two brick columns, turn right (address is #4687) and go .8 miles on paved road. This turns into a dirt road to Buddy Sherrill's property (formerly, Judge Warlick's House) at the end of the road. Go through the cow pasture. Cemetery is in the grove of trees past the large power lines. Make sure all gates are closed as you pass through them.

Graves are read L to R, row 1 to row 8
This is physically N to S, left to right

Jane Robinson
Died 23 June 18--
82 years
David Robinson
Died 24 Dec 1801
50 years
James Robinson
1 June 1786
Age 61 years
Face with Halo and
wings on one side

Sarah Robinson
Wife of John Robinson
Who departed this life
in the 60th year 6
days of June 1824

Joseph Wilson
Died 14 Nov 1852
59y 1m 3d

Catharine, Wife of
Joseph Wilson
3 April 1799
10 May 1872
73y 3m 7d

Catharine Willson
wife of J Willson
died 15 Nov 1870
59y 9m 7d

Joseph A. Wilson
Died 19 May 1870
Age 82y 5m 27d

Rosannah B. Willson
Died 16 Sept 1856
31y 7m 8d

Andrew Q. Willson
Died 23 Feb 1822
Age 5y 6m 24d
Mary A.
Died 23 Feb 1822

Andrew Wilson
Son of R W
Died 8 Sept 1806
18 mos

Elias Wilson
Son of A W
Died 31 Dec 1814
Age 15y

Rosanah Wilson
Wife of A W
Died 20 April 1842
Age 74yrs

Andrew Wilson
Departed this life
23 March 1845
84 years

Aunt Meliss
Dau of Andrew
and Roseanna Wilson
17 July 1812
8 March 1884

In Memory of Matthew
Wilson and Charity Smith

who were married in
Ireland 1740 and Came to
America 1745 - Parents

of Andrew Wilson, Senior
and Grand- parents of
Ezekiel Wilson and
Progenitors of all the
Wilsons Buried Here.
Erected by Great-
Grandsons Kerr Wilson
and Andrew Wilson 1912

Ezekiel Wilson
2 Dec 1802
2 Dec 1864
Sarah McCorkle
Wife of Ezekiel Wilson
4 March 1826
22 Oct 1885
Edith Brandon Wilson
17 May 1862
8 Aug 1881

Liney Angel
Age 14 yrs

Eliza Angel
Died July 1863
Age 45yrs

John Angel
Died 20 Oct 1871
82 years

Ruthey Angel
Died 1 July 1872
Age 81 yrs

Elizabeth L., Dau of
Jos & Catherine Wilson
2 Sept 1820
15 Oct 1896

Julius A. Wilson
Son of Jos & Catherine
4 July 1835
27 Oct 1903

Caroline A. Wilson
29 April 1827
8 July 1915

Catherine Ann Wilson
10 June 1833
3 Oct 1919


This photo depicts the cemetery as it was in 2001
The damage and unkempt condition can only grow worse.

Unless upkeep is instituted, this historic
cemetery will fade from memory.

Approximately 200 feet SW of the Wilson Cemetery on what used to be known as "Judge Warlick's Farm" is an abandoned slave cemetery. This cemetery was enclosed by a board fence as late as October 1960. The board fence is no longer there. Some of the tomb-rocks are still in place and others are not. The area of the cemetery indicates there may be as many as 50 to 75 people buried here. There are many low places indicating gravesites which have no rocks. In time, unless people are aware that it is here, it may disappear without a trace as so many others have. It will just vanish - another part of the past - our past - and become unwritten history.


DIRECTIONS: From Hwy #10 West of Newton turn left onto SR #1008. Turn left onto Rocky Ford Road. Go approximately 2 1/2 miles. Cemetery is on the Lewis Angel property. This cemetery is in the woods on the left in a grove of trees. The whole area is covered with rocks with only about 3/4 of the area left for cemetery use.

20 Stones - One stone carved with an "A"

2 large head rocks carved with "J.A.A."

One rock carved with "A.A."
(probably Albert Angel)

There are about 6 rows.

These cemeteries have been visited a dozen or more times by the author.

However, I wish to thank the Catawba County Genealogy Society
for the use of its publication, Catawba County Cemeteries, Vol. II
and their descriptions of these cemeteries.


--Derick S. Hartshorn
Created 29 Dec 2001