Catawba County Post Offices


Small Area Post Offices Fade Away

Through the years many small post offices have been located in Catawba county. Most of them have been discontinued. Post offices still exist at Claremont, Longview. Catawba. Terrell. Sherrills Ford and Longisland.

The following is a list of the early post offices, postmasters and the date they were established and discontinued:

Arndt - established August 3, 1886; postmaster. John M Arndt. discontinued March 31.1903. and mail routed to Claremont.

Bandy - established Feb. 1, 1883; postmasters. Perry. F. Bandy. Maggie Jones, William F. Bandy, Joseph S. Bandy, Burlie M. Cannon and Franklin Bandy; discon tinued Aug. 15. 1905, and mail routed to Catawba

Barringer - established July 27, 1834; postmaster, Matthias Barringer; discontinued March 31.1835.

Beatties Ford - established Jan. 25. 1839 postmasters. Hugh C. Hamilton and John H. Wheeler; discontinued, in Catawba from 1842-46.

Blackburn - established June 5, 1888 postmasters, Julius M. Yoder. William H. Blackburn. Luther S. Ritchey and William H. Blackburn, discontinued May 31. 1906. and mail routed to Newton.

Brookford - established April 27. 1901; postmasters. Henry J. Holbrook and Wade H. Shuford; discontinued May 31. 1906. and mail routed to Hickory.

Bunker Hill - established Feb. 28. 1850 postmasters. Burrell C. Allen, James James and E. Connor discontinued Nov. 23, 1865.

Carson - established Sept. 17, 1892; postmasters, John H. Moser. Henry J. Sigmon and Sarah F. Wilson discontinued April 10, 1902, and mail routed to Newton. Catawba Station

Catawba Station - established Dec. 2, 1859, postmasters, Gilbert M. Sherrill, Mrs. Elmira L. Lowrance, Tate Powell, William H. Lowrance and Jeptha U. Long; name changed to Catawba July 21. 1873.

Catawba Springs - established Nov. 28, 1843 postmaster. Thomas Hampton; discontinued Nov. 28. 1943. in Catawba from 1842-46.

Catfish - established June 1, 1886; postmaster J. H. C. Huitt; discontinued March 31, 1903 and mail routed to Claremont.

Chestnut - established Aug, 18, 1887 postmaster, McLelland Hildebrand: established Aug. 18. 1887, later in Burke county; discontinued Aug. 30, 1904 and mail routed to Hayseed.

Chestnut Oak - established Aug. 15, 1846 postmaster. William Hale; discontinued May 31, 1848.

Chronicle - established Aug. 30, 1857; postmasters. Osborne Mu'nday, William A. Warner. Archibald L. Dellinger, William C. Wentz. Jacob F. Killian. Richard Frank Beal. William C. Wentz, David Clark, Ernest W. Bost, James E. Hicks and James S. Abernethy: discontinued Oct. 15, 1904, near Lincoln county line, probably in Lincoln county part of the time; mail directed to Maiden post office.

Clinesville - established April 23, 1860; postmasters. Parson Naylor, W. C. Caldwell and Henry H. Caldwell; discontinued April 21, 1884, and mail routed to Drumsville.

Cook - established Feb. 2, 1895; postmaster, D. Monroe Brittain, discontinued Aug. 31. 1905, and mail routed to Henry.

Crossing - established Oct. 1, 1884; postmasters, John W. Setzer, William J. Trollinger, William A. Hoke and Harrison H. Robinson; name changed to Claremont Aug. 8. 1892.

Danville - established March 5, 1883; postmaster. Wallace A. Bollinger; name changed to Startown. Nov. 31, 1884.

Dry Ponds - established Aug. 4. 1842; postmaster, Hail M. Munday; in Catawba 1942-46.

Drumsville - "established Feb. 1, 1883; postmasters. Caroline Drum, John H. Cline, William D. Drum. George D. Wilkinson and David W. Drum; discontinued Oct. 15, 1904.

Early Grove - established July 15, 1883; postmasters. Maxwell Wilson. Adam Miller and Joseph Bost; discontinued April 2, 1844.

Eavesville - established Feb. 10, 1834. postmasters. Lawson Eaves. George J. Wilkie and George Setzer; discontinued April 2, 1844.

Edith - established June 1 7, 1886; postmasters. George D. Snuggs, Warren W. Gantt, Nanie E. Gantt, Charlie A. Setzer, Jacob Wike and Walter L. Alley; discontinued May 15, 1907. and mail routed to Catawba.

Elliott Springs - established June 10. 1859; postmasters, Esley O. Elliott and Hiram A. Davis; name changed to White Sulphur Springs.

Farm - established April 11, 1881; postmasters, Noah Huffman; Hosea Whitener and Oliver P. Bost; discontinued Oct. 6. 1880. mail routed to Maiden.

Fishers - established July 17, 1832: postmasters. Henry Fisher and Israel Hollar; discontinued Dec. 6, 1866.

Flemming -established Aug. 11, 1875; postmasters John T. Cochran.,. John F. Harwell, John T. Cochran. Emma Mc Caul. Dora E. Harwell and Alfred R. Thompson; discontinued May 15, 1907. and mail routed to Henry.

Flint Rock - established July 13, 1838; postmasters, Daniel Moser, Jonathan R. Moser and Marcus M. Moser: discontinued Dec. 6, 1866.

Hayseed - established July 14, 1892; postmasters; James T. Brittain, George W. Wilson and Daniel W. Brittain; discontinued Aug. 31, 1905. and mail routed to Henry.

Hickory Tavern - established May 15, 1860: postmasters, Adolphus Shuford, Andrew D. Lindsay, Miss S. V. Tuttle. William H. Ellis and John M. Lowrance; name changed to Hickory May 22, 1876.

Hokesville - established Feb.4, 1822; postmasters Peter Hoke, Daniel Hoke, Miles W Abernathy, William J. Abernathy and Daniel Roseman; discontinued Nov. 11,1847.

Jacobs Fork - established Oct. 4, 1845; postmasters, Alfred Ramsour, Frederick R. Beck and George L. Whitener; discontinued April 10, 1902, and mail routed to Newton.

Jugtown - established July 10, 1874; postmasters, Alfred A. Havner, Amon L. Johnson, Royal P. Havner and Alfred A. Havner; discontinued March 31, 1906, and mail routed to Henry.

Keeversville - established April 11, 1881; postmaster, William S. Jarrett; name changed to Plateau Dec. 8, 1888.

Long Town - established March 7. 1869; postmaster. Cicero Henkel; discontinued Dec. 11. 1866.

Loretta - established Sept. 25, 1893; postmasters. William E. Jones, John E. Hovis, Robert B. Jones, James C. Tomlinson and Wilburn W. Caldwell; discontinued Oct. 14, 1904 and mail routed to Maiden.

Louise - established May 10, 1890; postmasters, Louis N. Rudisill and Lillie Shuford; discontinued Oct. 29, 1892. and mail routed to Jacob Fork.

Lowrance's Mill - established Jan. 26. 1837; postmaster Joseph Lowrance; discontinued Dec. 11, 1866.

Mahaffey - established between 1817 and 1819 according to the U. S. Postal Guide; postmaster. Joseph Mahaffey.

Millstone - established Nov. 11, 1893; postmaster. Sanford Cline; discontinued Sept. 9, 1897, mail routed to Mull Grove.

Monbo - established Oct. 13, 1882; postmasters, Columbus L. Turner and Samuel Turner; discontinued Aug. 20, 1920, and mail routed to Longisland.

Mountain Creek - established Feb. 7. 1824; postmasters Lebanon B. Lindsay. John McCorkle. John B. Abernethy, J. F. Gabriel, John W. Gabriel, Caleb Fink, Robert A. Burton, Miss Harriet E. Gabriel, George M. Wilkinson. Andy Shufford, John A. Sherrill. Jacob Sherrill. John Gabriel, Charles M. Beatty, Logan P. Eckard, Woodbury Nance and Logan P. Eckard; discontinued May 15, 1907, and mail routed to Sherrills Ford

Mountain Mills- established July 11, 1856; postmaster, George S. Hooper; discontinued Feb. 26. 1857.

Mull Grove - established Dec. 12, 1837; postmasters Jacob Mull, John Chapman, Mrs. Margaret Hicks, Mrs. Ruth Jenks, Major F. Hull, Dolphus M. Brittain, Mary A. Hull, Amos Sain and John C. Wright: discontinued Aug. 31, 1905; and mail routed to Henry.

Oxford Ford - established Nov. 5, 1875: postmasters. Marion J. Rowe, Allen J. Stine, Quentin Hendricks, Allen J. Stine and Cephus S. Little; discontinued March 3, 1903.

Plateau - established Dec. 3. 1888; postmasters. John A. Hamblet, James S. Goodman, Mary Killian,James M. Clampitt and Charley Scronce; discontinued May 31, 1907, and mail routed to Newton.

Propst - established April 15, 1899; postmasters, Peter H. Sharpe and David P. Shuford; discontinued Jan. 31, 1905 and mail routed to Newton.

Rockett - established Oct. 20, 1902; postmaster, Otis M. Rockett; discontinued March 31, 1903, and mail routed to Claremont.

Roseman - established May 1. 1894; postmaster, Louis N. Rudisill; discontinued June 30. 1903, and mail routed to Lincolnton.

Shawnee - established April 26, 1888; postmasters, Miss Fannie E. Fisher, Joel H. Fisher and Pinkney C. Kale; discontinued May 14,1904, and mail routed to Longisland.

Shuford - established March 24, 1891; postmasters. Andrew B. Powell, James A. Beal and George D. Snuggs; discontinued Dec. 13, 1883, and mail routed to Bandy. Shuford's Ferry

Shuford's Ferry - established Sept. 7. 1847; postmasters Andrew Shuford and Abel H. Shuford; name changed to Bunker Hill, Feb. 28, 1950.

Sparkling Catawba Springs - established Dec. 12, 1877; postmasters, Esley O. Elliott and William E. Anderson; discontinued Jan. 31, 1904, and mail routed to Hickory.

Startown - established Oct. 31, 1884; postmasters, Wallace A. Bollinger, Marcus A. Throneberg, John T. Conrad, M. A. Throneberg and Wallace A. Bollinger; discontinued April 10, 1902; and mail routed to Newton.

Warlick's Store - established Jan. 30, 1840; postmaster Peter Warlick; discontinued Aug. 30, 1886, and mail routed to Hickory.

Whisnant - established March 3, 1885; postmaster, Daniel A. Whisnant, discontinued March 31, 1903, and mail routed to Hickory.

Whitener - established Sept. 1893; postmaster, David H. Whitener; discontinued March 31, 1903, and mail routed to Hickory.

White Sulphur Springs - established Aug. 1, 1860; postmasters, Hiram A. Davis and Martha J. Eckerd; discontinued April 2,1868.

Wilfong's Mill - established April 1, 1894; postmaster, John Wilfong; discontinued May 15, 1845.

Willow Grove - established May 21, 1827; postmaster, Electus Connor; discontinued Aug. 10, 1893.

Yoder - established April 17, 1894; postmaster Francis A. Yoder; discontinued, March 31, 1903, and mail routed to Hickory.

Younts Mill - established June 18, 1874; postmaster, George D. L. Yount; discontinued Aug. 31, 1885.

Yount's Turnout - established May 11, 1860; postmaster Emmanuel Sigmon; discontinued Feb. 5,1861.

[Source: undated Observer-News-Enterprise, ca 1954, courtesy of Mary Elizabeth Harbinson]


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