North Carolina
Local Designations
Confederate Units

 A. & N.C. R.R. Guards N.C.  Cox's Co, Local Defense Troops
 Adams' Co.,N.C. Artillery  (Capt. Z. T.)  Co. G 2nd Regt. N.C. Arty.
  Co. D, 13th Battn. N.C. Arty.
 Alamance Minutemen  Co. K, 47th Regt. N.C. Inf. (S.T.)
 Alamance Regulators  Co. E, 13th Regt. N.C. Inf.
 Albemarle Artillery  Co. B, 3rd Battn. N.C.L. Arty.
 Albright's Co., N.C.  (Capt. Wm. A.)  Co. I, 57th Regt. N.C. Inf. (S.T.)
 Alexander Boys  Co. H, 55th Regt. N.C. Inf.
 Alexander Soldiers  Co. G, 37th Regt. N.C. Inf. (S.T.)
 Alexander's Co, N.C.
 (Capt. Frank R. Alexander)
 Co. K, 56th Regt. N.C. Inf. (S.T.)
 Alexander's Co, N.C.
  (Capt. Thos. M. Alexander)
 Co. H, 35th Regt. N.C. Inf. (S.T.)
 Alleghany Grays  Capt. J.H. Doughton's Co. N.C. Inf.
 Alleghany Tigers  Co. K, 37th Regt. N.C. Inf. (S.T.)
 Allen Rangers  Co. A, 5th Battn. N.C. Cav.
 Allen's Co., N.C.  (Capt. L. M.)  Co. H, 2nd Battn. N.C. Inf.
 Allen's Co., N.C.  (Capt. Wm. A.)  Co. C, 51st Regt. N.C. Inf.
 Allen's Co.,N.C. - Local Defense
  (Capt. Henry P. Allen)
 This company was organized about Dec. l, 1863 for local service at Salisbury, N.C. and served for a time as 2nd Co. B, of the Salisbury Prison Guard Battn, C.S.A. (also known as Freeman's Battn. Inf., C.S.A.) an unofficial organization composed of independent companies
 Allen's Legion  64 Regt. N.C. Inf. (S.T.)
 Allen's Regiment  64 Regt. N.C. Inf. (S.T.)
 Anderson Artillery  Co. D.(Dudley's) 2nd Regt. N.C. Arty.
 Anderson's Battn. Jr. Reserves  2nd Regt. N.C. Jr. Reserves
 Anderson's Co.  (Capt. Dan'l W. Anderson)  Co. F, 64th Regt. N.C. Inf.(S.T.)
 Andrews' Co.  (Capt. Hezekiah L.)  Co. F, 2nd Battn. N.C. Inf.
 Andrews'Co.  (Capt. Geo. W. Andrews)  Co. G, 50th Regt. N.C. Inf.
 Anson Guard  Co. C, 14th Regt. N.C. Inf.
 Anson Independents, The  Co. K, 43 Regt. N.C. Inf. (S.T.)
 Anson Regulator's, The  Co. I, 43 Regt. N.C. Inf. (S.T.)
 Anson Troopers  (Capt. L.A. Johnson)  Co. A, 4 N.C. Cav.
 Anthony Grays  Co. E, 2nd Battn N.C. Inf.
 Armfield's Co.  (Capt. M.D.)  Co. B, 11 Regt. N.C Inf.
 Arrington's Co.  (Capt. Wm.T.)  Co. I, 30 Regt. N.C. Inf. (S.T.)
 Ashe Beauregard Riflemen  Co. A, 37 Regt N.C. Inf. (S.T.)
 Ashpoll True Boys  Co. F, 51 Regt. N.C. Inf.
 Athens Guard  Co. B, Clarks Spec. Battn. N.C. Militia.
  [Personal Papers Capt. John A. Guion]
 Atkin's Co, N.C. Artillery
  (Capt. Geo.B. Atkins)
 Originally Capt. Jos. B. Starr's Co. B, 36 Regt. N.C.T. (2 Regt. N.C. Arty). Afterward Co. B, 13 Battn. N.C. Lt. Arty, Finally Capt. Geo. B. Atkins' N.C. Battery, serving in Maj. Basil C. Manley's Arty. Battalion which was a field organization composed of Batteries from various States. Paroled at Greensboro, N.C.
 Atwell's Co.  (Capt. Jas. B. Atwell)  Co. B, 20 Regt. N.C. Inf.
 Atwood's Co.  (Capt. Jesse W. Atwood)  Co. K, 48 Regt. N.C. Inf. (S.T.)
 Autry's Co.  (Capt.Autry)  Co. C, 2 Regt. Home Guards, 1st Class
 Avery's Battn, Local Defense Troops   Maj. A. C. Avery 
 Avery's Co.  (Capt. C. M. Avery)  Co. G, 1 Regt. N.C. Inf. (6 mos., 1861)
 Badham's Co. Artillery  (Capt. Wm.)  Co. B, 3 Battn. N.C.L. Arty.
 Baird's Co.  (Capt. Alfred H.)  Co. A, 5 Battn. N.C. Cav.
 Baldwin's Unattached Co. N.C. Troops
  (Lt. Joe A.)
 McDugald's Unattached Co.,N.C.T.
 Bank's Co. N.C. Inf.  (Capt. John W.F.)  Local Designation-Currituck Guards
 Barnes' Co.  (Capt. Calvin)  (new) Co. H, 3 Regt. N.C. Arty.
 Barnes' Co.  (Capt. Henry M.)  Co. B, 10 Battn. N.C.Hv. Arty.
 Barnhart's Co.  (Capt. W.D.)  Co. E, 2 Regt. N.C. Jr. Reserves
 Barry's Co.  (Capt. Claud Barry)  Co. A, 35th Regt. N.C. Inf. (S.T.)
 Baskerville's Co.  (Capt. Geo. T. Baskerville)  Co. I, 23rd Regt. N.C. Inf.
 Bass' Unattached Co. N.C. Infantry
  (Capt. W. R. Bass)
 This company was formerly (new) Co. D, 8th Battalion N.C. Partisan Rangers. It was assigned as Co. L, 66th Regt, N.C. Inf. by Special Order 234, Confederate War Dept. Oct. 2, 1863. This order was apparently not carried out as the company soon afterwards appears as an independent organization.
 Bay River Artillery  Co. D, 3 Regt. N.C. Arty.
 Beard's Co.  (Capt. John Beard)  Co. C, 57th Regt. N.C. Inf. (S.T.)
 Beatties Ford Rifles  (2nd) Co. B, 49 Regt. N.C. Inf.(S.T.)
 Beaufort Plowboys  Co. B, 61 Regt. N.C. Inf. (S.T.)
 Bell's Co.  (Capt. Demosthenes)  Co. G, 4th Regt. N.C. Cav.
 Bennett's Co. N.C. Artillery  (Lieut. D.K.)  Co. K, 2 Regt. N.C. Arty.
 Bennett's Regt. N.C. Inf
  (Col. R. Tyler Bennett)
 14th Regt. N.C. Inf.
 Bertie Volunteers  Co. L, ist Regt. (6 mos. '61) N.C. Inf.
 Bethel Regiment  1st Regt. (6 mos, 1861) N.C.Inf.
  and 11th Regt. N.C. Inf. (S.T.)
 Biles Co.  (Capt. R. M.)  Co. G, 6 Regt. N.C. Senior Res.
 Bingham's Battalion  (Maj. Harvey H.)  25th Battalion
  Clark's History, Vol. 4, pg. 401, 371-7.
 Bird's Co.  (Capt. F. W.Bird)  Co. C, ll Regt. N.C. Inf. (S.T. (Bethel Regt.)
 Bizzell's Co.  (Capt. E. A. Bizzell)  Clark's Special Battn. N.C. Mil
 Black River Tigers  Co. B, 10 Battn. N.C.H. Arty.
 Black's Co.  (Capt. Wm. M. Black)  Co. D, 49 Regt. N.C. Inf. (S.T.)
 Blackley's Co.  (Capt. Benj. J.)  Co. C, 3 Battn. Sr. Reserves. N.C.
 Blackwelder's Co.
  (Capt. Jas. A. Blackwelder)
 Co. G, 42 Regt. N.C. Inf. (S.T.)
 Bladen Artillery  Co. I, (Richardson's), 2 Regt. N.C. Arty.
 Bladen Artillery Guards  (new) Co. K, 3 Regt. N.C. Arty.
 Bladen Guards  Co. B, (Purdie's), 2 Regt. N.C. Arty.
  and Co. K, 18 Regt. N.C. Inf. (s.T.)
 Bladen Light Infantry  Co. B, 18 Regt. N.C. Inf. (S.T.)
 Bladen Stars  Co. B. (Munn's) 2 Regt. N.C. Arty.
 Blake's Co.  (Capt. Frederick R. Blake)  Co. H, 25 Regt. N.C. Inf.
 Blocker's Artillery  Co. C, (Blocker's) 2 Regt. N.C. Arty.
 Blount's Co.  (Capt. Richard H.)  Co. F, 3 Regt. N.C. Arty.
 Booe's Co.  (Capt. Wm. E.)  Co. E, 5 Regt. N.C. Cav.
 Boon's Co.  (Capt. Jacob)  7 Regt. N.C. Sr. Reserves
 Booth's Co. of Ordnance Men  Co. A, 2 Battn. N.C. Local Def. Troops
 Border Rangers  Co. I, 45 Regt. N.C. Inf. (S.T.)
 Bost's Co.  (Capt. Adolphus T. Bost)  Co. K, 46 Regt. N.C. Inf. (S.T.)
 Bowman'sCo.  (Capt. Jacob W. Bowman)  Co. B, 58 Regt. N.C. Inf.
 Boyce's Co.  (Capt. John Y.)  Co. K, 42 Regt. N.C. Inf. (S.T.)
 Boyd's Co.  (Capt. McD.)  Co. H, 2 Regt. N.C. Jr. Reserves
 Boyd's Co.  (Capt. Saml. H.Boyd)  Co. E, 45 Regt. N.C. Inf. (S.T.)
 Bradberry's Co.  (Capt. John J.)  Co. D, 13 Battn. N.C. Inf.
 Braddy's Co. N.C. Artillery  (Capt. K. J.)  Co. C, 2 Regt. N.C. Arty.
 Bradshaw's Co.  (Capt. Chas.W. Bradshaw)  Co. A, 42 Regt. N.C. Inf. (S.T.)
 Bradshaw's Co.  (Capt. W. S.)  7 Regt. N.C. Sr. Reserves
 Bragg Guards  Co. G, 8 Regt. N.C. Inf.
 Branch Artillery  (old) Co. H, 3 Regt. N.C. Arty.
  and Co. F, 13 Battn. L. Arty.
 Brawley's Co.  (Capt. John M.)  Co. B, 4 Regt. N.C. Sr. Reserves
 Brewer's Co.  (Capt. John A.)  Co. B, 6 Regt. N.C. Sr. Reserves
 Bridgers' Artillery  Co. C, 3 Regt. N.C. Arty.
 Bridgers' Co.  (Capt. D.N. Bridgers)  Clarks's Special Battn. N.C. Militia
 Brittain's Battn.  (Maj. M.L. Brittain)  Cherokee Home Guards
&nbsp47 Battn. Home Guards N.C.
 Broadhurst's Co.  (Capt. Henry)  8 Regt. N.C. Sr. Reserves
 Brooks' Co, N.C. Artillery  (Capt. Wm. F.)  Co. K, 2 Regt. N.C. Arty.
 Brooks' Co. (Capt. John S. Brooks)  Co. G, 20 Regt. N.C.I.
 Brown Mountain Boys  Co. A, 2 Battn. N.C. Inf.
 Brown's Co.  (Capt W. H.)  Co. C, 1 Battn. Hy. Arty. N.C.
 Brown's Co.  (Capt. C. S. Brown)  Co. D, 11 Regt. N.C. Inf. (S.T.)-(Bethel Regt.)
 Brown's Co.  (Capt. Thos. J. Brown)  Co. E, 42 Regt. N.C, Inf. (S.T.)
 Brown's Co.  (Capt. Wm.)  Co. B, 57 Regt. N.C. Inf. (S.T.)
 Brown's Co.     ____ Alexander
 Brunswick Artillery  Co. K, (Taylor's) 2 Regt. N.C. Arty.
 Brunswick Double Quicks  Co. C, 30 Regt. N.C. Inf. (S.T.)
 Brunswick Guards  Co. G, 20 Regt. N.C. Io
 Bryan's Co.  (Capt. Wm. H.)  8 Regt. N.C. Sr. Reserves
 Bryce's Co.  (Capt. John Y.)  Co. E 4 Regt. N.C. Cav.
 Bryson's Co.  (Capt. Andrew W. Bryson)  Co. A, Inf. Regt. Thomas Legion, N.C.
 Bryson's Co.  (Capt. Samuel C. Bryson)  Co. C, 25 Regt. N.C. Inf.
 Bryson's Co.  (Capt. Thaddeus D. Bryson)  Co. B, 25 Regt. N.C. Inf.
 Buie's Unattached Co.  (Capt. Duncan M.)  McDugald's Unattached Co., N.C.T.
 Buncombe Farmers  Co. E, 60 Regt. N.C. Inf. (S.T.)
 Buncombe Light Artillery  Co. A, 60 Regt. N.C. Inf. (S.T.)
 Buncombe Rifles  Co. E, 1 Regt. (6 mos, 1861) N.C. Inf.
 Buncombe Rough and Ready Guards  Co. F, 14 N.C. Inf.
 Buncombe Sharp Shooters  Co. F, 16 N.C. Inf.
 Bunting's Co. N.C. Artillery
  (Capt. Samuel R.)
 Co. A, 2 Regt. N.C. Arty.
 Burgin's Co. N.C. Inf.  (Capt. A. Burgin)  Co. K, 22 Regt, N.C. Inf.
 Burke & Caldwell (Co.)  Co. C, 8 Battn. N.C. Jr. Reserves
 Burke & Catawba Sampsons  Co. K, 35 Regt. N.C. Inf. (S.T.)
 Burke Rangers  Co. C, 5th Battn. N.C. Cav.
 Burke Rifles  Co. G, 1 Regt. (6 mos, 1861) N.C. Inf.
 Burr, Col. J. G.  7 Regt. Home Guards N.C.
 Burton's Co. N.C. Inf.  (Capt. A. W. Burton)  Co. E, 12 Regt. N.C. Inf.
 Burwell's Co.,N.C. Local Defense Troops
  (Capt Philip L. Burwell)

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