Capt. C.F. Connor, Camp #849

Blueridge Brigade, NC Division

Sons of Confederate Veterans

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Old Soldiers Reunion 2003

Camp 849 at the Court House Square Statue of the Confederate Soldier-August 2003

No prouder men, no greater cause!


As seen on Courthouse Square,

Thursday, August 21st 2003

Tom and Mildred Wilson-enjoying it in spite of the heat

Ken "Rosebud" Johnson, Commander of SCV Camp #849

A precious time to rekindle friendships

Here's what it's all about

A Bitter Price to Pay A Field of Crosses-Deo Vindice
Honor and Brotherhood Bravery and Fidelity

This is what we have in mind:



Looking for a flag? Any kind?
Piedmont Flag Company is the Official Flagmaker and flag sutler for many of the reactivated regiments
of the Army of Northern Virginia, Army of Tennessee, Army of Mississippi, Army of the Tennessee, Army of the Ohio,
Army of the Potomac and Military Departments of the Confederate States and United States Armies and their Naval Forces.

See Tom

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