Catawba County Cemetery Index

Stone of  Frederick Mauser (1749-1799), Old St. Paul's Church Cemetery DSH


This index has been compiled from the nine volumes of Catawba County Cemeteries which has been produced over the last thirteen years by the Catawba County Genealogical Society. This work represents nearly all the marked graves in the county and a few beyond the borders. The difficulty in locating a specific individual is due only to the fact that nine volumes must be searched.

This index contains all the names appearing on the markers, not necessarily just the deceased. This includes parents and dedications. Whenever maiden names are supplied they are listed together with married names. It contains over 4,100 surnames and 65,000 entries.


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Aaron-Aikens Akeerd-Awad Babb-Bayne Beach-Boindear Bolch-Bowling Bowman-Brower Brown-Burney Burns-Byrd
Cabiness-Carpenter Carper-Clevinger Click-Combs Comby-Crawley Creasamor-Czopoth D'Ancicco-Dellinger Delong-Dyson Eades-Ezell
Fagan-French Freshour-Fye Gabbard-Goodnight Goodson-Gwin Haas-Hauss Havnaer-Hefner Height-Higley Hilbert-Hollor
Holloway-Huff Huffman-Hunson Hunsucker-Hylton Icard-Jett Jetter-Justice Kadlec-Kerr Kersey-Kyles Laastad-Ledbetter
Ledford-Litten Little-Long Longacre-Lytton Mabe-McCormick McCoy-Millard Miller-Moore Moos-Myrtle Nail-Penn
Pennell-Post Postell-Pyle Quante-Revis Reynold-Rocap Rockett-Ryffel Sabec-Settlemyre Setzer-Sherman Sherrell-Shuffler
Shufford-Sigman Sigmon-Sigmond Sigrist-Talley Smithey-Stepp Stepper-Sylvester Tabor-Trail Tramble-Vrabel Wacaser-Whirley
    Whisenant-Wike Wilcox-Wilson Wimberly-Wyson Yancey-Zurline    
Note: Not all listed names are necessarily deceased. Some refer to the relationship to the deceased.
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Numbers following the name indicate volume and page from the specific Catawba County Cemeteries book in which the name appears. This is followed by the cemetery name.

Those researching surnames in Western North Carolina, particularly names of German origin are aware of the many spelling varieties. Rather than list a "see also" list, please be aware that the names are listed EXACTLY as they appear on the grave stones and search accordingly. Also, be aware of some names which do not reflect the interred perso. Such inscriptions may read, for example, "Robert Smith, son of Larry and Bonnie Smith."

The nine volumes of Catawba County Cemeteries may be purchased from:

Catawba County Genealogical Society
P. O. Box 2406
Hickory, North Carolina 28603-2406

The cost of each volume is $15. 00 + $2. 00 shipping (NC residents, add 6% state tax).

NORTH CAROLINA has enacted legislation to protect cemeteries.

It can be a Class I felony to disturb an existing cemetery.
Please visit the
NCDOT site for more details.

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