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Sixth Generation

76. Photo Michael CLINE Sr. {1.4.8}166,167 was born on 16 Nov 1761 in Cabarrus County, North Carolina96,168,169 and was granted pension for services in Revolutionary War.170 He died on 9 Jan 1840 in Lincoln (Catawba) County, North Carolina169,171 and was buried in Old St. Paul's Church Cemetery, Newton, Catawba County, North Carolina. His marker reads: "To the Sacred Memory of Michael Cline who departed This Life January 9, 1840. Aged 78 Years, 2 Month and 15 D. S. Had bin a very Useful Man He was in puplic Office in his yong Days Op to his Old Days." Michael is documented as a son in Sebastian (Boston) Cline's will of December 27, 1791. Michael appears as a young man in Lincoln county and lives his whole life there.

His birth on November 16, 1761, per Ciscero Cline, is confirmed from his gravestone, which shows his death date as January 2, 1840, at age 78. Michael's Revolutionary War pension application of October 30, 1832 is a key document because it establishes Michael's birth in Cabarrus county in 1761 and states that these facts are in his father's family Bible. Michael bought this Bible at his father's estate sale in 1794. Presumably, Michael's birth in Cabarrus county is established because his family was staying there with his uncle Michael Cline at the time(1.8). There were Indian skirmishes in Lincoln county during that time and the family may have sought respite in Cabarrus county.

In August 1776, Michael receives first communion at age 14, from Rev. Arends, founder of St. John's Church, in Lincoln county (later Catawba County). Michael serves in the Revolutionary War from November 1778 to April 1779 in North Carolina and South Carolina, and in 1780 and 1781 in the Blue Ridge against the Cherokee Indians. He and his brothers, Christopher and John, are called to testify in the 1782 trial of Colonel Charles McDowell for his Tory leanings, where it is noted that Michael was in the battle of Ramsour's Mill.

Fanny Cline states her wedding date as June 27,1785 in her 1840 widow's application for a Revolutionary War pension for her husband Michael's service. Ciscero Cline identifies Michael's wife as Fanny Killian, who is born on October 5, 1764 and dies in 1844. However, she is still alive in 1850, living with her son Michael per the Catawba county 1850 census.

The Lincoln county court and land records for Michael are numerous because he is frequently an agent for the court. He begins a long series of court duties as a juror in 1789, 1791, and 1794, a road layout panel member in 1795, and Justice of the Peace in 1797 and 1805-1808. In April 1805, Michael is appointed Captain of his tax district and in July 1805 is appointed Lincoln county coroner. Many other items are recorded for Michael Cline serving the court from 1809 through 1812. Michael and his wife Fanny both collect fees for court services in April 1806. It is obvious that Michael Cline is an active and respected member of his community.

Michael is executor for his brother-in-law Henry Propst's will of February 16, 1799. He is involved in estate settlements for Henry Sigman in April 1805, Henry Yount in January 1807, Jacob Rosaman in March 1807, and Joseph Hartle in April 1808. In April 1808 Michael is executor for the estate of Jonathan Starr, husband of Michael's niece Easter Cline Starr (

Michael and his brother Jacob are witnesses to the will of their neighbor William Bost in April 1811. This will is probated in January 1823.

Over a period of 27 years, Michael appears 13 times in the land records of the county. In December 1791, Michael's land on Clarks Creek is noted as adjoining the land his father sells to Michael's brother Jacob. In January 1797, Michael claims 60 acres on Clarks Creek and in February 1797 claims another 50 acres on Clarks Creek. In October 1798, Michael claims 200 acres on Falling Creek. In December 1801, Michael Cline and William Bost witness a deed from Henry Hepner to Elias Bost. Henry is the son of Michael's sister Utilly Cline Hefner (Hepner) (1.4.5).

In April 1806, the Lincolnton road from Bollinger's Mill to Captain (Michael) Cline's company line is described as crossing Clarks Creek at Anthony's Bridge. Michael claims nine acres bordering his other Clark Creek lands in April 1810. In October 1811, the road from Henry Carpenter's property to the Dutch meeting house in the neighborhood of Michael Cline Esq. is ordered to be no longer a public road. Michael claims another 22 acres in October 1816. In May 1819, Michael buys land on Falling Creek and Snow Creek that borders his brother Jacob.

Michael's will of August 3, 1839 is probated in January 1840 and identifies his wife Fanny and his sons Henry and Michael S. Cline. Also the will identifies the family of son Michael S. Cline as his wife Salome and sons Logan B., Wallace A., Maxwell, Laben, Michael P., Eli, and Jonathan. Henry Cline and Logan B. Cline are executors. One of the estate inventories notes that Joseph Cline ( is paid for shoes he made for Michael.

Michael appears in the Lincoln county 1790 census with no children, but seems to have his parents living in his household. In the Lincoln county 1800 census, Michael has his wife and two sons in his household and two other older children who are presumed to be the son, Leonard, and daughter, Sally, of his deceased brother Christopher Cline. Michael and his family continue to appear in the Lincoln county 1810-1830 census.

[Sources: Civil and church records, census records and Ciscero Cline].

Michael CLINE Sr. {1.4.8} and Fanny KILLIAN were married on 27 Jun 1785 in Lincoln County, North Carolina. Fanny KILLIAN was born on 5 Nov 1764 in Lincoln (Catawba) County, North Carolina168,169 and died on 3 Apr 1850.84,169,172,173 Pension application states she was daughter of Leonard Killian. Her brother, David, gave affidavit. Michael CLINE Sr. {1.4.8} and Fanny KILLIAN had the following children:



Michael S. CLINE Jr.174 was born on 22 Nov 1796 in Lincoln County, North Carolina. He died on 20 Nov 1868 in Catawba County, North Carolina. He was buried in Old St. Paul's Church Cemetery, Newton, Catawba County, North Carolina.



Henry CLINE Esquire175 was born on 28 Mar 1799 in Lincoln County, North Carolina. (10 March is also given as a birth date) from an unknown source.

Henry appeared in the census in 1850 in Catawba County, North Carolina as follows:
171/171 Henry Cline, age 50 M Farmer /1500
Sarah L. " 30 F
Elviry " 28 F
Fanny M. " 16 F
Nancy " 12 F
Polly M. " 10 F
Clarinda " 8 F
Jane " 5 F
Sarah Ann Robison 5 F
John Lafevers 15 M
J. L. Mauny 20 M
Melvina " 1m F
Sally " 19 F
(all b. Catawba)

He appeared in the census on 9 Aug 1860 in Newton Township, Catawba County, North Carolina as follows:176 528/516 Henry CLINE 60 M Clerk of Court, 1200/4350 b. NC
Eliza 39 F
A. E. 36 F
Fanny M. 26 F
Nancy E. 23 F
Mary M. 20 F
C. A. 19 F
Harriette J. 15 F Teacher-CS
M. G. (Cline) 10 F
Sarah Robinson 15 F
Pinckney Mauney 10 M
H. F. Cline 8 M
John K. Cline 4 M
(all b. NC)

Henry also appeared in the census in 1870 in Newton Township, Catawba County, North Carolina as follows:
256/249 Cline, Henry, age 71 M W Farmer /300 b. NC
Louisa 44 F W KH
Elvira 42 F W AH
Menerva 32 F W AH
Clarinda 27 F W AH
Genelia 18 F W AH
Henry 16 M W AH
John K. 14 M W

He died on 8 May 1886 in Catawba County, North Carolina. Aged 87y 1m 11d, andwas buried in Old St. Paul's Church Cemetery, in Newton.

An account of his life states: HENRY CLINE, the second son of Michael, who was the son of Sebastian, was born March 10, 1799. When a young man he learned the trade of house carpenter and was considered one of the finest workman of his time. It has been said of him that when the original log structure of Old St. Paul's Church was removed from its first foundation and rebuilt at its present location, that Henry Cline worked one hundred and sixty four days. He was then a young married man. He was a member of the Lutheran Church and held membership there until he moved out of the community or maybe until he married his second wife in 1849 and then transferred his membership to the Methodist Church with his wife who held membership at Pisgah, now on the Balls Creek Circuit. Esquire Cline (for that is what almost all called him) like his father was a very popular man and was considered authority on legal matters, and being a Justice of the Peace, he performed hundreds of marriage ceremonies, during the 40 or more years as Magistrate, having been appointed about 1825. When Catawba County was formed out of Lincoln by act of the State Legislature of 1842, a Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions was ordered to be held at the home of Mathias Barringer on the third day of March, 1843. At this court Henry Ciine was chosen Clerk. At that court he was elected Entry Taker for the County, and a member of the Select court, which consisted of Jonas Bost, Chairman; George Shuford, Joshua Wilson, Henry Cline and John Williams. Salary of Select Court was $1.50 per day. The Court adjourned to meet on June 2, at Newton. Henry Cline was a Justice of the Peace as early as 1827 and all through the years, until 1870 when he moved to Lincoln County, he was a highly respected citizen and was permitted to live out his allotted years, and even more. Passing away, at the age of eighty - seven years and a few days in 1886. He was twice married. The first was to Miss Sally Boovey which was performed on April 25, 1820. She was the daughter of Mathias and Ruth (Baker) Boovey, and was born Feb. 1, 1801, and died Sept. 1, 1847. Henry and wife first settled on one of his father's farms on what was called Snow Creek, a few miles from Hickory. Years later they moved to another of his father's farms, four miles south of Newton on the Llncolnton Road by way of the Fullenwilder, later the Williams Iron Works, now Providence Cotton Mills near Maiden. Michael Cline, Sr. bought this farm from David Lutz through George Ikerd, agent for David Lutz, who had heired same from his father, Jacob Lutz, who had died in 1808 and was buried on the place just across the creek on the hill, where other members of his family were buried. This is yet called the Lutz Graveyard. This Lutz place was made up of two Grants. The one on the north side was 186 acres granted to Samuel Alexander, pattent bearing date May 5, 1769 On January 29 Jacob Lutz bought this same piece of land of John Lusk, the other land making up the Jacob Lute farm was 400 acres on both sides of Pinch Gut Creek was granted to Samuel Young by His Majesty, King George 3rd, pattent bearing date Mar. 31, 1755. Described as follows: Situate, lying and being in the County of Anson and Province of North Carolina, on the north side of the south fork of the Catawba River including the south fork path, on a branch of Clark's Creek called Pinch Gut. On this place Henry Cline built a new house, as using the old Lutz house as home for his colored family. Here the Cline family remained until in 1870 moved to Lincoln County, having sold the remainder of the old place to Bostian Bowman, who gave it to his daughter, Emmaline who had married Jeconias Bolick. One of her daughters married Henry Sigman who owns the old house piace at this time. The house that Henry Cline had built in 1839 was burned down in 1900. Henry Kline and wife, Sally, were parents of thirteen children, two sons and eleven daughters. Two of the daughters died, one at the age of three and the other at the age of five, and the oldest son died at about 23 years of age, unmarried.

The names of Henry Cline's children were:
Ruanah born Mar. 1821 died in 1908-age 87
Amanda Elvira " Nov. 20, 1322 " "1911
Rufus Alexander born 1824 died July 14, 1847-age 23-single
Michael Lee born Oct. 26, 1826 died in 1913 - age 87
Elizabeth Louise born 1829 died in 1834-age 5
Ruth Emmaline born March 16,1830 died in 1928-age 98
Sally Mahalah born Dec. 4,1831 died in 1913-age 82
Fanny Manerva born Sept. 5,1833 died in 1927- unmarried
Celina Teresa born no date 1835 died in 1838- age 3
Nancy Exema born Sept. 27,1837 died in 1921-age 84
Polly Malinda born Dec. 30,1839 died about 1920-age 81
Clarinda Almena born Jan. 3,1842 died about 1923-age 81
Harriet Jane born Dec. 4,1844 died no date

The mother of these children having died, the father married again in 1849 to Sarah Louise Bandy. She was the oldest daughter of John Bandy who had married in November 1817 to Christina Hollar. John Bandy was the youngest son of George and Christina (Slinkard -Ger: Schlunker) Bandy. This Bandy family came from Virginia about 1785.

Henry Cline with his second wife had three children as follows:
Melvina Genelia born March 12, 1850
Henry Franklin born Oct. 1853
John Kelly born May 1,1856

The mother of the three children was born Oct. 13, 1820 an died in 1892, a little more than 72 years. She was buried at Daniel's Church, near their home. Her late husband, Henry Cline, by his own request, was brought back to his old home church at St. Paul's cemetery, and his body rests there.