January 23, 1779
Petition from the Sundry Inhabitants
of Burke County.

Submitted by Bill Coles

Translation of a Petition of certain Inhabitants of Burke County, NC to be included in the County of Tryon. The Petition is dated 25 December, 1778 was found in the North Carolina General Assembly Miscellaneous Papers, Box 1 file marked January 23, 1779, Petition from the Sundry Inhabitants of Burke County.

North Carolina State       January 23, 1779
Burke County

To His Excellency Richard Carswell, Esq. Governor and Commander- in-Chief and over the said State, the Honorable Senate, Mr. Speaker, and Gentlemen of the House of Commons, in General Assembly Met.

The Petition of your Petitioners Humbly Sheweth

That your Petitioners are Desirous of falling into the County of Tryon, Agreeable to a Petition from the inhabitants of said County Now to Be said before your Honors, provided Bounds is allowed us, as may Enable us to Raise Publick Buildings, necessary for the support of Justice and support the Dignity of a County, that your Petitioners are of the opinion, that the Bounds of Said Ought to be as follows

Viz Beginning at the South Line and Extending up first [?] Little Broad River, to the Mountain, thence the Ridge of Mountains to Henry Whiteners, thence to the Horse Ford on the Main Cataba [sp], thence down the same to the South Line.

We therefore your Petitioners most humbly Request that your Excellency and Honors May take the _______ into your __________.

25th December, 1778       Your Petitioners are in _________ And shall ever Pray.

Jacob Mitchell  Jacob Hitcle [sp] Robt Blackburn
Martin Kline  Jack Summery  Henry Hollman
Frederick Morser[?] Philip Whiterner  James Witheron
Thomas Winkler  Jacob Yorty [?]   
Conrad Winkler  Martin Thuforth[?] Anthony Hollman
Thom. Killion Michael Whitman  Alexr. Lockheart
Jacob Killion  Jacob Shuffort James Lockheart
Jacob Yunt [?] Daniel Whitener John Boyd 
Andrew Killion Benjamin Whitener Christian Gross
Samuel Killion Conraad Yother [?] John Gross
Alley Crowder [?] Christian Ny Henry Gross
Thomas Fisher Christopher Rider David Mansour [?]
George Wagoner Pall Peterson Daniel Kingery
John Shell Andrew Balldawser [?] Wm. Hop----
Joseph Jhonston [?] Conraad Wagoner [end of this list]
George Whitley Jacob Millar  
Daniel Davidson [?] [end of this list]  
[continuation of list # 1]    
James Robinson Senior James Wilson Thom B[raun]
Thom Mall Joshua Braun Jacob Gartner
Peter Fray Nicholas Fray Thom H[ouk]
Thom Shaffard [?] Thomas Lord [?] Henry Hildabrand
Frederick Wise Senior Frederick Wise Junior Daniel Wise
Thomas Hoover __band Ashabraner Phillip Ashabraner
Felix Ashabraner Thom Diament [?] Samuel [J or G] arrett
Martin Speigel Peter T______ Thomas Pillgrim
Nicholas Fray Thom Fray Henry Ashabraner
Jeremiah Dimas Thom Shruffant [?] Daniel Shruffant [?]
David Shruffant [?] Thom Miller Jacob Gotren [?]
Frederick Yotner [?] Philip Menten [?] Georg Menton [?]
John Menton [?] James Withrow James Willson

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