Burke County Petition Undated

Petition that Court will Order a Separate Election held at Daniel Bakers to be removed to Simon Burlesons as a most suitable place for the Rock Creek and Cain Creek Settlements as it is near the Center of both Settlements. Mr. Burleson will have a house built for the purpose. Mr. Baker is a contintious man and will not suffer his friends to fetch a drop of spirtits on his land as a treat on the lips but will threaten to destroy everything that they fetch there to git a little money with and as we want a fine day for every Body.”
John Hunsucker   Issac Grinstaff Sr.   Jas. Buchanan   Thos. Bryan
Josha Green   Simeon Burleson   John ???   Saml. McHenry
Gutra ???   Garland ???   Wm. Garland   Laz. Phillips
David Garland   Gutredge Garlan   Goutredge Garlan   James Renfrow
Elisha Garlan   Wm. Stephens   Garlan Hayes   Silas Stephen
William Randolph   Wm. Calaway   John Huse Senior   Wm. Hugh
David Hugh   John Hugh Jr.   Aaron Masters   Bergerman Cooper
Thomas Cooper   Joel Yansy   John Benit   Steven Benet
Wm. Benit Sr.   Geo. Miles Jr.   Geo. Miles Sr.   John Masters
John Peterson   Wm. Blevins   Charles Hill  John Miller
John Miller Jr.   Hugha Herrell   Davis Herrell   Wm. Ingram
Moses Honeycut Jr.   Mathew Hunacut   Moses Hunaycut   John Peret
Th. Master   Moses Peterson   Peter Siterson   Tobyas Peterson
James Church   John Miller   James McHenry   John Mckinney
Beverly Car   Jesse Herrle   Simon Treet   John Privete
Alcany Tolby   Franc Tolby   Tomme Stee..?   David Forfish
John Forfish   Wm. Sta...?   John Connelly   Sol. Wright Jr.&Sr
Henry Adkins   Wm. Ru Rulans   Haras Felman   Reuben Young
Geo. Hunsucker   John Buchanan   John Buchanan   Jonathen Hunsucker
Alan Sparks   ..Caleb? Poor   Robert Jones   Penticost .............?
John Thomas   Stephen Fitman   Geo. Walls   John Mulance
Picles Standley   Swin Standley   Thos. ...eed?   Jeams Sparkss
Henry Grinstaff   Jos. Thomas   David Miles   James Cooper
Wm. Benit Jr.   David Street   Steven Garlin   Chas. Garlin
Izaiah Yooes, Jr.   Thos. West   Izarah Yory, Sr.
Total= 99 names (Note: Extremely poor writing, and as stated above, undated, but appears to be the section of Burke County that formed Buncombe County in 1791, See Rock Creek and Cain Creek on Strothers’ map) This note was entered by the person who transcribed the list..G. L.H.. Submitted by G. Lee Hearl (glh@naxs.com) 5/21/99

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