Companies that made up the 1790 Morgan District Census

1st Company Present McDowell Co. & part of present northern Rutherford Co.
2nd Company  Northeastern Burke Co & present southeastern Caldwell Co.
3rd Company  Mid & western Burke Co. - Oak Hill area
4th Company Western Burke Co. & portions of present southeastern McDowell & northern Rutherford Counties
5th Company  Upper Burke Co. & portions of present Caldwell Co. - Globe, Edgemont, Collettsville
6th Company  Western Burke Co. - Bridgewater, Lake James; some in present eastern McDowell Co.
7th Company Mid Burke Co. - Quaker Meadows
8th Company  North side of Catawba River in present day Caldwell Co. - Granite Falls
9th Company  North of Catawba River in present Caldwell Co.
10th Company  Present Mitchell/Avery Counties
11th Company  Cut off in 1791 to form Buncombe Co.
12th Company Present Mitchell/Avery Counties
13th Company  South & southeastern Burke Co. - Salem; South Mountains; George Hildebrand areas

Source: Burke Journal -Dec.1988 Issue - provided to the Journal by Betsy Dodd Pittman 

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