Burke County in the
War of 1812




Eighth Regiment, Thirteenth Company

Detached From The Second And Part Of The First Burke Regiments


Kenneth McKinsey, Captain
Jesse Brevard, 1st Lieutenant
Willia Mifee, Ensign


Allison, Benjamin
Baley, Charles
Bell, Richard
Boon, Jeremiah
Boon, John
Childers, Robert
Cripson, Thomas
Davies, James
Ellis, Solomon
England, Enoch
Epley, Peter
Glass, Alexander
Glass, Thomas
Gribble, John
Hicky, William
Hill, William
Hood, Joseph
Hunhill, James
Jones, Joshua
Kinkard, John
Kinkard, William
Littl, Joseph
Lowry, John
McClure, John
McDowell, Athan
McDowell, Benjamin
McDowell, John
Medlock, Charles
Monteath, Thomas
Oaks, Barnard
Oaks, John
Padget, Lemuel
Perkins, John
Rickets, William
Riddisk, William
Robertson, Thomas
Sanders, William
Standford, Alexander
Stillwell, Daniel
Stillwell, Tillman
Stroud, David
Stroud Jr., Peter
Tomerlin, Freeman
Triplett, George
Triplett, William
Warlow, James
Wise, Benjamin
Wright, Solomon

David P Smith, a step son of my cousin Thomas Lee Smith (9/26/1916-11/13/1974, of Catawba Co, NC), has transcribed and sent me these names. --Jon Smith

We sincerely thank Jon for his contribution to this NCGenWeb pagepage.

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