Families and Notables
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BAKER Families of Burke Co.
More BAKER Families of Burke Co.
Descendants of Archibald BERRY
BERRY HISTORY by John V. Berry
BRENDEL Forum Home Page
BRITTAIN Family of Burke County
BRITTAIN Family Home Page
Descendants of Rev. John BUMGARDNER
The CARSWELL Family of Burke Co., NC
CONNELLY Genealogy Homepage
COOKE Connections
The DICKSON/DIXON Family (Betty Green)
Levi Alexander FRANKLIN
The REV. JOHN GIBBS (1755-1847)
HILDEBRAND Family Genealogy
Descendants of Moses HONEYCUTT
HOOVER Family -Desc of H. Thomas Huver and Mariah Barbara Warlick
Descendants of Andreas KILLIAN
McDADE Family Page (Mary Thoeni)
Descendants of Cornish NAVEY
Smith F. PAINE Family
The PAINE Family (An essay)
The POTEAT Family (Betty Green)
The ROPER Family
The legend of Frankie SILVER
Frankie SILVER: The Untold Story, Perry D. Young
Frankie SILVER: Hanged by a Dream?, Perry D. Young
The Ballad of Frankie Silver, as told by Bobby McMillon
Our STAMEY Genealogy
WHISNANT Surname Center - by Raymond C. Whisnant
WINKLER Family - by Faye Moran

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