The following cemetery listings is probably the most comprehensive collections of burials available to the public for FREE. There may be some overlapping but the surveys which contain burials up to the year 2010 are provided by an army of volunteers.

Burke County WPA Cemetery Survey
This survey was made by the Historical Records Survey of NC, about 1941

Burke County Cemetery Census
This collection contains 264 cemeteries is from CEMETERY CENSUS

Cemeteries in Burke County
This collection contains 228 cemeteries from Find-A-Grave

Burke County Cemetery Archive
This collection contains 27 cemeteries from NCGenWeb Archives

Cemeteries of Burke County
This collection contains 29 cemeteries is from ACCESS GENEALOGY.

For those who would like published copies of the Burke County Cemeteries, as well as an index to burials, the Burke County Genealogical Society has these. Please visit their publications page.

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