Potter-Skipper Cemetery
Contributed by Donna Skipper Pultz
December 2004
Brunswick County, North Carolina

Location: Take Maco Road (Hwy 87) off Hwy 17 to Malmo Loop Road NE.
Turn right on Gully Creek Trail, NE (a dirt road). Take the left fork and follow it around until you come to a gate that leads to private property. Take the left road outside the gate and follow the road to the graves. It is 2/10 mile from Malmo Loop Road to the graves.

(Contributor's Note: Often called Potter Cemetery, but I found more Skippers than Potters.)

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thanks to Donna Skipper Pultz for the photos

John Marsden Skipper
28 August 1876 - 23 March 1932

Walter J Skipper
10 January 1901 - 21 April 1902
(son of John Marsden
Rebecca Ann Skipper
24 October 1873 - 13 June 1929
(sister of John Marsden Skipper)

Sarah Jane Potter
6 November 1880 - 13 January 1949
(sister of John Marsden Skipper)
Caldwell Jackson Potter
29 December 1877 - 9 February 1943
(husband of Sarah Jane Skipper Potter)
There were 2 graves with wooden markers that were so decayed, one couldn't tell who was buried there.