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Edwards Cemetery
Contributed by Lynn C Roberts
July 2007
Brunswick County, North Carolina

Located in Lakewood Estates, off of Ocean Isle Beach Rd SW
Transcribed by: Lynn Roberts with sons, Ian & Connor Roberts, June 2007
Photos from the Brunswick County GIS

Directions: Make a left onto Lakewood Drive, a right onto Kestrel Drive, a right onto Green Heron Drive, a hard left onto Finch Drive, a right onto Peregrine Drive. Phoebe Court is a cul-de-sac on the right. The lot is located about in the middle.
My grandmother, Maggie Edwards Benton, a granddaughter of Edwin Edwards, heard about this cemetery years ago. We located it before the property was fully developed, maybe 10-11 years ago. We even found the tree she remembered being in her grandparents front yard.
The developer at the time assured us he would leave the graves intact, and he has. The lot is located between two homes. It is a bit overgrown, but the head stones are there, along with a few conch shells that were placed on the graves.
I seemed to remember there being more head stones, or evidence of more graves, but we only found 3.

In Memory of Mattie Edwards
Born March 25, 1871
Died April 6, 1906
Age 35 Yrs & 11 Dys

Nora A Edwards
July 18 1845
April 24 1926

Edwin Edwards
Nov 12 184?
March 15 1927

Article from Star News Online: link
2 December 2007

County looks to protect, document small burial plots
By Shannon Bowen
Staff Writer

The cemetery where Lynn Roberts' ancestors were buried was about to become part of the Lakewood Estates subdivision off Ocean Isle Beach Road when she found it almost a decade ago.
Roberts said she was at a church meeting when she heard someone talking about the Edwards Cemetery – the same cemetery her grandmother Maggie Edwards Benton remembered visiting when she was growing up.
Roberts said she got in a four-wheel-drive truck to find it and discovered that a developer was about to build a doublewide subdivision there.
After a meeting, the developer agreed to preserve the cemetery at a corner in a cul-de-sac in the development, where the tombstones still stand today.
It is a felony to remove, destroy or deface gravesites or any part of them.
If a developer wishes to build on a cemetery, he or she must notify the next of kin and pay the cost of moving the graves, if the next of kin permits it. If the family members want the gravesites to remain, the developer must provide public access to the cemetery, said Assistant County Attorney Jana Berg.
'We didn't want it to be disturbed,' Roberts said.
Roberts said she didn't know how to register the graveyard with the county to protect it from being developed and forgotten.
She's not alone.
Brunswick County's geographic information systems department has begun an effort to digitally map all of the county's cemeteries.

Shannan Bowen: 755-6307