Bingham Field Cemetery
Contributed by Clay Nance and Linda A Winn-Lyon
March 2003 and May 2006
Brunswick County, North Carolina

Bingham Field Cemetary is located in Ocean Ridge Plantation, off of Hwy 17 near Grissettown, in the Dartmoor Forest Subdivision. It is on Gladstone Circle (in the sideyard/backyard of 554 Gladstone Circle).
Note: There appeared to be about 38 graves, but only 10 had tombstones.

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photos taken March 2006
thanks to Linda A Winn-Lyon for the photographs. you may contact her with questions or comments.
Daniel T. Long
March 6 1849 - January 3 1929
We will meet again

Mary E A
Wife of D T Long

August 2 1855 - July 19 1909

Morton D
Son of D T and M E Long

June 23 1897 - March 19 1907
A precious one from us is gone. A voice we love is stilled. A place is vacant in our home which never can be filled.
Sophia M
Wife of H.G. Williamson

Daughter of John and Polly Sessoms
December 1838 - September 1 1905
John F Somersette
1854 - 1936
Thou has gone to rest eternal, never more to know a care
Mary J Somersette
1852 - 1926
They are resting there with Jesus in the land so bright and fair
Jesse R Stanland
November 20 1904 - March 4 1905
Blessed are the early dead
Samuel J Stanland
February 16 1877 - July 31 1905
He is not dead but sleepeth
Martha Nance
Wife of Daniel Nance Sr.
Died December 1906
ge 78 years
At rest
Lina B
Daughter of S T & A D Millican

August 2 1916 - November 23 1919
A little time on earth she spent till God for his angel sent.