Brunswick County NC Genweb
Bennett Cemetery
Contributed by Goldy Romaine and Ken Frink
January 2003 and February 1998
Brunswick County, North Carolina

The location of this cemetery is on Old Georgetown Road (Hwy 179), Sunset Beach, near the Cape Side Community. Many trees were taken down in the spring of 2002. The 8 graves in the back are cared for regularly and new flowers are placed and replaced continuously. This cemetery needs to be cleaned.

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thanks to Jim & Sandra Peterson for submitting these photos

Frink, Samuel
1824 - 1895

Frink, Hannah J
1827 - 1902

Infant daughter of Mr & Mrs JHF Frink
Infant daughter of Mr & Mrs JHF Frink
Infant son of Mr & Mrs JHF Frink
Infant daughter of Mr & Mrs JHF Frink
Infant daughter of Mr & Mrs JHF Frink

Note from contributor: In the back there are 8 graves. I recently saw an older man and a girl that appeared to be a granddaughter with him. This area had been raked (looked like that day) and the graves were in mounds (as if they were just buried). They all had new pointsettias on them. There were 7 in a row and one in front of them all to the left. The 7 were as follows:

1 Metal marker, unreadable

2 Daisy W Bennett 1883-1968

3 American flag

4 Charles Bennett 1911-1978 (grave covered by a concrete slab)

5 unknown

6 unknown

7 unknown

By the old oak tree there are 2 graves with medium sized white shells on them.

On the right side coming in first row

John Melvin Long
Aug 31, 1849
Aug 20, 1921
(Concrete slab mostly sunken in. New headstone has been added.)

Frances Jane Long
Apr 19, 1852
Sept 18, 1921

Mabel Long
Oct 11, 1877
Sept 28, 1882
Dau of J M and F S Long

John Memory Long
Oct 31, 1882
July 29, 1887
Son of J M and F S Long

Second row:
This is Susan J Frink and Jabesh Frink. His original headstone is broken off, leaning on the wood post, but a new one has replaced it.

(Information below submitted by Ken Frink, 1998)

The headstone of Jabesh Frink was broken off and lying face up to the elements of rain, snow, and tree droppings, as was his wife's headstone.

Below is what was etched on two of the stones which were knocked over, left face up to the elements, and un-readable until stood back up and cleaned:

Jabesh Frink
Born Nov. 1, 1834
Died July 19, 1896

His words were kindness his deeds were love. His spirit humble he rests above.

Susan J Frink
(Susan Jane Gore Frink)
Wife of Jabesh Frink

Born Feb 14, 1844
Died Dec 8, 1890

Dearest wife, fondest mother, loving sister, kindest friend. Thou hast left us. And our loss we deeply mourn. But it was God that hath bereft us. He can all our sorrows heal. And may we thy pure life live and die they triumphant death. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth, yea saith the spirit, that they may rest from their labors and their works do follow them.

My friends, husband, and children. Remember as you pass me by. As you are now, once so was I. As I am now, so you shall be. Prepare for death and follow me.

Third row

Reuben W Long
Dec 18, 1863
April 11, 1897
"Death is another life"
(new headstone)

M Jennett Long
Dec 15, 1896
Wife of Reuben J. Long
"Her end was peace"
(Under her name is where the headstone is broken. It was lying behind the remaining part of the headstone.)

Rev Reuben Joseph Long
Aug 17, 1822
Sept 14, 1889