Brunswick County NC Genweb

Bear Trap Road Cemetery
Contributed by Donna Skipper Pultz
May 2006
Brunswick County, North Carolina
Surveyed by Donna Skipper Pultz
Directions and notes from the contributor: Take Town Creek NE to White Oak Road. Take the right fork on White Oak Road to Bear Trap Road. The cemetery is on private property on the right side of the road in a wooded area between mailboxes 986 and 989. Many of the tombstones were laying on the ground. We propped some back up where it was possible. The woods are taking over the graves.
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thanks to Donna Skipper Pultz for the photos

Edward Winfield Biggs
Son of Annie E and W Biggs
Born Sep 4 1868
Died Sep 15 1870

Mary Eliza Biggs
Daughter of Annie E and W Biggs
Born March 5 1870
Died Sep 1 1878
Budded on earth to bloom in heaven

Genevia T Ottoway
Born March 25 1862
Died July 23 1862

Lilly Caroline Potter
Daughter of F H & Mellie Potter
Born Sep 24 1870
Died Oct 10 1878
Aged 8 Yrs 16 Days

Margaret H Potter
Wife of ____ Potter
Born April 24 1813
Died Sep 17 1872
Aged 59 Yrs

In Memory Of
Elizabeth Skipper
Born Dec 7 1791
Died Feb 17 1863
Aged 72 Years

Ezekiel Skipper
Born Oct 12 1821
Died March 8 1886
Aged 64 Yrs 4 Mos 26 Days
Beloved, thou wert admired wherever known.

Juda A Skipper
Wife of Ezekiel Skipper
Born Apr 20 1820
Died Aug 17 1905

In Memory Of
J C Skipper
Born April 16th 1848
Died April 15 1856

Aged 8 Yrs

James Madison Skipper
Son of George and De-lila Skipper
Sept 17 1905 - April 18 1908

In Memory Of
John Skipper
Born May 12 1717
Died Aug 25 1863
Aged 80 Years

John W Skipper
Born Sept 30 1898
Died May 18 1902

Virginia E Skipper
Daughter of Daniel & Louisa Skipper
Died Sep 6 1832
Aged 9 yers & 7 mo

John B Stanland
Born Oct 1, 1811
Died May 18, 1895
Aged 83 Yrs 7 Mos 17 Days

In Memoriam
Winnaford A G Stanland
Relict of the late John B Stanland
Born Jan 29, 1817
Died Feb 2, 1908
Aged 91 Years, 3 Days

"None knew her but to love her."
"Farewell beloved mother and grandmother! Not on this perishing stone but in the book of life and the hearts of thy afflicted child and grandchildren, is thy worth recorded."

Edward F Wescott
Son of J L and L G Wescott
Born Feb 14, 1858 Died Dec 30, 1862

In Memory Of
William H Wescott
Son of J L and L G Wescott
Born May 22, 1841
Died March 1, 1863
"Gone but not forgotten"