Bladen County Mob, 1773

List of the Mob Raitously Assembled Together in Bladen County, December 18, 1773

This is a list of names that accompanied a petition (now missing) from Archibald McKissock to the December 1773  Colonial General Assembly. The petition stated that this group of people, described as all “Negroes and mulattoes,” were “annoying” the inhabitants of Bladen county. Apparently, no action was taken on the petition because it was described as “tabled.” (Filed in General Assembly Session Records, Colonial, Box 7, Folder 26, Petitions rejected, tabled, or not acted on)

Page 1:

December 18, 1773

Mr. Speaker and Gentlemen of the House of Assembly.

I send herewith for your consideration, a representation of Mr. Archibald McKissock, a Magistrate of the County of Bladen, relative to a number of free Negroes and Mullatoes, who infect that County and annoy its inhabitants.

New Bern, December 18, 1773

G? Martin

Page 2:

List of the Mob Raitously? Assembled Together in Bladen County, October 13, 1773.

1. Captain James Jarey?

2. Joseph Ivey

3. Ephraim Sweat

4. William Chavouse Clark, Commonly Called Boson Chevens [Chavis?]


6. Strongman Deet(?)

7. Willm Sweat

8. George Sweat

9. Benjamin Sweat

10. Willm Groom Sr.

11. Willm Groom Junr

12 Gedion (Gideon?)  Grant

13 Thos Groom

14. James Grace?

15. Isaac Vann

16 [illigible] Stapbleton [Stapleton?]

17. Edward Locklear

18. Tieby Locklear

Harborers of the rogues also follow

Becher? Groom

Ester Causey?

The above list of Rogus is all free Negors & Mullatus living upon the Kings Land.


Submitted by Jason Bordeaux.

Transcribed by Sarah Edmondson. Some of the names were very difficult to read. The ? denotes guesses.