John Byers Taylor home and family. This home was probably located in present day Bethel Township.
Shown in the picture (all Taylor) are the following:

Back row from your left-  Addie, Ella, and Edna.

Front row from left-  John Byers, Wade Archibald, Minnie, Sara Ann (Roberts), John Clayton, and Joseph Melet.

John Byers Taylor was born in Robeson County on 5 September, 1851. He was the son of Samuel Jenkins Taylor and Esther Smith. His wife, Sarah Ann Roberts, was born on 28 April, 1856 in Bladen County. She was the daughter of Archibald Roberts and Maulsey Allen. Archibald Roberts was from Robeson County as well and was the son of Stokesberry Roberts and Sarah Kinlaw. Maulsey Allen was part of the Allen family of Eastern Bladen that lived in present day Bethel Township. Her parents were Ephraim West Allen and Nancy Ann Scriven.

John Byers Taylor and Sarah Ann Roberts in their old age. This photo was submitted by
Jason Bordeaux.

Houston Taylor for more information on this family.

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