Ruby Arlington Squires & Lula Jane Squires

Ruby Arlington Squires was born 21 December, 1891 in the Natmoore region of Bladen County near present day Kelly. He was the son of William Clifford Bigford and Margaret Eler Squires. He worked and lived at Lock & Dam #1 near Carver's Creek. He married Lula Jane Squires, daughter of William Henry Squires and Mary Elizabeth Bigford. Lula was Ruby's 1st and 2nd cousin. She was born in the same area as Ruby on 27 December, 1892. They had the following

i. William Haywood Squires, b. 17 December, 1916, d. 10 July, 1917
ii. Roy Alton Squires, b. 22 July, 1918
iv. Curtis Squires, b. 12 April, 1929, d. 13 April, 1929

Lula died 25 March, 1941 and Ruby then married her sister, Flossie Evelyn Squires. There were no children by this second marriage. Ruby died 19 January, 1975.

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